Ethnic Candies

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Chapter 7
Rosa, the Blonde Bimbo

Chapter Description: Rosa is the last girl that will change into a different woman. What will she become is the question?

Rosa felt sick. Scratch that, Rosa felt really sick. Her stomach was turning and her skin was tingling, for she knew what was going to happen to her. Looking at what happened to Jessica, Mary, Alice, and Megan, she knew that she was going to age into a different woman with no way in stopping it. All she could do now is wait as the changes take over her.

The first changes were a little subtle; her height grew a little bit as she was closer to the four-foot mark. What was left of her baby fat vanished completely as she looked completely skinny. Her face lost their puffy cheeks and her short hair grew a little long as it creeped down her ears. At the first stage of the changes, Rosa now looked to be three years older, entering the double digits of her life.

The 10-year-old looked at herself and was feeling a little worried. “This is wrong,” she said, “This is so wrong! I don’t want this. I don’t want to grow up this fast!” Jessica looked to her and smiled, saying, “What’s wrong Rosa? Are you afraid of growing up into a whole new woman? Just look at us. We’ve become quite a sexy group of women. And soon you will be joining us.” Megan, who was the last to change, put her hands on her hips and said in her Japanese language, “Anata ga iu no wa kantan. Watashi wa mada kare no karadajū no jūdai no watashi no yō ni watashi ga miemasu.” Jessica simply ignored her, being that she doesn’t understand Japanese, and looked back to Rosa who looked a little frightened. “Jessica please.” she pleaded, “You got to think clearly. What’s happening to you is making you act differently. You need to fight this before whatever those candies did to you make it worse.” Jessica gave a serious stern and said, “I think it’s a little too late for that sweetie. Those candies, they made me feel like a whole different woman. I’m now bigger, sexier, and smarter then when I was a child. The other girls know it too. And soon, you will experience what it will be like to be a lovely lady like us.” Rosa was getting upset and tried to tell her that it feels wrong. But then, another wave of nausea entered her system and her skin started to tingle again. Soon enough, she was growing though the double digits of her life and was entering puberty.

Rosa started to shot up four to five inches, making it her first growth spurt. As she entered thirteen, the signs of puberty were becoming quite evident. Small cones were pushing her shirt out, marking the beginning of her breasts. Her hips widened a little bit, as there were slight curves on her stomach area. Her muscles were beginning to show on her arms and legs as they start to tone up. Her face was changing as well as her lips bloated a bit and her eyes were looking a tab smaller. Her nose was also thinning, which is making her glasses feel a little uncomfortable. Her black hair then grew longer as it covered her ears and was down to her neck. Turning to the mirror, she could tell that she was fourteen years of age and a preteen at that.

Brushing a few hairs aside, she was disgusted and said, “Great… Now my hair is growing. I hate it when my hair is long. Makes it difficult to maintain.” Mary looked to her friend and took a good look at her growing hair. Twirling her own, she said, “I don’t know sweetheart. Long hair is all the rage for older women. Just give it a few years and maybe you might like it yourself.” Rosa turned to her friend and boasted out, “Is this some big joke to you Mary? I got a family and a school to attend. I have to study! I can’t go out looking like a different woman. Everyone will freak out!!!” Jessica then stepped in and said, “Oh don’t worry about it Rosa. We’ll try to work something out. After all, we’re all in this together now.” Just as she said that, Rosa felt another tingle, only strong them the next as she started to grow into her teenage years.

Her height continues to grow more and more, inching closer to the five-foot mark. Her development as a woman is starting to show progress as she started to mature straight to adulthood. Rosa’s breasts grew into perky B cup breasts, but they look bigger and rounder then the other girls. Even her curves looked shapelier then the other girls as her hourglass and waist looked sleek and sexy. The way her curves shaped made her ass expand and round, to make her get so much of a back as well as the front. Her muscles remained toned on her arms and legs, yet her skin was smooth as silk as it shined through the light. Her face shifted further with her lips puffing up, her cheeks flattening, her nose thinning, and her eyes shrinking. Her hair grew some more and was already at her shoulders as it was starting to fill up nicely.

The 18-year-old Rosa looked at herself in the mirror and couldn’t believe that she’s seeing herself growing up in front of her eyes. But as she was looking, something else happened that she didn’t expect. Her eyes were getting blurry, as the glasses she was wearing weren’t working at all. Curious, she removed her glasses and noticed that she can see better and it was getting much clearer by the second as the irises had a blue color around the edge of her brown. “That’s odd,” she said in a low and mature voice, “My eyes look like they are getting sharper. Almost like I don’t need my glasses anymore. Hmm… Guess there is one good thing about growing up. Wait… What’s this?” She took a closer look at the mirror when she noticed something else that was off. Starring at the mirror, she noticed a few blonde strands in her black hair. Looking at this, she raised an eyebrow and said, “Blonde strands? Why do I have blonde strands in my hair? This is totally uncalled for.” Rosa placed her hands to her mouth and couldn’t believe what she said. “Did I say totally?” she asked herself, “Like, what is going on with me?” Jessica looked at her odd behavior and was able to figure it out. “Oh… I think I know where this is going.” she then said, “But I think I’ll wait until you are done changing.”

Just as soon as she said that, Rosa felt another tingling and knew that she was both growing and changing into a different person. She was now above the five-foot length and stopped growing. Still, her development is getting more bustier by the second with her breasts expanding to C cups, her hips flaring out, and her rear is pumping up like a balloon. Her face looked more like a beauty then a cutie as her skull structure was more oval and her features were very unique. Her lips were full and ready to be kissed, her nose was long, then, and eloquent, her eyes were sultry and sexy with her irises had more of a blue hue then that of brown, and her hair was growing down her upper back with more blonde color taking over the solid black. The now 23-year-old was looking less like the Rosa she is and more of the different woman she was going to be.

As Rosa was looking herself in the mirror, she rubbed the temples of her head and she felt like she was getting a headache or something much worse. “Like, what is happening to me?” she asked herself again, “My head is totally feeling light headed?” What is really happening is that her brain is taking change as well. Rosa was pretty much a smart girl and has the tendency in helping the other girl’s out with their homework. Hell, she was even going to be entering college at a young age, as her teachers said. But now that her body is changing, it would seem like her mind was making the change along with her. It would seem all the knowledge she gathers is slowly disappearing by the second, as she was getting dumber. She could feel her information slipping away from her as she can’t figure out questions she already knows. Jessica looked down to her and had a delightful smirk to her face, saying, “Boy, this is getting interesting.” Mary looked on too and was a little confused by what is going on. So she turned to her friend and asked, “What’s going on Jess? What’s our girl turning into?” Jessica turned to her and answered, “You’ll see Mary. You might be surprised.” The group watched on as Rosa felt another tingle, racing through her twenties.

Though she stopped growing, she continued to develop more so then ever. Her breasts continued to grow and have became D to DD cup, straining her shirt to the brink. It’s especially true at the bottom hem as her few expanded further and shaped into a heart shape, nearly tearing her shirt as well. The changing of the rear curved her waist further and she now has a sleek and lovely hourglass figure. Her muscles on her arms and legs had an athletic build yet heightened her sexy body. Her face was even more of a goddess then the other girls. She had plush lips, crystal blue eyes, and an eloquent nose. Her hair then grew down to her back and it was completely blonde with no black strands anywhere. Her mind continues to numb as any school education disappeared in her mind. Rosa was forgetting many things as she twirled her hair felt a little bubbly. After a few short minutes, the changes were complete and Rosa, the once highly intelligent girl, is now a blonde, big breasted, ditzy, 27 –year-old bimbo.

Rosa looked to herself and admires her look, immediately forgetting about how scared she was. “OMG! This is so cool!” she said with a happy personality, “I totally look good with this bod and might turn some heads. I can’t wait to see the men dribble over me. I might like give them a real good time!” The other girls looked on and were surprised by what they saw. “Knew it.” Jessica retorted, “Our little brainiac girl has become nothing more then a dumb slut.” Mary looked to her friend and asked her, “Wait a second! You knew our girl would turn into some blondie?” Jessica turned to her friend and retorted back. “But of course. See if I remember correctly, Rosa here took a bright pink taffy candy. And since pink is the color of a bimbo, I say it suits her pretty well.” Both Alice and Megan looked at her too and were a little jealous about their friend’s look. “¿Así que esto es lo que Rosa era? Ella es sin duda un buen espectador ahora. ¿Es ella?” Alice was the first to speak, yet know one doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Same goes with Megan as she said, “Kanojo no oppai o mite kudasai. Karera wa watashitachi no dore yori mo yarikata mo ōkiku shite iru. Watashi wa totemo shitto!” Rosa then turned to the girls and felt completely giddy. “So…” she said still feeling a little cheerful, “Any one feel like hitting the clubs? I could totally need some hang time!” But then they heard the doorknob turning and looked to see someone was opening it. That is when Jessica’s eyes were wide and realized who was coming in. “Oh no…” she said feeling a little worried, “I almost forgot about mom. If she sees us like this, she would be upset!” The other girls looked on and were scared about what’s going to happen to them. Before they could think of hiding, the door started to open as the newly grown women were waiting for the scream. But when it was opened fully, the women’s eyes were wide, as they couldn’t believe what they were seeing as Jessica uttered the one word.




End Chapter 7

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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