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Jack's Descent

by: AbolethLasher Last updated Nov 2, 2021

Lauren was 19 when she first met the 43 year old Jack. She was always the younger one in the relationship, but soon she'll know what it's like to be the older partner.

jakes downfall

by: darksword012 Last updated May 2, 2014

This is my first story dont be harsh

James and Veronica's Medallion Sexytimes

by: OmoriSunburn Last updated Jul 12, 2022

WARNING: This story contains very descriptive sex scene between an adult man and a regressed woman. If you don't like that please don't read A/N: I have read dozens of stories with sex between a regressed man and an adult woman so I decided to make the reverse.

James' Journey Backwards

by: Groblek Last updated Apr 29, 2014

A man slowly discovers that the effects of a lab accident are more harmful than they first appear. Warning: contains unbirth

Jaschas' Time Shop

by: TheFurEffect Last updated Sep 18, 2021

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jascha Altschuler, current employee at the third time shop. My job is nothing more than to sell different age related products across time and between a couple other dimensions. These products are ment to be sold to those who have a real strong nostalgic thought about time gone by the wayside. Although, that doesn't always happen. Sometimes I get clients who simply are looking for products for friends and family. I can never understand how some of them manage to find my shop, but I always have the right product just for them. It's required I do or my boss wouldn't be too happy. Now, why don't you come on in, take a seat, and listen to what stories I have in limited stock before I leave? Tags will be added as needed.

Jason's attack

by: immortal Last updated Nov 10, 2012

“do you really think that you can stop me.” the man laugh at the scout “well, I am sailor moon cha...” cutting her short he shot at her “hay, I wasn't finished.” sailor moon shouted at him “you know, little scout, you remind me of a little baby.” he says to her, then shots again and hits her

Jason's Journey

by: Kelvin A. R. King Last updated Oct 15, 2022

Jason wakes up in a nursery with no memory of the night before.

Jaxon's Story

by: Anonymous Last updated Mar 5, 2022

A teenage boy babysits his little sister.

Jen's Childish Halloween

by: Last updated Oct 29, 2007

Jen is dragged out for trick or treating with her friends and finds it funny to display her idea of Halloween by dressing up as a baby, but she needs to be careful where she shops!

Jennifer and Steve Camping

by: Last updated Apr 4, 2008

A story I wrote a couple years back. I personally think the ending is not great and unbelievable, but I am leaving it as is.

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