Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

Chapter 9
The Situation

Chapter Description: Jessica and her friends now have to figure out how to fix this before the night is over. Jess’s thought is to call the store where she got the candies and see if there’s a way in reversing the problem.

In the living room, Jessica was at the phone calling someone for some help. Since it’s the chocolates that turned her, her friends, and her mother into different people, she believes that the person in charge of the store would shed some light into all of this. Looking at the box, she found the phone number and dialed it in for some help. While she was dialing, Mary, Alice, Megan, and Rosa were sitting at the sofa looking at their friend in curiosity, wondering what she was doing. Thinking that enough is enough, Mary broke her silence and asked Jess what she was doing.

“Okay Jess, spill.” she said in her sultry tongue, “What are you trying to do?” Jess looks to her and said, “Trying to get some help. What does it look like? My mom and I, well former mother and I, brought these candies at a strange store in the mall today. It’s obvious the storeowner knows something about the candies we don’t. That is why I’m calling her. To see if there’s a way in reversing the problem we have. Besides, I don’t see why you guys want to go back to your original ages. I mean look at us! We’re older, beautiful, and smarter then we are before.” She then look to Rosa, who was resulted into a pea brain bimbo and realized something she already forgot. “Well… Not all us are smarter.” Rosa looks to him and do a pout, saying, “Puh-lease! I’m a smarty! I get smarter everyday!” Jess looked at her quizzically and responded with, “Sure you are…” Megan, the young Japanese woman, turn to her friend and said in his native language, “Kanojo wa migi Rosa-chan. Seichōshita appu to shite anata o miru koto wa kūru de, subete no desuga, burondobinbo to shite anata o miru koto wa anata ni yoku atte imasen.” Rosa turned to her and lifted her hand up to shut it. “Pft… Whatever… It’s not like I can’t understand a lick of what you’re saying.”

Mary though ignored the fight and went back to Jessica asking, “And you’re certain this store owner’s going to call? It feels very late in the night. I’m certain this guy closed his doors by now.” Jessica sighed to herself and responded, “Don’t know. But I can’t give up hope yet. She’s the one that got us into this mess, she’s going to be the one that will get us out of it.” Alice look to her and explained in her Spanish accent, “Bueno es mejor solucionar este Jessica, y rápido. Yo no quiero ser así para siempre. ¿Qué van a mi mamá y mi papá piensa en mí de esta manera?” Jessica look back to her and had a pleasing smirk to her face. “I’m certain your mama and papa would like you in that body.” she said back, “In fact, you mama would be jealous on a body like that.” Megan starred her down and pouted. Jess then went back to her phone and hear it ring a couple of times. Tapping her fingers, she was getting a little impatient as she said, “C’mon, c’mon... Pick up already. I know you’re in there.” After a couple of rings, she heard the phone pick up followed by the yawn on the line.

“Hello, and thank you for calling Spells R Us, where magic is reality. My name is Elizabeth. We’re closed for tonight, so please call back when we’re-“ Before she could even finish what she was saying and hung the phone, Jessica responded back in a booming voice. “Elizabeth! It’s me, Jessica!” There was a bit of silence until the store owner spoke up. “Jessica? Sorry ma’am, but I don’t know of a woman named Jessica. You probably got the wrong number.” She was about to hang up until Jessica told him to stop. “Wait! Don’t you remember me? Mom and I went to your store to get some candies for a slumber party. Candies that you said, change your life forever.” She waited for an instant response from the other end as it was completely quiet. After listening to her, there was a booming voice on the other line. “Jessica?” she said with shock, “As in Jessica Roseland? That little kid that wanted some candies for some party? I remember now. You and your mother were looking for those candies. I take it that they worked wonders for you and your friends.” Jessica gave her a strange look and responded in an angry voice, “Worked wonders for us? Did you have any idea what was in those candies? Hell, did you have the slightest clue on what has happened to us? I’m now a mother while my own mothers has turned into my daughter! Mary has become a sassy black woman! Alice is some stereotypical Latino that only speaks Spanish! Megan it turned into some Japanese speaking young adult! And Rosa has become some blonde dumb bimbo! What were in those candies that turned us into adult women and my mom a kid?” Elizabeth was silent on the phone and could tell by the demanding voice that she wanted some answers. So giving it some thought, she decided to tell her everything she needs to know.

“As I said before, those cadies I gave you are no ordinary candies. In them contained a potion that can alter the person’s body and mentality. Whatever flavor your choose can turn this person into one of a different age or race depending on the type of candies, they’ve consumed. For example, the candies you and your mother had were a plain candy and a teddy bear gummy. That means you turned into a thirty something woman while your mother has become a 5-year-old child. Mary ate a dark chocolate ball, so she turned into a dark chocolate woman. Alice had that cocoa Mexican bean to turn her into a female Spaniard. When Megan got the green tea candy, she changed into an oriental Japanese girl. And for Rosa, that pink Taffy turned her into the blonde bimbo. Long story short, those said candies could change your life completely.”

Jessica listened to her and understood what she was saying. Those candies can change anyone into those of different ages and races based on the flavors they take. That could explain why her friends turned into completely different people. Still, there’s the matter in returning those people to normal. So she asked Elizabeth, “How long will this last? The effects are temporary, right. I mean my mom and I sort of switched places so no one will notice the difference much. But my friends have changed into entirely different people. No way anyone in the family will see them the same anymore.” The store clerk thought about it on the other end and said, “Let me see… Sorry, I’m afraid that the effects are permanent, but I could give you some candies that can reverse the effects. It might bring you, your mother, and your friends back to the way you all once were.” There was a shine in Jess’s eyes after hearing that as she said, “Really? You can do that?” But just as she was going to get excited, Elizabeth decided to deliver the bad news to her. “Unfortunately, the mall is closed and my shop won’t open until nine on the dot. Perhaps if you come early, then I will give them to you, free of charge after all.” Jessica’s face gotten into a sorrow expression and knew there was a bit of a catch. And giving that the families would come to pick her friends up tomorrow morning, it could lead to some serous problems. Still, she needs to linger on the hope that there is a way in getting things back to normal. So sighing, she said, “All right fine. Let me go and talk to my friends and I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Great, I’ll have the candies set up and I’ll wait for you first thing tomorrow morning. Bye!” The store clerk said as she hung the phone up on the other end.

When Jessica hung up her phone, she groaned and turned to her friends that were looking at her for a while. “Well girl,” Mary asked, “What’s the skinny.” Jessica approached the ground and sat down, giving them the details she knows so far. “Well, I got good news and bad news. The good news is that the store clerk has something that could reverse the changes.” Everyone looked at each other and was quite relieved, yet there something in their friend’s voice as Megan said, “To warui nyūsu?” Jess turned to Megan and said straight away, “The bad news is that we have to wait in the morning until the store opens just to get what we need.” There was a bit of shock within the group as Alice responded in a booming Spanish voice. “¿¡Qué!? Usted quiere decir que tengamos que esperar hasta la mañana para conseguir nuestra cura? ¿Está usted loco!? Mi mamá se supone que me recogiera durante ese tiempo! No puedo dejar que me vea así!” Jess soaks her head downward a little and could tell that they didn’t like this plan at all. “I know this isn’t what we all want,” she stated, “but let’s be honest for a moment. None of us didn’t know that those candies could change us until we tried them. And besides, we still have time before your families come. I mean what time were they going to pick you up?” The girls look to each other and responded at the same time in different languages.




“Uh, what they said.”

“Good, and the shop opens at nine. So that means we have plenty of time before they start to show up. We just need to wait until the shop opens.” Rosa then looks to her and asked in the ditzy manner. “So, like, what are we going to do while he wait? It will be a total snooze fest around here for all I care.” Jessica thought of this too and realized that they do have a point. But then, inspiration struck her as she remembered that they are still having a slumber party. And giving that they are all adults, they can actually have a party intended for women their ages. With a quirky grin, she said, “Well… We could continue with our little sleepover. No way we’re to let this stop our own fun.” Everyone just looked to her and was completely shocked. “Are you kidding me girl?” Mary snapped, “After all that we’ve been through, you can us to continue to party. We’re now women! How do you expect us to play such childish things at this age?” Jess looked to her with a quirky look and answered, “Why do we want to waist our time here when we can go wherever we want? The night is still young and we have a lot of time to kill. And the best part is that we won’t have to worry about sleeping, we can do whatever we want!”

The group looked to each other and could tell that she does have a point. Being that they are now different ethnic women, they can actually enjoy themselves more in a mature perspective. Still, they’re just concerned as to what they were going to do next. “¿Sabes dónde podríamos ir?” Alice asked Jessica in wonderment. Jessica, though confused with what she said, answered in instinct and remembered something. “Let’s see… I remember this club downtown my mom and I pass from school. Guess that’s were the adults hang around at night. I suppose we can go down there and party like there’s no tomorrow. I think that’s a good way to start a slumber party, right?” Everyone look to her and felt a little pleased by that. But Rosa butted in and said, “That sounds totally cool. But you made one little boo boo in that plan of yours. None of us don’t know how to drive. Like, it won’t be easy getting there without the po po catching us red handed.” Jess looked to her Bimbo friend and said, “Not to worry. As my body grew so did my knowledge. I know what an adult woman does, including driving. I can take all of us to that place.” “Anata wa unten menkyoshō o shinpai subekide wanai?” Megan continued, “Kore wa, keisatsu wa watashitachi o kyatchi suru tame no jikan no mondaidarou to wareware wa ikutsu ka no shinkokuna toraburu ni narudeshou.” Jessica approached her mother’s wallet and looked into it while ignoring her friend’s Japanese language. Looking into it, she found her mother’s ID and could tell that she was a striking resemblance of her with the exception of her eyes. “Looks like we don’t have to be afraid of getting caught.” she went on, “Turns out I look just like my mom except for the eyes. I could say that I have some contact lenses on, but I don’t know if that would work. Oh well, might as well swing it.”

Turning to them again, she notice something else a bit off as well, their attire. Even before the changes, they were all wearing their oversized T-shirts to wear for bed. But now that they have grown, they’re shirts have got tight and snug as the bottom hem were about to show their privates. Being the situation they’re in, she decided to say, “And you know what? I think we are all going to need a quick change of clothes. What we’re wearing won’t do at all. I think my mom had a lot of dresses that are fitting for the club. You’re welcome to borrow and try them on if you like. I have to change myself too if we’re going to got for a night out of the town.” Just as she said that, Mary decided to ask her, “And what about your mom? You do realize she went from being a beauty to a cutie right? You can’t let her be home alone honey.” Jessica blinked her eyes and realized that she does have a point. She can’t leave her younger mother alone in the house without adult supervision. But knowing this news, she relaxed and found a way to fix this. “Not to worry,” she stated, “Mom has a babysitter on payroll when she went out. And since she and I look alike as kids, that babysitter would never know the difference. In fact, I’ll go to my ‘daughter’ and let her know about it. I’m sure she’ll understand. While I do that, you get a change of clothes for tonight. Now, let’s get this slumber party started!” She then headed upstairs to tell her former mother on what she’s going to do. As she disappeared, Rosa turned to Megan and said, “Like, that girl likes to be cool around everything.” Megan nodded and responded back, “Tell me about it Rosa, looks like this Slumber Party is going to get a whole lot more interesting.”



End Chapter 9

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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