The Adventure of Kim & Jake

by: nitrous | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2007

Rotwood Plans to use Kim Posible to unmask Jake Long, as the American Dragon.

Chapter 1
The Rotwood Plans

The Adventure of Kim & Jake

“So The Young Drama”


Chris Lyons AKA Nitrous

Chapter 1

“The Rotwood Plans”

Professor Rotwood pounded his fist on his desk, in the midnight hours. His rage boiled over with the thoughts of not being able to expose Jake Long, as the American Dragon. Rotwood, tore at his red hair, furiously trying to figure out how he could have tried so hard and not gotten any proof. The times he came so close to proving Jake Long was a dragon flew through his enraged mind, burning his normally calm happy rationalism into an angry inferno.

He then drank some warm milk and sat down at his desk. He was staring at the google search engine and was planning on typing in “possible ways of finding magical creatures”. However with his fatigue setting in all he typed before hitting “enter” was “Possible”. Rotwood then clicked on the first link that came up in the result. His fatigue broke with the roar of ecstatic excitement that rose through his body. “oh my lederhosen “ , he exclaimed as he read Kim Possible’s history, on her site. Suddenly a plan ascended into his mind.

Rotwood franticly looked through his desk drawers for the school’s exchange program scholarship form. He held it to his face smiling with glee. The seeds of his plan were sprouting in his mind. He knew who could gather the proof for him and how to get that person there. He would use Kim Possible to unmask Jake Long’s identity and take all the credit for himself. This time he would be recognized for his genius.

He began to double-check his plans rate of success by digging into her records to see if any scholarships had been thrown her way. Rotwood shook his head with disbeliefs at what he saw; in all of Kim Possible’s outstanding scholastic and athletic achievements she had never once been offered a scholarship. Rotwood then smiled with the promise of an apprentice at his school. Soon he would school her in the study of mytho biology.

His plan was to offer Kim Possible a assistant teaching program that would give her money for collage. The job would also entail her to help him do research in the field of mythobiology as well as help him teach the class. The program would also give her extra high school credits so she would not be falling behind in credits her senior year.

Rotwood’s old friend from the Internet, who claimed to be the one who was in charge of scholarships at Gonzaga University who was also a professor of electronics and who possessed an interest in mythobiology, was waiting for the call from Rotwood ever since Rotwood became principle of Millard Fillmore Middle School. Soon Rotwood would have his revenge and dignity back, in the eyes of his peers. He left that night forgetting to email his friend about Kim Possible, leaveing his friend to asume he need help ketching the dragon.

Rotwood wrote himself a note on his hand reminding himself to buy tickets to Middleton to intervie w Kim Possible as he went out to his car. All through the ride home Rotwood would continuely check his mirrors to see if someone or something was following him. He arived home exausted with stress and angziety ready to go to bed. He turned the key and entered his apartment. He walked over to his couch and passed out right there thinking of what was to come.



End Chapter 1

The Adventure of Kim & Jake

by: nitrous | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2007


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