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Chapter 2
Part 2

Part 2

A buzzer was heard, and a door opened. A man in another white lab coat walked in, and walked over to the reception desk. The man talked with the receptionist, and they both looked at Larry, then back to talking again. The man then took the clipboard, and produced a green colored badge out of his pocket.

“Larry?” The man asked, walking over to Larry, and extending his hand.

“Yes.” Larry replied, standing, and taking the extended hand and shaking it.

“Hi. Welcome to B.I.T. My name is Paul!” The man shook Larry’s hand. “I need to go over some information on your application, and then if you are interested, we can start. Why don’t we go into a conference room. You will need this badge to go beyond this point.” Paul reached over and took the red badge off Larry’s coat and replaced it with a green badge.

“Boy, you really like these badges, don’t you.” Larry joked, looking at Paul.

“We have to! Here at the Bureau of Industrial Testing, B.I.T. for short, we deal with very confidential information and products. Our security is essential for maintaining the integrity of our data and results. Don’t worry, you’ll get use to it. It’s standard procedure here at B.I.T.” Paul motioned Larry to follow him, leading him to a door. Paul looked over to the receptionist, and nodded his head. The receptionist pressed a button on her desk, the buzzer was heard and the door opened.

“Wow, I didn’t know that! What are we testing? A secret formula or something?” Larry asked, following Paul through the open door.

“Something like that!” Paul chuckled. He closed the door after Larry passed by him. “Here, we can use this conference room.” He opened another door, and motioned for Larry to enter.

There was a table and two chairs in the room. Larry sat down at one end of the table and Paul sat at the other end.

“I need to just verify some of the information you have listed here. Then I will answer any questions you may have about the program.” Paul started off, looking at the clipboard.

“Sure, fire away.” Larry commented.

“If you want, you can take off your coat, and relax. This won’t take long.” Paul stated, looking and noticing that Larry still had on his coat.

Larry took his coat off, placing it over the back of his chair.

Paul started to ask questions about the information. He almost covered every question listed on the application. Larry tried to give as complete detail as possible.

“You are single?”

“Yes, I live alone. I am pretty new to this area, so I haven’t had a chance to settle down and make a lot of friends.”

“Due to the type of testing you may be involved with, do you have any medical problems that might prevent you from participating in some of the evaluations?”

“None that I am aware of. I had a complete physical before I started my previous job.”

“We are looking for some long term commitments on certain projects. This may involve being housed in special quarters. Some of these tests are very intense and very sensitive. Would you be interested in participating in any of these projects?”

“Right now, I don’t see a problem. Sure I would be interested in them.”

“We are also looking for some permanent job positions. Would you be interested into looking these positions?” Paul continued his questioning.

“Sure. I am open to seeking new opportunities.” Larry answered back, trying not to appear to be too eager.

Paul looked at Larry, and smiled.

“Well, that’s all the questions I have right at this moment. Now, are there any....” Paul stopped in mid-sentence, and looked down at the pager he was wearing. He pushed a button. “Excuse me Larry, I have to take this call. Would you like a cup of coffee? I can have someone bring in some for us, and then we can continue.”

“Sure, coffee would be good.” Larry replied.

“Great, just stay right here, and someone will be right here with it. I should be gone only for a few minutes.” Paul then stood up, and started towards the door. “Oh, please stay here, and don’t wonder out this room. Because of the types of testing we do, we don’t want people wandering around.”

“I’ll stay right here.” Larry answered back.

“Good. I’ll be right back.” With that Paul opened the door, and disappeared into the hallway.

Larry looked around the room. It was very plain. A picture hanged on wall. A fake tree stood in a corner. Then Larry noticed a small camera mounted in the corner, just above the tree. “Geeze, they weren’t kidding about security. I wonder what the hell I am getting myself into?” Larry thought to himself.

The door to the room opened again, and another man, husky in appearance, in a white lab coat entered. He was pushing a cart with a coffee pot and cups into the conference room.

“Here is some coffee. Paul mentioned that you would be interested in having some.” The man commented, setting the cart up against a wall. “Paul should be back in just a few minutes. Help yourself to the coffee. If you need more, let Paul know, and we can bring more in.”

“Thanks!” Larry commented, walking over to the cart and picking up a cup.

The man left the room, closing the door behind him.

Larry poured some coffee into the cup. It was nice and hot. Larry picked up a spoon, and started to stir the coffee around, trying to cool it off a little. Then lifting the cup to his lips, he sipped the warm mixture of liquid.

Paul was right. The coffee was very good, and quickly Larry felt his insides warm up. So far this was the best thing he had all morning. In fact he felt very comfortable with the warm liquid settling into his body.

The cup was drained very quickly. Larry decided to help himself to another cup of coffee. The aroma of the brew was enchanting. Larry continued to drink. and was just about finished with the second cup, when the door opened again. Paul walked back into the room.

“You were right! The coffee is very good.” Larry smiled, feeling much better.

“I told you so!” Paul smiled back, settling back into the chair. “Sorry about the call, but my assistance was needed on a project we are currently working on. I shouldn’t be disturbed again.”

“Well, that’s okay, as long as you have coffee here, I should be fine!”

“I showed your application to my supervisor while I was out. I hope to have a response on it before we finish up with your interview.” Paul continued. “Now, let’s see. Where were we? Oh yes. Let me tell you a little about B.I.T. We are a research facility for several major corporations and industries. We do the testing for them on beta products. Our results help them in constructing their products. Because of the sensitivity of the products, we are not allowed to release the name of the company, or the product that send over for testing. The tests are completed here in our facilities. Some tests and evaluations could take a few hours, some could take a few weeks. It all depends on the product, and the type of testing needed to be done. For the longer projects, you would be taken care, provided with all the comforts needed. All we ask is for your complete honesty in the testing portion and the response evaluation.. Your response is important in the final product. Also you would be under a confidential gag order.”

“What if something goes wrong with an experiment?” Larry asked.

“You would be covered under our health and medical policies. We take good care of our employees, which is what you would be, if you are interested in accepting a test project. We have a very excellent insurance coverage for our employees, a very good cafeteria, workout facilities, as well as a child daycare facilities.”

“Health and medical?”

“Like I said, our tests could cover anything. The one thing B.I.T. is very proud of is our, record for safety. We look after our subjects, and employees. We produce the best results for our clients.”

“How often do these projects take place?”

“Depends on the clients. We have projects constantly going on. So depending on your availability, and your commitment to B.I.T. you could be used around the clock! As I said....” Paul looked down at his pager again. “Sorry, it looks like I am needed again. Would you pardon me for a few minutes again. Help yourself to some more coffee.”

“Sure.” Larry commented.

“I am sorry, I’ll be back as soon as I can. Maybe I’ll have a response from your application when I come back in.”

Paul left the room again.

Larry went back to the coffee. He needed a refill. The coffee was very good!

A few minutes passed. Nothing special happened. Larry sat back down, looking around the room. A few more minutes passed. Suddenly Larry started to feel a slight pressure on his bladder. The coffee was working its way though his system. Larry squirmed in his chair. He hoped Paul would come back pretty soon. He needed to use a restroom facility. A few more minutes passed. Nothing. The pressure on Larry’s bladder was building.

“Shit. I am going to go in my pants pretty soon if he doesn’t get back here.” Larry thought to himself. He stood up and started to pace the room, hoping the pressure would go away. It did for a few minutes, but then the pressure became even more intense.

“Maybe there is a bathroom just down the hall. I could go, and get right back here. I am sure Paul would understand.”

Larry paced for a few minutes more. He was starting to get antsy.... He needed to relieve himself. Carefully he opened the door and looking into the hallway. The hallway was empty.

“There’s got to be a restroom here someplace.” Larry thought to himself.



End Chapter 2

The Ad

by: Larrbear | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2011


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