Ethnic Candies

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Chapter 6
Megan: The Asian Girl

Chapter Description: Now it’s Megan’s turn to change after eating one of the candies. What she’s going to be?

Megan groaned in pain as she felt the changes starting. Ever since what happened to Jessica, Mary, and Alice due to the candies they’ve ate, she was scared to death of what’s going to happen to her. And now that she could feel it happening, all she could do is stand there and watch as she started to grow. And Grow she did.

The six-year-old could feel herself being pulled up and she started to sprout like a weed. Already, she gained an additional five inches to her original height and she was looking a tab skinny on her arms and legs. Her face looked thin to as the baby fat on her cheeks flattened and the dimples looked less visible. Rolling her tongue around her gums, she could feel adult teeth pushing out of her fronts as others started to get a little loose. Still though, she looked the same with the exception of now being a few years older then before.

She looked at herself and was getting afraid, really afraid. “No, no, no, no!!!” she said getting agitated, “I can’t grow up! Not here! Not now! I didn’t got a chance to do whatever I want to do before I grow up!” Alice, who had become a Spanish woman, placed her hands on her hips and said in her Spanish vocabulary, “Si ... Bienvenido al club.” Jessica looked to Megan and smirked to herself. “Don’t feel so down Megan,” she said with a gleeful look, “When this is all over, you will enjoy your new self better then the first one.” Megan turned to her friend and angrily said, “But I don’t want this! I just want to have some fun at a slumber party, not growing up this quick, this fast. What about my family? What about school? I can’t go anywhere looking like a different person! It’s just so... so... Oh... I don’t feel to good...” Mary looked to her and had a sly smile to her face, saying, “Uh oh... Looks like Megan here is going through an early puberty. Bet ya she’s going to be one hot mama.” Jessica looked at her intently as she said, “I hope so Mary. I sure hope so...”

Megan clentched her stomach when she entered the double digits and begining her early stage of puberty. Her chest tingled as they started to puff up. She started to rub her chest and felt small little bumps on her shirt, and they were growing by the second. She could feel other things happening as well as her hips started to increade slowly as she was showing the first signs of curves on her sides. Her rear follow suit as it was starting to pump up to match the hips dimensions. Muscles started to develop on her arms and legs as her signs of athletic tone is started to show. There was very little baby fat left on Megan’s face as she looked to be more mature then childish as her long hair started to gain some luster. Soon enough she was more of a preteen girl with an early development of puberty.

Megan watched on in amazement, but was completely fearful of what would happen next. Jessica though curled her lips and said in a disappointing, yet sultry expression, “Well ladies, it would seem that we have an early bloomer in our midst. I’m already starting to feel jealous.” Megan though was hyperventalating as she closed her eyes, thinking it was a real nightmare. “This can not be real. This can’t be real. It’s just one really bad dream. Yeah, that’s right. It has to be one big and terrible dream. Come on Megan, you got to wake up. Wake up!” But try as she might, she wouldn’t wake up. She knew it was all too real and it was impossible for her to escape this living nightmare. Mary gave a slight chuckle out of it and told her, “Oh it’s too late for that sweetheart. This is no dream. It’s very real... And once what is over, it will all be a dream come true for you.” Megan conitnued to think that it was all fake and hoping that it would end. But as she was thinking about it, her train of thoughts were interrupted as she felt a sensation that was stronger then before, marking growth through teenhood.

Megan grew above the four foot height and her puberty went into full swing. Her swelling chest grew to fleshy mounds and hit both A cup and then B cup, making them both soft and very perky. Her hips expanded and her waist was looking more curvier then before, giving her a shapely hourglass for teens. Her muscles started to grew in and were toned and athletic for a girl her age. Her face even matured as well as her skull structure rounded, her nose grew small, and lips starting to puff up, and her eyes looked a little more mature. Megan looked to the full length mirror and was shocked to see herself growing into such a beauty at sixteenyet terrified that she is growing up to fast. But as she looked one, she noticed something a little off about her. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but it looks like that her blond hair looked a little darker with a few strands that were visible were solid black. She even notice her eyes looking slightly slanted and her green eyes looked darker then before. She almost looked light she was a little Asian then normal.

Megan blinked a couple of times and find that to be a big strange. “Whoa...” she said out of curiosity, “This is real freaky. I’m me, but I look like different person.” Almost immediately, she placed her hand to her thought and realized something was really off. Indeed her voice sounded a little older, but her English is a little weird, almost sounding like she was forgetting that language. So curious, she started to test her voice to see if it wasn’t her loosing her mind. “Kon’nichiwa.” she started, “My name Megan. I am good student.” Her fears confirmed it, Megan is slowly loosing her English as she heard a little Japanese in one of her words. She placed her hands on her cheeks and was incredibly scared. “Oh no! My English broken! I can’t speak right! Tasukete!” The other girls listened and could tell that their friend was acting much differently. Mary turned to Jessica and asked her, “Well Jess, what do you think?” Jessica thought about it too and wondered what she’s turning into. After giving much time to think, she came to a conclusion and said, “It would seem that dear Megan is going to turn into a nice Asian woman. If I were to guess, the candy she took was something a little Japanese in flavor. So in short, she will become quite a lovely Japanese lady.” Megan turned to her friend and was irate about all of this. “You can’t be serious Jessica chan.” She said sounding a little more Japanese then previously mentioned, “You not thinking about me turning Japanese. It feels wrong! So wrong! Watashi wa kore o shitakunai! You fix this Jessica chan, you fix now!” Jessica starred at her and smirked quite devilishly. “Sorry sweetie, I can’t fix this.” she stated, “All you have to do now is wait and experience the changes first hand. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.” Megan couldn’t believe that her friend would act like that. Suddenly, another wave of pain hit her as they continued to grow into her twenties.

Her body stopped growing up to the point she was nearing the five-foot mark. Megan then developed a little further, but not as much as the other girls. Her boobs expanded a little more to nothing more then BB cups while her hourglass was thin and shapely with a rounded rear to match. Her muscles remained the same on her arms and legs, but they looked a little more tones then ever, with her skin getting a slight tan. Her face got both mature and shifted from her American looks to that of an Asian woman. Her skin was smooth as silk as her skull shifted into that of an oval shape. Her eyes looked more almond shape as the irises are half green and half a hazel nut color. Her hair grew darker and darker as her more black invaded her blonde tresses. But then another bizarre then happened as her long hair was slowly shrinking upwards as it went up her back. She always liked to keep her hair long as she felt that short hair made her look like a boy. But now her hair is shrinking before her and whether she’s dreaming or not, she couldn’t believe that her hair is growing up.

She tried to use her mature and dainty hands to grab her strands of her hair and pulled it down, but that failed miserably as it continued to get shorter. “No, no, no!” she said frantically as her language and body language the looking to be foreign to her, “Do not shrink! Do not go small! I like long. I really do. Orokana kami!” Jessica looked right at Megan’s bizarre behavior and said, “My oh my… It seems that our dear Megan is about to loose herself. Take a deep breath girl, once it’s over, you will love the new and improved you.” Megan turned to her and had it up to here with Jessica’s changed character and was going to stop this. Just then, she felt a tingle in her body one more time. She felt it very strong as her final changes are about to happen.

Though she stopped growing, she was shaping to an Asian beauty. Her body filled nicely, but not as much as the other three. She still has perky BB cup boobs and her hourglass is still the same. But her rear expanded a little more that it gives her a reason to wave her hips back and forth every time she walks. Her face was that of an Asian beauty as she as high cheekbones, pouty lips, and flawless skin. Her transcendence to Asian was completed as her eyes were both slanted and the irises are completely hazel in color. Her skin is a tab tan and gave off a little Asian ethnicity. And to top it off, her hair was raven black and was done up in a short bob cut. With her changes complete Megan went from a six-year-old little girl to a 23-year-old Asian babe.

Megan slowly looked at herself and was completely irate. But just as she was going to argue with Jessica, all that came out was straight up Japanese. “Jessica chan, kore wa okashīde wa arimasen! Watashi wa eien ni ko no yō ni mite suru koto wa dekimasen! Watashi wa ki ni narimasu kazoku ga iru. Anata wa yoriyoi kore o shūsei suru! Imasugu!” Jessica and Mary looked at her strangely and were confused by what she was saying. “And I thought understanding Alice was going to be a challenge,” Jess said, “Megan’s going to be extremely difficult.” Mary looked on too and said, “Tell me about sweetheart. This girl will be difficult to understand.” Alice though looked at Megan’s new body and had a devious smirk to her face. “Ya sabes...” she said, “Creo que podría acostumbrarme a mi nuevo cuerpo. Por lo menos yo no tengo un cuerpo de un adolescente.” Megan looked to her body, looking more petite then the others, and groaned to herself. “Otoko ni... Watashi wa kono karada ni shiyō o shutoku suru yori mo, sentaku no yochi ga nai yō ni miemasu.” she said feeling a little defeated.

The group was a little quiet as they all slowly turned to Rosa, who was quiet at the whole thing. Realizing she’s the last one that took a piece of candy, Jessica smirked and wondered what’s going to happen to her. “Well now Rosa,” she started, “It looks like you’re the last one that will change. Wonder what you will be? You’re going to turn into a woman of a different race and language or someone that speaks straight to English. Oh, the suspense is killing me.” Rosa slowly backed away and felt a little frightened by all of this. “Now Jessica, I don’t know what’s gotten into you or the others, but you need to think clearly.” said Rosa, “You’re not acting right. You got to stop this!” Jessica thought smirked widely and said, “Stop this? Don’t you get it Rosa? These candies changed us. They made us into different women, with different traits and races. Are we scared about this. Maybe… Maybe… But do we like our new bodies. Why hell yes. Though you might be afraid Rosa, I swear that the end result, you’re going to love the way you look. I guarantee it.” Rosa felt more scared then the other girls and wanted to say something about it. But then she clenched her stomach as her skin started to tingle. She knew that she was the last person to change and knew that the changes were going to start. What she’s worried about is what she was going to change into?



End Chapter 6

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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