Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

Chapter 16
Lesbian Couple to Lesbian Family

Chapter Description: With the girls dancing the night away, the box of candies are left unintended. Left for anyone to get their hands on. The first victims, a female lesbian couple. What’s going to happen to them?

Back as the area where the girls once sat on, the box of candies remained on the chair, left out in the open. And with Jessica, Mary, Alice, Megan, and Rosa out on the dance floor, none of them didn’t realize that the box of ever changing candies is exposed, there will be passerby’s noticing it and taking a few. And there were those that do have a bit of a sweet tooth. The first ones have actually arrived to that area.

Out in the distance, two women in their mid to late twenties were walking by, having the time of their lives. One is twenty-seven and was down to earth. She had C cup breasts, a slim hourglass, and a tone figure filling up her black strapless tube dress that is skin tight and cut in a curve that exposes her right side of the stomach and her belly button along with a pair of black three inch shoes. Her skin was golden tan, with her dark brown hair slicked back and going down to her mid back and hazel nut eyes. The other is twenty-five and was more rambunctious then the other one. Her breasts were BB, but they were round and bouncy. Her hourglass was very shapely, as her rear was rounder then the other woman. Her hair was short and wild as it was spiky and dyed in a rainbow color. A part of her hair dipped downwards in front of her face and covered her left eye while the right is exposed and showed off her crystal clear blue eye. Her clothes were just as lively as her as she wore a black tank top with a logo that says, ‘Keep Calm and Party On’ and a strap lowered to show off a part of the black bra, skin tight black leather short shorts that a dangerously up to her upper thighs with a spiky belt wrapped around it, fishnet stockings that goes up to her upper thighs, rhyme stone bracelets on her wrists, and a pair of extra high platform boots, that went up to her legs and the bottoms four to five inches wide. Those two where Elizabeth and Robyn, a lesbian couple that are madly in love.

The two were finishing with their night as they were ready to head on home. Robyn though didn’t feel like leaving as she was so filled with energy. “Man…” she said with a youthful and cheerful voice, “That was stoked! Did you see me get down on the dance floor? I was on fire!!!”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes around and was a little annoyed by it. “Sure you were Robyn.” She said with a tone more mature and understandable, “You were a party animal down there. You know, with so much energy, you could use it for something that’s more important. Something like a job.”

Robyn turned to her with a pout and said, “What?! You want me to go to a boring little life! No way Lizy! I’m at my prime! I’m in the zone! I want to be the coolest party girl in the clubs. Taking a dead end job will ruin my street cred. You expect me to be like you, acting like a total bummer? Na-aw! I will party to the day I die!”

Elizabeth heard that and gave a deep sigh. Both Elizabeth and Robyn are polar opposites. Elizabeth was a graduate who majored in design and is a top professional in architecting the best buildings. Robyn though is more of a laid back woman who was meant to become the top dancer in her league. So she goes to dancing school on the weekdays while the weekend nights she goes to the clubs to improve her technique. Elizabeth usually comes with her in the clubs for support, but she wasn’t a party type of girl as the lights were blinding and the sounds were incredibly loud. But she still does it anyways as she and her was a couple. When they first met at the grand opening of the new dance studio, something she designed, something clicked between then and the two hooked up. However, their opposites usually lead to a bit of disagreements, as Elizabeth wanted Robyn to think about her future. After all, dancing won’t get her into a career like her. If only Robyn would be a little older and more responsible, then perhaps she would focus on her future. But for now, let her girlfriend do whatever she wants.

Robyn though was a little annoyed by her partner. When they met at the grand opening at the dance studio, there was something between the two that made them special. However there are times that their relationship was a bit bumpy. She knew the Lizy was a stick in the mud and always tells her to get a real job as dancing won’t get her anywhere. Robyn though always wanted her to relax a bit. Which is why they go to the clubs every weekend night to help her girlfriend loosen up. However, she didn’t have the nerve to dance with her as she’s usually at the bar drinking a cocktail. Sometimes, she wishes that Elizabeth would start over and have a happier time without being so boring. Perhaps reborn as a different person would change all that.

The two decided to call it a night as they were going to head off to their apartment. As they were walking, Robyn looked to the table where Jessica and the other girls were and noticed something. “Hey! What’s that?” she asked as she rushes to the table. Elizabeth saw her leave and shook her head, knowing that her partner was getting curious. Heading on after her, she saw Robyn looking at the box of opened candies sticking out of Jessica’s purse and looked tempted.

“Oooohhh… Look at all those candies! They look very good!” she said with and eager to take one. “Wonder which one I should take?”

Elizabeth groaned and told her, “Don’t do it, Robyn. That box must’ve belonged to some owner and left it there by accident. I think it’s best that we leave it alone. I’m sure the person would be back to retrieve it.”

Robyn turned to her and said, “Oh puh-lease, Lizy. You think that someone will come to get it? I’m certain that whoever has these candies is near by and will return. Besides, I’m just going to grab one from the box. It’s not like he will notice it.”

Elizabeth gave a very deep groan and could tell that her partner wasn’t listening. She soon look back to see that no one was watching as Robyn digged her hand into the box to find something edible. Feeling something, she smiled and took it out. But when she did, she saw the strangest piece of candy out there. It look like a vanilla cookie that’s shaped like a pregnant woman complete with details and a bloated stomach. She raised an eyebrow and was confused by this piece of candy. “What the…” she pondered, What type of cookie is this?”

As she was thinking about that, Elizabeth told her to hurry up. “Are you done yet? I don’t like to see people looking at us like we’re thieves or something.”

Robyn turned to her and placed the cookie in her pocket, saying, “Yeah… I’m done. Let’s get back home. I feel like I want to crash.”

Elizabeth smiled as they left the table and exited the club. What they didn’t know is that the candy Robyn took out will ultimately change their lives forever.


After an hour and a half of driving, the two made it to the house, which was a high-rise apartment of Elizabeth. Giving that she is an architect and designed many buildings, she always have enough money to keep up with her rent and other necessities. Inside were two stories, one for the living area and the other for the sleeping quarters. There’s a living room/entertainment center to relax, a build in kitchen with a dinning area next to it, a patio on the outside to tan or observe the view, a master bedroom with king size bed for the two and a connected bathroom, an art studio for Elizabeth to do her designs, and a dance studio for Robyn to practice her dancing skills.

Once the two made it in, Robyn stretched and felt a little tired. “Oh man… I’m beat…” she said with a little yawn, “You would’ve thought all that dancing could really drain you.”

“Well you did dance up a storm in that club.” Lizy retorted back, “It’s amazing that you still have some energy left to walk.”

Robyn turned to her and said, “Hey, a girl like me knows how to dance like a maniac. And what about you? You wanted to get some Zs yourself, yet you never dance in that club.”

Elizabeth shrugged her shoulders and said to her friend, “I dance.”

Robyn raised an eyebrow and finds that highly unlikely. “Yeah, right…” she argued, “All you did was do a little shake at the bar. That’s not much of dancing that was flirting. Are you trying to get the attention of the other girls in that club?”

Liz was shocked as she complained, “No! I never do that! I was not in the mood to dance is all. Not everyone is a professional dancer like you.”

Robyn rolled her eyes around and said, “Pft… Whatevs… You really need to start loosening up for a bit Lizzy. You can’t be a stick in the mud all the time.”

“And you need to start getting serious!” Elizabeth argued back, “Not everything is about dancing! What’s going to happen if your leg gets broken? What will happen if you can’t walk from getting crippled? You’re dancing career will be over. You need to focus on getting another job. Otherwise, you won’t go anywhere.”

“And then what? I get to be a boring joe like you?” Robyn asked her, “Sorry girlfriend, but I’m not going to be some classless chump. Maybe if you were reborn into a new person, maybe you be more happy in life.”

Elizabeth then said something she had in her mind. “Well maybe if you were more mature, then you would understand that there’s more to life then dancing!”



The two turned their backs to each other and walked away, wanting to blow some steam off for a little bit. Elizabeth headed upstairs to take a refreshing shower while Robyn headed to the window to look at the view. She sighed and was a little angry over her partner.

“That Lizzy…” she said to herself, “Always down to Earth. Always trying to force me into a better future. What future is there for a dancer like me? She needs to understand that she has to mellow out sometimes.” She soon thought for a second and decided to make amends. “But, she is my love partner and I care so much for her. I shouldn’t have acted that way to begin with. Maybe if I could apologize to her, that will be okay. But I know she’s going to have a fit still. Maybe, an apology gift?”

Digging into her pocket, she took out the piece of candy that she got from the box. Seeing the vanilla cookie that looked like a pregnant woman, she wondered if she could give it to her. After all, she took it from the owner of the box and Lizzy wasn’t happy about that. Still, she had to do something. Looking on, she noticed a line in between the pregnant belly and the woman. Curious, she snapped it and split it in two. Now she had two sets of cookies in her hands and made the decision.

“You know… I do believe that we can share the cookie.” She said to herself, “After all, what better way to mend fences then sharing the cookie. Won’t be too hard.”

Feeling confident, she headed upstairs and waited for her partner in the bedroom.


Fifteen minutes later, in the bathroom, Elizabeth got out of the shower and dried herself up. After a long day, she really needed some R&R, especially that little fight with Robyn. Putting on her bathrobe and wiping the fog off the window, she looked to herself with the tower wrapped around her body and another on her hair. Taking a good look at herself, she sighed and knew she was off the rails.

“You know… I never should’ve been angry with Robyn.” she said to herself, “I really should’ve calmed down over something like this. But she needs to understand that there’s more to this then dancing her life away. I should’ve been calmer over this. Perhaps I should apologize to her. Don’t want the night to end on a sour note.”

After saying all of that, she headed to the door to check on her partner. But the time she opened the door, there was Robyn was, sitting on the bed, waiting for her. “Robyn?” she said in surprise, “What are you doing here?”

Robyn slowly got off the bed and slowly approached her, ready to suck up with what just happened. “Liz,” she said, “I just want to apologize with how I’ve acted. I didn’t really mean to say those things. I know you want to help me and give me an opportunity. But I’m not ready to leave dancing. Not yet at least. Please, let’s not fight over something so stupid.”

Elizabeth as surprised that she apologized and didn’t know what to think. But giving that the fight was meaningless, she had to say it. Taking a deep breath, she looked to her partner and said, “No, you don’t need to apologize. If anyone wants to apologize, it has to be me. I’ve acted like a complete moron and it wasn’t your fault at all. I just wanted you to be prepared for the future ahead of you. I know you like to dance and I can’t blame you. But there’s more to life then dance. That’s why I said that you need to get a job. After all, what happens when you are hurt, you won’t be able to dance again. But if that’s what you want, then I don’t have a problem with that. Just remember, when you are ready to apply for a job, then we’ll speak about it in the near future.”

Robyn heard that apology and smiled very warmly, knowing that her partner had a change of heart. “Oh, Lizzy, I knew you understand about me.” To that, she got close to her and Elizabeth did the same. Soon enough, the two embraced each other with a long and passionate kiss and have mended their fight. Once they let go, they look to each other as Robyn said to Liz, “I love you…” Elizabeth smiled too and responded back, “I love you too…”

Rob then decided to offer her something as they mended fences. “Since we now apologized on our little fight, why don’t I give you a little something special?” she said as she took the two pieces of cookie out and showed it to her. “I’ve found out that this cookie can split in two. So giving that we’ve forgave each other, I thought it would be cool if we share this cookie? What do you say?”

Liz looked to the two pieces Robyn has and was a little skeptical. “You want to share a cookie you stole from the box?” she asked her, “Don’t you think it’s wrong stealing something and then eating something that don’t belong to you?”

Rob looked to her with a ‘seriously’ expression and said, “C’mon Liz. Are we going to go through this again? Just eat it and be happy about it. We can pretend that this have ever happened.”

Elizabeth looked to the two pieces with worry. She wouldn’t just eat a piece of the cookie because her partner took it from the box. But she didn’t want to start the whole fight again. So sighing, she made her decision and said, “Fine… I’ll have that piece of cookie. But only because I need to make you happy.”

Robyn smiled widely and said in excitement, “Thanks, Liz! You won’t be disappointed!” She soon showed the two pieces, as she was eager to see what she’ll pick.

Liz looked to the two and wondered what to pick. One is showing the woman while the other was the pregnant belly. It was a confusing one, as she didn’t know what to pick. But then, she was on a bit of a diet and wanted to look her best. So, she picked the pregnant belly piece and popped it into her mouth. Seeing this, Robyn took the woman piece and eats it as well. The two soon chewed and swallowed it completely as the taste caught them off guard. It was a sweet taste, almost like mother’s milk, and flowed down easily. The two looked to each other and was amazed by the taste. “Wow…” Elizabeth said in surprise, “That cookie was actually good.” Robyn nodded in agreement and said back, “You and me both Liz. It wasn’t so bad after all.”

As soon as they were done eating it, Robyn looked to the bed she sat on and had an interesting idea. “You know, we did forgave each other…” she said, “Why don’t we forgive each other in a different way?” Liz peeked to the bed as well and knew what she was talking about. “I thought you never asked…” she responded as she slowly opened up her robe and let it down to the floor, exposing her full naked body and bouncy C-cup breasts. Robyn felt eager as she pulled her top up with both hands and showed off her bra. The two then started to kiss as Liz pushed her to the bed and tip her down, pinning her to the mattress. The two then continued to kiss more seductively while Robyn fiddled with taking her shorts. At the same time, Liz went around her partner’s back and worked on removing the bra. The two removed each part of Rob’s clothing until it was down to her panties. Robyn quickly removed it and kicked it off with her legs, showing her neatly trimmed pussy and leaving her naked with the exception of the fishnet stockings she had on. Once the two were fully naked, they started to have fun on the bed groping their bodies, to sucking on their nipples, to licking their moist pussies.


A full hour later, the two tired each other out that they crashed on the bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms. It was quite an amazing experience for both of them as they were able to make amends in one of the best way possible. Sometimes, they want to be together, forever, as nothing would break their bond. The moon started to shine through the windows as the light bathed their naked bodies with comfort and warmness. Just then, they started to squirm a bit as the two felt the tingles all over their bodies. What they didn’t know is that their changes are already started.

When they took the two pieces of that cookie, it wasn’t no ordinary cookie. Like Jessica and all the others before them, those candies are magical as whoever eats them change their ages and becomes a different person, based on the type of candy they were eating. When they ate the cookie what was split in two, that would mean the two would change differently. And judging by the picture of the woman and the pregnant belly, it would mark a union of the two and more ways then one.

The changes started to Elizabeth as she started to scratch her belly button. At first it was getting sore as she thought the scratching would help. But when she put her hand away, something poked out of the button and slowly grew out of it. It was a rope like substance with a gray coloring and was moving around like a worm. What it was is actually an umbilical cord as and acted like a snake getting out of the basket. At first, it was comical to see the cord coming out of the adult woman. But then it kept on extending and worming towards Robyn, as it maneuvered between her legs before plunging into her vagina. By the time it went deep inside her, the cord finally made a connection to its womb and made the eternal bond. Both partners felt that and gave a sudden gasp simultaneously, feeling the weirdest of pleasure. Yet they still kept their eyes closed as they were still in dreamland. The cord then came to life as nutrients pumped from Robyn and into Liz. She felt it all and couldn’t help but to feel turned on. But those nutrients aren’t keeping her alive. Far from it. What it was actually doing is filling it with energy that would make her younger. Elizabeth shivered for a little bit when the changes start, only to feel something warm in her.

The 27-year-old slowly went down the age ladder as her body youthened to where she would go. 27, 26, 25… She was now the same age as Robyn as there were no changes in her body. The slight differences is that her face was a bit fresher and her breasts were much fuller. Still, she looked the same, but that will soon change. For the more the cord pump nutrients into her, the younger she becomes.

24, 23, 22…

She was already a college graduate, as the changes were getting noticeable. Her face started to get fresher while her dark brown hair was getting a little shorter. Her breasts started to shrink a little bit, but still remained round and full. Her hips decreased a little bit, yet remains curvy and round. Her rear is still plumped and firm, but it was deflating a little bit. Her vagina had a neatly trimmed bush that was in a triangle. Now it was growing out of control as she was getting younger. Still, there weren’t much of changes on her body that is very extreme. Yet the cord connected to her belly button was still pumping all those nutrients and other fluids that kept on making Elizabeth younger.

21, 20, 18…

Now she was just a young adult that is entering college and now the changes are extremely drastic. Her body started to shrink down by a few inches, going from 5’7 to 5’5. Not much, but it was a bit noticeable. But what’s even more noticeable is that Liz’s body was dissolving away from adulthood. Her breasts shrank a bit more as they started to downgrade to BB cups, the same type of cups Robyn has. Her hips decreased a little bit more and slowly loosing her precious curves. Her flatten more as it was making her curves less pronounced. The pubic hair around her nether region was extremely bushy as it looked like she hadn’t trimmed it in years. Her arms and legs, which has some feminine muscles after years of exercising and keeping fit, start to dissolve away, but remained toned and athletic. Her face was getting the worse of the changes as it was crossing over from adult to childhood. Her skull structure was starting to loose its oval face and showing signs of roundness. Her nose started to get smaller and compressed from top to bottom. Her skin was showing a pimple or two as she was reaching the end of her awkward phase of her late teen life. Her hair kept growing shorter as it went up to her upper shoulders and was lightening up to medium brown. It is a known fact that Elizabeth had bright blonde hair when she was a child until genetics darkened it. Now, it’s reverting back to it’s blonde color very slowly as she kept getting younger. Liz squirmed a little bit as she was trying to get comfortable. But the warmth of the fluids pumping into her body is keeping her stable and asleep, not to disturb her. But it didn’t matter anymore as she was caught in that regression high. So much so that she kept on regressing further and further down through teen hood.

17, 16, 15…

Now Elizabeth is at her mid teens, passed her sweet sixteen and her body is going through a serious turn for the worse. Her height has gone through a few reverse growth spurts as she was down below the five-foot marker. But the traits that she obtained as a grownup was slowly dwindling away. Liz’s breasts kept dwindling more and more as they have become perky and is between a B and A cup. Her hips kept on compressing more and her hips kept on looking less sexy. At the same time, her rear flatten more and was now taking away what made her lower body more pronounced. Her pubic hair then shrank back down as it thinned away, going backwards through puberty. Even her own pussy was youthening as shrank a little while the hymn was repaired, turning her back into a virgin. The muscle tone shank away from her smaller arms and legs and is making her look ganglier then athletic. Her face was the worse for wares as she was less like an adult woman and more like an awkward teen. Her face was getting rounder while her cheeks started to get a little chubby. Her nose kept on getting smaller while a bit of freckling was appearing on the bridge of her nose. Pimples started to burst like wild fire as it covered most of her face, like it was when she didn’t know what face cleaning is like. Her lips started to thin and was loosing it’s puffiness to kiss. She then started to yawn to reveal her teeth, while braces appeared on them. It was evident that Elizabeth had braces on since she was thirteen and had them removed when she was seventeen. So it’s obvious that her braces would appear when she was in that age. Her hair then crept on getting up through her upper back and continued to get a bit lighter. Soon enough, Elizabeth now looked like an awkward and nerdy teenager, nothing compared to the adult and sexy woman she once was. Still, the changes didn’t stop there as the cord connected to her navel continued to pump in more fluids into her body and making her much younger.

14, 13, 12…

Elizabeth then went down to her preteen stages, as she was more of a kid then a woman. Her height kept on going down further and further, reliving a reverse growth spurt bit by bit. Most of her womanly assets were mostly gone, but there was a bit of evidence of their existence. Her breasts melted away like two scoops of ice cream, as they were now a pair of small bumps while her nipples shrank down from quarter to pennies. Her hips decreased more and more while her ass was flat as a board, loosing her curves and shape, with a little of it left over. The pubic hair was shrinking at a rapid pace, as it was nothing but fuzz around her immature vagina. There was no muscle tone on her as her shortened arms and legs were thin as twigs. Her face was completely childish with very little adult qualities. Her face was more round then oval and her adult feature were nearly gone. Her nose got much smaller as the freckles spread up to her forehead for a bit. At the same time, all the pimples on her face nearly vanished, as there were a few of them left. Her lips were flat and pale, as they don’t look like the ones meat to kiss a man, or woman in Liz’s point of view. In her mouth, the braces soon vanished as were teeth were uneven and a bit crooked. Her hair grew shorter and brushing her upper back, nearing her shoulders, as the hair color brightened to a light brown color. The awkward preteen squirmed a little bit more and was getting a little uncomfortable for some strange reasons. Though she wanted to wake up, she won’t as the fluids coming from the umbilical cord keeping her from staying asleep. So she kept on sleeping and not worrying about what’s wrong with her. She went back to a restful sleep as the liquids in the tube kept de-aging her out of her teens and into childhood.

11, 10, 9…

Now Elizabeth has left the single digits of her life and entered the single digits, loosing everything. She kept on shrinking more and more as she was reaching around four feet. What’s left of her breasts melted away and she was completely flat chested. Her hips had no curves and her ass had no plump roundness in it, leaving her with no hourglass and boyish waist. What was left of her pubic hair was long gone as her childish privates were smooth and bare. Her smaller arms and legs were very thin and gangly as ribs were shown before her chest, revealing that she was very skinny before she gained some mass. Her face has lost all the adult attributes as well, as she really looked like a kid. Her face was nearly round and her nose was small and a bit wide. Freckles spread out of her forehead and were beginning to come down the sides of her face. Her hair was now up to her shoulders and lightened a bit more to a dark yellow color. Liz was being filled with a lot of energy as she squirmed a bit to wake up. But the cord kept on pumping all those fluids that it was impossible to wake from the eternal dream that she was having. Soon enough, Elizabeth relaxed some more as the umbilical cord’s fluids keep regressing further to her infancy.

8, 7, 6, 5…

Downwards and downwards into childhood as her body was getting smaller and younger. Her height is already below the four-foot mark as Elizabeth continued to shrink away. Though her body no longer has any adult attributes, it was already showing signs of her entering infancy. Her skinny arms and legs were gaining fat, but not only fat, it was baby fat. It slowly protrudes off the skin and steadily increased in mass, getting pudgy bit by bit. Even her stomach started to protrude a little and was a bit bloated. Her face kept on youthening and was reaching babyhood as well. Her structure is completely rounded, as her cheeks were a little bloated. Her nose is completely small and starting to look button like. The freckles then spread down the side and already reached her cheeks, leaving most of her face completely covered. It was a known fact that Liz had a made case of freckles ever since she was a baby. That changed when she was older and her face was cleared of it. But now it came back with a vengeance after a long disappearance. In her mouth, all of her adult teeth started to grow smaller, turning most of them into baby teeth. Her hair soon went up to her neck and lightened to a medium blonde hue. Liz kept on bubbling with energy and wanted to awake from the bizarre changes. Still, she won’t as the liquid in the umbilical cord kept her asleep. The liquid then continued to get her younger again as she was fast approaching being an infant.

4, 3, 2, 1…

Further down she went, as she was now a baby that is now just 12 months old. Her body was small and frail as baby fat was pretty much everywhere on her arms, legs, stomach, and face. Even her face was a complete baby, as it looked really cute. With her huge cheeks, little button nose, an invasion of freckles, and a tuft of brightly blonde hair, she was the absolute description of a baby. Even what was left of her baby teeth got sucked into her mouth and she had nothing but gums behind the lips. Baby Elizabeth felt at peace now as a little baby as she was acting like one. In fact, she mentally moved her pudgy little hand over to her mouth and started to suck her thumb in comfort. It’s like she doesn’t even remember that she was once a professional adult woman, just a tiny infant without a care in the world. However, that would soon change as another thing happens to her.

The cord that was connected to Robyn’s vaginal started to contract and suck into it. This caused little Liz to get pulled in a bit by bit. But the infant didn’t wake some the sudden movement as the fluids and chemicals kept her asleep for the whole time. As she was getting pulled in, her body kept getting younger after each pull.

12 Months, 11 Months, 10, Months…

Elizabeth’s body kept on getting smaller and pudgier while her hair kept on shrinking. She is already getting pulled down by the cord before getting forcefully turned to the direction where her former partner is.

9 Months, 8 Months, 7 Months…

She was getting tiny as her hair was looking like a shaggy look for boys. The cord kept on pulling her as her small body rode over Robyn’s leg and she was below her privates. Still, she didn’t wake up from the bump as the fluids kept her asleep.

6 Months, 5 Months, 4, Months…

Her body kept on shrinking while her hair slowly sank into her scalp. Soon enough, her blonde hair was now peach fuzz with the exception of the tiny tuft that was hanging in the front. The umbilical pushed her closer and closer to Robyn’s vagina as it looked swollen and growing, making it look ready to suck a baby in.

3 Months, 2 Months, 1 Month…

Little Elizabeth was now nothing but a one month old with her feet getting very close to her partner’s pussy. She was incredibly small and fat while the remainder of her hair was completely bald with the exception of the tiny tuft of blonde hair that was in the front. Still, the cord kept pulling her as her tiny feet was getting close to her the privates. By the time she passed the month of her life, the cord pushed her again and the vagina touched her feet. The folds started to open up and took the feet in. This lead to the beginning of the contractions.

4 Weeks, 3 Weeks, 2 Weeks, 1 Week…

Going back to the weeks of infanthood, Elizabeth’s body was shrinking more as her body was starting to get devoured by Robyn’s vagina. Her feet are already fully in and her legs were next to go, continuing sucking her in. Robyn started to moan as she had a weird dream of having the best sex of her life. Course the reverse contractions were turning her on as the deeper Liz goes, the more aroused Robyn gets.

7 Days, 6 Days, 5 Days…

Now going back to days of babyhood, Elizabeth’s body continued to shrink further and further into Robyn’s pussy. The folds have already sucked the legs and is already moving towards Liz’s waist. At the same time, Robyn kept moaning louder and harder as she felt like she was going the distance.

4 Days, 3 Days, 2 Days, 1 Day…

Nearly reaching the day of being a baby, Elizabeth kept on shrinking while the vagina folds sucked up the hips while moving up to the waist. At the same time, Robyn was in pure bliss as she was sweating in the heat and groaning in ecstasy.

24 Hours, 23 Hours, 22 Hours, 21 Hours, 20 Hours…

Little Liz continued to get sucked up, as her hands and higher waist were next to go. The vagina folds were so tight that it was impossible to escape. However, young Elizabeth still was asleep during the whole ordeal as she felt at peace with where she was going. Robyn though felt eurothra as the contractions are turning her on more and more. She was biting her lip and shutting her eyes tight as the experience was overwhelming.

19 Hours, 18 Hours, 17 Hours, 16 Hours, 15 Hours…

Liz kept going back through the hours of being a baby and her shrinking body was slowly consumed by the vagina flaps of Robyn. Already, it was now up to her chest and arms and continually sucked her in after each reversal contraction. Robyn paid no mind as her sexual sleep continued to heighten in an alarming rate. She breathed heavily and was turning red, waiting for the climax to come.

14 Hours, 13 Hours, 12 Hours, 11 Hours, 10 Hours…

Liz’s body had already got sucked to the shoulders, as all that’s left is the head. Liz would’ve woke up to see what is happening to her body, but she couldn’t as the fluids kept her sleeping. Robyn though was sleeping in a sexual tension. Her entire body was warming up as sweat started to drip down her body.

9 Hours, 8 Hours, 7 Hours, 6 Hours, 5 Hours…

Now the vaginal folds was up Elizabeth’s neck as her head was next to go. Robyn was burning up as she was looking a serious release.

4 Hours, 3 Hours, 2 Hours, 1 Hour…

The vagina folds now moved up Elizabeth’s head as the pubic hair tickled her a little, but she remained asleep during the whole thing. Robyn was getting sexually aroused and was peeking to the point of an orgy.

60 Seconds, 55 Seconds, 50 Seconds, 45 Seconds, 40 Seconds, 35 Seconds, 30 Seconds…

Elizabeth’s head was completely sucked into the pussy and she was completely inside. The vagina muscles kept on opening and closing as it pushed her deeper and deeper through the birthing canal. At the same time, Robyn was moaning louder and louder as it was making her ready to scream in compete fascination. It was too much for her as she was almost ready to scream.

25 Seconds, 20 Seconds, 15 Seconds, 10 Seconds, 5 Seconds, 4 Seconds, 3 Seconds, 2 Seconds, 1 Second….

Robyn screams in a huge after orgy as she broke through her peek limit. She took a heavy breather as she can finally relax after her sleepful masturbation. What she didn’t know is that she had took her partner into her vagina as the cord sucked her in completely. Inside Robyn, Elizabeth was already a newborn as the umbilical cord pulled her into the womb. It was then filled with birthing water as she was floating in it before it was filled up completely. Soon enough, Liz was floating around the liquid in the fetal position, mentally sucking her thumb while the heartbeat of her partner soothed her completely. She was almost in a blissful sleep without any worries. In fact, she would never wake up again as the cord kept filling her with the liquid to keep her asleep as the regression kept going.

Nine months turned to eight months, then seven, then six. Robyn’s belly kept getting smaller while Elizabeth started to get less developed in the womb. But as the preborn infant get smaller, Robyn’s body started to form a metamorphosis. Her body started to grow a little older and his body is filling up into something more mature. Her breasts started to expand as it went from BB to C and still growing. Her face is softening and looked more angular then normal. The hair on her hand grew down a little more and the colors faded and was slowly revealing her original hair color, which was black. It was almost as if she was aging to the age of a fully-grown woman.

Six then turn to five, then four as Elizabeth developed less and less while Robyn was growing more and more. Her boob kept on expanding to double CC as they were being filled with milk. The muscle tone she gained after years of dancing started to get looser as the mass lessen. Yet she was still tone, but not as when she was a dancer. Her face looked older as faint lines slowly appeared around those eyes and mouth and made her look older and more mature. The rainbow color on her hair was duller and faded as most of it was blacker then normal while it grow longer, right down to her shoulders.

Once Elizabeth undeveloped from the third or two months, she went down to one month and was nothing but a small little life form in a fetal position. Robyn’s belly was nothing more then a small little bump, not to distinguishable, but enough to let a few people to notice. Her body soon enough aged into a thirty-five year old woman, ten years ahead from the dancer that she was. Her breasts were now the size of D cups and were ripe and full of liquid to feed a certain future baby. Her hips have flared out and was wide enough to give birth. The muscle tone was a little weak, but she was strong enough to raise a child. And her face was a little too old for her taste as the faint lines deepen and her eyes were getting tired. Her hair color was completely gone as it was solid black without a trace of the ravenous stripes she once had. It then grew down long enough that it reached her shoulders, as there were a few gray streaks hidden under her tresses. So what was once a young and hip woman with dreams of being a top dancer was now a soon to be mother in her mid thirties.

Just then, the room around Robyn shook around while she was still sleeping. It started to move around, compressing, and shifting into a smaller room while the paint chipped away from the wall to reveal an older wall and further looked solder fashioned instead of new. The bed grew smaller to fit just her as she squirmed through the shifting mattress. What really happened was reality altered around her as the two candies shifted about to fit the future mother to be. Now it has become a standard small apartment for a lower middle class person making a living. It has just a living area/bedroom in one part while the small kitchen was on the other side. There was a small TV, a bathroom on one end of the kitchen, and a closet filled with clothes. On the door on the other end that heads out is a dinner waitress uniform, meaning that Robyn is now a waitress at a dinner close by. All the changes soon stopped as Elizabeth and Robyn’s lives have changed completely along with the apartment they use to fit the new world they are in now.

As soon as the changes were finished, the sun slowly rose from the window and the room was bathed in an orangey hue. As soon as the sun hits her face, she groaned and got up, stretching and yawning from her sleep. “Man, what a dream.” she said to herself, not realizing that her mind altered to match her body and the world around her. “I remember I was some lesbian and I was in love with another woman. How weird… At least it’s just a dream and not real life. I could only imagine what that life is like as some woman with a bizarre fetish. At least I had a guy in my life. Too bad he died in that accident. Sigh… At least he left behind a future for me to take care of. I just hope that I can raise it well.” She then placed her hand on the small bump on her stomach and said to it, “Don’t worry young one, I promise to take good care of you.”

She soon got up from bed and prepares herself for her day at the dinner. She didn’t have a single clue that she was once a young and energetic dancer, let alone the unborn in her stomach were infant her older lesbian girlfriend. But still, she was happy that she would give her soon to be born child a happy future. Sure they didn’t expect that to happen at all, but they have gotten what they wanted. They have gotten their wish.



End Chapter 16

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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