The Ad

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Chapter 16
Part 16

Part 16

Larry stared at the new arrival. The new one was still crying, until a pacifier was strapped to his mouth.

“There you go Davee… Just work on that until we get you changed and feed.” The technician smiled. He stood and walked over to the changing table Larry was laying on. Larry stared at the technician. He thought he looked familiar… but he couldn’t remember.

“Well Paul, what do you think. This one turned out pretty good, don’t you think?”

Larry squinted at Paul’s face. For some reason that name was familiar, but he couldn’t remember why.

“It looks like we have another success!” Paul answered.

“Well I finished changing him,” the technician smiled, pulling Larry’s onesie back over his freshly changed thick diaper. “Can you place him back into his crib for me? I can then start working on B.I.T. 120796A.”

“Sure, I would be glad to help out.” Paul smiled, picking up the freshly changed Larry.

“Larry tried to focus on Paul’s’ face again. It looked familiar, but he didn’t know why.

“His ba-ba is ready for him, if you want to feed it to him.”

Larry’s eyes seemed to light up on the words ‘ba-ba.’ Paul noticed the reaction to the word.

“Would love to.” Paul chuckled, cradling the baby in his arms. He walked over to the counter where there was a bottle set out. He placed it up to Larry’s lips. Larry eagerly took the rubber teat and started to instantly suck on it. He knew that the contents of the warm bottle would make his tummy felt good.

Paul watched as Larry drained the entire contents of the bottle. Then he lift Larry over his shoulder and started to pat him on his back lightly. Soon Larry let out a belch. Paul chuckled at Larry’s actions. They were that of a baby. The transformation was complete. He carried Larry over to his crib.

Larry watched as he felt himself being lowered into his crib. The big metal bar sides were raised. Looking at the teddy bear laying next to him and he reached out for it, cuddling the furry figure with his tiny hands. He pulled the teddy bear tightly against him, feeling safe and protected. The crib padding felt comfortably soft, and he let out a big yawn. Larry closed his eyes. Today was a very exhaustive day. He was very… very tired.

“This one took a day longer, but he’s coming along nicely. He’s turning out to be a very good baby!”

“Yes, a good baby indeed!” Paul smiled, pulling a baby blanket over the now sleeping figure.

“When we are finished using him for the products testing, he’ll be someone’s special bundle of joy and happiness. Yes, he is a very good baby!”

Paul watches as Larry shifts his sleeping position. He spreads his legs, without thinking about it, and lets out a another soft load of poop into his new diaper. He never wakes up during the expulsion, it just happens, naturally, like it does to all babies. They just poop and pee-pee when they need to.

The transformation is complete. He is left with no memories of a past life. His mind is now only filled with his current needs: sleep, ba-ba, soft cuddly teddy bear, and a change of diaper when needed. That’s all babies need.

That’s all he is, a baby. No more cares, no more worries.

“Guess I better get back to work. I have to remember to place the ad with the newspaper again. We need more Test Subjects.” Paul chuckled, heading toward the door of the nursery.

The End



End Chapter 16

The Ad

by: Larrbear | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2011


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