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Wisher's Moon: Family Modeling

by: LJM Last updated Apr 7, 2021

In the dead of night, a famous fashion model wishes that she would restart with a family she never had. Course, what she didn't know is that she made her wish on the wishing moon.

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM Last updated Jan 22, 2014

June Summers had contracted a virus that would regress her in age. Now she writes her experiences in her journal from beginning to end. And without a cure to save her, how will she survive? What will her family think about this? What will her future be like? (Chapters updated due to the unexpected removal.)

Demonic Woman

by: LJM Last updated Oct 24, 2011

A college graduate got a hold of a book that can create any dreams he desired. But when he used a spell to turn his next door neighbors little girl into a sinful woman, the results could be very demonic. Contains sex, vore, and violence. Viewer discretion is advice.

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