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Chapter 13
Part 13

Part 13

Larry felt himself being lowered into a fenced area. The floor was covered in a soft quilt-like type material.

“B.I.T. 120696A is responding very well to the transformation, I don’t think you will have a problem with him. It’s only B.I.T. 120696B you’ll have to help finish transforming.” The technician holding Tim commented, laying him down on a table next to the playpen.

“Noted. His next feeding in a few minutes with have a higher dosage of ‘Formula B’ added. That should help speed up the regression.” Another technician wrote down a memo on the chipboard he was holding.

Larry watched as another technician walked up to the table containing Tim, and proceeded to give him a diaper change. The tech was very efficient. He grabbed Tim’s legs in one hand and lifted them up into the are, exposing a very messy bottom. Tim started to cry, but another technician put and bottle into his mouth, and soon Larry could hear a sucking sound. Tim was draining another bottle. The technician quickly cleaned off the bottom of his charge, wiping it off with a rag, and then applying a lotion to the upraised rear. Larry could see another diaper, this one was thicker, being placed under Tim, and then Tim’s legs lowered down on to the material. In a few seconds the tech wrapped the ends of the diaper up, through, and over Tim’s bottom, fastening the diaper with the single tape on each side. Tim was seemed to be oblivious to what was happening to him, as his concern was on the contents of the bottle he was sucking on.

Larry tried to get Tim’s attention, a mistake he would soon regret.

“Tiiiiiimmmmm, wwwwaaaattttccccchhhh oooooouuutttttt!! Ttttthhhhheeeeyyy aaaarrreeee ppppuuuttttiiinng aaaaaannoootttthhheeerr ddddddiiiiiaaaappppeeerrr oooonn yyyooouuu!” Larry screamed out.

“He can still talk!” The technician changing Tim shouted in amazement.

Tim heard the commotion, turning his head towards Larry’s direction. He looked at Larry, a blank expression on his face, and then turned back to the administration of the technician who was working on him.

“Quickly strap a pacifier into him mouth, we don’t want to disturb the others!”

“I can see that the formula hasn’t taken full control over him yet!”

“We warned you, you will have your hands full with this one.” Paul commented, leaning over the side of the playpen and forcing a pacifier into Larry’s mouth.

Larry tried to resist, fighting with every once he could muster. Paul, was bigger and stronger though, and the fight was nothing more than a struggle to get the pacifier firmly into Larry’s mouth. When Larry saw what was going to happen, he closed his mouth, preventing easy access to it. Paul simply pinched Larry’s nose, and held it for a few seconds until Larry opened his mouth for air.

“Got you!” Paul smiled as he pushed the pacifier firmly into Larry’s now open mouth. He quickly tied the straps tightly to Larry’s head. Larry tried to put his hands up to get to the strap, but Paul picked up Larry and cradled him in his arms.

“We won’t have none of that. We will fix it so you can’t remove the pacifier until we want you to.” Paul smiled. “Till then, I’ll just hold you until we get you cleaned up. That will prevent anymore outbreaks!”

Larry started to cry, realizing that his actions were thwarted. The cries were stifled by the pacifier’s rubbery tip. He looked over and saw that Tim was being dressed in a funny looking piece of cloth, that was being snapped up. The diaper on Tim was very thick, and its outline could be clearly seen straining against the clothes he was being placed in.

“There all done with BIT 120696A. Put him down in his crib.” One technician told another standing next to him. “Okay, you can put BIT 120696B down on the table here for his change.”

Paul walked over to the table with Larry.

“Here Let me take him,” a technician walked up behind Paul stated. “We want the babies to be comfortable with the caregivers. Your job is done. You can watch if you want.” The technician held his hands out to take Larry.

“Sure, no problem. There you go.” Paul said, giving Larry a final squeeze on his full bottom. Larry felt the shit spread around his butt even more.

Paul handed Larry over to the tech. The tech turned around and laid Larry onto the quilted table.

Larry made another attempt of escaping, sitting up, and trying to roll off the side of the table.

“OH NO YOU DON’T!” The technician let out a laugh. “We’ll just have to secure you so you don’t hurt yourself!” The tech pulled a strap over Larry’s chest, forcing him back down onto his back.

Larry felt the strap pull him back against the quilted table. A clicking sound could be heard, and the strap tightened.

“There you are. Now let’s see what kind of mess we have here.” The tech smiled, viewing Larry’s current position.

Larry felt the tape being pulled off the front of the diaper. A rush of cool air hit his newly exposed skin.

“Well, we certainly have a little pooper here, don’t we?” The tech teased Larry.

Larry let out another scream. “I’m not a baby!!!!” he tried to scream out, but the pacifier muffled it.

“Well don’t worry, you’ll soon get use to this. All you will have to do for the rest of your life is pee-pee and poo-poo. No more worries for our little guy here.”

Larry felt his legs being raised up ,and a warm cloth beginning to clean off his messy bottom.

“Yes, we’ll have you cleaned up in a jiffy!” The tech continued. He took a wipe and rubbed it over Larry’s exposed rear, cleaning away the mess. Soon Larry’s bottom was all cleared of the earlier mess. The tech continued by lowering Larry’s legs, and proceeded to clean his tiny penis and balls. Soon they too were as clean as his bottom. Larry felt a cool lotion touch his new washed skin. He looked at his upraised legs and saw that the technician was applying a coat of baby lotion to his exposed skin.

“We don’t want any rash to appear on our charges!” The tech smiled.

Another scent hit his nostrils. It was one that he had not recognized for a long long time. Looking back at the tech, he saw a huge white bottle in his hand. It had blue writing on it. Larry stared at the words, but for some reason they made no sense. There was a ‘B’, an ‘A’, another ‘B’ and a ‘Y’ “Baby” Larry thought, “I remember that word.” The next word started with a ‘P’, an ‘O’, a ‘W’, a ‘D’, a ‘E’, and a ‘R’. Larry mouthed the word. He, for some strange reason could not pronounce it. Yet it seemed so familiar.

“This will give you a little extra protection. The Baby Powder will help prevent your skin from getting irritated from you pee, and your poo-poo.” The technician continues, as he spread a ample coating of the white fluffy material to Larry’s up-raised butt.

“Baby Powder!” Larry’s mind screamed. “why couldn’t I remember that word?” He thought in amazement. He felt his legs being lowered back down. He felt his butt settle down into a thicker, softer type of material. Looking back down towards his rear, he watched as a very thick disposable was being pulled up through his legs, and laid over his small penis and balls. He automatically spread his legs to accept the thick material.

The technician arranged the diapered over Larry’s front, and quickly sealed the diaper onto Larry.

“There we go, all nice and clean for the moment!” The tech grinned, unfastening the strap from across Larry’s chest, and helping him sit into an upright position.



End Chapter 13

The Ad

by: Larrbear | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2011


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