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Chapter 3
Part 3

Part 3

He walked into the hallway, continuing to look around. He notices several doors down at the far end of the hallway, opposite from where the reception room was located. Larry walked down the hallway towards the doors. The pressure on his bladder lessened as he walked. As he got closer to the doors, he looked for signs, or anything to indicate what lie beyond the door. Nothing. Larry looked around and didn’t see anything else.

“Maybe some one in the room can tell me where there is a restroom.” Larry thought.

He knocked on the door. There was no answer.


Larry walked over to the other door, and knocked. There was a muffled of sound coming from behind the closed door, but he could not make out anything distinctive. Larry knocked again. Again a muffled sound.

“Well, at least someone is in there, I’ll just stick my head in and ask for directions.” Larry mused to himself.

Larry turned the handle to door, it opened a crack. Larry could see light in the room, nothing more.

“Hello? Excuse me. Can somebody help me.” Larry asked. He stepped into the room.

This room was dimly lit, and was divided into sections by wall dividers. Larry could see a brighter light beyond on of the dividers. A humming sound could be heard. Larry walked into the room, and the door shut behind him. A click was heard, and Larry quickly turned around and tried to open the door. It would not budge. “Damn, it’s seems to be stuck.” Larry thought. He turned back to the brighter section of the room. “Excuse me... Could someone please give me directions?” Larry asked again.

He walked over to the divided section of the room. What he saw beyond the divider made him freeze in his tracks!

On the other side of the divider was a room that looked like something out of a medical hospital room. It had a long table-like device, that was set up against a wall, which had an opening. Above the opening was a series of flashing lights, buttons, and an LCD screen that had number flashing on it... numbers that were reducing themselves, like a countdown. On the table was a strapped... a person. The person was gagged, and could only make muffled sounds and whimpers. The muffled sounds Larry had heard before he entered the room. The person could not move as the straps tightly held him in position. The figure on the table was anchored to the table by straps around his legs, his arms and chest. The person was stripped of clothing, except for a thick bundle of cloth attached around his waist. Larry looked at the strange cloth. It was very thick, and forced the man’s legs to be spread apart. It was pinned around his waist, like a... like a diaper! Larry stared at the man’s face.... He then recognized him to be the young man named Tim. The gag was very effective at preventing any sound from escaping from Tim.

Tim was struggling against his bonds, but was making no progress. He did not notice Larry at first, but when their eyes met, he seem to plead to Larry for assistance. He tried harder to make noise, but the gag prevented him from doing so. The humming sound grew louder, and was coming from the opening in the wall. Larry looked at the LCD screen above the dark opening. It read the numbers, and was down to ‘FIVE... FOUR... THREE... TWO... ONE’ and then a message appeared. ‘START PROCEDURE INITIATED. INSERTION PROCEEDING’. The humming grew louder, the table started to slowly move by itself; into the opening.

Larry unfroze himself. He didn’t know what the hell was happening, but he was not going to stand there and do nothing. He ran over to the table and started to fumble with the straps. Tim’s eyes were open wide as he realized that the table was taking him into the dark opening. He looked up into Larry’s eyes pleading for assistance in escaping this contraption. Larry looked for a way to undo the straps, but they seemed to be locked. The table continued its slow recess into the opening, taking its occupant with it. Tim started to scream, the gag still holding back the sound. He continued to try to twist and turn on the table, which was sliding him into the opening. Larry could do nothing but watch as Tim’s feet disappeared into the opening, the humming becoming louder.

Larry grabbed the edge of the table, trying to pull it out from the opening in the wall. The table was stronger, and continued its recession into the hole in the wall. Tim’s legs now disappeared into the blackness beyond, and the humming grew. Larry continued his struggle to prevent the table from it journey. Tim’s eyes screamed out looking at the opening and at Larry.

Then Tim’s eyes looked beyond Larry. They grew wider, fear could be seen in them, fear, and if one looked really closely.... Four figures coming up behind Larry.

Larry looked around, and was greeted by four huge figures... all in white lab coats. A hand grabbed Larry, and Larry felt a hard object being pushed into his mouth, gagging him. He tried to struggle against the object, but lost as more arms wrapped themselves around him, pulling him away from the table. Larry tried to scream but the object pushed itself into him mouth even further preventing him from saying anything.

Larry stared back at the table. He watched as Tim’s diapered waist started to disappear into the opening.

Tim looked into the opening, and struggled even harder against his straps. He was helplessly being consumed into the opening.

Larry struggled harder against his assailants, but to no avail. They had him firmly within their grasps.

“SO we have CAUGHT A SPY!” One of the assailant laughed.



Larry tried to twist his way out of their grip, but, could make no progress. Suddenly his arms were pinned behind his back, and he felt a rope being tied around them.

It was a stronger muffle from Tim that turned Larry’s attention back to the opening in the wall. Tim’s upper torso was now disappearing into the opening. A dim glow now started fill the opening. Larry could make out Tim’s struggling figure in the cavity of the opening. He watched as Tim’s head disappeared into the now lit chamber.

The table stopped moving and a glass door started to descend, closing off Tim into the chamber.

The LCD screen flashed a message: “STRAP RELEASE COMMENCING”

Larry turned to face his assailants, motioning toward the chamber that Tim was now encased in.


“LET’S PREPARE HIM FOR INSERTION” barked another voice.

Larry was hauled back up against a wall, directly in front of the opening that now contained Tim. He was lifted up and placed in an upright type of rack. He felt a strap being placed across his chest, and anchoring him to the wall. His arms where released from their bonds, briefly, and then were anchored to his side by another set of straps. His head was pushed against the wall, and another strap was placed across his head, just above his eyes, and pushing him back tight against the wall.

Larry looked at the chamber that contained Tim’s form. A light blue haze started to fill the chamber. It grew thicker and thicker. Soon the chamber was completely filled with haze that was thickening to the point that no light that was in the chamber could escape.

The LCD screen flickered another message. ‘SHIELD SLIDING INTO PLACE’ and a metal door slid down in front of the glass door.

“OKAY, STRIP HIM” a command was given.

Larry looked down to see one person working on his shoes, He unlaced them and pulled them off his feet. Larry tried to kick, but received a punch in the stomach as punishment for his actions.


Larry felt his socks being pulled off. The punch to his stomach caught him off guard, and right now, struggling was inviting another blow. A hand tugging at his pants’ tops brought another round of struggling. The lab technicians just laughed at the useless attempt. The pants were unbuttoned and roughly pushed off his waist and down his hips.


Larry felt a slight prick in his arm. A slight warming sensation started to course through his body.

“I WILL CONTACT THE OFFICE AND LET THEM WHAT WE HAVE CAUGHT. I AM GOING TO ASK THEM TO LET US PREPARE FOR ANOTHER B.I.T.” The technician picked up a telephone receiver and started rattling off information into it.

Larry’s pants were pulled off his legs, and fell to a heap on the floor.



End Chapter 3

The Ad

by: Larrbear | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2011


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