The Adventure of Kim & Jake

by: nitrous | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2007

Chapter 2
Draken’s Trap

Chapter Description: Draken sets a trap to regress Kim at Fort Nocks.

Chapter 2

Draken’s Trap

Kim slammed on the breaks of her car as she entered the parking lot, spinning out into an e break donut show. Kim pulled into a spot just as Rufus pulled out his nacho bag to empty his undigested naco back into it. Kim bolted out of the car sprinting to first period class hoping the quick stop through the new drive thru at Guano Nacho. She rushed into the room and sat down just as the bell had rung.

Mr. Barkin, walked over to Kim, and glared at her. “Possible, do you know what I just received from Yale?” Mr. Barkin asked.

“No Mr. Barkin, what did you get?” asked Kim

“I just received a letter from a friend of mine. He has given you a full scholarship to Yale, how do you feel about that Possible?” said Barkin

Kim’s mouth dropped in shock and awe at what Mr. Barkin had just said. Mr. Barkin then handed Kim with an envelope containing the letter of acceptance from Yale. “Possible the only reason you got this scholarship is because I guaranteed them that you being at the collage wouldn’t cause any property damage.” Said Barkin

“Thank you Mr. Barkin.” Said Kim

“class lets give around of applause for Possible here” said Barkin

Everyone applauded except Bonnie, Kim’s archrival in cheerleading. Bonnie just glared at Kim with envious jealousy at the news of Kim’s scholarship.

After class Kim met up with Ron, her boyfriend and best friend since pre K,. Ron had already heard the news and was ecstatic about Kim’s scholarship. Just then Kim’s locker beeped. Kim opened the locker to see her good friend Wade, her ten year old informant and travel agent all rolled into one. “Whats the sich wade?” Kim asked

“You guys Darken has just broken into Fort Nocks. You guys need to stop him and be careful he has an army of these tough guys they’re right now holding the army troops nearby at bay.” Said Wade

“We’re on it Wade.” Kim said

Kim and Ron dashed to Kim’s car. The car raced to the inner state where Kim and Ron hopped onto a private jet owned by a former client of team possible. The Jet landed at the D.C. airport. Waiting there was a car for the team. Kim raced down the highway toward Fort Nocks. She drove through the destroyed entrance when an explosion erupted flying Kim and Ron out of the car. “Kim, this is going to be fun”, said Shego.

Shego lunged at Kim throwing a hale storm of punches at the smaller

Kim awoke soaked with some sort of liquid and feeling disoriented. Kim’s clothes felt baggy and heavy from the liquid. Her vision cleared revealing a totaled car and a taller Shego standing over her, smiling. Shego unleashed a beating on Kim, punching and kicking her in vulnerable areas such as her stomach, head legs and face. Kim felt the pain serge through her body until Kim blacked out. Shego continued punching enjoying the noise of broken bones as she continued to beat Kim. Shego felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction as she enacted revenge on Kim.

Kim regained consciousness in the Middelton Hospital hospital, one week after the fight. Her body ached from the beating that she could barely remember. She noticed that she was hooked to a respirator and had casts on her legs and arms. Her tongue moved around in her mouth feeling the crooked teeth in her mouth. This feeling shocked her most of all because she only had crooked teeth in middle school. As she breathed she noticed that her boobs had gotten shorter to the length she had them at age thirteen.

A nurse rushed into the room calling a doctor to come in. Kim’s parents rushed in to see their daughter, now only thirteen years old. Her mother flung her arms over Kim, after the nurse removed the respirator mask. “mnnom...” Kim said in a horse voice. “Don’t speak honey you’ve been through a horrible beating. You’re home now, in Middelton, with us. In a few days we’ll be able to take you home.

The Doctor came in sitting down next to Kim’s bed and performing the usual check up. “Kim I’m afraid to tell you that for some reason you’re now 13. We have no idea how to get you back to your right age or how this happened.” The Doctor said. “Kimy, it seems like you’re going to have to go back through middle school all over again because of your new age. It’s nothing we did its based on the school districts decision. They believe it would be best for you. Also the scholarship has been take away and given to another senior.” Her mother said

Kim went into an abyss of despair with all the news coming at her at once. She felt so alone in the world so left behind with the thought of not being able to graduate with her class. At that moment she kept trying to tell herself to wake up, that this was all just some horrible dream. After a day she came to realize the reality of her fate. She was told she was going home and the thought of going home and away from the hospital gave her a sense of optimism and dread that day.



End Chapter 2

The Adventure of Kim & Jake

by: nitrous | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2007


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