Ethnic Candies

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Chapter 5
Alice: The Spanish Latina

Chapter Description: Alice is next in changing into a different woman. What will she turn into?

Alice clenched hard as her stomach got twisted and her tingling intensified. Both Rosa and Megan looked at her scared, wondering what she would turn into while an adult Jessica and an African American Mary looked at her intrigued about what she’s going to be.

The seven-year-old started to grow as she too gained a few inches by the second. Her arms and legs extended and looked thin just like Jessica and Mary when they started to grow. The bottom hem of her shirt rose up as well as it got to the middle of her knees. Her face slowly begins to mature as well as the little baby fat vanished on her cheeks and the freckles on the bridge of her forehead disappeared. She could also feel something in her mouth as she spat out her baby teeth and adult ones started to grow in just like what happened to Jessica and Mary. Her ponytail hair then started to grow a little longer too as the tail end was down her neck. Now Alice was three years older, making her look like a preteen at ten.

Alice looked down to herself and was scared for her life as much as the other two girls. “No, no, no!” she said in a panic, “I don’t want to grow up! I have so many things I should’ve done!” Jessica looked at her friend and smirked a little from her outburst. “I don’t know Alice,” she said in a coy voice, “Give it a few minutes and maybe you might enjoy it. I know I have.” Mary then placed her hand on her hips and she too was interested in the change. “She’s right sweet heart.” she exclaimed in a sultry voice, “I’m bet that you will love your bod when this is all over.” Alice looked right at the two and couldn’t believe they said that. “What? Are you guys kidding me!” she said in a state of shock, “One minute you guys are freaking out. The next you two are all right with it! What’s wrong with the two of you?!?” Rosa looked at the two and finds it all too strange that the two are acting like it’s all normal. That’s when she came up with a really good answer and said, “Perhaps it has something to do with the candies they ate. Not only did it age their bodies and minds, but also their personalities.” Megan looked at their body language and said to Rosa, “You know what? You’re right Rosa! Their personalities have changed since their changes were finished. They are really acting like real adults!” Alice turned to the two and was shocked by this. “You mean that whatever I’m going to grow up as, I will be a completely different person?” she said with a disgusted look. But Jessica looked at her with gleeful eyes and said, “Relax Alice. I’m sure when this is all over, you will have a change in heart.” Alice turned to Jessica and protested against that until she felt that tingling sensation again, meaning that she’s starting to grow up into her teen phase.

She shot up to an additional five to six inches, going through her first growth spurt. But that wasn’t the only thing that changed as puberty took over her body. Alice’s chest started to get itchy as her nipples underneath her shirt started to puff up. She could even feel her hips expanding a little as curves were beginning to form. Her arms and legs started to fatten up as muscle growth started to catch up with her bone growth. Her face crossed the fresh hold from kid to adult with her cheekbones heightening and her freckles disappearing. She spat out the last of her baby teeth as her new and even teeth grew in. Her ponytail hair grew longer still as the tail end pass her neck and down her upper back. She now aged to fourteen years of age and into her preteen state. She looked at the mirror and couldn’t believe that she grew too fast. She could feel another tingle coming as she watched herself going through her teen years.

Alice grew another couple of inches to go pass her four-foot range as she developed quite nicely throughout the years. Her nipples turned into mounds and expanded to A cup and then B cup. Her curves heightened a little more and became a teen like hourglass. The expansion of her hips has also caused her rear to blow up and make her a little shapelier. The bottom hem of her shirt rose a little higher to give the other girls a clear view of Alice’s athletic build of her teenage legs. Same goes with her arms as she looked like she had bee working out for a few years when in reality that she was growing up to look like it. Her face look more teenagish with her face having little to no childish feature what so ever. There were a few pimples popping up out of her face, but they soon disappeared, as she grew older. Her hair grew longer as her ponytail band was on the verge of snapping from the pressure. Alice starred at the mirror and looked more like a teenage beauty of seventeen then a cute child.

She placed her small and dainty hand to her face and was amazed at how she looked. “Wow… I almost look like my older sister.” She then immediately rubbed her chin, surprised that her voice was lower and more mature. “I even sound like her too! This is so weird…” Mary laughed a little and told her, “It’s a little strange at first suga. Once this is over, you will like every single bit of it. I know I have.” Alice turned to her friend and spat back, “Listen Mary, I don’t know what got into you, but your acting muy loco! I’m growing into a mujer in mere minutos! And you think this is all normal? Esto es una estupidez!!!” All the girls looked at Alice and discovered that she’s speaking a different language a little bit. So Megan asked, “Uh Alice... You do realice you were speaking a little Spanish, do you?” Alice looked towards her friend and was offended by that. “What are you talking about señorita? I don’t speak en español. In fact, I never aprender español.” Almost instantly, she placed her hands over her mouth and couldn’t believe what she was saying. “¡Espere!” she said with a shock in her voice, “I actually habló en español? I never speak en español in my life!” The girls looked on and couldn’t believe that Alice was starting to speak spanish. They looked on in intent as they saw her growing into her twenties.

Her height grew incredibly and was nearing the five foot mark as she looking to be more adult then teen. Her breasts inflated some more as her cup size expanded to C cups. Her hips grew more curvy as her ass felt more rounded, making her hourglass more defined. She got muscle tone on her arms and legs as it made her look so define for a young adult. But as she grew, there was another change that was occuring. Her skin started to darken a little bit just like what happened to Mary but only stopped for a few seconds. This left Alice with a smooth tan and was golden in color. Her face slowly started to change as well as the cheekbones grew high and there was no babyfat what so ever. Her lips were puffy and nose slim while her eyes were getting an adulterated look. The band of her ponytail snapped as all the hair cascaded down to her back. As it fell, another strange thing happened. For some strange reason the hair started and kink and curl as her hair darkened to chocolate brown. Even her green eyes darkened and took on a brownish color. It’s obvious that she was changing to a different person. But she doesn’t know who this person is until her change is finished.

Looking into the mirror, the 20-year-old Alice was stunned and didn’t know what to say. “Oh no... This is bad, muy malo. I can’t go out con este aspecto. Mi familia would loose it! How am I going to explain to mi familia acerca de lo que me pasó. Ni siquiera sé por dónde empezar con esto.” The girls looked on with complete shock within their eyes as they realiced that they don’t understand a lick of what Alice was saying. “Uh... Alice?” Megan said rubbing the back of her head, “Can you repeat that again? I didn’t understand you for a second. Alice placed her hands on her hips and felt a litte insulted by it. “¿De qué estás hablando Megan? Me dijo que mi familia se asuste si me ven como...” Almost immediately, she placed her hand on her throat and was in a state of shock. In her mind, she was speaking in straight up Spanish. The shocking part is that she never spoken any spanish in her entire life. “¿Que?” she said in a complete confusion, “¿Estoy hablando español? ¿ Estoy hablando español? No voy a hablar en Inglés? Yo no hablo español! Soy una chica Inglés nacido. ¿Qué me está pasando?!?” The girls looked on in utter disbelief as their friend was speaking a completely different language. Jessica and Mary looked at each other as Jessica remembered what candy she ate. Looking to her, she smirked and said, “I don’t know much of Spanish Alice, but it looks like whatever you ate turned you into a little Latina lady.” Alice turned to her and was in a shocked expression. “No! No, no, no, no, no! Yo no quiero ser así! Yo no quiero convertirme en una mujer española!” As she said that, she felt another tingle as she started to enter the final stages of her growth.

Alice stopped growing in height, but her perportions continued to expand. Her breasts grew further and were as huge as mellons, growing into D-cups. Her hips and rear grew both bigger and puffier as she looked more shapely then ever. The muscles on her arms and legs were more pronounced and she looked fully athletic for a woman her age. Her skin grew a little darker and she was sporting a golden brown look. Not as brown as Mary, but enough to give her a sultry look. Her face was very mature for her age as there were no childish looks to her. Her cheekbones were high and well defined as her lips look puffy and read for kissing. Her eyes looked elegant as her iris color changed completely to a hazel like color instead of her usual green. Her long hair grew all the way down to her rear and was all curly and wavy and was brown in color pigment. Though her body and mature and developed, the shirt she was wearing filled in quite nicely as the borrom hem of her shirt was awefully close to her nether regions. In a matter of minutes Alice turned from a young girl wth a carefree attitude to a 27-year-old Spanish seniorita filled with beauty and sexiness.

On instinct, she nearly covered herself by lowering her shirt and was a little red in shock. “Esto es vergonzoso.” Alice said in pure awekwardness, “No puedo ir a casa con este aspecto.” Mary looked at her with a bit of silence and wondered about her. “We really need to learn some Spanish,” she said to Jessica, “certainly a little lost with what our girl is saying.” Jessica turned to her and smirked with delight saying, “True, but this is going to be an interesting experience for her. If I were to guess, she had a cocoa Mexican bean in the box of candies. Which makes Alice a spanish woman with a complete spanish volcabulary. These special chocolates are very special indeed. And for once, I’m really starting to like them.” Alice turned to her friend and said in an angry voice, “Jessica, ¿estás loco? Cualesquiera que sean esas dulces están haciendo para usted y María es jugar con tu mente. Usted tiene que pensar con claridad Jessica!” Jesscia turned to her and sighed in her plea. “My Alice, aren’t you upset.” She said with her finger on her chin, “I can understand that you are confused by this sudden change. But give it a few minutes and the mentallity will take over. You will enjoy your new body, I promise you that.”

She then walked away from her as Mary went to her to comfort her. Jess then approached both Megan and Rosa and asked, “Now… What will you two turn into? Being that we each had different candies, I’m certain the two of you would turn into different women.” Megan looked to her friend and said, “Jessica, this isn’t like you. You never act like that.” “Yeah, you got to think clearly and try not to let this control you.” Rosa said with the look of worry. Jessica though remained quiet finds that pretty cute and said, “Oh but I am thinking clearly. Now that my mind matched my body, I can rationale everything in my head. And soon enough, the two of you will change and think clearly as well.” Megan was quiet about this as she was about to say something. But as soon as she was about to say anything, she felt the nausea hitting her stomach and bent down hard. Jessica looked at her and said with a gleeful expression, “What’s this? It looks like you’re going to grow up next Megan. Let’s see what you turn into.” All the girls starred at Megan and wondered what she will grow up to be.



End Chapter 5

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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