Ethnic Candies

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Chapter 19
Russian Prostitute

Chapter Description: When Iva left to from babysitting Tricia, she looked to the hookers and thought that they were uncivilized. But then she tried the hourglass cookie that Toniqua gave her and has a sudden change of pace.

On the night before Toniqua and Tricia"€™s lives were changed, Iva Krautz walked away from the apartment she was babysitting and felt happy with what she did. "€œI got to say, it"€™s nice that I took good care of young Tricia. She was quite an angel. It"€™s a shame though that I would"€™ve stayed the night with her. But Toniqua is a new mom and she is adjusting to motherhood. I"€™m sure in a few months; she would get use to it. Who knows, maybe I can spend more time with Tricia with more babysitting duties."€

She walked down the street to find a bus stop to return home. As she was walking, she approached the corner and noticed something going on the street. She knew that there were hookers that hang out on the other side of the corner with skimpy outfits and phony looking make up. It was the only place they go to for getting picked up by guys and get escorted for a little nightlife. Looking to this, she groaned and said, "€œIt"€™s those tramps again"€¦ Why do they hang out in that neighborhood? It makes things so uncomfortable for anyone. If it were up to me, I would kick them out, but I don"€™t think they will listen to me. Wish there was a way to get them off the street."€

She soon made it to the bus stop and wait for the bus to come and pick her up. For the next fifteen minutes, she was waiting and didn"€™t see the bus coming down. "€œStrange"€¦"€ she said, "€œNormally the bus would come by when I arrive. Looks like it"€™s running late. Maybe it was in traffic or something."€ She soon turned to see the hookers across the street and groaned at the sight of it. "€œIt isn"€™t helping that those tramps are there. They always annoy me so much. No good, classless, wrenches."€

Seeing this it going to take a while, she decided to get something that Toniqua had given her as payment for babysitting her daughter. Digging into her bad, she found what she need and took it out. What it was is an hourglass cookie that Toniqua gave her to include with her money. She looked to it and decided to take a bite. "€œWell, since I"€™m waiting, I should enjoy myself with a little treat. Sure, I"€™m looking out for my diet, but Toniqua gave it to me for a reason. So I should enjoy it while it last."€ So she took a quick bite on the cookie and chewed it a couple of times before swallowing it. By the time she had it, she perked up and said, "€œWhoa"€¦ This is great! I didn"€™t think sweats like this taste so good. Maybe I hadn"€™t had one in a long time. But whatever"€¦ At least I enjoy it."€ So leaned to the ad wall and waited for the bus to arrive.

What she didn"€™t know was that the cookie, like all other pieces of candies that were in the box that Jessica bought for her friends on their sleepover, contained some strange magical properties. All of which turns the person who has it into whatever the cookie predicts, aging or regressing the person or changing their ethnicity, relationships, or any other random thing. With Iva having that hourglass cookie, it could mean that she will change into someone with an hourglass figure, if not more.

While she was waiting for the bus, she started to feel a tingle from head to toe and wondered what just happened. "€œHuh"€¦? What was that feeling? Never felt that before."€ Thinking about it, she shrugged it off and said, "€œCould be the breeze. The air is chilly tonight."€ She soon turned to the hookers on the corner at the other side of the street and was still disgusted. "€œI hope the bus gets here soon. The more I stay here, the harder it is to ignore those hookers."€

When she was thinking of that, her body was beginning to change and youthen as she was regressing down her fifties. Not much has changed in between; there were a few signs of her rejuvenating. Her ace was starting to youthen, as the wrinkles were looking less noticeable. While at the same time, her hair was showing more black strands then white. Her body tone was loosing weight, mostly at the mid section, and was showing through her black dress she wore that covers her entire body and goes down to her ankles of her feet. Her DD boobs were the most noticeable where they slowly perk up and was slowly degrading away. All and all, it didn"€™t look like much as changed.

Iva sighed and continues to speak to herself. "€œThose worthless girls, wasting away on the corner just to get laid. I remember back in my days that women are better refine and more civilized. Now a days, it is more showing off their bosoms and rears and acting all slutty. I don"€™t know how they would do something like that. I wish I would understand what they are like."€

As she was speaking about it, her regression kept on going and was going through her forties. Her body continues to get younger and her body was loosing more weight in the stomach. Her boobs, meanwhile, were now D cups and rose and was starting to get bouncy. But then, another strange change has happened. For some strange reason, all the fat from her waist and boobs is being transferred into her rear and beginning to bloat up. While at the same time, her stomach was beginning to gain curves, almost like she was starting to get hot. Her face was changing as well and was less of wrinkles and more of faint lines. Her hair had less white too and was gaining blacker in the process.

Yet she didn"€™t know it just yet as she continued to speak about it. "€œI mean, not that I want to be one of those girls. But maybe I would be in their shoes and teach them a thing or two to be better mannered and behaved. Maybe get them away from this neighborhood and take them someplace a bit more like them. Can"€™t have little kids looking at them like this. Sigh"€¦ If only"€¦"€

She looked to her hands and wondered what to do with them. But then, she noticed something not right. She couldn"€™t put her finger on it, but her hand looked less withered and now looks healthy. Heck, she can rarely see the veins anymore. Out of curiosity, she looked to her other hand and noticed the same thing happening with her other hand. "€œWhat the"€¦"€ she asked in surprise, "€œWhy are my hands looking younger then before. Am I seeing things?"€ Out of curiosity, she turned to the window that showed her reflection a little bit and was completely shocked with what she saw.

Starring before her wasn"€™t an old woman in her sixties, but instead a young woman in her late thirties and early forties. Her breasts were ripe and showed little sag on them while she now possess a muffin top on her waistline. But then, she turned and noticed that her rear was plumper then the rest of her body with her stomach area was getting curvier then before. She could even see her face looking fresher with only faint lines and a wrinkle or two while her black hair had streaks of gray with more black dominating.

She blinked in shock and didn"€™t know what to think. "€œHow"€¦ How could that be?"€ she asked in confusion, "€œHow could I look so young this quickly? No one would grow young just like that!"€ She didn"€™t know that the hourglass cookie is affecting her body, making her both younger and curvier. That is because the hourglass cookie can turn any woman, no matter what age, will become and curvy woman.

And curvy woman she"€™s going to be as her body kept getting younger and she was now in her early thirties. Her boobs have risen higher and showed little sag anymore and downgraded to CC. Her hips compressed more and almost looked like one of those anime girls from One Piece as her rear grew rounder and bubblier, looking like a round pillow that someone would sleep on. Her arms and legs didn"€™t show any flabbiness as it showed off a lot of muscle tone for a woman, as if she"€™s been in the gym everyday. Even her face didn"€™t show any sign of aging with the faint lines fading away to nothing and no gray was present in her hair as it gained its luster and shine. Iva just couldn"€™t believe her eyes, as she didn"€™t look like the old woman she use to be.

By the time she regressed passed her thirties, something really bizarre happened. During the whole time, and before her regression, she was hearing a wool like yellow sleeveless sweater with long sleeve white shirt underneath it, a blue plaid skirt that goes to her mid calves, and white two inch loafers to make her feet comfortable. When she regressed, she looked ridiculous with her attire as it is tight one some places and loose on others. But then, her clothes started to shift and liquefy, swirling around her changing body. She starred in awe as the swirl of colors darkened and as completely black, once the clothes finished shifting and fitting her new body, the sight of it shocked her.

She was now wearing a black skintight sleeveless suit that act as a one-piece bathing suit, but with a zipper that unzipped from her neck and stocked below her breasts to show some serious cleavage, even though it goes all the way down to her privates awfully close. Her white loafers darkened and rose up to her mid thighs, with her heels rising to five feet and laces sprout from the top to bottom, becoming long leather boots to showcase her long and shapely legs. A pair of black leather gloves emerged from her hands and grew out until reaching her mid biceps. Then a black leather jacket magically appeared and covered her up in the chilly weather. Even her hair made a change as well as it shortened and became a short cut with a bang that was covering her left eye. Makeup then appeared on her face complete with black lipstick and black eye shadow and a piercing appeared on her ears and nose with a chain connecting from her left nostril to her left ear.

Iva stood in shock as what was once and homely senior citizen, is now a 27-year-old all black stripper with the magical effects of the cookie was wearing off. Her body was busty and curvy with C-cup breasts hugging tightly in her suit with the extremely thin curves; big round ass makes her look sultry and curvy, and a face that could be that of a bad girl. Her eyes were wide as circles and was shocked at the sight the new you. "€œWhat the Hell!"€ She soon covered her mouth as it sounded like a deep and sultry Russian accent, since Iva is part Russian. "€œI look like one of those strippers in those clubs. I look so slutty in this outfit."€ She soon realized that maybe her body and clothes weren"€™t the only things that changed. She looked down to her purse and saw it changed as well.

Instead of her plain purse, was now a small black beaded purse with a small strap on her arm. Opening it up, she could see that even her contents have changed. There was a pack of cigarettes, a part of which that she had never smoked in her life, a bunch of condoms for protections, a black vibrator for some private time, and a wallet stacked with 10G of cash. Taking out her driver"€™s license, she could see that it has changed as well and showed the face of the new her, giving the finger to the camera and a smirky look.

"€œOh"€¦ My"€¦ God"€¦"€ she said in disgust, "€œEven my entire life has changed. How can I live my life like this? I didn"€™t want to have this! Not at all."€ Putting the license away, she sat down on the bench of the bus stop and gave a deep and anguished sigh. "€œI no longer have a simple life anymore"€¦"€ she said to herself, "€œNow I have to spend my new life in a body of this whore. This day can"€™t get any worse."€ She soon looked up and saw the prostitutes across the street at the corner, acting all poised and waiting for men to pick them up. Seeing this and looking at herself, an idea popped in her head and gave it some thought. "€œMaybe I could use this body to my advantage. If I could mingle in with those girls, I might force them into leaving. That"€™s a really good way in cleaning this street. Let"€™s give it a try."€ She soon got up and carefully crossed the street, getting to the girls to mingle with them.


At the same time, the three prostitutes were around the lamppost and were waiting for whatever man would come to pick one of them up. Still, the street was pretty much deserted and no car came by yet. The one woman, who was 29, tapped her foot and was getting impatient. She was pretty much a college dropout that felt like she had no future for her but to survive in the streets. She had D cup breasts that showed a bit of sagging, but remained full and bouncy. She had a curvy body with widened hips and a bubble butt in the shape of a heart. And her face was that of a porn star with solid red puffy lips, a thin and long nose, and clear blue eyes with shaggy long hair to show off her bad girl side. She was even wearing a tramp like attire complete with a tight white T shirt with a dip to showcase her assets, a small black leather jacket to help her keep warm, skin tight pink pants that goes all the way up to near her nether regions to reveal thong, four inch long black high heels with exposed legs, a black Egyptian symbol necklace wrapped around her neck, and crystal chandelier piece earrings on her ears. She was smoking her fifth cigarette and was getting pissed off over the whole thing.

"€œMan, this blows!"€ she said in complete anger, "€œI"€™m in need of some cock in my mouth and there is no stud around here that can get me laid. What a shitty night"€¦"€

She was puffing her cigarette and blow off smoke in frustration. By that time, one of her friends looked to her and sighed. She was over her thirties and of African descent with huge EEs and a huge booty to accommodate her huge curvy body. Her face looked bimbo like with neon pink lipstick and pink eye shadow over her eyes. Her black hair was long and frilly as there was dark pink coloring from the middle to her tips. Her attire was extremely revealing with a white bra like tank top to show her huge assets with the bottoms of her breasts completely exposed, incredibly small booty shorts that nearly exposes her huge ass while the only thing holding it were white strings tied pm both ends, and pearly white foot high heel pump shoes with the toes exposed. The only thing that"€™s keeping her warm with all the exposed skin is a fake fur coat going down to near her feet while she opened in the middle to show a little preview.

She turned to her and said, "€œTake a chill pill, Cynthia, the night is still on. I"€™m certain the men will come driving by later in the night. There are always the late nighters working the graveyard shift that need to unwind afterwards."€

The woman, who is called Cynthia, looked to his counterpart and said, "€œOh, blow it off, Ember. You were the one that picked the spot in the first place. You should"€™ve known that no one would come down this street."€

Ember rolled her eyes around and sighed. "€œWell, it"€™s the only place where the cops don"€™t drive by."€ S

He spat back, "€œNot my fault that no one is around."€

As the two were arguing, the third woman heard this and was getting annoyed. She is the youngest of the group in her mid twenties and is Asian in decent. Her boobs were a modest C cups and was thin in stature with her hourglass all teen like and not so much of a round rear. But she was still sexy and showed off her assets. Even her face has some Asian beauty with thin and plushy lips and exotic almond shape eyes. But she was pretty much a wild child as well as her hair was short and styled with rainbow color dyed. Even her clothes were wild as well with what looked like a school girl uniform, but the sleeves were torn to reveal her arms and the midsection cut off to reveal her slim stomach, the skirt was punk looking with chains wrapped around it, fishnet stockings on the lets that go all the way up, and sexy looking loafers with five inch heels. And to top it all off, she had piercing on her nose, belly button, bottom lip, and ears to show off her rebellious side.

The Asian prostitute looked to this and decided to break it off. "€œNow, now, girls."€ she said to them, "€œDon"€™t be so mean. We still have to save our energy on the men that will come by."€

Cynthia turned to the Asian and protested, "€œOh please Nikki, like you the one to talk. All you ever done since leaving college is fucking the brains out of every man you see. Don"€™t be so dumb in wasting all that meat and never saved some for us. You"€™re such a whore"€¦"€

Nikki heard that and was a bit irate. "€œI"€™m a whore?!"€ she yelled back, "€œYou"€™re one to talk when you took my man from me when I turned to get some protection. You are so greedy!"€

"€œHey, what can I say? The early bird gets the worm, and you are two slow."€ Cynthia said back to her.

The two were fuming towards each other as they were about to blow it. Ember groaned and knew that it was going to be a long night. As all of this was going on, another woman was approaching the group and was hesitant in talking to them. This woman was Iva as she crossed the street and was close to the three. But as she got close, she stopped and wondered how to respond. She never spoke to any prostitute to stop, and even if she did, they would give her a glare and would which to attack her. So she"€™s always scared of them hurting her. Of course, that was when she was a senior citizen. Now that she"€™s like one of them, she might be able to get close to them and not get into too much trouble. But how to speak to them is the question, as she doesn"€™t know where to start.

Meanwhile, both Nikki and Cynthia kept on arguing and Ember was about to give up on this foolish fight. But then, she noticed a strange new girl wearing an all black outfit and looked worried. Seeing a way in stopping this fight, she pointed to her and said, "€œYo! Who"€™s the girl over there?"€

Both Nikki and Cynthia stopped complaining and turned to see this girl as well. "€œLooks like a new prostitute."€ Nikki said, "€œNever seen her before"€¦"€

Cynthia raised an eyebrow and was curious about her as well. "€œWhoever she is, she seems a little lost. Maybe we should let her join us. Just as long as she doesn"€™t steal our spotlight."€ With that said, she called Iva out. "€œHey! New girl! You lost or something?"€

Iva heard her and got startled a little bit. Seeing them starring at her, she didn"€™t know how to respond from that question. Feeling a little sheepish, she responded with, "€œUh"€¦ No"€¦ It"€™s my first night in prostituting and I saw you three standing there. Is there a chance I can join with you three?"€

The group heard this and looked at each other for a few seconds. "€œYep. Definitely a newby."€ Cynthia said as she turned to her and told her, "€œSure thing you can join us. Come on up here! We"€™ll show you the ropes."€

Iva was surprised by that and never thought they would let her join their group. Normally, prostitutes like them would threaten her in demanding that they leave. Now, they welcome her with open arms. Knowing that she got their attention, she approached them and decided to speak to them. "€œSorry if I"€™m intruding"€¦"€ she said to them, "€œJust looking for a spot to hang out and find some men and saw you three standing there."€

The three gave a laugh and decided to talk to her.

"€œNo probs, girlfriend."€ Ember said, "€œWe always help rookies out on their line of work. My name is Ember by the way, but my prostitute name is Bootilicous."€

"€œAnd I"€™m Nikki, but you can call me Nikki Sucky."€ Nikki introduced herself next.

"€œAnd I"€™m Cynthia, but in the prostitute business, it"€™s the Red Dragon."€ Cynthia continued, "€œWhat"€™s your, newby?"€

Iva looked to them and shyly said, "€œIva"€¦ My name is Iva"€

The three looked to them as Ember said, "€œIva? That"€™s a unique name. And by the sound of your voice, you are Russian, right?"€

Iva nodded in response, "€œYes"€¦"€

"€œAnd what"€™s your prostitute name?"€ Nikki said.

Iva looked to Nikki confusingly and didn"€™t have a clue of what she meant, saying, "€œProstitute name?"€

"€œYeah"€¦"€ Nikki continued, "€œProstitute name. The name that makes you special at what you do."€

Iva looked perplexed and didn"€™t know what to say to her. "€œUm"€¦"€

The three looked right to the new girl and could tell that she didn"€™t have any. Cynthia saw this knew what"€™s going on. "€œOh, I see"€¦ You"€™re so new at this you don"€™t even have a prostitute name. Maybe we should give you one."€ She rubbed her chin and started to think about it. "€œLet"€™s see"€¦"€ After a bit of pondering, she came up with a good one. "€œAh! I got it! Why don"€™t we call you the White Russian, since you are a Russian and sounds like a drink you could get hung over by it."€

Iva heard this new name that was given to her and was a little iffy about it. But if she wants to get these hookers off the streets, she should get along with them and listen to every word they said. So she sighed and responded with a nod. "€œOkay"€¦ That sounds good. I can live with it."€

"€œGood."€ Cynthia said to her, "€œNow step aside newbie! Watch and learn."€

The three women headed to edge of the sidewalk and started to show their stuff while Iva looked on and wondered how to get them off this street and away from people.


A full half an hour has passed and still they didn"€™t get any action. Ember looked on and was getting annoyed by this.

"€œMan, look to this!"€ she said in frustration, "€œWe"€™ve been here for so long and none of us didn"€™t get any action."€

Nikki sighed and said, "€œI know"€¦ These streets are dead. This is the worse spot ever!"€

Cynthia looked to this and turned to Iva, wondering if she had anything to do with it. "€œMaybe it"€™s the new girl. She must be getting the real meat away from us. Figures that she would ruin the mood."€

Nikki turned to her and told her that it wasn"€™t true. "€œImpossible! We still haven"€™t gotten our boys before she came and didn"€™t have them for the past few days. Don"€™t blame White Russian on this."€

Cynthia turned to the Japanese hooker and said back to her, "€œI could blame whomever we want! You should know better then to not cross with me. Remember"€¦"€

Nikki pouted and didn"€™t like it. "€œDon"€™t remind me."€

Iva listen to all this and decided that maybe she can use this to her advantage. Clearing her through, she said to them, "€œGirls, no need to fight. Besides, it"€™s no one"€™s fault. This is a dead street to begin with and no one would come around it. Maybe we should go someplace else to find some guys. You know, far away from the streets."€

Ember heard Iva and was agreement. "€œWhite Russian is right. These streets are just nothing important and we"€™ve wasted far enough time as it is. I think we should go someplace else for some big pieces of meat."€

Cynthia heard this and decided to listen to the two. "€œYou know what? You"€™re right. These streets don"€™t have anything special about it. We should go somewhere more fun then this."€ After thinking about it, she knew where to go. "€œHow about we head down to that club downtown. It"€™s always packin"€™ ever night and filled with guys of all sizes, especially down there."€

The girls looked to the Red Dragon and was in agreement.

"€œHeading to the club for some real fun? "€œEmber asked with a smile, "€œI"€™m gamed."€

"€œMe too."€ Nikki continued, "€œGoing clubbing is better then waiting in the streets. Let"€™s head down there."€

Cynthia soon looked to Iva and said, "€œWhat to do you, White Russian, you can to come with us or not?"€

Iva looked to the three and heard of this place. That club down within the town is the talk around the place. She usually dejected places like that as it felt slutty for her taste. But now, she had become the slut along with those girls and would fit in. This could be the chance to leave them off the streets and make sure they stay in the streets. So with a mental sigh, she gave them an answer.

"€œSure"€¦ Why not?"€ she said to them, "€œGot nothing better to do."€

The three heard her response and was glad that she was on their side.

"€œGreat!"€ Cynthia said to her, "€œLet"€™s get going to the place. Night is still young and we got a lot of ground to cover."€

The three soon turned and walked away from their spot, getting to this club. Iva though stayed where she was and wondered if she could go with them. She has already got them off the street and that was an accomplishment in it of itself. But she also agreed to go with them and didn"€™t want to disappoint them. After all, she needed to make sure that these girls get out of trouble and keeping them in the club is the best option that she has.

"€œYo! New Girl!"€ Ember said with a bit of impatience in her voice, "€œYou coming or not?"€

Iva heard her and already saw the three reaching the corner. Seeing them about ready to leave, she said, "€œComing!"€ and ran towards them. And to think, she was going to be at home sleeping. Now she"€™s with these hookers with a body to match them. Iva, the now called White Russian is in for one strange night.



End Chapter 19

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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