Jaxon's Story

by: Anonymous | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 5, 2022

A teenage boy babysits his little sister.

Chapter 1
The Beginning

   Jaxon rolled around aimlessly in his bed as he stared at his phone. He'd swipe left to right, up and down, no doubt looking at one of the many popular social media sites kids like himself frequent. His gaze was like that of a zombie, set mindlessly on one target with glazed over eyes. It was just another Saturday for Jaxon. He was bored, and he had nothing else to do but watch as other people on the internet had the fun they so wished he was having. He'd take a sigh as a video of some kids running around playing tag came onto his phone. Although such activities were rather immature for a teenager such as himself, he did, in a way, envy those kids. He wished he could have that much fun right now. A few more swipes later, Jaxon would click off of the social media site he had been on, and take a gander at his text messages. Still, nothing new. All of his friends seemed to be busy. He was the only one unlucky enough to be stuck at home, it seemed. 

As if things couldn't get any worse, Jaxon soon heard the stomps of his mother as she came up the stairs. Her voice soon echoed through his room as she opened the door and looked in. "Jaxon, can you put the clothes in the laundry?" Jaxon would take a sigh before relentingly sitting up on his bed. He'd rub his eyes tiredly before standing up and taking the hamper of dirty clothes from his mom's hands into his own. Slowly, he'd walk-although it was more of a slow shuffle-out of his room and into the laundry room, where he'd load up the washing machine with the dirty clothes. Then he'd go through the process of putting detergent in and starting up the machine. As the clothes within would begin to spin around, Jaxon would once again look down at his phone and at his text messages. Still, nothing new. He sighed, and leaned against the machine, covering his face with his hand. A rumble in his stomach would then be audible. It had been a few hours since he'd last eaten, he thought to himself. So, he'd slowly shuffle out of the room, down the stairs, and into the living room. There, he'd find his little sister Ava watching some stupid reality show like always. His dad was sitting next to her reading the newspaper, and his mom was in the kitchen preparing lunch. Jaxon would try his best to ignore all of them, making a beeline for the fridge. He'd open it and mull over which cold delight to snack on. He'd soon decide on the yogurt, and would begin to walk away back towards the stairs. But, not before his mom noticed him. Reluctantly, he'd begin to walk back towards her, and would sit down on one of the chairs adjacent to the countertop. Jaxon, honey, your dad and I are planning on going out for the evening. You'll have to babysit Ava while we're gone. " Jaxon facepalmed as soon as the words left her mouth. Just as he thought the day couldn't get any worse. "Do I have to?" He'd quietly reply from behind his hand. His mom would chuckle a bit, "Yes, Jaxon." You don't have anything else planned for tonight, so why not babysit your little sister? " Jaxon would think, way to attack me where it hurts. Instead of fighting back further, Jaxon would simply accept defeat and nod. With his yogurt in hand, he'd slowly walk back towards the stairs and to his room, where he'd lock himself up until he was forced to exit. Surely, he thought, this day could not get any worse.



End Chapter 1

Jaxon's Story

by: Anonymous | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 5, 2022


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