Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

Chapter 17
Olivia's Journey to Stripperhood

Chapter Description: A second victim came to the table that Jessica and her friends were at as a middle age woman wanted to be young and energetic again. Will one of the candies in the box make things better for her?

As Elizabeth and Robyn left with one of the candies in the box, someone lese was walking through the bar and was a little depressed. Her name is Olivia Cordwell and she’s a middle age woman of forty-five. Her body was lean and tall as her D cup breasts hang on her chest, but they were droopy as age was being shown. Her hips had a bit of a muffin tuff and was a little overweight on the sides. Her arms and legs use to have muscle tone, it seems that it has weaken from the lack of exercise during her years of work. Her face was the worse of shape. Though she covered it nicely with makeup, she still faint lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and her eyes were very tired. And her black hair was dull and has gray strands around it. Long story short, she had lost the beauty she used to have had in the past. Now she’s just a middle age outcast that’s trying desperately to get the attention.

Looking around, she sighed and knew she wasn’t getting attention. “This is a stupid idea…” Olivia said with depression, “What was I thinking going to this club for some fun. No one wouldn’t pay attention to me because of my age. If there was some other way in having people to notice me, then maybe my life would be much easier.” Sighing again, she said, “Guess I’ll leave here and call it a night. No one will notice me to begin with.”

As she continued to walk away, but then noticed something close by. Looking on, walked closer to it and noticed what looks like a purse that was left behind. Of course, that was Jessica’s purse as she left it there unattended. Seeing this, she said, “Looks like someone left a purse behind. Now who would be foolish enough to leave a precious purse. Guess I could drop it off at the police department while I head home.” She soon noticed a box of multiple candies left in there and the box was opened. Seeing all the candy in there, she seemed tempted and said, “Look at all those candies! They look so delicious. I don’t want to be rude and steal it.” After a bit of thought, she came to a decision and said, “But maybe just one won’t hurt. I’m certain no one would notice that.”

She dug into the box and looked for a good piece to try. After a bit of rummaging, she got one and took it out. Looking at it, she saw what looks like a red liquorish in a shape of a busty babe that was similar to one of those mud flaps on a truck. She looked at it and finds that completely strange. “Huh… What an odd looking piece of candy.” she said with curiosity, “I wonder what it taste like?” Wondering about it, she took the risk and got a bite out of it. Once she plopped it into her mouth, she was amazed at how it tasted. It was sweet and fruity, yet as a hard taste every time she chewed. Once she managed to chew it up and swallow, she felt satisfied and said, “Wow, that was really good. I never thought that liquorish would taste this great. Maybe the time in the club wasn’t a bummer after all.”

She then looked to the purse and thought that she was going to give to the authorities. But then she remembered that maybe this person is still in the club and said, “Maybe I should leave the purse here. I mean someone should still be in the club and must be away for a while. I’ll leave it be.” She soon walked away and headed out of the club, deciding to head on home.

Already fifty minutes in, she was walking down the street, getting to a bus stop to take her home. Suddenly, there was an expected chill as she crossed her arms and shook a little bit. “Brrr! What was that? The weather man said that it wasn’t going to be cold outside.” She said as she felt the chill from head to toe. Course what she didn’t know is that the candy she took full affect of her. Once the chill is gone, she took a breather and said, “Good… It’s over… Guess it’s just a cold gust that came out of nowhere. Might as well get back home soon and turn the heat on for a little bit. I swear, I still feel cold on the inside.”

As she was walking, she was approaching what looked like a strip club still opened and was walking past it. But suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks and felt compelled for something. Looking back to the club, she noticed a help wanted ad that says, ‘Help Wanted: Hot sexy girl in need of work. Will host tables, dance on the stage, and part of an escort service. Apply inside.’ Looking to this, she always had a disdain on the whole stripper part. She is always a down to Earth girl who knows the difference between what to do right and what to do wrong. And a stripper is really wrong. However, something in her head has told her to take part of it. She doesn’t know why, but she felt compelled to do so. So without a second thought, she went to the strip club and through the door.

By the time she entered the door, she looked on and was amazed by the sight of it. It was a huge room filled with lights and smoke with a bar on one side, privacy booths on the other, and in the center stage are stripper poles surrounded by tables with a bunch of horny men young and old. She could even see half naked women who are showing off their moves to impress the male audience. Olivia looks to the sight and was appalled by the sight of it. She had never been to a strip club before, but now that she’s been in one, it was as she feared. Her only thought is to turn around and leave, but something in her head is telling her to keep going. So she keeps on walking as she headed down to the bartender.

Fast approaching the bar, she took a seat and waited for someone to come. Just then, the bartender approached her and asked, “What can I get you?” Olivia looked to him and said, “I would like to apply some work here. I saw a help wanted sign at the side of your building and I would like to take part in this venture. Can I speak to your boss?” The bartender looked to her strangely and didn’t think that she wants a job here. Thinking this through, he decided to speak to the boss and said, “Give me a minute.” He soon walked away and headed to the office to speak with his boss.

Ten minutes have passed as Olivia kept on waiting. She knew the bartender says that he was going to go get the boss, but it seems like he is taking his time. Yet a part of her told her that this was wrong and should leave immediately. But that voice kept getting mute by the strong force telling her to stay. So she stayed, waited to see what’s going to happen next.

After a few more minutes, she turned to see the bartender coming back with someone else from behind. It was a burly man of forty with a round gut, baldhead, and a goatee. Olivia knew that this was the boss of the strip club as he approached her and asked, “So, you’re here for the position, huh?” Olivia nodded and said, “Absolutely. I saw your ad and would like to join this fine establishment.” The boss looked to her and wasn’t sure about it. Looking up and down, he wasn’t interested in her. “I’m sorry missy, but I don’t think you are fit for this job. See, this establishment wants to hire those with ‘special’ qualities.” He then looked right at the middle age body and finished with, “And judging by your looks, you don’t have those qualities. So I’m afraid I would have to ask you to leave.

Olivia’s first thought is to leave when he said it, but that didn’t happen. Instead, she leaned on the bar counter and said, “But I feel as though I’m qualified in taking on this venture. If you want me to prove myself, then tell me what you want me to do.” The boss was surprised of this unexpected turn of events. Yet she’s insisted in taking part of a stripper. How is he going to get her out? Shrugging it off, he decided to give her the chance and told her what she can do.

“All right, you want the job so badly, here’s what I want you to do. Whenever a new applicant wants a job, they need to perform on the main stage in front of the customers. If the woman makes a really good performance, then she can get the job. If she performs poorly, well, let’s just say that this is a one-time deal. And giving how you look, I’m certain that it could be the latter. Now are you still up for it?”

Olivia heard all of that and was still interested in leaving, but that part in her head keeps telling her to continue. So she leaned to the side and was eager to try it out. “Oh, I’m up for it.” The boss looked to her and could tell that she’ll fail big time. But he remained cool and collective as he showed her the dressing room. “Good.” Was all that he said, “The dressing room is at the right corner. Follow the signs and get an outfit for the performance. All I need is your name just so the announcer can introduce you to the guests.” She nodded and said, “My name is Olivia Cordwell.” The boss heard the name and showed her the dressing room. “Olivia huh? We really have to work on your nickname. Good luck. You’re going to need it.”

Olivia nodded as she left the bar and headed to the dressing room where she can change attire. As she was leaving, the bartender turned to him and complained about his decision. “Have you lost your mind?! Brining a middle age woman into the club and letting her perform in front of the clients. They will be very upset about the end result! Worse, we might as well shut down our business if it starts to get sour!” The boss soon turned to him and told him, “Relax, I got this. We always have a few bad apples in the bunch, and this is the worse. But we do what we did to the others. We let her perform, the audience boos, and we push her away to let the other girls take their place. It’s pretty much a win/win scenarios for us. Besides, it’s just an old lady. It’s not like she can surprise us or anything. Now let’s prepare for out ‘Newest acquisition’.” He soon left to his office and was eager and ruin his newest employee.


Returning to Olivia, she was in one of the private dressing rooms waiting for her chance to be on stage. Sitting on the chair, she looked to herself on the makeup mirror and was starting to have some second thoughts. “You know…” she said to herself, “I don’t get how I got into this job position in the first place. What was I thinking?! I was just walking on back home to get some sleep. Why did I change my mind and head into this god awful place?” As she was thinking about that, she soon started to feel a tingle as it spread across her body. Her first thought is that it was the air condition in the room and brushed it off, what she really didn’t know is that the second stage of the changes has started. By eating the red liquorish lady, the changes started with her mentality slowly altering followed by her mind.

The changes started with her feet, as they were once withered and sore from walking. Some reason the soreness started to lessen, as she felt a little better. The skin on her feet smoothed over and had zero blemishes on them. Inside her shoes, her toenails went from being cracked and dirty to clean and smooth as red nail polish was magically applied on each nail. As that changed, a part of her attire starts to change as well. When she was at the club, she wasn’t wearing anything special. All she got on was a white buttoned blouse with a plain black jacket over it, long dress pants that goes down her ankles, and a pair of plain loafers with white anklet socks. Nothing that screams hot and sexy, just plain and dull. But when she had that piece of candy, it was evident that her clothes would soon follow. Her loafers begin to lighten and tops opened up to expose her feet. What’s left of the tops thinned and tightened into straps while the back heels grew in length until it’s 4 feet in height. Soon enough, her loafers turned into a pair of red high heel sandals for dancing. She didn’t realize that her feet were changing as she was talking to herself of the situation.

“I mean, I was raised in a religious family, always knowing what’s good and evil. And taking a job in a strip club is truly evil.”

While complaining, the lower hem of her pants started to rise up and slowly exposes her legs. As it was going upwards, her legs started to tighten and youthen once they were exposed, looking less like a woman’s legs from the forties to twenties. As that happened, her socks quivered and rose up covering her legs. Her pants stopped up to her knees as she now has long and toned legs over her extending socks.

“I mean, I know it’s a business, but come on! Having women dressed in scantily clad clothes or lingerie revealing so much exposed skin, doing raunchy moves on poles and lap dances. What type of job is that? Not that I’m complaining or anything. I’m certain they are all independent women using their bodies as an excuse to make a lot of money. I’m certain it’s not that bad.”

The changes continued to spread on upwards as the lower hem of her pants continue to rise up while the socks kept on growing. During those two changes, her thighs started to firm up and toned into that of a younger woman with no blemishes and smooth skin. By the time the hem reached to the middle, the pants begin to magically ripped apart and disappeared into the ether, revealing her plain white underwear. But soon that change was evident as her hips begins to swell and started to gain some luscious curves on her lower waist line, while her rear expanded and rounded to accelerate her newly developed curves. At the same time, her panties started to darken from white, to pink, to rosy red as the fabric was became silk and nearly see-through, showing off her vagina while little frillies came out from the top of the garment. That vagina though was youthening and looking healthier as the bushy pubic hair around it trimmed to a neatly shaped triangle. At the same time, the socks reached to the upper thighs and started the next change of the phase. First the color darkened to red as well. Then the fabric turned from cotton to smooth silk, showing off her tones and youthened legs. Finally, two sets of straps appeared at the top parts and connected to the panties. Soon enough, her socks turned into a pair of red silky pantyhose and it shows off her beautiful legs. All ready, Olivia has the lower half of a total babe while the upper half is still herself. She mentally crosses her legs as if she didn’t remember having legs like that and still complained about the job, but was slowly accepting it.

“Besides, there are women that started off as strippers before they moved on to something more professional. It’s not like they would stay in that position for the rest of their lives. Hell, I think their first boyfriends, or husbands for the matter, were just clients in clubs like this. So, that would be a start for me.”

During the conversation to herself, her stomach gurgled as the changes begins to move upwards. The bottom of the white button blouse started to unravel as the buttons popped one by one, slowly revealing her mid section. As it spread upward, the bulge of her stomach starts to flatten as years of lack of exercise and poor dieting was slowly melting away. The curves kept on sharpening around her waist as it started to form a sensational hourglass figure. Once the stomach flattened, it soon toned up and was showing the women equivalent of a six-pack. The changes stopped below the breasts as she now has the shape of a sexy stomach for men to snuggle on.

“To be honest, to have a man by your side with a nice big cock to ride on. That would be an excellent way of knowing your male counterpart. What better way then stripping and dancing in front of them? Where else will you find a nice big stud? Definitely not a blind date or an online search. Those won’t get me anywhere.”

She soon looked to her hand and was starring at it as it changes. Her skin smoothed over as the varicose veins faded away and looked vibrant. Her nails soon grew out and wasn’t chipper at all as the same red nail polish painted on each of them. She was transfixed with the change, but wasn’t aware of it all. She looked at it like it’s just normal.

“And you can’t find a hottie in some dead end job. All they have in those jobs are nerdy pencil pushers that have zero physic what so ever and little wee wees. They don’t have the guts to get a piece of beauty like me.”

As she was envisioning her idea of a stud, the blouse kept on getting unraveling as it reached her breasts. After a few more buttons have been popped, the lover part of her breasts were exposed and is showing off the D Cups. At the same time, the cuffs of her sleeves begin to unravel and starting to show off her arms. Slowly reaching her elbows, her skin started to tingle and slowly toned up was firm, leaving her with youthful muscles. The sleeves continue to grow shorter and shorter until it stopped to her shoulders. The rest of her arms youthened and toned into something that resembles a female athlete.

Flexing her arms at the mirror, Olivia felt more confident and said, “I mean, I got the hot bod to make men drool. Quite possibly the best muscles out there.” She soon turned to her back to the mirror and admired how her ass looks. “And my booty is luscious and soft.” she said as she turned back to show her breasts. But the time she was showing them off, the changes escalated to her chest and many changes has occurred.

The first is that the remainder of her blouse kept on unraveling and vanished into the nothingness, showing just her breasts and plain old bra. Her breasts soon lost their sagginess and were firm, while growing to a now DD, constraining the bra. That bra however shifted as it enlarged to fit her new assets. The white color darkened into solid red as the fabric shifted into a soft texture while most of it faded, forming a see-through type and exposing a bit of her boobs, with her enlarged nipples showing.

Olivia placed her hands on her breasts and had that devious look on her face. “Plus my boobs are large and soft enough to be pillows while my tits are pointy and suckable.” she continues to say for herself, “What man couldn’t resist anything like that?” She took a good look at her face while at the same time, the last of the changes started to take place.

She can feel the tingles on her face as it acted like a million fingers massaging her. The wrinkles on her face started to smooth over as any blemishes were long gone, leaving smooth and healthy skin. Her nose grew long and thin and her lips were very pouty. Her eyes show no re veins and were vibrant with her irises shining in a blue color. And her hair started to grow down past her butt as the gray streak vanished into her tresses before brightening into a fiery red color.

Taking a good look at her face, she smiled deviously as she was pleased with her looks, all fully unaware that it was once a face of a middle age woman before the changes finished up. “And my face…” Olivia said to herself, “My face can instantly give men hypnotic looks.” She than backed up and observed herself fully in the mirror as things started to appear on her body. Rhinestone earrings appeared on her ears while a piercing was shown in her belly button. By the time she turned to her back as a tramp stamp tattoo of a heart appeared near her panties while a long tattoo of a rose showed up on her right arm. Getting into a full observation, she was really pleased with her body as Olivia went from being a middle age woman, to a super hot stripper at her mid twenties and the prime of her life.

Checking every detail of herself, she looked ready to take on the club. “Who the fuck cares about all those dead end jobs.” She said with pure confidence, “As long as I stay a stripper, that’s where the easy money is going and where the hot men with the big dicks are at.” As she was admiring herself, a stage staff member showed up and told the newly born Olivia that it’s show time.

“Ninety seconds till your debut! You better get on stage now while you can.”

She turned to the crewmember and nodded with a devious look.

“Sure thing hun…” she said to him, “I’ll be there.”

Once the crewmember left, she looked to herself again and said, “Time to show these slabs of meat a real good time.”

Looking down, she noticed a pair of red feather fans that match her lingerie and her hair and decided to use those as props for her performance. Once she got them, she headed to the stage to begin her debut.


On the stage of the club, everyone was sitting down and was enjoying the show so far. But when the night was about over, the boss of the establishment came up on stage and started to give the men a special announcement.

“You all enjoying the show so far?” he said as the audience clapped in response, “Well, this night is not over yet. We have one more performer to introduce to you. This is her debut performance and it would be one that you will never forget.”

There was a bit of silence as some of them whisper to see what’s going on.

“What? Is he serious? I thought all of the babes were on the stage. When did they have one more in their shows?”

“Who cares? If this chick is on last, it would be a very special one to save for the last.”

The boss than decided to introduce the newest performer.

“So gentleman, allow me to introduces to you Olivia, the BBB: Big Breasted Bitch!”

He soon walked away from the stage as the crowd looked on and wondered what is in store for them. Just than, the lights went out and a spotlight appeared at the center. When the show started, the boss of the establishment returned to the bar and told the bartender that everything is going according to plan. “Now the real fun begins.” he said to him, “Just sit back and enjoy the show.” The bartender rolled his eyes around and still didn’t like it. “None of this will end well…”

As the spot light shown, the curtain slowly raised as the group saw nothing but two huge red feather fans in the way. The male crows watched on as they wondered what’s going on. Just then, a long and shapely leg stepped out of the feathery mess as a little teaser for the men. The music started to play as the feathers slowly drifted apart and continuously make the slow reveal. By the time she showed her face, she turned to the crowd and showed off her looks. The men gasped to see such a beautiful face, so much so that she managed to lure them in and pull out all the stops. Separating the feathers, She revealed herself and the crowd was at awe.

What they saw, is a young woman in her mid twenties with just red lingerie on and high heels. She sautéed into the catwalk, showing off her stuff while using the feathers she obtained to wave them around like that of an exotic dancer. She soon reached the end and ducked down to gave a gracious bow with her feathers down. Once she let go of them, she walked back to the pole that was in the middle of the room. Grabbing a hold of the pole, she started to dance around it and spin around for a bit before jumping up and grabbing hold of it. Acting like a firefighter, he gripped it tightly while doing some fancy moves around the pole. The crowd continued to get awestruck and was enjoying her performance.

As the show was going on, the person in charge of the strip looked on and was in complete shock over the fact that this young woman on the stage is not the same as the middle age woman that wanted the job. “What the…” he stuttered, “What is this? Who is this bitch?! No way she is the same woman that was at the bar yearning for the job. She is far older than her!”

The bartender looked to this and was a little surprised by this as well. With a bit of a coy smile, he looked to him and said, “Well then… It seems that this woman is more than meets the eyes. Guess your plan really backfired in your face.” The boss looked to him and said, “Shut it…”

The woman kept on doing different maneuvers on the pole as the male audience was cheering for more. Olivia than got off the pole as she climbed down the stage and headed to one of the closest customers around her. And the one she found attractive is a young man around his thirties, looking for a good time. Swaying her hips left and right, she mounted on the person’s lap and rubbed his chest with her finger, saying, “Well hello there, suga’… You seem like a strong and handsome stud. Why don’t I show you a little something? I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

The viewer could feel her rubbing her panties over his dick and was getting a serious hard on. His response was taking a few hundreds out and said, “Whatever price you want, I’m yours.”

The people around him were getting upset over this as they crowded around Olivia and offered their money, demanding her to come with them.

“What? No way! I saw her first!”

“Get in line bud. I want a piece of her. She’s all mine!”

“Like Hell you would! No way a hot chick like that would get to be in bed with a slacker like you. I want a piece of that action!”

“And what makes you think that you have a chance. She’s more into men with huge cocks. Might as well give her some of mine!”

The crows gathered and would give all of their money to this one woman as Olivia looked to all of them and says, “Now, now… Be nice all of you. There’s plenty of me to go around.”

As all of this was going on, the bartender and the man in charge of the club looked on and was impressed. The boss blinked and was surprised that she was different, saying, “Wha… What the- Who is this woman? Where was the hag that was here moments ago? This isn’t whom I saw! What’s going on?!”

The bartender looked to him and said back, “Well boss. It seems like this woman had some serious tricks up her sleeves.”

The boss looked to him with a glare and expressed with a, “Shut it…”

The two looked at the new girl and was amazed that she’s reeling in the clients as they were showing off their money. The bartender looked to this performance and said, “You know… Giving how she’s performing, all the men around here are all amazed by her appearance and performance. Maybe she can help make this club the talk of the town.”

The boss looked on and was in agreement with him. “Yeah… It does seem that way. Maybe she can be of use to this business.”

The show lasted only an hour, giving that many clients wanted a lab dance with her.


Once they were all done, Olivia was back stage and was relaxing after her first performance. As she was lying back, she heard the knock at the door and she turned to see who it is.

“Come in! It’s open!”

The door opened and the boss of the club came in and was happy about the performance. “Wow…” she started to say, “Just wow! Saw your show and I was surprised on how you performed out there. Your moves, your skills, your entire shebang! You were the center of attention back there!

Olivia heard him and was delighted by what he said, “Oh hun, it was nothing. Just got a gift is all.”

He soon decided to speak about the other thing and said, “Though the one thing that got my attention is your looks. When you came in you looked out of shape and don’t scream meat magnet. But when you showed up, you became a hot smoking babe with nothing that resembled your former self. How were you able to pull something like that off?”

She soon gave her a coy grin and said to him, “Oh sweetie, that’s under a need to know basis.”

He found that answer and finds it a bit off. But he shrugged it off and decided to continue with the offer. “Well, besides all that, you seem to be the talk in the club. So much so, that I’ve decided to give you a job?”

Olivia heard that and was confused by those choice of words. “A job? You mean I’m hired?!”

The boss nodded and continued with his offer, “In a way, yes. You see, my clients really adore you and you seem to bring in the money. If I hire you, you can be the main attraction in this club and all the men entering this club will be very interested with you and your work. Not to mention that being the center of attention will make my club the talk of the town. So, what do you say? Are you interested in this position?”

Olivia heard this and was interested in this job. But what about her former life? Her old self’s mind says that this is all wrong and wants to escape. But the newer side keeps winning and wanting to stay where she was. Soon enough, the newer side won and she crossed her legs and poised with a grin.

“All right, you said I want a job?” she asked, “Then I think we should discuss some business. If you know what I mean.”

The boss heard her and understood what she wanted. And giving he slept with other women in the club, this one is a whole lot different than the others. But if he wants to seal the deal, he has to follow it. So he slowly took off his suit and said, “If you insist.”


During the rest of the night, the two were naked and made out on the sofa. Any barriers that the old Olivia has were long gone. Now this new Olivia has more freedom and no regret. She finally knows her place and in this world and has a job for her hard work. Life couldn’t be any easier for her.



End Chapter 17

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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