Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

Chapter 20
More Clubbin' Girls

Chapter Description: All the prostitutes head down to the club to party and find some hunks to screw around. Course, three of those hookers will come across a box of candies while one will find someone that will change her life.

The night was still young throughout the club as there’s a huge line of people waiting for a chance to get in. But coming down the street, four women were coming down wearing skimpy and revealing outfits. Those four were the prostitutes that were waiting in the street for some action, but couldn’t giving how dead these streets are. So they decided to head to the club where they would get their guys. The only one that wasn’t in the mood was Iva, as not too long ago, was once a plump woman in her fifties. But after eating an hourglass cookie, become a curvy and rear rounded hooker like her new ‘friends’. And now that she was with them, she was trying to get these three off the streets and away from the public eye. And what better way then to befriend them. Now here she was, with them at the entrance of the club, wanting to party.

Cynthia looked to all of this and told them, “Well girls, here we are. Our one stop candy shop. If we can’t get any stud in this place, we’re pretty much screwed over.”

Ember looked to this and said, “Hope we find one soon. I’m in desperate need of a good ride.”

“You and me both, Booty.” Nikki said to her, “I’m in need of a hunk of a man to screw around with. Just as long as a certain slut doesn’t steal another one.”

She soon glared at Cynthia and was very angry over that. Cynthia turned to the Japanese hooker and shrugged it off, saying, “Hey! Do not blame me for you bad luck. As the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. Literally speaking of course…”

Iva looked to the club and didn’t like going down there. It is one of those places that are too vulgar for her taste. But she needs to stay with them; otherwise they would go off on their own and be back out in the streets. So she has to play along until she knows that they won’t cause any trouble.

“Yo, Iva!”

The young woman heard Ember’s voice and turned to see the worried look on her face.

You cool, girl?” she said to her, “You don’t look hot.”

Iva starred at her and the other and continued to keep her cool.

“Naw.” she responded, “I’m good. It’s just that there are too many people in that line. It might take a long time before we could actually get into the club. Maybe we might go someplace else where it’s less crowded.”

All three girls looked to their new addition and couldn’t help but to chuckle. Iva looked to them and was confused of their laughter.

“What’s so funny?” she asked them.

Cynthia looked to her and told her, “You really are that new, huh, our little White Russian. Why don’t you watch and learn?” She soon left the group and shimmy down to the entrance where the bodyguard was keeping watch.

Iva looked to this and wondered what she’s up to. “What’s she doing?” she asked them.

Nikki smirked and answered back, “Just wait and see.”

So Iva watched on and see what Cynthia is planning to do.

Meanwhile, the bodyguard looked to the people in line and managed to keep things under control. Course the time when Mary hit on the guard was a bit unexpected. But he cannot turn down a babe such as her. After all, they were all hot and don’t need a name on the list to let them through. He just hopes his boss doesn’t suspect a thing. Last thing he wants is to get fired completely. By the time he thought of that, he heard a voice in the distance.

“Excuse me, sweetheart.”

The bodyguard heard that voice and turned to see Cynthia just standing there looking sultry as ever. “Can I help you?”

The woman smirked and spoke to him of getting in. “Yes, my three friends and I wanting to have our own fun, but we cannot find much of action. I was hoping if you get let us into the club. I promise you won’t be disappointed.” By the time she said that, she bent down and showed off her impressive cleavage to the bodyguard, hoping that would get his attention.

The bodyguard looks to this and was impressed by it. “Well, missy, you certainly got the looks. I’ll give you that. But you are not the first one that tried to woo me in getting her and her friends in here. What makes you any better?”

Cynthia heard that and knew what he was talking about. Apparently someone else has got the bodyguard in bringing her and a few friends of her in this club. Apparently, she would need to do deeper in her arsenal. So she slowly walked to him with her hips gyrating. Getting closer to him, she placed her hands to his shoulder and lifted her leg up to his crotch, giving him a little something special.

“Oh, this girl you met before must’ve given you sex appeal…” she said in a deep and sexy voice, “But she doesn’t hold a candle in what I can do. So what do you think doll. If you can let me and my friends into this club for some excitement, I will show you something really special when it’s all over. What do you say, sweet stuff? You interested?”

The bodyguard was starting to blush as he could feel a boner in his pants. He could tell that she wants one Hell of a night and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Normally, he would’ve called the cops on this woman, but she is tempted in getting his attention. And with a lot of people out there seeing this, he can’t let this ruin his reputation. So looking to her, he decided to let her and her friends in.

“All right, missy,” he said, “You got my attention. You and your buds will come in, but only if you come back to show me what you got. You hear me?”

Cynthia listened to him and knew what he was talking about. He wants her to give him quite a ride when his shift was over. So she smirked devilishly and said, “Thank you sweet stuff. I knew you listen to me.”

Slowly, she let go and turned back, giving the bouncer a wink before returning to her posse. As she approached them, Nikki was ecstatic and said, “Wow! Good work Cynthia! That was supertastic!”

“Tell me about it!” Ember intervened, “That was the bomb what you did to that manly hunk there.”

Cynthia craned her neck and then said, “What can I say? I am a man’s magnet.”

She soon looked to Iva and told her, “Well new girl? What do you think? Am I good or what?”

Iva looked to her and was a little quiet about it. Witnessing it all in front of her, she was mentally disgusted by the sight of it. To see Cynthia act erotically to that bodyguard is so inappropriate, even for her. She would’ve just act like a reasonable adult and gave her a good talking. But she needs to keep her ploy tight, otherwise it would ruin her chance in keeping these hoes out of the streets. So swallowing her pride, she said to her, “You certainly are something…”

Cynthia smirked and responded, “Oh, I know I’m something. Now come on girls, let’s party like there’s no tomorrow!”

Soon enough, all four of the girls approached the doors and entered through it. As they entered the building, they were in awestruck at the sight of it all. The lights, the sounds, the people dancing, drinking, having a good time, it was pure nirvana for Cynthia, Nikki, and Ember. For Iva though, he was Hell as she tries to cover her ears to drown out the sounds. “So much noise and lights…” she said to herself, “It’s this what the youths of today do?”

Cynthia looked at this and was amazed by the sight. “Would you look at this place…” she said to her friends, “This is awesome! So many hunks all in one building. Why didn’t we go in here in the first place?”

Ember shrugged her shoulders and responded back, “Don’t know… Maybe because it is why all the men aren’t around the streets. They’re just clubbin’.”

Nikki glared at her and said, “Well maybe we should’ve done this first before instead to waiting out in the night cold on the street. Would’ve saved us time…”

Ember turned to Nikki and gave a deep glare to her. “How was I suppose to know that the street was a bad idea?” she asked her.

“Don’t know.” Nikki continued to retort, “Maybe isn’t because it makes things easier for us?!”

The two were throwing daggers to each other and were about to fight. Lucky, Cynthia broke it off and said, “Now girls, calm down. Let’s not fight over this. What it matters is that we hit the jackpot and we cannot complain over it. Now let’s get some drinks and have a good time!”

The three girls went ahead as they headed to the bar to wet their whistle just so they can ease off and party. But then, Cynthia turned to Iva and noticed she just stood there and wasn’t in the mood for the music. “Yo, Iva!” she called her out. “You coming?”

Iva heard her through the loud music and could tell that she was waiting for her. She soon looked to her and said to her. “Sure… Hang on.”

The she soon joined Cynthia as the two headed to the bar with Cyn’s friends. But as they were in the seating area, Cynthia stopped and noticed something from the distance. Soon enough, she turned to her new friend and asked for a quick favor.

“Say, Iva.” She said, “Why don’t you go ahead to the bar with Ember and Nikki? I need to get something quick.”

Iva turned to her and wondered what she was talking about. Sighing, she said, “Of course…” as she walked towards the bar. Once she was gone, Cynthia looked to what she saw and approached it. What it was is a box of candies Jessica left in her purse and it was opened. This gave her an opportunity to get her hands on some pieces for her and her friends.

Meanwhile, Iva made it to the bar and could see Ember and Nikki waiting for her and Cynthia. But Iva arrived, but not their friend. “Well, about time you showed up. We thought you got lost in this place. Where’s Cynthia?”

Iva approached a bar stool that was vacant next to them and sit there. “She said she had to get something and left me. Don’t know what, but she seemed insisted in getting something important.”

The two girls looked to each other and were a little confused about that. But soon brushed it off as Ember said, “Well, we already got our drinks from the bartender. Had to show off a little skin in my chest to get his attention, if you know what I mean. You want anything here?”

Iva cringed silently as she heard the ‘show skin’ part and did it without them noticing. Shaking that thought off, she told them what she wants. “Get me a cosmopolitan. I really need something to clear my head.

Nikki nodded and tries to get the bartender’s attention again, lowering her top one more time to get his attention. As she was doing it, Nikki approached Iva and started to speak to her.

“I get it.” She said to her, “All these lights and music isn’t you’re thing. I should know, they’re not my strong suit me either. Once we’re done with the drinks, you want to go out of the back for a smoke. A little nicotine can ease the tension.”

Iva heard that and wasn’t sure about it. “Thanks, but I’m not much of a smoker.”

Nikki heard her and sighed to herself. “Not a smoker…” she said in silence, “Well it is a first time for everything, I guess. I’ll let you have the first puff, but if I were you, I wouldn’t smoke fast. You’ll cough your lungs out.”

Iva started to get disgusted by it and couldn’t stand the idea of smoking. After all, she never smoked in her life. She wanted to yell at her that she’s not interested. Thankfully, Cynthia approached the bar and called out the girls.

“Sup, girlfriends!” she yelled to them, “Sorry I was a little late! I had to get something.”

Ember and Nikki heard her and turned with a quick wave.

“Hey Cynthia!” Ember said, “What were you doing when we were waiting for you?”

Cynthia looked to them and explained her delay. “Sorry about the wait, girls.” she started, “But I saw an open box of candies and cookies and decided to take four for us. Here.”

She then lifted her hand up and opened her closed fist. Opening it up, she was showing four pieces of candies she managed to grab. The first is a biscuit like cookie that came straight from England. The second one is some teacake that came from the 1800s. The third looks like a cookie shaped and look like an oriental Japanese woman complete with decorations. And the forth is a gummy that resembles a beer mug filled with beer. The three looked at them and both Ember and Nikki amazed at the sight of it.

“Wow!” Ember said, “Look at those candies! They look scrumptious!”

“Tell me about it.” Nikki came to an agreement, “I bet they would taste as good as they look.”

But Iva looked to them and was curious of where Cynthia got them. So she looked to her and asked, “Exactly where did you get them again? I mean it is weird that you would get them for free.”

Cynthia looked to her new friend and was curious what she was talking about. Though suspicious, she can understand what she was talking about. That’s when she decided to tell her and the others where she really got them. “Oh, I found a box of candies in the purse left behind and it was opened. I thought that I grab a few into the woman that has them saw me. I say it was a win/win for both of us.”

Iva heard that and was shocked by this news. “You’re kidding me.” she started to complain, “You simply stole them from someone?! You know that’s wrong!”

Cynthia placed her free hand on her hips and was a little pouty about it. “Oh please…” she said with a counter argument, “It’s not like she was around. She probably is out dancing or something. Besides, there are plenty of candies left over in that box. I’m sure she won’t know the difference to begin with.” She soon took the biscuit candy out of her hand and gave the girls the rest. “Just relax. At least we got some free treats for our drinks. Let’s enjoy it while we can.”

The two girls looked to the treats and decided to get some for themselves.

“What the hell.” Ember said, “Hadn’t had anything to eat in the first place. Might as well get something out of this experience.” She soon picked up a tea cake and started to eat it.

Nikki noticed the oriental geisha cookie and decided to pick it up as well. “Totally!” she exclaimed, “I would really go for something right about now. Drinks here are one thing, but do you see those prices on snacks? Who pays for that much?!”

As soon as he started to eat, Cynthia looks to Iva, who finally got her Cosmo and was drinking it. Sitting on the stool, she handed her the beer gummy to see if she could eat it. “Well girl, what are you waiting for?” she asked her, “Got one more piece of candy left and it’s got your name on it.”

Iva looked to the beer gummy and sighed to herself. “Sure…” she said in disgust, “Whatever you say…”

She soon picked up the gummy and Cynthia just told her, “Don’t get too hard on yourself. It might sound like stealing, but it ain’t if you don’t get caught.” She soon gets the bartender’s attention and said, “Bartender! Passion Fruit Martini for me please?”

The Bartender heard her and nodded, getting the drink for her. As she was waiting for her drink, Cynthia ate the England Biscuit that she picked while Ember and Nikki was munching on their treats. But Iva just looked to the beer gummy and wasn’t in a mood for having another piece of candy. After all, she had the hourglass candy and it turned her from a middle age woman to a curvy twenties woman pretending to be a prostitute. Looking to it, she had no interest in eating it. Looking around, she could see an actual mug of beer that filled to the brink. Looking down at the gummy, she knew how to get rid of it. But she soon turns back to the three hookers and cold tell that they are preoccupied, nagging to themselves. So she lift the gummy over the beer and dropped it into the liquid, letting it dissolve from within. “Good riddance…” she said as she took another sip of the cosmopolitan and still felt gloomy.

Meanwhile, the rest of the girls were having the time of their lives and were drinking the night away. It was obvious that it was way better then standing on the sidewalk doing nothing. As they were enjoying themselves, Ember sighed and decided to head out for a smoke.

“Well, if it’s all right for you, I’m going out to smoke. You girls want to come with me?” she asked them

Cynthia heard her and brushed it aside. “Naw… I’m good. I need to help this newbie on hitting guys anyways.”

“Same here.” Nikki responded, “I quit not too long ago remember? Too many cigarettes is bad for your health.”

Ember heard the two and groaned to herself. “You’re loss. Looks like I’m alone.”

She soon walked away and headed to the back ally to get a cigarette break. As walked away, she could feel a tingle in her body, but brushed it aside and kept on walking.

Both Nikki and Cynthia saw her leave and decided to keep dancing.

“Pft… That Girl…” Cynthia said to herself, “Who does she think she is? Smoking whenever she felt like. Does she ever heard of a nicotine patch? Can help control her smoking habits.”

Nikki overheard her and explained about it. “Can you help it?” she said to her, “That girl is addicted to that flavor. It’s a habit that was passed down from the family for generations, long when her great great family were servants.”

“Still,” she continued to speak, “There is a time that she would quit while she can. There’s a reason why her family members of the past die at a young age. They never stop smoking. Pains me to see my friend going to join them soon enou-“ But as she was about to finish, she felt a little woozy and placed her hand on her head, almost feeling dizzy.

Nikki saw this and checked on her immediately. “You okay Cyn? You don’t look hot.”

Cynthia lifted her hand up and told her that she was fine. “I’m good… I’m good… Just not feeling under the weather. Guess that drink I had was too strong for my taste. I need to get some fresh air, if it’s all right with you.”

Nikki heard her and was a little unsure of what she said. But she brushed it aside and said to her, “Sure… Go outside for a little bit. Just don’t take too long.”

Cynthia smiled and nodded. “Thanks girlfriend.” she said to her, “You’re the best bestie out there.”

She soon walked away and headed to the exit to get some fresh air. But as she felt, she didn’t realize that the biscuit she ate is starting to take a weird effect on her body and was going to start to change.

The moment she disappeared from the crowd, Nikki was getting curious and said, “What’s up with that girl. ‘Under the weather’? ‘Strong for my taste’? That’s something a woman from the 1900s would say. Why did she say those things?” By the time she thought about it, she heard a voice from behind as a huge figure loomed over her.

“Hey there sweetie… Having yourself a good time?”

Nikki heard that voice and turned around to who was speaking to her. What she saw is what appears to be a hunk of a man. He looked like a body builder with rippling muscles and on his gluts and biceps, broaden chest, and a deep six-eight pack abs. His skin was tanned as if he was at the beach many times and shows off his looks. He was wearing a tight gym tank top to expose his beefy arms and black spandex pants with workout sneakers. In fact, the pants were so tight that she could see the stiff member that was pressed into the fabric. But his face is the best feature, as it was chiseled like that of a Greek athlete and has short buzz cut hair that was black. In short, he looked to be more of a stud.

Nikki starred right at him and was stunned by this huge piece of meat in front of her. So much so that she felt like she hit the jackpot. Seeing this, her body tingled and her libido skyrocketed. Looking at him with sultry eyes, she smiled and said, “Why hello there gorgeous… Got to say, you got quite the body on you.”

The man looked to her and then turned to his arms, flexing them in front of her. “You think?” he asked, “I do work out everyday. Helps me look good for the ladies. But you, my sweet girl, as the hottest one in the group. Name’s Butch. Yours?”

The girl smiled and said her name. “Nikki”.

Butch looked to the girl and asked, “So what’s a fine piece of ass like you doing in a smoking town? Dancing alone?”

Nikki shrugged it off and said, “No… I’m hear with my friends, but they seem to be doing their own thing just now. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit of company while I’m waiting. What about you?”

Butch laughed a little and said, “Oh, just hanging out, dancing, checking on the view, if you know what I mean. Then I saw you alone and thought that you could need some company. But to be fair, the whole dance thing is not my style. Though I do love to bring you to someplace a little more private. The club does have private rooms upstairs for a little business. That is if you like to go with me.”

Nikki heard this and was interested. After all, she wanted to find a man to be in bed with and he’s a solid eleven. In fact, with a hunk like him, she would make Cynthia, Iva, and Ember jealous of her. So with a bit of lust, she said to him, “I would love to. Though it does depend on the package you got down there. Is it hard like the rest of your body?”

Butch gave a devious smirk. “Compared to my body, my big boy will ride you all night long.”

Nikki soon turned to Iva and asked her, “Hey, Iva. I’m going to have some fun with this hunk here. You think you can let the girls know where I am when they come back?”

Iva turns to Nikki and saw Butch standing behind her. She could tell that that’s one of those gorillas that care about muscles and sex then a professional career. So she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Turning back to the counter, she shrugged it off and said, “Sure… Whatever you want. Go fuck that guy’s brain out.”

Hearing that, she was delighted and turned to Butch to say, “Well… What are we waiting for? Let’s have some fun.”

With that said, he scooped her up and carried her like a groom carries a bride. The two walked through the crowed and made their way to the second floor to have their little fun in one of the rooms. Course what they didn’t know is that Nikki’s body was tingling when her sex drive immediately picked up to overtime, as if she was immediately turned on. Apparently the cookie shaped like a Geisha is doing something strange with her body.

The moment all three girls left, Iva breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Thank god they’re gone. I thought for certain that I was so close in pulling their hear out. I just wish they leave me alone forever.” She soon sipped her drink and continued to feel miserable by this atmosphere.

What she didn’t know is that her wish is just about to come true. Almost immediately, all three girls felt their bodies changing at a slower, but pleasurable state. What they turn into, that is the question.



End Chapter 20

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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