Ethnic Candies

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Chapter 12
Tracy: The Young British Intellegent Woman

Chapter Description: Tracy waited of Christy to return, not realizing what truly happened to her. As she was waiting, she took one of the candies and it changed her too.

Returning to the club, Tracy was at the hallway, waiting for her friend, Christy to return. Tapping her foot, she was starting to loose her patience and said, “Man, what’s taking her long. She was supposed to go out for a quick smoke. It’s been fifteen minutes already! Where have that bitch gone to?”

What she didn’t know was that Christy ate the white cross chocolate in the ally and slowly turned into a middle age nun both physically and mentally. Even if Tracy would go out and check on her, there wouldn’t be any sign of her. As she was waiting, she could hear her stomach grumbling, as she hadn’t eaten anything in a while. Sighing to herself, she said, “Great, now I’m fucking starving. It’s bad enough Christy didn’t return; now I have get a quick bite to eat. Too bad I can’t go back to the bar. If Christy returns then she’ll be pissed and ask why I wasn’t here.” As she was thinking about that, she came up with an idea. “Maybe I should have one of those candies we took from those whores. At least they would get me by for a while.”

Digging into her pocket, she took out the candies she made a grab for and took a look on what to eat first. The first candy is a black bar with a white writing that says, ‘E=MC2’ The other candy is what looks like a protein bar shaped like a dumb bell. Seeing these two candies, she sighed and said, “Well, these are the only ones I could grab. Wonder what Christy managed to take from that bitch? Doesn’t matter, at least I got something to quench my appetite.” She was about to take the dumb bell one and was about to eat it. Just then, someone shoved at her without noticing and apologized.

“I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to push you. Are you okay?”

Tracy turned to the stranger, who was a woman by the sound of her voice, and retorted back, “I was until you shoved me out of nowhere! The fuck is wrong with you?!”

The woman turned to her and gave Tracy a good look at her. What she could tell, this woman was in her early twenties with short blonde hair and blue eyes. But as far as appearance goes, she was a bit anorexic with bony arms and legs and a chest size that’s barely an A. Her clothes were average for a skinny girl complete with a plain black T-Shirt, beige skinny pants, and a pair of loafers on her feet. Looking to this girl, she was a bit surprised and said, “God damn girl! You look like a stick figure! What happened to you?”

The woman looks to her and said in an apologetic tone, “I’m so sorry. I was so focusing on my diet; I didn’t see you there. I’ve been trying to get a good figure in a few years, but I couldn’t get the hang of it. I do not know why?” Tracy got a good look at her and didn’t want to humiliate her due to her physic. “Yeah… I can imagine why…” was all that she said.

She then looks at the two chocolates and decided to give her one, giving how thin she looked. She then took the dumb bell one and gave it to her. “Here, eat this.” she said to her. The woman looks to the piece of chocolate and tried to protest against it. “Oh no, I can’t have that.” she said with the sweetness of her voice, “Chocolate would make me fat!” Tracy shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes, saying, “This is a protein bar. Though it does have some chocolate, it’s actually kind of healthy. Why don’t have one. Who knows, maybe you might get some muscles.”

The woman looks to the protein bar and was nervous of having something like that. Sure it’s chocolate and it could get her a little fat, but Tracy said that it is healthy and it might give her some muscle. Feeling a little hesitant, she decided to take her advice and took the dumbbell like bar from Tracy’s hand. “Thank you, kindly…” she said to Tracy, “It’s very appreciated of you.” Tracy just groaned and said, “Whatever, you little twig. Just get out of my sight.” The woman nodded as she walked away from her and vanished into the hall.

Once she left, Tracy groaned and said to herself, “Great… Waste one piece of chocolate on that skinny whore. Hope she gets fat after one piece.” Looking down to the only piece of candy she has left, she sighed and said, “Oh well… At least I have this one with me. Better then giving that little twig all of them.” To that, she plopped the candy into her mouth and begins chewing on it. The taste of pretty good, having the dark chocolate melt in her mouth while the vanilla one gives her some type of flavor. “Mmm… Not bad. Though I got to say, the taste is a little much. Still, very satisfying. Once she swallowed what’s left of it down, she leaned on the wall and waited for her friend to come out.

Just as she was waiting, she felt a chill up her spine as it spread all over her body from head to toe. As soon as the shivering stopped, she was surprised by that and asked herself, “What’s that? Felt like winter blowing in front of my face. Curious about it, she brushed it aside and said, “Probably the air conditioner on the fritz or something. Whoever’s in charge of maintenance here should fix those fucking things before any of dancers freezes their asses off.” What she didn’t know was that those candies were magical and the moment she ate one of them, the changes soon started. It turned Jessica, Mary, Alice, Megan, and Rosa into older women of different races while changing her friend, Christy into a middle age nun. What changes await her, that’s a mystery. But that will soon come into fruition as her transformation started.

First, Tracy’s height started to decrease for a little bit, not so much but evident as she went down a few inches. It was obvious that Tracy was starting to get younger as she went from being twenty-four to twenty-two in a few short seconds. Her body then started to alter as well as going through her growth phase in reverse. Her breasts, which were CC cup to close to D, decreased by a few centimeters, as they looks less filled, but still firm and round. Her hips begin to compress but her waist remained very curvy and flat. Her face remained the same as she was mature for her age, yet her shaven head was starting to grow some strands of hair and they were a few inches long already. Yet for some reason, Tracy didn’t notice any of it yet, as she was leaning on the wall waiting for her friend to come back. “Sheesh, Christy is taking her time. She does realize we’re wasting nightlife here. I should be leaving early and study for finals.” She said that as the words, study and finals seem new to her. She sort dropped out of college just to have fun with Christy. Now it would seem as though she’s regressing to the time she was studying for college.

Feeling more of a tingle, she was going down to the age of twenty and was beginning to loose more of her attributes. Her height was now down to around five feet and her breasts have gone down to C cups. Her hips compressed a little more and her hourglass figure started to look less curvy then before. Her toned up muscles on her arms and legs started to loose firmness, but remained strong for a woman. And her face started to journey back to childhood with her facial structure rounding. Her hair kept growing and was about a foot in length and continued to grow.

As she was regressing, her clothes started to change, as she grew younger. The skull and crossbones tank top design faded away completely, leaving nothing but a black tank top while her cargo shorts grew longer at her bottom hem, going down to her knees. Her Converse sneakers changed into a different style as socks slowly crept up her legs. Still, she looked like the same punk girl as before, only a little younger and a little insecure. Tapping her finger, she was getting a little furious and said, “Damn it Christy! Why do you have to take this long? This is supposed to be my break after my week of university study! I’m even lucky enough to get into this club even when I’m a year shy of drinking. If she doesn’t show up for the next minute, I’m leaving!” She kept on waiting for her friend to come back, not realizing that her mind was altering to match her current age. Soon enough, she was caring less and less about partying, and more about studying as knowledge was starting to enter her mind. She continues to wait as the transformation continues to change her body very drastically.

For another minute, she started to go down two more years and was now eighteen, the beginning age of adulthood. The height was now below the five-foot mark as she was a little smaller then before. All of her assets that make her a woman then started to deteriorate more with her breasts now BBs, her hourglass looking a little more boyish, and her muscle tone diminishing and looking a little skinnier on the arms and legs. Her face was going through the crossroads between adult and child as well, her structure rounding more, her nose a little small, her mouth less puffy, and her eyes a little bigger. And her hair grew two more feet and was covering up her baldhead nicely.

Her clothes started to shift a little more as they look less punk and more modern. Tracy’s shirt grew downwards to cover up her stomach while the navel ring on her belly button disappeared out of thin air. Her cargo shorts started to extend downward to her ankles and the camo design darkened into one color, dark brown. Her converse started to change again to just regular sneakers and looked darker then before. Her entire attire was very different then she uses to wear as she left her punk ways. Continuing to wait, Tracy sighed and decided to leave. “That’s it! I had had it! I had it with this miserable woman! If Christy going to leave me, then so be it. I’m leaving her and this miserable club she dragged me into. I have to study for my SAT’s if I’m every going to go to a university.” she said as her voice sound not only a little higher, but also having a bit of British accent. Turning, she walked away from the bathroom and headed back to the dance floor. But in her head, she doesn’t care so much to dance and drink, she cares more about her education as more knowledge kept filling up her brain. As she entered the dance floor, she made a B line to the exit and walked past the dancers, none of which didn’t notice the young teen walking through them. As she kept on walking, her body and mind regressed a little more and left her adult life.

Leaving two more years behind, Tracy was now at the tender age of sweet sixteen and she had the body of that of a teen from the start. Her height was already in the middle of four feet as her adult body degraded more so. Her breasts have now gone down to simple Bs and they were less round and bouncy and more perky. Her hips were less sexy and curvy while her rear began to deflate and was getting flat. Her muscles on her arms and legs kept getting weaker as thinned to the point that it looked a little bonier. Her face then started to get a little more childish by the second as she looked less like the adult that she was. Face was rounder, Nose much smaller and a little upturned, mouth looked a bit more flat, and her eyes grew a little bigger then before. Freckles started to sprinkle on the bridge of her upturned nose and slowly spread. There were also a few pimples dotted on her face, but they soon disappear, as genetics tend to keep her face beautiful. Her hair soon exploded and it cascaded down her head, stopping to her upper back. The bang that use to be covering her left eye moved by itself to join the rest of the hair and the purple color faded away completely, leaving behind her natural, dark brown color.

Her clothes started to transcended into something a little more conservative. Her black shirt brightened into a pearly white as a collar grew around her neck and the middle split down the line and buttons soon appeared, looking more like a button down shirt. Her brown pants started to expand at the bottom and grew wider until both ends started to merge together. That merge gave a huge opening at the bottom, turning it into a long and flowing skirt. Her sneakers then started to get through with a much huge change as well and it was a complete overhaul. First the laces untie themselves and faded out of existence at the loose sole got glued together at the top, then the texture went to hard leather, next the color changed to dark brown and finally the bottom changed from rubber to cork. It was then that her sneakers turned into a pair of elegant loafers for teen girls. The young teen kept on walking down the club until she spotted the exit in front of her. “There’s the exit.” She said with her voice much younger and more British, “No to get out of this Vogel establishment and return to England. I am tired of this foolishness. I must return to boarding school to continue with my education. My family needs me to succeed and continue the family line.” She continues to walk as she was disgusted by these people gyrating their bodies and drinking themselves silly. They should be more worried about their studies and future, not making out on the floor. As she was thinking about it, her body tingled as she went through one final change while exiting the door.

Once Tracy was back outside, her body regressed two more years one last time as she had become fourteen, a preteen in the eyes of many. Her body was around the four-foot mark as she was one more growth spurt in reverse. Her body made the final transition as she was less an adult and more childish. Her breasts went from nothing more then a pair of small A cups and were little mounds compared to the huge rack she used to have. Her hips were a hundred percent boyish with little curves left to her body and her rear was flat as a board. Her arms and legs were incredibly skinny and had very little muscles left on them. Her face looked more childish then adult as her face was round, nose upturned, freckles spreading to her forehead, lips thin, and eyes big. Her hair then magically lifted itself up and tied into an elegant ponytail to keep her hair neatly prepped for beauty.

The clothes changed one more time and were now more business then conservative. The skirt started to change textures, as it had become a plaid like style. A red ribbon grew out of her collar it tied itself up into a neat tie. Then a blue jacket came out of nowhere and was over her white button shirt with a patch on the left side that resembled some type of boarding school. Finally, a pair of glasses appeared over her eyes as it made her look smart. And smart is she is, as she was filled with knowledge in her brain. Soon enough, Tracy went from being a social disordered punk woman to a preteen, highly intellectual girl you attends to a boarding school in London, England. Though she was young, she was also mature for her age with etiquette to teach her like a mature woman and not someone your hates authority.

Approaching the edge of the sidewalk, she waited for something, as none of the club goers didn’t notice the young girl getting out of the club. Seeing a nearby taxi, she lifted her hand up and said in a very British manner, “Taxi!” The cab soon spotted her and made a quick park at the side of the street in front of her. Once it made a stop, she opened the door to the bag and sat there nicely. Once the door closed and she buckled up, the taxi driver looked up to her at the review mirror and said, “Where to, kiddo?” Tracy looked to him and said, “Dear sir, please take me to the airport immediately. I need to return to England to continue my studies.” The driver looked to her strangely and could tell that she was a little too young to go out at night. “Aren’t you a little too young to go out on your own at this hour?” he asked her. Tracy looked to him coldly and answered back, “I might look young, sir, but I do act like that of an adult and know how to take care of myself. Now please, take me to the airport where I can leave this dismal town. And if you try anything funny, I will defend myself.” The taxi driver shrugged off his shoulders and decided to follow her advice. “Whatever you say, your majesty.” To that end, the driver drove back to the street and left the club. As for Tracy, she was leaving her old punk life and entering a brand new life. No longer she would be a punk woman. Thanks to the candy she took, she can now focus on her education, on her etiquette, on her future as an independent woman.



End Chapter 12

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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