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Chapter 9
Part 9

Part 9

“So I see they have caught you as a Spy.” Paul stated, looking over Larry’s trapped body. “Well I can’t change what has happened. I had to see for myself that you were being treated properly.” Paul continued.

“I AM NOT A SPY!” Larry tried to spit out through the gag.

“I am sorry, but I can’t interfere with this Division’s actions. According to their records, you were caught spying on their operations. You are being treated as a corporate spy, and being disposed with in a way the company thinks is in it’s best interest.”

Larry moaned again, trying to loosen the straps around him.

The gag is on you for your own good. I hear the procedure is quite quick, and you won’t feel any discomfort.”

Larry shook his head, trying to plea with Paul to release him.

“I guess is should tell you a little bit more about our company, since you are now going to be a by-product of it.” Paul calmly continued. “Like I told you in the conference room, we are a testing facility for a number of large companies. We test every thing from diapers to food. Clothing to Biochemical. As you probably have already noticed, you have been subjected to several of our tests already. ‘Formula A’, ‘Formula B’ and Agent ‘HR’ These products are essential to our new Division, but we still haven’t worked out all the bugs in them.”

Larry looked up, his eyes filled with questions.

“You see... B.I.T. also stands for another name of our Division that has been running for a year now. We have been experimenting with the government on Population Control, Food Production, Material Decomposition, just to name a few. As a result, we ran across several discoveries, the latest being that of age regression. It’s not perfected yet, but we need to continue to work on it until the procedure is right. When we ran across the possibilities of what could be done, this division was created. We call it our Baby In Training Division. As you saw with B.I.T. 120696A, the subject is exposed to various chemicals, and treated with radiation to produce what you saw come out of the chamber you are now attached to. As I said, we have not worked out all the bugs yet, and subjects that are currently treated by this procedure are regressed back to infants or toddlers. We have not been able to reverse to process. Chances are, based on earlier subjects, you will never grow up. Once the wash and formulas have interacted with each other, the process appears to be permanent.” Paul looked at Larry, his eyes showed no compassion.

“The other problem is, that once we put the subject in the wash, we have to use ‘Formula B’ We can’t have regress infants talking and exposing who we are and what we are doing. I have to admit that Formula B is very effective at finishing off the subject. By destroying your memory and stripping you of your bodily functions, you will become a true baby. A mind to match the body. You will be used for several evaluations project if you survive the B.I.T. procedure. I am a little concerned for your survival. You have not had enough time for ‘Formula A’ to full intergrate itself into your system. It will work, though it may take a little bit longer for you to go through the complete transformation. We have had a few test subjects who where also spies, but they did not make it through the REDUCT PHASE, due to the lack of saturation of ‘Formula A’. We have made adjustments in the Formula, you will be the first Spy to have the newly enhanced Formula. I hope it works.”

Larry looked at the LCD screen. 4:01... 4:00... 3:59... He struggled harder against the straps. Paul’s words were causing added fear. It dawned on him that he may actually die in this contraption.

“If you hadn’t stepped out of the conference room, you would have never been exposed to this division... not yet anyway. My supervisor said you were perfect for a number of experiments. And if you had stayed on with us for a period of time, you would have been offered a permanent job.” Paul smiled. “Of course you saw what the permanent job would be.” Paul looked over at BIT 120696A and smiled. “Tim was very excited to take a permanent position with our company. We just didn’t tell him what he was going to do. Last night, he was prepping himself without even knowing it. He walked in today, fully excited about his new job... that is until they put him into it, the Prep Rack, that is.


"You see, we don’t get volunteers for this job. And in the search for knowledge and perfection, we need subjects. He was the perfect candidate.”

Larry looked over at the table that Tim was lying in. The little baby was sleeping soundly.

“You are too!” Paul continued. “Of course we made sure that all of his tracks were covered, that when he disappeared, no one would be looking for him. We know no one is going to be looking for you, so there will be no problem in disposing with you either.”

Larry looked back up at Paul.

“Your application stated it simple. You were just released from your latest employment. Nobody knows you are here. As far as I am concerned you are a perfect candidate! In less than three minutes you are going to be just like him! But don’t worry. Remember I told you we take real good care of our employees. After we finish using you for various tests, we can turn you over to an adoption agency. There are many families who can’t produce babies. We provide a needed service, both to major corporations, and to families. Who knows, maybe even I will adopt you!” With that Paul patted Larry’s head. “Enjoy your new journey. Think of it a Christmas present. You won’t have any more worries, no more bills to pay, and never have to worry about being feed or clothed. You can say good bye to Larry, because in less than a two minutes you will become a Baby in Training.”

A hum started to grow again. The table vibrated a little. Larry’s struggling attempts grew as he looked at the LCD screen. 1:25.... 1:24.... 1:23....

“Good luck. I hope this works, otherwise it would be a terrible waste.” Paul sighed. He backed away from the table.

Paul turned to a technician and flipped through several pages on the clipboard. “I see they have him listed for the Proctor and Gamble new baby products evaluation program. That’s a good project, one of the longest that we have ever contracted. It should keep him busy for at least three months. Also the Office has listed him as a possible test subject for the New Babykins Account.” Paul commented to the tech.

“IF HE SURVIVES THE PROCESS.” The technician smiled looking at Larry.

“Oh I think he will.” Paul smiled.


The humming increased in volume. Larry looked at the opened at his feet. A light blue haze started to fill the chamber. The table vibrated a little bit more.

“This is all a nightmare! I’ll wake up and none of this will have happened!” Larry screamed to himself. He closed eyes, hoping that when he opened them again, he would be in the safe confines of his bedroom. The volume of the humming grew louder.

Larry opened his eyes... they focused on the LCD screen. FIVE... FOUR... THREE... TWO... ONE. and then a message appeared. ‘START PROCEDURE INITIATED. INSERTION PROCEEDING’. The humming grew louder, the table started to slowly move by itself; into the opening.



End Chapter 9

The Ad

by: Larrbear | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2011


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