Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

Chapter 13
Poor and Old to Rich and Indian

Chapter Description: While Christy was going through her transitions, the homeless woman has the piece of candy given to her and went from rags to riches.

Back to the ally, everything was very quiet as the sound of rats was scurrying around looking for food. One of these rats was actually the same homeless person that was looking around for a quick bite to eat. This is the very same woman Christy encountered. As she was searching through the dumpster, she sighed and said, “Still nothing… These people don’t know when to save food for those less fortunate.” Getting out of the dumpster, she then remembered what this one person did. “At least that woman I’ve encountered had a change of heart and gave me one of her chocolates.” she said with curiosity, “Strange though that she changed her mind over something like that.” Of course, what she didn’t know was that Christy didn’t want to give this woman anything to eat. But when she had that white chocolate cross, she immediately had a change of heart and gave her the other piece of candy she had. Of course, that was the start of Christy’s change from the punk girl that she was to a holy middle-age nun she has become.

Digging into her dusty pockets, she took out the candy and looked to it. Taking a good look at it, she could tell that this is a specialty chocolate. It was a Mocha type of brown and had an Indian like look to it. From what she could tell, this chocolate seems so expensive and could taste really good. “Wow… this chocolate looks like something you can see in those fancy little restaurants. I’m surprised that woman could give me a chocolate like this. I wonder what it tastes like?” Just to get her curiosity flowing, she decided to eat it to see what it’s like. Without thinking it, she place the chocolate in her mouth and chew it up for a little bit. Once she had it in, she could already feel the taste of it going into her mouth and it was so excised. Almost something to keep her stomach full for a while. “Mmm… That was good! I never thought chocolate has such good tastes! I should thank this woman in giving that chocolate when I meet her again.” So she continued to walk through the ally and search for any other food that was left discarded.

What she didn’t know is that she ate one of the chocolates that Jessica and her friends took. It was the same types of chocolate that turned Christy into a middle age nun and her friend, Tracy, into an intellectual young girl. Now she ate one of those chocolates too, meaning that she will change as well. As the homeless woman was walking, she felt a sudden chill that started from her feet, all the way up to her head. She shook a little bit, confused of what just happened. “Whoa… What was that?” she asked herself as she crossed her arms, “It felt chilly all of a sudden.” Rubbing her shoulders, she shrugged it off and said, “Must be the night air getting colder. I swear this jacket I have isn’t keeping me warm at all. Wish I could have some clothes that would keep me warm. Or better yet, a roof over my head so I don’t feel the rain pouring on me. Sadly, that’s just a pipe dream for me. Who would’ve guess that I would be at the short end of the stick. I got no home, no job, no money… I practically got nothing. To everyone around here, I’m just a nobody.” She continued to walk to through the ally, complaining about what happened to her life. What she didn’t know is that she was walking, her body started to change from the chocolate she consumed.

It started when her body began to grow as if she was getting taller. In fact, she was starting to get straighter as her hunched spine snapped bit by bit. Once, her body looked more of an upside down L shape. Now her spin was slowing bending back as the pain was subsiding. Her face started to look different as the wrinkles lessened and she didn’t look saggy as before. What’s really going on is that the moment she ate that piece of candy, her body starts to change, on in her case, gets younger. Yet she doesn’t know about it as she kept walking, not realizing her back is straightening and her posture is less bended. “And not just a nobody,” she continued, “But one that didn’t get the luck she deserved. Everyone I knew got what they wanted. Money, friends, a spouse by their side. Me? I’m more a shy type of woman that never socializes with everyone. A bookworm that never is popular with her peers.” She continued to walk no knowing that the changes in her body were progressing.

Her spine bended back more and more as her body looked thinner then before. Almost looked like she was loosing weight. What’s really going on is that years of bad dieting and living on the street was starting to deteriorate from within her body. Now she was regaining the body she once had before living in the streets. Her face kept changing as well as the wrinkles were disappearing and the skin was smoothing over, looking a little vibrant then ever. Her messy hair over her snow hat then started to grow out as it went down her neck. As it grew, the gray streaks started to looks less noticeable as they fade away from the black traces. The homeless woman kept on complaining, not realizing her body kept on youthening and straightening up. “Not that I’m upset about not having friends and all. My mind is on the future. Sure I worked hard, kept my grades up, studies all night. I did everything I can to get to the top and apply for a job. But did I get what I want? No…”

She continued to walk further down the ally getting younger and fit. Her spine kept going back while her body was loosing weight. She looked half hunch and half straight and her walk was improving after years of roaming. As she was loosing weight, she was also gaining it in places that make a real woman. Her hips started to expand a little bit and she was beginning to gain some curves that she had lost in her days of being homeless. Her rear, which was barely noticeable, then blown up and start to get bubbly, starting to create an hourglass on her mid section. Her arms and legs regained tone and muscle as she was starting to look like she was working out at a young age. And to top it all off, her breasts, which were very droopily in her homeless days, begins to rise up and was filling up like a pair of tires. As she was growing, her clothes started to look a little uncomfortable. With a tattered down jacket, dirty and tore wool shit, ripped jeans, and withered old sneakers, they were a normal size for her. But now that she’s straightening up and growing, they were pretty much constricting for her. Fidgeting a little bit, she readjusted her shirt and pants and kept on walking without realizing what was happening.

As her body was youthening, so what her face. All the wrinkles were nearly faded, looking more like faint lines and crow’s feet. Her completion was smoothing over and looking clearer. Her eyes started to look less tired while her lips were regaining her puffiness. And her hair grew down from her shoulders and has more black then gray. Seeing her transcendence, she looked like a mature woman in her thirties then a middle age homeless woman. She was still hunched over, but that would change as she kept on youthening. “Thanks to theses government rules and all, there are so much new things they keep on adding. Not to mention with the economy in the loop and business’s downsizing, I couldn’t get a job to begin with. Now look at me! I get kicked to the curb and they treat me like garbage. Not to mention I couldn’t keep the rent of my apartment and I got evicted. Life is so cruel.” As she was still complaining, her voice sounded much clearer then before. When her slow days of surviving through her homeless phase, she starts to smoke to calm the nerves. During that time, her lungs started to get damaged and it was a little harder to breath and her voice was very raspy. Now that she was regressing back, her lungs were getting healthy and her voice was much clearer. Even if her voice sounded differently, she didn’t notice her sudden change. Let alone that fact that her height changed and her point of view is different. It was almost like her mind is altering just like her body.

Speaking of which, the changes kept on escalating as she was getting back to her former, fit, and sexy self. Her back has just about finished straightening up as her posture is much more balanced. Her body was thin, but was showing off some serious proportions. Her breasts rose higher and lost their sagginess, inflating into Bs and then Cs. It was even evident that her tatters sweater was pushing forward and was showing some cleavage on the top. Her hips doubled in size and grew wide to show off her curves and her rear was well rounded to complete the hourglass. That caused her already torn pants to get more ripped the bottom of her shirt rose higher, exposing her stomach and a little bit of her belly button. Her arms and legs continue to gain muscles and were showing off a tone of that of a super model. Meanwhile, her hands were looking dainty instead a filthy and any blemishes on her skin are long gone, replaced with smooth texture. Her face was just as vibrant as her body as the faint lines were slowly fading away and her eyes kept getting less droopy. And her hair grew past her shoulders and went down to her upper back.

The woman, who was now around her thirties kept walking, but with a looser from then when she was stiff, and was mentally changing. “I mean, I wanted to make my family proud and give me the chance to respect me. But it would seem that they lost my respect when I got rejected from every job applicant. Doesn’t matter… All these loss of jobs is a temporary setback. I find some work to help me get by. I don’t care if I have to work at a fast food joint. I’ll do anything in my power to move on up in this world.” Giving that her body and mind was regressing; her own mentality kept on changing. The homeless woman was now thinking about finding a job then giving up and was determined to get her life back on track. It’s almost like she completely forgot of what she use to have. Of who she lost everything and would spend the rest of her life in the streets till the day she dies. Now, it looks as though she’s getting a second chance in life as she was going to fight for her future.

By the time she thought of that, her body completed shifting and regressing as she went from middle age to hag to a young woman in her mid twenties, with a body of a model and a face of a goddess. Her breasts were round and jiggly as they become CC’s to show off her cleavage under the town sweater. Her hips were wide and her but was round, showing off her curvy hourglass figure. Her arms and legs were long and toned as they show off some serious muscle. Her back snapped back to proper place as she stood straight up like she didn’t have a back problem at all. Her face was the essence of beauty as there were no faint lines and crows feet around her mouth and eyes and skin smooth as silk. Her eyes shine brightly and her lips were very plumped to kiss. Her hair grew down her back and the remaining gray strands vanished completely, leaving her with smooth black tresses that shine very brightly.

The now young woman looked out of place with her raggedy clothes, but it seems that she doesn’t care. She now has her body back and she felt a little more confident then she previously was. Her walk has strongly improved and she was more determined to get her future back on track. “I’ll do it!” she said in a clear and strong voice, “I’ll get my life back together! Even if the start of my job search went to a rocky start, I still have the chance to turning it back around. I’m going to get a job and do whatever it takes to get my life in check. I don’t care if I have to be a store clerk, a fast food employee, or a stripper, I’ll find a job that helps get paid and I’ll earn it. That apartment doesn’t rent itself you know.” The woman felt like she was ready to take on the world, as she felt determined to get herself a job and get paid, even if it kills her.

As she continued to walk, another change took place that was really strange. While the woman didn’t change in age, her skin was slowly darkening as if she was slowly taking a tan without the sun or a tanning bed. It kept on getting darker until it stopped to almost mocha like color. She then started to rub her eyes as she felt them changing from hazel nut brown to emerald green, one of the rarest of eye color. She then opened up her mouth as the sound of her voice felt a little alien, almost Indian in nature. “Even if I don’t get a job, then perhaps I can create my own business. That too will pay good money. I heard that marketing in gas and oil seems like a strong option. I heard that places in the Middle East make a good profit over that. If I can start from there, then I’m in business.” The woman still wasn’t aware of the change of her voice or the color of her skin. It was almost natural to become something like that.

After her skin changed, her clothing started to shift into something more fitting for her new look. It started with her worn out sneakers as they started to tingle. The shoes started to feel the exposed feet up as they were repairing themselves. Just then, the shoes changed into a new set. First, the torn up designs of the sneakers start to shrink and disappear from the blue while the laces thinned and shrank until they were non-existent. The front sole shrank downwards while the front of shoe opened up and shrank upwards. Once the two joined together, it turned into a thin strap as they exposed her toes, which have shiny polish and manicure that appeared immediately. The sneaker’s color changed into black as the texture changed from leather to smooth. The heels on the backs of her feet rose up to three inches shifted into a cork like substance. To complete the look, two straps appeared on the top of the shoes and wrapped around her ankles, tying themselves so the shoes won’t fall. Within moments, her worn out sneakers turned into a pair of elegant black high heel sandals, as her height grew a little more.

“I mean, I know that there are other jobs that seem fitting for me, but oil is a gold mine compared to the others. After all, oil is a global franchise that runs the planet. That is why my family runs that said business.” The woman immediately stop what she said as she was starting to get confused. “Wait… Was my family running an oil industry? I assume it was.” The woman was beginning to have trouble remember something like that. What she didn’t know is that her mental changes were altering the way the piece of candy she ate wants her to change. Yet she didn’t know of it, as she was acting completely normal over all of it.

As she was thinking about it, her ripped up pants were the next to change. The bottom hems started to rise up slowly, exposing her smooth and flawless legs. Once they went up to her knees the top parts were vanishing away. Starting with the pockets as they were sealing themselves up and the lining fading away, the belt loops thinning and vanished, the button popped away and was no longer there, and the zipper slowly disappeared and was no longer there. When the pants went up to her thighs, they started to slant upwards by the outer sides. As they reach her hips, they tightened around her waist and molded across her rear and vagina. The color soon changed into a black color and the texture was see-through. Soon enough, her withered up pants turned into a thong as it exposed her bottom half pretty well. Yet she didn’t felt that, as it was natural to walk around with her thong out in the open.

“Oh that’s right.” She said, now remembering with her altered memories. “My family runs an oil industry in India and are multi billionaires because of it. With my parents passed away, now I have hold of the family business. How could I forget something like that?” The woman, realizing the memories that altered her now has a clear head as she was still trying to figure out how she has forgotten her rich life. Course that was because she used to of been a poor homeless woman.

There was a tingle on her wool sweater as the bottom hem lowered and covered up her panties, continuing downwards until it stops to below her knees. At the same time, the top opened up and slowly revealed her newly acquired assets as they bounce freely after each step. The wool texture filled in and covered up completely as the as the texture now less rough and completely silky soft, smoothing all over in all the right places. The bottom part started to get a little frilly as another piece of cloth came down across her body and connected completely. What was a withered up sweater was now an elegant Indian dress that looked beautiful on her body and looked expansive. That’s not the only thing that changed on the top, there was also tattered jacket came next.

The jacket’s hem started to grow down the same height as that of her newly created dress and started to grow heavy on her. That’s because it started to glow up and gained fur on the surface. Meanwhile the strings that tightened the collar of her jacks shrunk up and vanished to the top as the hood merged with her jacket. More fur grew around her wrists and neck as it gave off some personality that she was. Soon enough, the woman no longer has clothes of a homeless lady, but clothes of a rich Indian woman complete with a Minx coat. A fake Minx coat as she was an animal lover and don’t like killing for something to wear.

“I’m happy that I inherited my family’s money so I can live the high life. Still, that doesn’t mean I have to splurge on anything. That would be mean. Not only do I keep running my family’s oil business, I also donate money to charity, I have a strong portfolio on the stock market, and I have money to retire. I need to be responsible with my investments. Last thing I want is to be out on the streets, scavenging through trashcans and dumpsters to eat and sleeping in those filthy bridges and boxes. That would’ve been a nightmare.” She said all of that, as she didn’t really know that she was that very person that looks for food in the trash while sleeping in places to get dry. That was now a pipedream of what she now has.

She was nearing the end of the ally and was ready to leave the filthy place. As she reached the end, the last of the changes took place. Her long hair started to lift itself up and was wrapping around, getting braided and going to the right side. When it was done, it looked more like an Indian type of hairstyle for women. Rings appeared on a couple of her fingers as nail polish covered her nails. A jewel studded necklace appeared on her wrist while an elegant necklace with a red gem came around her neck. Finally, makeup was applied to her face to enhance her beauty while a red dot appeared on the top of her forehead. In a matter of minutes, what was once an old woman that doesn’t have a home to go to was now a rich Indian entrepreneur that runs an oil company in India that is living the highlife.

The newly changed woman stepped out of the ally and was in the sidewalk, at the front of the club itself. Digging into her coat pocket, she took a pack of cigarettes and took one out with her mouth. She then took a lighter out and did a quick puff to relax herself. She started to wonder what to do for tonight since it’s still young. Just then, a young man saw the Indian woman and decided to approach and speak to her.

“Hey there doll.” he said to her, “What a fine woman like you doing here late at night?” The woman turned to the guy as she smirked and said, “Oh you know… The same ol’ same ol’. Walking around the town, looking for a fun time, finding a guy in my life.” She then look up and down to this person and looked impressed by her physic. Using her finger to trace the abs underneath the shirt and said, “A guy that would rank an eleven off the hot meter. And you, you have certainly are in that department.”

The guy blushed a little and consider that a compliment. “You know…” he started to say, “That club behind us can bring in women such as yourself in without getting into that long line for a certain list. Maybe you and I can go into that club and have a little fun?” The woman turned to the club he was referring to, the same club that Jessica and her friends entered. With a bit of a smirk, she answered, “Well, there is nothing else to do. So yeah, why not have a blast in there.” The man smiled and said, “Great! Let’s get going! I’ve been in that line for so long I was going to loose it. My name is Richard by the way. What’s yours?”

The woman looked to him with pleasing eyes and gave him her name. Now she used to have a name back when she was a homeless woman. But now that she was an Indian rich woman, she now has a new name that fit her body and mind. Her name was… “Alda. You can call me Alda.” So both Richard and Alda headed down to the club, where Alda’s old life was soon over and her new life would begin.



End Chapter 13

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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