Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

Chapter 10
Slumber Party in the Club

Chapter Description: Waiting for the store to open in the morning, the girls decided on conitnueing their Slumber Party, only this time, dancing the night away. But of course, trouble is about to brew.

It is around eleven at night and the mostly everyone is fast asleep. But at a local club downtown, things it’s all poppin’. Loud drum and bass was echoing through the walls as lines of people were in line waiting to get in. At the entrance of the club a bouncer was keeping watch while checking the list for anyone that’s on the top. One was a group of guys waiting at the front. “C’mon, what’s the hold up?” asked one, “We’ve been on that line for an hour.” The bouncer looked to him and said, “Give me a moment will ya? This is a long list and I can’t let anyone in unless the name is on it.” He checked the name until he found what he was looking for. “There we are… Looks like you’re on the list Mr. Brunstien. Welcome to the party.” Bernstein looked to him as the bouncer let him and his friends in. “It’s about damn time” he said in frustration, “Next time do your job. I swear, bouncer these days.” He and his friends left the line and entered the club as the bouncer rubbed the back of his head. “For crying out loud, these people. They certainly should know about being patient.” Just as he was saying that, he heard a voice in the distance. “That’s putting it mildly…”

The Bouncer turned to the direction of the voice and saw something he didn’t expect. Standing before him were five women in different races, wearing different sets of sexy outfits. One is a woman in her thirties with dark brown hair that goes down to her rear and a very curvy body and huge boobs. She was wearing a black pleats and sequins short dress that fits snuggly and showed some serious assists on her chest, see through pantyhose, and a pair of black three-inch heels. The second woman is of African decent of twenty-eight with much bigger breasts, about CC, a round rear end, and brown wavy hair with blonde highlights on her front bangs. She was wearing a leopard print skintight dress that showed more assets then the last woman, leather four-inch heels, and huge golden hoop earrings dangling on her ears. The next woman is a 27-year-old Hispanic woman with tan skin, D cup breasts, and wavy brown hair that was set up in a stylish ponytail. This woman was wearing a White Crewneck Lace Sheath Polyester Half Sleeves Club Dress giving her a bit of a sexy look with white pump heels. The next woman is a 23-year-old Asian woman that is a little younger then the others with perky BBs, a slightly huge rear, nearly tanned skin, and shot bob cut black hair. She wears a purple strap dress that goes down her thighs with pumps meant for clubbing and bracelets on her wrists. The last woman is a straight up bimbo of 27 years of age with DD breasts, a heart shape ass, and long blonde hair. She was wearing something completely scantily clad as it was a pink cross neckline cut out sexy bodycon halter dress, pink five inch heels, a pair of lace pantyhose, and a dusting of make up to help advance her beauty. The bouncer didn’t know it yet, but these women were Jessica, Mary, Alice, Megan, and Rosa, once young girls were now adult women of different races and classes.

The bouncer looked to the women and had his jaw dropped at the moment, never thinking he would see girls in that magnitude. He never even expect girls like that before in his life. Quickly he shook his head from the shock and said to Jess, “Can I help you five?” Now that she got the bouncer’s attention, Jess cleared her throat and decided to start talking to him. “Yes hi, we are a bunch of nice and fine women out of town and we would like a place to go unwind. We heard this club is the coolest club to date and we would like to come in. So do you have room for any of us?” The bouncer looked at the girls and could tell that they were completely hot. But he had to follow the rules and have to see the list. “Sure thing young lady,” he said with anticipation, “Just so long as I get your name.” Jess blinked and realized that he needed a name. “Oh…” she said as she cleared her throat, “It’s Jessica Roseland.” Looking into the list, he shook his head and told her the bad news. “Sorry girl, as good looking at you are, you’re name is not on the list. You better wait in line like everybody else.” He pointed back to the huge line of people, anxious to get in. Jessica looks to the line and didn’t think this was going to be too easy after all. So she turn back to him and said, “Please good sir, at least let us into the club. You can’t deny a bunch of fine women like us.” The bodyguard just starred her down and said, “Sorry. No name, no entry.”

Jessica sighed and knew this won’t be easy in getting in. Mary however, went next to her and said, “Let me handle this.” Walking to the bodyguard, Jessica scratched her head and wondered what she was planning. When Mary approached him, she traced her finger around his chest and said, “My, aren’t you quite the hunk. Have you’ve been working out?” The bodyguard looked to her and said, “Well, yes. Someone has to keep the crowd in line and I don’t want to be the scrawny to do so.” Mary then did something unexpected and raised her leg over to his thigh and seduced her. “Mmmm… My aren’t you the strong type…” she said very sultry, “I bet you can bench press me a couple of times. Maybe if you can give me a workout, then I will show you a few moves of my own.” The bouncer blushed as she was crushing on him. The other girls looked on and wondered what Mary was really doing to him. It was then the guy decided, “You know what? I do believe that I have a few empty spots for you and your friends there. Come on in.” Mary smiled to him before letting go and saying, “Thank you sugar.”

To that end, she and the others proceeded into the club as Jessica approached her and said, “Wow! That was amazing, Mary. How did you do that?” Mary shrugged her shoulders and said, “Oh you know, I’ve been watching some movies with my family on how a girls gets what she wants. A little smooth talking and the right moves can get you everything you need” Rosa looked to her strangely and said, “Like, you watch movies with you family about seducing men? Totally creepy!” Mary looked to her and said, “Hey! At least my family told me to close my eyes when it gets to the bed scenes. Sometimes, they told me to look to the comedy aspects and ignore the swearing.” Megan starred at her awkwardly and said in her Japanese language, “Bōi Mary-chan, anata no kazoku wa, sono yōna hen’na aji ga suru.” Mary shook her head and said, “Girlfriend, you should stop talking. Seriously, I don’t understand a lick of what you’re staying.” Megan sighed and said, “Watashi wa sore o tasukeru koto wa dekimasen! Watashi wa kono gengo o hanasu umarete iru yō ni wa kanjite iru.”

Jessica looked at the argument and sighed deeply. This with the two turning into different races of women with different languages, it is difficult for them understanding each other. She just hope when the store opens in the morning, they can get the candies to revert themselves back to normal and this will be all behind. Until then, they should enjoy this adult life while they can.

“Disculpe Jessica, pero ¿Por qué usted todavía tiene que con usted?”

Jess turned to Alice and didn’t quite understand her due to her speaking Spanish. “Huh?” she said, “Did you say something Alice? Couldn’t understand you with that language you’re speaking.” Alice sighed to herself and could tell that it would take a while in letting her know what she’s saying. So she pointed to what she was looking at as Jessica looked down to her purse. What she saw was the box and various candies within the main pouch. Looking back to her, she said, “Oh that? I’ve decided that since we need to get the new candies in the morning before your families arrive, I thought I bring the box of candies with us, just in case we need to return it.” Mary turned to her in complete shock and didn’t think her friend would bring it. “For real girl?” she asked, “You bring that box that’s cuase all this troulbe in the first place? Don’t you think that’s a little extreme?” Jess turned to Mary and said, “You worry to much Mary. Just as long as the chocolates are close by and no one touches them, then we’ll be in the clear.” Alice groaned and said in her native tounge, “Algo me dice que sería imposible seguir la pista.” Jessica laughed it off and said, “Whatever you say Alice, I’ll keep a close eye on the bag. Now come on! Let’s get this real party started!”

Soon enough, the girls left the hallway and entered the main dance floor. From there, they were completely amazed by the sights they are seeing. There was a huge crowd of dancers on the floor, lights of multiple colors were flashing, the DJ was spinning some great hits, and people were handing out at the bar enjoying their drinks. The group watched on and was in complete awe.

“Whoa...” Jess started, “So this is what an adult club is like.”

“Tell me about it!” Rosa said with a bubbly expression, “I can totaly see as many hunky, hunky boys all over the place. I so want to hit them off.”

“You and me both sista!” Mary said with lust in her lips, “After my warm up with the bouncer, I think now is the time to take this body on overdrive!”

Both Alice and Megan looked to the two and could tell that they are starting to act like a bunch of sex driven women due to their personalities.

“Los dos están convirtiendo pervertidos completas...” Alice first responded.

“Anata wa futatabi sore o iu koto ga dekimasu.” Megan complied, “Soshite, karera wa chīsana on’nanoko no jikan zen futsūdatta to omoimasu.”

Jessica, being the responsible one here, stopped the two and said; “Now girls, were here to have fun, not have a make out session on every guy. Let’s go in, drink, dance, and go out before the early morning. We need to get this over with and head on back home before you families get suspicious.” The two looked to Jess and decided to follow her lead. “No prob Jess.” Mary said. “Pft… Whatever…” Rosa responded in defeat, “But can we, like, first get something to drink? I want to get wasted before I can dance.” All the girls looked to her and was surprised that she wants to drink something. “Are you kidding us, girl?” Mary asked in shock, “You do realize that the drinks they serve here have alcohol in them, right? We’re too young to get drunk!” “Not anymore!” Rosa told her friend, “We’re totally adults now, right? So we can get hammered all we want!” Jessica looked to this and didn’t know what to do. They’re here to dance and have a good time, not get drunk. But giving that they’re adults now and some restrictions that they have when they’re kids are now removed, they can actually have more freedoms in their new lives. Sighing to herself, she said, “Very well… I suppose we can finally understand how living as adults have its perks. Let’s head down to the bar to see what they got.” The girls looked to her and decided to get a drink, much to their protest. Rosa though was overly excited and jumped for joy as they headed down to the bar.

Upon reaching the bar, they were awed by the site. The counter top was very wide with many island tables surrounding it and no chair for people to sit on, only to stand. They could also see shelves stacked with a variety of alcohols from rum to vodka, brandy and tequila, and various mixes. And a total of fifteen bartenders serving the patrons the drinks. The grouped looked on and was amazed by the setting of this place. Finding an empty spot for them to fit in, they approached the counter top and was greeted by a bartender at the front. “Good evening ladies.” he said, “What can I get you?” The girls looked to their options and wondered what to get for themselves. But then, on instinct, something in their minds clicked and got their respective drinks for their adult selves.

“Can I get an Apple Martini.” Jessica said to the bartender.

“A Black Russian, hun.” Mary responded.

“Sangría de Rojo por favor.” Alice asked.

“Sake Green Tea.” Megan requested.

“And I’ll get the Pink Punk Cosmo.” Rosa finished.

The bartender nodded and went to get their drinks. As soon as he left, the girls looked at each other and were a little confused with what they were saying. “Woah! That was, like, totaly weird.” Rosa said. “Yeah... I feel like my mind wanted me to get that drink.” Mary responded form Rosa’s confusion, “Whut up wit dat?” Jessica gave that some deep throught and wondered about it too. But then, something in her mind clicked and said, “Maybe... Maybe our mental changes are matching our body changes. Not only that, but our memories seem to be altering to match that of our personas. That includes the drinks we are having. At least, that’s what I’m thinking.” Alice listened in and said, “Así que nuestras mentes están madurando a un ritmo rápido! Eso me podría explicar hablar en español.” “Soretomo watashi ga nihongo de hanasu.” Megan continued. “Well this is something we need to get use to.” Jessica said, “At least until the shop opened up and we return to normal.

As the women were waiting for their drinks to come, two people were coming their way and had the look of disgust. As they were nearing them, one of them said, “Well, well, well… What do we have here Christy?” “Looks like a bunch of newbies trying to have a good time, Tracy.” the other woman, who’s name is Christy, said back to her friend. The group turned to where the voices came from and saw what appears to be two women in their mid twenties. The first one had shot black hair, a black shirt with long frilly sleeves, an incredibly short skirt, a piercing on her tongue, and big boots with spikes on the soles. The other one had shaven hair with a purple bang sticking out and covering her left eye, a skull and crossbones tank top that exposes her stomach and pierced belly button, military cargo shorts, and a pair of converse sneakers. It was obvious that the girls were Christy and Tracy, and judging by their attire, they are a bunch of punks.

The group of women starred at the girls strangely as Jessica said, “Okay… And you two are?” The two gave off some smug looks as Christy said, “Well, look who got the dumb one in. The name is Christy. This here is my friend, Tracy. And you five are standing in our spots. Get lost!” The women looked to them and could tell that they are a bit troublesome. Mary stepped in and decided to intervene. “Excuse me missy, but we got here first!” she said with a serious tone, “Why don’t you and your girlfriend over there find some other spot to hang out in. There are plenty of places to go to around here.” Christy looked to the black woman and said in a disgusted tone, “Sorry… But that’s the perfect spot for get our drinks fast and the bartenders will notice us. We go anywhere else, it will take forever! So why don’t you and your friends go someplace else or we will bust your heads through. That was when Alice butted in and yelled in native tone, “¿Por qué usted egoísta perra ingrata! ¿Quieres que nos vayamos de aquí para que pueda conseguir sus pequeños tragos? Estás fuera de tu mente!” Tracy turned to the latina girl and didn’t like the sound of it. “I’m sorry, what did you say seniorita. I can’t understand what you are saying. Can you speak to me in English por favor?”

Alice was starting to fume and went into a major banter. “Inglés?” she said, “Usted quiere hablar Inglés? ¿Por qué no me meto este puño en la garganta, así que no voy a escucharte?” Before she could even succeed with what she was going to do, Jessica broke up the fight before it could get any worse. “Whoa, easy there Al-“ she said before coming up with a fake name, “Alicia. Let’s not get ourselves in trouble. The last think I want is to have us kicked out of the club the moment we came in. Calm down!” Alice turned to her and wanted to argue. But due to the language she was speaking, she decided to let it slide and would pretend to ignore them. Jess then approached the two and said, “Now I don’t know what made you think you can boss us around, but this is a free country. We get to go wherever we want, whenever we want. So if you want go ahead and force us to leave, just try and stop us. Because we’re not going to budge. You hear me?”

Chrissy and Tracy looked to the older woman and didn’t like her attitude towards them. “I don’t know who you are,” Chrissy said, ‘but I don’t want to be bossed around by an older woman. Someone like you don’t deserve to hang out with us. Why don’t you go back to your home and do a little housecleaning, since what’s what a woman your age do all the time?” Jessica was fuming and was hating these two. She was about to tell them to leave, but Tracy noticed something in her handbag and said, “Hey! What do you got in there?” Before Jessica could register what she said, Tracey got her hand down and swipped something out of her bag. Jess could see her taking something out and realized what it was. “Wait!” she screamed, “Don’t take that! I need it!” But she didn’t listen as Tracy showed it to her friend. “Hey Chrissy, look what I got.” she said. Chrissy looked to what her friend was holding, she took the object and examined it. What she saw was a box of candies that looked opened before. “Hmm...” she said as she rubbed her chin, “Looks like this woman has a sweet tooth. Never seen a box of candies like this before. Are some kind of Harry Potter fan or something? Looks a little stupid if you ask me. Oh well, I bet they taste good.” “Tell me about it.” Tracy responded back, “I hope they don’t taste like shit.”

The two then opened the box and digged their hands into the box to grab some random candies. Jessica saw this and knew that this could be troubling. Those candies turned her and her friends into older women of different races and personalities. Cause of that, she has no idea what the other candies can do to those two. Quickly, she snatched the box from them and put it back into her purse. “Oh no you don’t!” she said in an angry tone, “I won’t have anyone touching this box. Why don’t you go fuck off and leave us alone?” Christy looked to her and decided to leave them alone, for now. “Whatever,” she said as she turned to her friend, “Come on Tracy, let’s bolt. We don’t want our time waisted on these losers.” “Yeah,” Tracey said, “See you clowns later!” So the two left the women and went back to partying. But none of the girls didn’t know that the two got a candy in each hand.

As the Jessica went back to the bar and rejoined the girls, feeling a little nervous. “Like, you were serious about that box.” Rosa exclaimed, “What happened back there?” Jessica turned to her and said, “Those two were going to get some candies in the box. I was able to get it out of their hands and told them to leave. I’m glad that they’re out of our hair.” Megan turned to her and said, “Anata wa karera ga totta mono o shinpai surubekide wa arimasen. Watashitachi ni nani ga okotta no ka-go ni, karera wa dōyō ni, sorera o henkō suru koto ga dekimasu kyandī o tottadarou.” Jessica ignored her and pretended she could understand her. “I don’t care. Just as long as they’re not coming back, I’ll be happy. Let’s just forget about this bitches and get back to our party.” And so the bartender returned with their drinks and decided to enjoy themselves. What none of them didn’t know is that Chrissie and Tracy will be making the changes of their own.



End Chapter 10

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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