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Chapter 12
Part 12

Part 12

Larry continued his sobbing, felling the mess spreading over his entire bottom, penis and balls. A new wave of drowsiness came over him. He wanted to cry out again… but all his energy was leaving him. He began to formulate a plan of attack as his eyes started to drift close. “I need to safe all of my energy to fight this. I need to rest. Yes that’s it, a nap would be the best thing I need right now. Then I can continue to fight against the effects of the formulas. Okay… I’ll take a nap, and then I will make life miserable for themmm…” He let his eyes close.





“I am concerned about the delayed reaction on B.I.T. 120696B. He is still able to resist the formulas effects.” One of the technicians commented.

“Remember, he hasn’t had a chance for ‘Formula A’ to really settle in. All other candidates, unknowingly, were given the Formula twelve hours before Insertion.” Another tech comments.

“True, that means he will be a little bit more troublesome for the Nursery. In the end, he will succumb. It will take him a little bit longer than the others to complete the full transformation. He will end up as the rest though.”

“Any idea on how much longer before the final transformation is complete?” Paul asked, looking down at the now napping Larry.

“It all depends on his strength and will power, and the effect of the formulas. He will be give more doses of ‘Formula B’ later day and tomorrow, during his feedings, which should be every two hours. The added reinforcement of the formula should break him down.”

“Perhaps we should delay his subjection to the Evaluation Lab until the transformation is complete.” Paul commented.

“We could, but then again, we were given permission to treat the spy as we saw fit. I say we handle him as if the transformation is complete. It will be more torture for him before he is completely transformed.” Sneered the technician.

“I agree!”

“So do I!” Another joined in.

“Well the, the majority wins. Now lets get on with business. Who do we have on the schedule for tomorrow?”

“Remind me never to get you guys upset with me. I’d hate to find myself on your assignment schedule.” Paul commented flipped through another page on the clip board. “It says here that we can expect Subject David Warren here at 10:00 AM tomorrow. He’s a new candidate from the West Coast Branch. According to our Office, he arrived today, and right now is being housed in the Dormitory across town. According to the Western Office, he has already signed on for a long term job commitment. He is under the impression that he is going to be doing some top secret government programming for us. The Office has already seen to it that tonight’s late night snack will be laced with ‘Formula A’, effectively prepping him for tomorrow’s session.”

“Little does he know what is in store for him!” A technician snickered.

“‘Formula A’ has no outwardly effect. While he is sleeping, his genetic coding will be prepping for tomorrow’s wash.” Another tech chuckled.

“I always like the look on their face when we first show them the Rack and Table. Of course by then it’s too late for them to do anything about it!” A third technician sneered.

“Yeah, he will have no idea what hit him! When properly administered and given time to soak in ‘Formula A’ is good at knocking the fight out of them. It will be another easy ‘Strap em up, clean them up, and shrink them down job.’” The fourth technician laughed.

“The Office has a quota to meet, as long as we process one a day, we can meet the company’s objectives.” Paul commented. “Today we got lucky and got two!” He looked at the two toddler sized figures on the tables.

Paul looked back at his clipboard. “The Office has indicated that Warren is an another perfect candidate for the Babykins Project. They had prepared his history record, and assigned him a tag number: B.I.T. SUBJECT 120796A. Here is the information. You can start to prepare the Lab for him now, so all is set when he gets here. I’ll help you get these two down to the nursery. Let me take B.I.T. 120696B.”

“Sure, no problem!”

“Since it is only noon, we’ll let the Evaluation Division know to expect these two new test subjects tomorrow.” Paul smiled as he picked Larry up, and cradled him in his arms.

Another technician picked up Tim, and followed behind Paul.

Larry felt himself being lifted off the table and wrapped into a soft receiving blanket, then cradled into a strong set of arms. He looked up. The face looked familiar… where did he see him before.... was it... Paul? The thought no longer mattered, instead another rumble inside his tummy began, and a new wave of poop squeezed into the already full diaper.

“Yep, this one is going to be a very good Baby In Training subject! In a way I am glad he ‘volunteered’ himself. We would have offered him this position in a few weeks. His records indicated the potential of him being a ‘Prime’ candidate. He’s succeeded in making his career move earlier! ” Paul said as he rocked the figure in his arms, carrying him down the long hallway.

Larry thought he felt a light patting of his full bottom. He yawned and stretched his little arms. He tried to think about how this day started… events were a little hazy, but he could still remember… he struggled to move, but was cradled securely in this person’s arms at the moment. They were moving. He looked up and saw the big bright lights passing by. He looked up into the big smiling face. He felt the continued patting of his quite full britches. Quite full? That’s right, he was in a diaper, and it was full of his shit. It was starting to feel quite uncomfortable, and to top it off, this person was patting his rear and spreading the mess around!

They walked through another set of doors. Larry looked around, trying to take in the sights of his new surroundings.

He saw many cribs lining the sides of the huge room. Each crib had a baby in it.

A big technician, wearing a blue lab coat walked up to the group. He smiled as he saw the new arrivals.

“Here they are, the two new arrivals.”

“Good. We have been expecting them. How much time has elapsed since the completion of the REDUCT Phase.”

“B.I.T. 120696A was tagged at 10:35 AM. B.I.T. 120696B was tagged at 11:30 AM.”

“We are a little short handed. We were told to expect one new arrival today, not two. That leaves us one crib short. We looked at our currents charges and decided to send graduate one B.I.T. earlier than planned, to make room for B.I.T. 120696B.”

“The Office had to make an executive decision. Tomorrow we should be back on schedule.”

“Yes, we read the urgent memo on this one!” The technician looked down at Larry. “Don’t worry, we’ll help with his transformation. Walking a new B.I.T. through their final day can be rough, if they haven’t been properly treated. Rough for them, that is. These two must be pretty messy right now.”

“They both need a change.” Paul chuckled.

“Not a surprise. The formulas usually have that effect on the new arrival for the first week. Then, once the transformation is final, the babies begin their natural cycle. Remember, we have effectively wiped their memories. They will learn everything all over. After 30 days of observation, we send them on to the respective new caretakers.”

“Who’s graduating to make room for this new arrival?”

“B.I.T. 112696A and B.I.T. 112796A. The Adoption Agency is already coming over to pick up B.I.T. 112796A. They already have new home for him. B.I.T. 112696A is being transferred into the daycare program. They can house, and continue using her for the beta testing project there. Place B.I.T. 120696B in the playpen. Strap B.I.T. 120696A on the Changing table here. We will prep them for the cribs shortly.”



End Chapter 12

The Ad

by: Larrbear | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2011


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