The Adventure of Kim & Jake

by: nitrous | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2007

Chapter 3
The Bad and The Good News

Chapter Description: Kim Possible Decides to move to New York City.

Chapter 3

The Bad and The Good News

Kim Possible, now thirteen years old lay in her bed at her house in despair, while tears flooded down her face with the drama Drakken had caused her. She began to think about all that the world had taken away from her since the accident.; her boyfriend Ron, broke up with her because she was too young now for him. The words “I love you KP but I can’t date a thirteen year old” still rang through her mind like a church bell sounding off the dead. The echoes of pain were cracking her heart.

Kim’s sadness burned into rage at the news that Yale had canceled her scholarship that she worked so hard for had vanished in a blink of an eye, right after the accident. Just because she was only thirteen the committee decided to give the scholarship to a senior who was graduating this year. Her parents could do nothing to convince any school district or state of letting her continue her senior year. The school district believed that a thirteen year old should not be allowed to be attending senior classes. The Possible family argued Jim and Tim’s admission into high school through the advanced placement program they were in but the school district said they didn’t have the money.

Kim turned it all over in her head. She had no friends, no boyfriend, and no identity in Middelton anymore. She had no idea what to do wit her life now. Kim wished that she could move somewhere and get away from all the rumors and gossip that she knew was being spread around town about her.

Wade kept her up to date on what was going on around the world, including the gosipe on the school’s myspace page. There were rumors that Kim had become mentally retarded, that she forgot who she was, that she had been regressed farther than she had been.

Kim, couldn’t take the stress. She arose from her bed and hopped down the stairs using her cruches to get herself something to drink. “Hi honey, don’t get up we can get you anything you need, go lie down and rest.” Said her father. “No Dad I need to get out of bed and do something before I go nuts.”

Kim grabbed some orange juice out of the frige then moved over to grab a clean glass out of the dishwasher. She sat with her chin her hands and shoulders on the table sipping the orange juice from a straw while she tried to think of something cheerful.

Just then the doorbell rang. Kim’s father went to open the door. “Hello my name is Professor Hans Rotwood, is um Kim Possible available”? asked Rotwood

“Yes, if you want her help your out of luck she’s been regressed and she’s injured pretty bad Professor Rotwood”.

“Ni, its I, who wants to help her, Mr. Possible”. Said Rotwood

“With what?” asked her father

“why, with offering her a new start at my middle school and a scholarship for the study of mythobiology at Gonzaga University”. Said Rotwood

“Kimmy come here there’s someone to see you”. Said Mr. Possible

Kim hopped over to the door to see who was there for her.

“ah, miss possible my name is Professor Rotwood and I would like to offer you a scholarship in the field of mythobiology and a place at my middle school in New York, Millard Fillmore Middle School.” Said Rotwood

“Wheere would I stay”? asked Kim

“Ime aranged for you to stay with the family of a girl who attends mine school, Trixie. Her family volunteered to host you knowing of your condition.”

“Dad, can I go”

“Sure Kim, I just need to verify everything and then you may go” said her fahter.

With that said one week later Kim Possible would be living in New York City, and attending Millard Fillmore Middle School with the American Dragon and his frineds.



End Chapter 3

The Adventure of Kim & Jake

by: nitrous | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2007


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