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by: immortal Last updated Nov 24, 2012

Hi my name is Everest and on my 16th birthday I got the best gift that any one can get, well at lest I thought I did but before I go into all of this.

Jason's attack

by: immortal Last updated Nov 10, 2012

“do you really think that you can stop me.” the man laugh at the scout “well, I am sailor moon cha...” cutting her short he shot at her “hay, I wasn't finished.” sailor moon shouted at him “you know, little scout, you remind me of a little baby.” he says to her, then shots again and hits her

My Big Day

by: immortal Last updated Nov 9, 2012

Help me

by: immortal Last updated Nov 9, 2012

"no, you have to be wrong, me and my sister can't be bonded!" I shout at the doctor, my sister, Amelia, was just sitting there in shock at what she just said " I'm sorry Everest but what I said is true, you are bonded to your sister, your sister will get older and you will get younger, now we have thing that will help you both in this, we will give you the details."

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