Ethnic Candies

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Chapter 4
Mary: The Black Sista

Chapter Description: Mary is next to change after eating her piece of candy. What is she going to become?

Mary felt a little sick, as she knew that she was next to transform just like what happened to her friend Jessica. The other girls looked on and wondered what’s going to happen to her. Soon enough, she started to grow older.

The first change was that she was gaining inches in mere seconds. This marks her growth spurts as the six-year-old grew through her single digits. The girls watched in fascination as her oversized shirt oversized shirt started to rise up above her feet. “Wow Mary, you’re starting to grow just like Jessica.” stated Alice. Megan joined in and said, “Yeah, I’m sure you will join her soon enough.” Mary turned to the three and boasted, “Don’t get started with me? The rest of you were joining us soon enough.” The girls stopped talking and knew that she has a really good point. Since they ate their candies, they knew they would join with them in a matter of time. By the time she reached the age of ten, Mary knew that puberty is going to begin.

The moment she passed 12, she could feel her chest tingling as her nipples expand beneath her shirt, marking the started to breasts growing. She could feel her arms and legs extending outwards as the first signs of muscle tone appeared on her skin. Her hips started to widen a little bit, starting to curve around her flat stomach and pumping her rear up for a bit. Her face started to mature as well when her skull looked a little oval and her nose getting longer and thinner. The freckles on her face seem to lessen, making her skin looked smoother then before. The pigtails on her red hair grew longer too as they descended lower from her body. Mary now started to look more like a fourteen-year-old preteen that starting her journey to teenhood.

The girls looked on and were amazed by Mary’s growth. Of course, they saw Jessica growing before and were still in awe by the change. Jessica looked down at her friend’s growing breasts and whistled to herself by that. “Well now Mary,” she started, “It looks like your developing quite nicely. I’m certain in a few minutes that you will be just like me, all adult and sexy.” Mary turned to her friend and argued back with a voice that sounded a little lower, “Shut up Jess. It was your fault that you bought those candies from the start. So you were the one that got us all into this predicament.” She immediately placed her hands on her mouth and realized she now had a lower voice, not to mention that she said the word predicament that wasn’t in her vocabulary before. It’s obvious her mental growth is catching up to her physical growth just like her friend and soon she would have both the body and mind like an adult.

She then felt a sudden rush as she rose a couple of more inches, going above the four foot mark as the bottom of her shirt went up to close to below the knees. Clearly this stated that she went into her own growth spurt as she was racing through her teen years with a vengeance. Her body then started to develop two with her breasts expanding into B cups, her hips widening to create an hourglass figure for teenagers, and her arms and legs gaining some toneness as it looked like she had spend time getting fit. Her face was at the crossroads of adulthood as she looked less babyish and more adultish. Her nose thinned, her lips begin to puff up, her eyes grew smaller and her freckles were all gone leaving nothing but smooth, unblemished skin. Sure there were a pimple or two dotting her face, but they soon disappeared as they appeared. Her red hair then grew longer and was starting to get fuller, straining her braids to the point of breaking when a few strands poke out. Soon enough, Mary now looked like a teen of sweet sixteen with a gorgeous body that the boys would like.

The girls watched intently as their friend grew up right before their eyes. “I got to agree with Jessica Mary,” Rosa started to say, “You certainly got quite a body in your teens. I’m betting that in a matter of minutes you would be quite an adult yourself.” “Yeah!” Alice exclaimed, “I’m sure you will attract a lot of boys with those curves, that chest, and that tan of yours.” Mary looked right at her friend and was a little confused. “Wait a second… A tan?” she asked. “Yep!” Alice answered back, “You got a small tan on your skin. Almost like you went to the beach or something.” Curious, Mary looked at her arms and realized that her friend has a point. Her skin looked a little darker then before, almost an almond like color. “Wow…” she said in pure amazement, “You’re right Alice. I am getting a tan. This is so cool!” Jessica noticed this too and checked her skin as well, wondering if she had one. But unfortunately, she had nothing, as her skin was peachy and clean. “I don’t get it?” Jess asked herself, “Why is it that you’re getting a tan while I don’t have one?” Mary turned to her friend and answered, “Maybe it’s because you don’t live on a small farm like I do Jess. Don’t be jealous that my family has the genetics and you don’t. Maybe this change won’t be so bad after all.” She then felt another wave of changes as Mary continued to grow at an alarming rate.

She already sprouted more inches, as she was getting closer to the five-foot mark. Her body was developing more and more and looked to be a mature woman. Her breasts expanded further and were now a pair of bouncy C-cup breasts. Her hips expanded wider and delivered a curvy and shapely hourglass. Her arms and legs have definitive feminine muscles, giving her years of fit and rigorous exercise. Her face was really beautiful with no signs of her young childish looks. Her long elegant nose, small and eloquent eyes, plushy kissable lips, and smooth silky skin made her look like an angelic saint. Her pigtails then started to break apart letting her hair cascade down to her lower back. Even her oversized shirt was over size after all as the bottom hem was in the middle of her thighs and her breasts snuggled comfortably on the top part of her shirt.

The other girls just starred right at Mary and were amazed by the now 22-year-old woman standing before them. “Wow…” Mary said checking herself out, “Look at me. I’m certainly one hot lady.” She then turned to Jessica and had a coy look to her face. “What’s wrong Jesse? Are you upset that I have a hotter body then me?” Jessica looked right at her friend and spat out, “Don’t get too comfortable Mary. Soon the other girls will join us and then you will be the one that should be envious.” Mary just pouted and crossed her arms. “We’ll see about that girlfriend.” she said as she sounded a little more mature then before.

As the two were arguing, Alice, Megan, and Rosa watched as the two were bickering. They even wonder if they will grow up to be just like them. But as they were thinking about that, Alice noticed something really off. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but Mary’s skin looks a little darker then before. At first she thought it was the tan. But that tan continues to get darker and darker by the second. So she pointed to Mary and asks her, “Uh Mary? You do realize that your skin is getting dark right?” Mary looked to her and said, “Um… Yeah… That’s why it’s called a tan for a reason.” “Well Mary, it would seem your tan looks a little more tanner then before.” Alice stated while Mary looked at her oddly. “What?” she asked as she looked at her arms with curiosity. That’s when she spotted her skin was golden brown and was getting a little darker. “Wha…” she stuttered, “what is happening to me?” As they were watching her skin darkening, Megan also noticed something else different about her. “I don’t think it’s the skin that’s darkening Mary.” she stated, “but it also looks like it also looks like your hair is changing too.” Mary heard that and wondered if what she said is true. Taking a part of it in front of her, she noticed that her pigment is getting darker and it appeared to be a little wavy. Feeling worried, she looked right at the mirror and to see if what her friend said is true. The moment she saw herself, she was shocked that her hair was changing both color and texture while her skin grew darker. “Oh my god…” she said in a state of shock, ‘You’re right Megan! My hair is getting darker!” She watched on in stunned and couldn’t believe that her hair was changing. But as she was starring at her reflection, she noticed another weird change in her. It was her eyes… Her blue eyes looked a little darker at the iris’s border had a brown pigment and slowly spreading. She felt more freak out then ever and told the other girls about it. “Girls, I think my eyes are changing too. What’s wrong wit me?!” Jessica looked at her changing friend and said, “I don’t know. But whatever is happening to you is making a different person. Just stay calm, I’m certain it will be over soon.” Mary turned to her and had a deadly look to her face. “Well this betta be over soon sugar.” She said acting completely different then before, “Cause I’m going to beat someone ass for this.” The girl’s were surprised about Mary’s behavior but they all watched as the changes continued to spread.

She was able to stop growing, but her body continued to develop further. Her breasts expanded between the C and CC cup range while her butt grew even rounder then before. The growth of her ass matched the growth of her hips as well as they got extremely curvy and was leaving behind a slim and shapely hourglass. Her arms and legs have more of a muscle tone as she looked a little buff and almost like she got involved in many fights in her days. With her body expanding the girls could see her shirt stretching to the point where it’s on the verge of breaking as her lower hem inched closer to her private area. The skin color grew darker and darker until it was more of a dark chocolate color. Mary’s face then shifted around to look likes that of a different person. Her nosed flatten and round, her lips puffed to a full kiss, her eyes were now brown like her skin, and her check bones puffed up a little to match her sultry looks. Her red hair darkened incredibly into the same brown color like the rest of her, as it grew long and wavy. But that soon changed as the front bangs lightened into a blonde color like she bleached them to make them look exquisite. As soon as the changes were finished, what was a red head, freckled face, six-year-old girl was now an African American woman around 28 years of age.

Mary now looked at herself and was stunned for words as the other girls were quite shocked by the strange metamorphosis. “Oh… My… God…” Megan said with a surprised expression in her voice, “Look at you Mary. You look like an entirely different person.” Alice then chimed in and said, “Yeah… You almost look like one of those dancers in the music videos my older sister watches.” Mary kept checking herself in the mirror and was stunned by how different she is. “Dawg, this is too twisted for me.” she said in a low and odd voice, “How did I turn into a home girl while Jess here gets to be her old woman?” Jessica thought about that too and was curious as to why her friend turned into a black girl. Then she remembered the candies they all had, each with a different flavor. As soon as that struck her, she turned to Mary and said, “Mary, what type of candy did you eat?” Mary turned to her and answered, “I don’t know girl. It was eating a dark chocolate ball or somethin’. Why ask that?” After hearing that, Jessica finally came with a really good condition about her friends change and said to all the unchanged girls.

“I think these candies do more then just change our age, but our appearance as well. Whatever type of candy we had could change our bodies in different ways. For example, I took a plain candy, which turned me into a plain woman, and Mary ate a piece of dark chocolate that turned her into a black woman. So if I were to guess, the candies that you girls ate would turn you all into different people.” There was a state of shock within the other girls and didn’t know what to do. “Jessica, do you know what candies we had and what we would turn into?” Rosa asked her. Jessica just shrugged her shoulders and said, “I have no clue what you all would turn into. Guess all we have to do is wait it out until we see.” Just as she said that, Alice clutched her stomach and felt a little sick as well. Megan looked at her and said, “Alice, are you all right? You don’t look to good.” Alice turned to her friend and said, “I don’t know Megan. I think it’s the candy I took. It’s starting to hurt.” Both Megan and Rosa stepped back while Jessica and Mary looked on. Jessica herself knows that Alice is next to change. But what she’s going to change into is the question.



End Chapter 4

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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