Ethnic Candies

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Chapter 11
Christy: Punk to Holy

Chapter Description: Christy and Tracy enjoyed treating the women and took some candies from them. Not aware of what those candies can do to them. When Christy decided to head to the ally to get some fresh air, she tried one of the candies and it changed her into something more... Holy

In a hallway at the club, both Christy and Tracy were leaning on the wall laughing it up with what they did. The fact that they made fun of Jessica and her strange friends and taking candy out of that purse of hers was fun in it themselves. Of course none of them didn’t know is that those candies they got could change them as well. Yet they didn’t know it until they took a bite.

“Did you see the look on that woman’s face when we got some candies out of that box?” Christy said with a bit of confidence in her voice, “That bitch didn’t see that coming!” “Tell me about it!” Tracy responded, “The way she acted in that box really was strange for her. Almost like she didn’t want us near them. Wonder why she didn’t want us to have them?” Her friends turned to her and said, “Who knows and who cares? All that matters is that we got some goodies to eat for free! Besides, those ladies should know better then to be in our territory.” Christy then looked at the clock and could see that it’s her time to smoke. “I’m going to take a cigarette break.” she said pointing to the exit in the ally way. “You want to join me?” Tracy lifted her hand up and said, “No thanks. I’m starting to cut back. I’ll wait for you right here. Just don’t take too long.” Christy shrugged her shoulders and said, “Whatever… Your loss.” She then started to walk away from her friend and was leaving for the ally. Tracy then sighed and decided to wait for her friend, not knowing what’s bound to happen now.


Minutes later, the back ally of the club was quiet as there not a soul around. Just then, the back door started to open and Christy come out of it with a breath of fresh air. “Oh boy, what a night…” she said as she dig in her pockets to get the candies she took. “Got to say, taking candy from a grownup baby was quite an interesting experience. Wonder what type of candies they were?” Getting her pockets out, she took a good look at what she got and wasn’t impressed. Looking down, she took two candies from Jessica. One was a white chocolate in the shape of a holy cross. The other is a beige like chocolate of the Indian kind that looks very expansive. Looking to the two, she sighed and said, “I don’t see what the big deal is with these chocolate? They just look delicious in my eyes.” She was about to open her mouth and take a bit for the candies. But just as she was going to do that, she could hear a voice in the distance.

“Excuse me dear girl, do you have any change?”

Christy turned to the voice and notice that it was a homeless woman around fifty with a tattered down jacket, dirty and tore wool shit, ripped jeans at one knee, and withered old sneakers. Her body was a little bloated and her back was hunched over as her face was wrinkled and a few strands of black and gray hairs stick out of her snow hat. Christy looked to the homeless woman and turned her head away in disgust. “Fuck off you old hag!” she said as she started eating a white cross, “Go bother someone else.” The homeless woman though didn’t want to leave as she kept on asking. “Oh please good lady,” she continued, “I don’t have anything to eat and got nowhere else to go. If you can just give me some change or a quick bit to eat, I would be very appreciated of it.”

As she finished with her first chocolate, Christy was about had with the woman and was about to do something bad to her. But then, something snapped in her brain and something different cam into her mind. It almost felt like she was sorry for this girl. That she lost everything and was no stuck in the streets, struggling to survive. Perhaps she could give her something, but any change that she has just won’t do, giving how expensive food is now a days. But as she looked down to the Indian chocolate she had in her hand, she was going to eat that next. But seeing the girl hungry, she decided to give her that instead. Looking to her, Christy said, “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have shouted to you. I was a little angry for nothing. Here, have this piece of chocolate. It will make you feel better.”

She handed the chocolate to her and let it drop to the palm of her hands. Looking down to the chocolate, the homeless woman looked to the young punk and said to her, “Thank you ma’am. It’s nice that youths like you are kind hearted.” She then walked away and was pleased she got something to eat for once. As she left, Christy blinked her eyes and couldn’t believe what she done. “What was I thinking?” she asked herself, “I actually sounded… nice to her.” She rubbed the temples of her head and was trying to process what she did. “I really need to walk this off.” she said as she walked the opposite direction to clear her head. However, she didn’t know that when she ate her white cross chocolate, the changes in her were beginning to manifest on the outside.

Her body slowly started to grow and age as she was going through her twenties. Her body started to shape and shifted, giving herself a much hotter body while her clothes alter to match that age. Her short black hair started to grow a little longer as it went down her ears. Her face started to sharpen and her cheekbones were a little higher. Christy continued to give it some thought of what she was doing. Giving a piece of candy to an old and broke woman? A woman that she didn’t know? It was strange, even for her. But the more she thought of it, the more she thinks that she had done something good in her life. Sure she had done a lot of bad in her past, but what Christy did made it like she can turn a negative into a positive. A smile crept up her lips and wondered if she can do more for her life.

As Christy was thinking about that, her body continued down the changes she was going through. By the time she was near thirty, her body took a different change. But the change wasn’t that of aging, it was more of alterations. Her D cup breasts deflated now and were now CCs, making the cleavage of her shirt less shown. Her curves flatten a little and she was looking less shapely. Her hair continued to go down further and covered the sides and back of her head. But as it grew down, another change was happening. When she was young, she used to have natural blonde hair. But as she turns into an outcast, she dyed her hair black to make herself stand out in front of the minority. That soon changed as her longer hair had a few strands of blonde locks appearing here and there. Her clothes started to alter to match her changes and were starting to look less like a punk, and more like someone else. The opening of her shirt that shows her shrinking cleavage grew smaller as the black color of her shirt spread down her middle of her biceps. Her short skirt grew down to the middle of her calves and was looking less skintight. The tops of her spiked boots grew down as they stopped to the middle of her legs as the leather looked duller. Her choker that has a demon skull shifted into a human skull. As Christy was walking, her mind was altering to match her physical changes. In her head, Christy thought that she could do something more positive in her life as any negative thoughts were disappearing in her brain. To her, all the mean things that she had done seem so wrong for her. If she can do more good things and turn her life around. The more she thinks about it, her more her body took on those metamorphosis.

She aged a little more and her looked less sexy. Her chest degraded down to a regular C and her hips lost more of her hourglass. Not that she was complaining. She still has a lovely body, but Christy doesn’t want to show it off. As soon as she thought of that, her clothes kept on changing into something less skimpy. The opening at the top closed further and was nearly covering her breasts as black color of the sleeves go further down to her elbows. Her skirt grew further down as the hem went above her knees. Her boots lowered to her lower calves as the spikes at the bottom flattened and softened to cork while white socks appeared and peeked out of the changing boots. The skull on her choker shifted again and turned into a cross of some kind. Her face aged a little more with her cheekbones rising and faint lines appeared around her mouth and eyes. Her hair grew longer and more blonde strands invaded more of her black dyed tresses. Christy’s mind continued to get cleansed as all the bad things she had done was being wiped away. In her head, she was focusing more in doing things right and just. Almost like she wanted to do a higher calling in life, something more holy then bad. Holy… Yes, that is truly her calling. If she can work hard in church, if she does many good things, then maybe she can be forgiven. After all, the lord is a forgiver. As she walked farther away from the club, her changes are becoming more prominent as the rebellious side of Christy was fading away in body and mind.

Going up to her mid thirties, her body was degrading a bit as what makes her sexy was loosing the battle. Her breasts continued to flatten as they were now BBs and her hourglass was thinning and loosing more of its curves. Her muscles were deteriorating and were beginning to sag, but remained toned for a woman her age. Her face was showing signs of aging too as faint lines spread here and there while her hair grew longer and was more blonde then black. The clothing on her kept on changing as well with her shirt closing at the top and her sleeves went below her elbows. But as she kept on changing, the bottom of her shirt started to merge with her shirt and formed into one dress as the skirt itself was descending down further to her knees. The top of her boots descended further and shifted into what seems like a pair of sneakers as the socks on them rose higher. Plus the bottom part of the cross grew downward, looking more like the holy cross itself. Christy head was getting clearer as her dark and punk like side was taking a back seat. She felt reborn, ready to serve a higher power, and wanting to help those that are lost. But before she could do that, she needs to start praying. To her luck, she saw a church at the end of the ally and decided to walk down to it. During that walk, her body and mind kept on altering and making her less her old self and more of something completely different.

She continued to age near her forties and her body was no longer the sexy kind. Her breasts were now down to perky B cups and her hips compressed a little more, leaving a much less of an hourglass. The faint lines deepen and were looking more like wrinkles, yet her face was still beautiful even if she’s a little old. The top of her dress was now closed completely; cover her neck as a white choker appeared over that. Her skirt grew below her knees as they were touching her ever-growing socks. Her shoes continued to simplify itself as the laces and holes soon disappear and the texture was more leather. Her hair was mostly blonde with little black strands left over. But as it was completing the look, something stranger happened. As her hair was changing, something black appeared the wrapped around her head and her hair lifted up and formed into a bum. It almost looked like a veil with an opening in the front for her to see. The cross on her neck shifted a little more and was a little fancy with Jesus on the front. The woman walked out of the ally and could see the church as clear as day. Christy was eager to come in there and worship the lord as the dark and punk side was fading into existence. She wants to pray and help people at their worse and not being mean and destructive on her old side.

She crossed the streets and was walking up the stairs to the church. It was there that the last of the changes finished and she went from being a young an dangerous punk woman to a holy nun. She had on a nun like dress where the hem goes down to the slip on shoes. It completely covered her body as her breasts were between a AA and B with little curves on her. Her face was radiant and though with faint lines, high cheekbones, and wrinkles, she was beautiful in her mind. Her hair was completely blondes and was covered completely with the black veil. And her silver cross was shining around her choker neck and dangled on it at each passing step. Walking up to the front door, she smiled and said in a mature tone, “Well, I’m here… I’m to serve the Lord.” Opening the door to the church, she proceeded into the church and was ready to help in the name of good and right. She doesn’t know that her memories were erased as she forgot about her friend Tracy back at the club, waiting for her. Nor did remember about giving the homeless woman the other chocolate she once had. But it doesn’t matter anymore, as all Christy wanted to do is go in church and pray.



End Chapter 11

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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