Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

Chapter 21
From Slutty to Classy

Chapter Description: Cynthia becomes the first victim after eating her piece of candy and her body, mind, clothes, and environment shifted back in time to when women have more class and elegancy compared to what they are today.

Back outside the club, it was still packed while the line was waiting for their chance to come in. As they were waiting, a woman of 29 years of age came out of the door and was still a little dizzy from what she felt. She had D cup breasts that showed a bit of sagging, but remained full and bouncy. She had a curvy body with widened hips and a bubble butt in the shape of a heart. And her face was that of a porn star with solid red puffy lips, a thin and long nose, and clear blue eyes with shaggy long brown hair to show off her bad girl side. She was even wearing a tramp like attire complete with a tight white T shirt with a dip to showcase her assets, a small black leather jacket to help her keep warm, skin tight pink pants that goes all the way up to near her nether regions to reveal her thong, four inch long black high heels with exposed legs, a black Egyptian symbol necklace wrapped around her neck, and crystal chandelier piece earrings on her ears. Her name is Cynthia and she wanted to get some fresh air after a bit of drinking.

So far, it was a strange night for both her and her friends, Ember and Nikki. They were out on the street, waiting for some guys to come pick them up. What they didn’t expect is a new girl, Iva came up and was a little hesitant in joining. But when she did, they told them to go to the club where there are plenty of guys to pal around with. Hearing that, they were eager to head down there as well to have some fun. When they did arrive, they were marveled at the sight and knew that they have a good time. The dancing, the music, the guys. It was pure heaven for all of them. But then, Cynthia noticed what appears to be an open box filled with a variety of candies and took four pieces for four of her friends, including the newcomer, Iva. All three of them decided to munch down on the sweets and enjoyed it while Iva just toss one away while they weren’t looking. Unfortunately, the three of them didn’t realize what those candies were.

See, those candies were magical as once someone eats one of them; they age and change into a different person. The owner of the candy box, Jessica, took it and she and her friends, Mary, Alice, Megan, and Rosa ate their own pieces. But they soon realized that these candies ingest not only grew them into adult women, but also changed three of them into different genders and one into a Bimbo. Now the girls are currently in the club dancing the night away while the box was left behind and out in the open. Already handful of people got a hold of the some of those candies and changed their lives, either for better or for worse. And now it’s happening to Cynthia and her friends as they all were beginning to feel the effects.

As Cynthia was out, she took a breather and was still a little dazed at what appears to be the after effects of the snack. The bodyguard she was hitting on noticed it and checked on her to see if she’s all right. “Hey there, girl. Are you all right? You don’t look so good.”

Cynthia looked to him and said with a pleasant smile, “I’m fine. Just feeling a little sick. Guess it was the drink I took. Could be too strong.”

The bodyguard heard that and decided to help her, saying, “Maybe I should take you to the hospital. You might feel better in the morning.”

Cynthia though waved him off and said back in a strange manner. Oh, you’re such a gentleman. But would detest. I’ll just walk it off for a bit and come back. I will be light as rain when I return.”

The bodyguard heard her and was a little confused by what she was saying. But he shrugged it off and said, “Uh… Sure thing. I’ll let you take a walk and reserve your spot when you get back. Just don’t take too long. It is dark and the freaks do some out at night.”

Cynthia smirked and said, “Well that’s the kind of freaks I would love to hang out with. But I’ll take your advice. I’ll be back before you know it.”

She soon walked away from the club and out to the streets, slowly disappearing from view. As she vanished, the bodyguard looked on and was a little confused. “Weird… One moment, she was hitting on me, the next she acted like she got some form of class. Guess the drink was getting her a little tipsy. I know a certainly seen some in my job here.” He soon went back to work and kept the crowd waiting in control.


Back out on the street, Cynthia was walking down the road as she was trying to get her drink out of her system. Though in reality it was the biscuit she ate that is causing her to feel out of it. While walking, she was a little out of it as she rubbed her forehead.

“Whoa… I definitely feel lightheaded. Didn’t think that drink can take me out that easily. I just only have a few sips. Sigh… Doesn’t matter… All I need is some fresh air and I’ll come back to the party. Don’t want to miss out on all the fun.”

She continued to walk down the road and was starting to feel a little better. But as she was walking, something didn’t feel right. For one, she was walking too far. It is already twenty minutes and she was too far from the club to begin with. Another thing is that the streets were empty. And not the type of empty where the homeless, perverts, and cops would be around, it’s the type of empty that there wasn’t even a single soul. Now cars driving by, for people walking by, just completely abandon. It was even really quiet, so quite that only the sound of her footsteps was echoing. Cynthia stopped and looked around, realizing that something wasn’t right.

“Strange… This place is too quiet, and there’s no one around. Not even the police are here to arrest me for walking on the street road. Have I gone to the wrong street or something?”

As she was thinking about it, a mysterious fog was seeping through the street and pooled around her feet, slowly expanding. Shrugging it off, she decided to keep walking.

“I’m sure it’s no bother. If I keep walking I would see someone coming by.”

So she continues to walk down the street as the fog continued to spread upward. It slowly covered her body until her head was engulfed entirely and the world around her was nothing but a huge cloud with street lights being the only thing she could see. She put her hand up and was having trouble seeing what’s in front of her.

“Oh bugger…” she said in a way she never expects to say, “I can’t see a bloody thing with all this fog. Where am I going?”

The moment the fog appeared, her body started to take a weird, yet fascinating change. Her voluptuous body started to decrease and deflate as her D cups downgraded to a C and her hips decreased her hourglass and slowly flattening her rear. Her face remained the same, but the beauty mark vanishing from her face, leaving her skin completely smooth. Her long hair soon started to roll upwards from the ends and was tucked inside, going up to her neck while the rest was the same. But then her clothes started to change to slowly match her body. Her forming white T-shirt suddenly grew tighter on the waistline and the top part was slowly decreasing and the sleeves shortening. Her black jacket was growing downwards to the belt end of her skit until it connected and merged with it while the sleeves slowly extended down. The leather belt she had on around her skirt faded color and turned black and simplifying into a single strap. Her tight pink skirt loosened up a bit and the bottom hem grew downward to her knees. It’s almost like her skimpy clothes were altering to what the candy she took want her to be.

Cynthia kept on walking while trying to look through the fog to see where she was going. “This fog is making things difficult for me. I just hope that this is the way back to the club.” By the time she said that, she blinked and wondered what she meant by that. For it was not her body and clothes that were altering, but her mind as well. Suddenly, she felt like she was following women’s etiquette and understanding how a woman must be treated. Blinking a bit more, she soon started to get hazy and wondered what she was saying. “A club? You mean those vulgar places where women my age are nothing but services for those uncivilized men. Argh! That’s so disgusting! I would never wanted to go in those morbid places. Heaven forbid. I’m a well refined woman who wants the finer things in life.”

By the time she was speaking like that, her body and clothes changed further and looks less skimpy and more sophisticated. Her breast size soon went down to Bs and were perkier and less bouncy. Her hips decreased more and her hourglass looked less curvy. Her ass deflates like a balloon and was less rounded then before. And her toneness on her arms and legs were begging to lessen and didn’t show years of getting fit for a hot body. Her face was rearranging a bit and molded like clay, looking more like a classy face then one that belongs to a hoe. Even the makeup on her face cleaned and simplified as her red lipstick faded into a plain peach one and there was no blush on his cheeks. The rest of her hair became well kept and a bum slowly grew at the top back of her head.

The rest of her clothes shifted further and have more class the sass. Her white shift had nothing but straps at the top before they too vanished away, leaving her shoulders completely bare. The midsection however tightened and little holes appeared in the middle with thin stings magically appeared and crossed upwards from side to side. By the time they reached the top, the strings tightened the waist and created an artificial hourglass, tying up into a neat and pretty bow. Her undershirt soon turned into what appears to be and old fashioned corset that women around the 1900s would wear to show off her body. Cynthia would’ve felt pain, but she didn’t. In fact, she was acting that it was normal to having something like that on her. The rest of her clothes followed suit as her black jacket lightened to a blue like color and the sleeves grew downward to her wrist. A dark blue choker grew up on her neck and her front part drew closer together until they merged in another dark blue line with buttons, covering up her corset. Her pink skirt darkened into the same blue color as her former jacket and continued to grow down to the middle of her legs with frills appearing on the bottom and a darker blue and wide line in between the longer skirt. There was also extra padding on her rear to show of her sophisticated rump as it was designed like she had one. And her shoes begins to change and the high heels lowered and extra leather covered her entire feet, slowly spreading upwards to her legs.

Cynthia kept on walking through the fog, behaving like all the changes were natural to her. “I’m not like one of those women that would love to show their bosoms in front of a man just to spend a night in bed. I am more of a refined gal with the elegance to match my sophisticated body. With that class, surely all the gents will be turning their heads all through the town.” As she said it, her voice was more mature and intelligent like, but was starting to sound very British. Not the stereotype of British, more of an old type of British. It was obvious that her family tree has a small amount of British blood in her jeans. It is because her ancestors were of British decent.

The last of her body changed as much as her clothing as well. Her breasts have officially gone down to a mere A cups, small for a woman her age. But it didn’t matter since she didn’t need those assets to showcase her body. Her hips were slightly boyish, but the fully made corset made her waist really thin and curvy enough to show case how shapely it was. Her rear wasn’t much to show, but her longer skirt and the extra padding makes it look like her rear was much plumper then before. She lost all of her tone on her arms and legs, but she didn’t need to be fit to give her that type of body. Her face remolded into a fair lady’s face and a birthmark appeared on the other side of her face.

Her clothes have finished changing and they now look like and outfit that came from the Victorian Era. Her corset was tight and gave her artificial curves. She wore a complete dress with a skirt that grew all the way down to the floor with heavy frills and padding on the back end. Her shows were nothing more then a pair of pointed button down boots that go up her legs. Her diamond dangling earrings shifted around and curved until they turned into a pair of golden double loop earrings. Long story short, she went from being a slutty prostitute to a civilized lady.

Soon enough, the fog dissipated and the night lightened. When it was clear, she was no longer in a street of a modern town, but an old English village in the daytime with stage couches and Victorian buildings. There were people that appeared as well, but they were part of the Victorian era as well, acting and speaking all proper. There were a couple of guys the turned to see the perfect Cynthia and couldn’t help but to blush a little. “These fair gents certainly see fairness in me. I could only imagine what they are pondering on what they would do to me.” she said in a very unique tone.

She looked up to the clock tower and noticed it was getting late, even though she was at first walking out of the club to get some fresh air. Now she’s thinking of returning to her home in her Victorian time. “Oh dear, look at the time. I probably should retire to my home. A lady needs to get some beauty sleep.”

Lifting her hand up, a stage couch approached her and stopped in front of her. The cabby jumped off it and asked, “Where to, my lady?”

Cynthia smiled and said, “To my home, good sir. The one that’s up the hill close to the town.”

The caddy nodded and opened the door for her. Cynthia soon walked in and sat properly, with the door closed, the caddy jumped up to the driver seat and told the horse to move with a slap of the ropes. Soon enough, the couch drove away with Cynthia was enjoying only the ride, but also her new life thanks to the biscuit she took early on.



End Chapter 21

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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