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Chapter 15
Part 15

Part 15

The technician walked by two hours later. He looked down on the sleeping figure in the crib. It was peacefully moving it’s mouth in a sucking type of motion around it’s thumb. He made a note of the actions, and then carefully took the cap off the baby. He undid the snaps on the onesie and checked the Larry’s diaper. It was in need of a change, being quite wet and also very full of poop. He lifted Larry out of the crib, placing on the changing table. He smiled down at the still sleeping baby. A bottle was placed into Larry’s mouth. Instantly, without waking up, Larry’s hands grabbed the bottle, and Larry’s mouth began the motion of sucking. Soon the contents of the bottle were being drawn into Larry’s hungry mouth. Another technician worked on changing Larry’s diaper while the first technician helped holding the bottle for Larry.

“Looks like the transformation is taking place. Poor little guy doesn’t even know what he is doing to himself. With each feeding, he becomes more and more the little baby he is!”

“That’s what suppose to happen!”

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t ever want that to happen to me!”

“In a way I envy him. He’s going to be taken care for the rest of his life!”

“Yeah, as a baby!”

“You have a point there.”

“There he’s all changed. Let’s get him back into his crib. I’ll fill out the chart.”

The technician picked up the sleepy fellow and carried him back to his crib. He laid him down and covered him up with the blanket.

Larry was just finishing the bottle as blanket was being tucked around him. He let out a big yawn, and opened his eyes briefly. He saw a big face smiling down at him. He closed his eyes again, falling off into slumberland again.

The cycle was the same for the rest of the day. A change of diapers every two hours, and a fresh bottle of formula. Larry slept most of the time.

Larry opened his eyes. A soft light greeted him. He moved his legs. He could feel a squishy movement down there. For some reason he placed his hand down there, and he noticed that he was very wet, and he had pooped. He didn’t remember pooping, but there he was, in a poopy diaper. He stretched, feeling totally relaxed and comfortable. He smiled and let out a big yawn.

A big person was at the rails of his crib, looking down at him. The big person said something, but it sound all kinda funny like.

“Well, is sleepy head awake? And how is our little one today? Huh?”

Larry just smiled back and opened his mouth. “gaa goooe a gaa ca-ca!” issued forth out of Larry’s mouth.

The person just smiled. He reached down and picked up the baby. “So you poo-pooed? Well that great, that all right baby, we’ll get you changed!” He patted the baby’s bottom. Larry felt the poop squish around in his diaper.

“So how is B.I.T. 120696B doing today?”

“I think the transformation is complete. He slept for almost twenty-four hours. He’s record twelve diaper changes and had six feeding with the extra dosage of ‘Formula B’ and six more of just the regular infant formula.” The tech, set Larry on to the changing table, and proceeded to unsnap the onesie, exposing the full diaper.

“Any side-effects, and reactions to the feedings?”

“Everything is happening just like it was suppose to. He has no resistance. He can’t say a single understandable word. He has been filling his diapers, just as the scheduled said he should, considering his situation.”

“Good. We can start him with the Evaluation group today then, right on schedule.”

“Yep, they can have another baby for testing purposes.” The technician commented, removing the dirty diaper from Larry’s bottom. Larry cooed as he felt the warm wash cloth touch his skin. “Yep little one, I am getting you all cleaned up!”

There was a commotion that filled the nursery. It was of a crying baby. Larry turned his head toward the noise. He saw another big person bringing in another little one like him. The little one was crying up a storm.

“Well here is your next charge!” said the big person who was carrying the baby.

“This must be B.I.T. 120796A. We are expecting him. Put him in the playpen until I get this little one done.”

“Yes, this one was a piece of cake. He came in pretty happy to start his new position. So we obliged him. We strapped him in, finished prepping him, and popped him into the machine. When he realized what his new position was going to be, all of his resistance was futile. We had him right where we wanted him! Looks like the new enhancement in ‘Formula A’ works better than we first anticipated.” The technician carrying the new baby commented, setting the new arrival into the playpen.



End Chapter 15

The Ad

by: Larrbear | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2011


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