Ethnic Candies

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Chapter 3
Jessica: The Average Woman

Chapter Description: As the slumber party starts, the changes started to happen with the first change from Jessica. What’s bound to happen?

In Jessica’s room, both she and the other girls were starting to watch a Disney movie and were enjoying themselves. Jessica, Mary, Alice, Megan, and Rosa were sitting on their beanbags and were enjoying their movies. But before they did that, they had those special chocolates Jessica and her mother got from the store. Yet they have no idea that these chocolates are going to change their lives until now. As they were watching, Jessica felt a warm feeling on her body. Fanning herself, she looked at the others and said, “Can someone turn on the air conditioning here? It’s getting a little toasty in here.” The others looked on and were a little confused at what she said. “Funny…” Alice said, “I don’t feel hot.” “Me neither.” Rosa added, “Maybe you’re just thinking that in your head.” Jessica turned to her and responded to her friend, “But I’m not imagining it. I’m feeling hot and it’s getting worse.” “Maybe it’s that candy you took,” Mary said, “I’m pretty sure what you have had an after effect or something.” “If that’s true, then why aren’t you feeling sick?” Mary started to answer that until she notice something was off.

Looking at her friend, she noticed the Jessica looked a little taller even if she was sitting. It’s almost like he was three inches taller. The bottom hem of her shirt even looks like it was rising higher as it went from below to the middle of her knees. She then looked at her friend and said, “Hey Jessica? You look a little different then before.” Jessica looked at Mary and responded, “What do you mean?” “Well…” Mary started, “It looks like you seem a little taller.” “Taller?” was Jessica’s question as she got up and looked at herself. The other girls looked on and realized that Mary had a point. “Mary goes have a point,” Rosa started to say, “Your body does seem a little taller.” Then Alice butted in and said, “You’re right Rosa. Jessica looks a little tall.” “Yeah, taller then me…” Megan finished.

Jessica was a little curious about what they are saying and wondered if they were seeing things. Looking at the full-length mirror, she approached it and noticed something very strange about her body. Her body seems to be growing a few more inches as her bottom hem of her baggy shirt went a few centimeters above the ankles. Her face was flattening on her cheeks and her black hair grew longer as her ponytail was looking more bouncing then ever. As she was watching she felt something in her mouth and it almost felt like something on her tongue. Spitting it out, she looked at the opened palm of her hand and noticed that it was the last baby teeth she had. Surprised, she looked back at the mirror and opened her mouth to see the gaps where her baby teeth were. But that shock turned into fascination as adult teeth sticked out of her gums and grew in. Looking back at the mirror, Jessica saw her body growing to a ten-year-old, three years older then her original age, with a height of almost four feet.

The other girls looked on and couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Jessica, their friend, is growing before their eyes. “Oh my god!” Megan said with amazement, “You are growing really quick! You might as well almost match that of my older brother.” Jessica looked a little sheepishly and said, “Oh… It’s nothing really. I never thought that this would happen to begin with.” As she was talking Rosa looked at the girl and finds something completely strange. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but it would seem the sound of Jessica’s voice sounded an octave lower then before. She also noticed that two points are poking out of her chest and slowly expanding. Not to mention her height keeps going up. Putting the three together, she soon realized something and explained it out loud. “Jessica! You’re not only growing taller, but you’re growing older as well!” The other girls looked on and could tell that Rosa was right. Jessica turned back to the mirror and was in a state of shock as she sees a thirteen-year-old girl on the verge of puberty.

Jessica watched in awe as her body continues to grow, going over four feet. Immediately, muscle growth caught up with bone growth as her body matures further. Her breasts started to grow out and looked almost like a pair of A-cups still growing. Her hips grew out and widen as curves were becoming evident around her stomach. Her arms and legs gained some muscles and toned up to make her look like a young athlete. Her oversize shirt was slowly shrinking on her body and was starting to fit bit by bit. Her face started to mature as well with her nose growing longer, her lips puffing, and her face was looking more oval like. Her hair grew much longer and fuller with her ponytail looked full and shapely. Continuing to stare, Jessica now looked like a teen entering her sweet sixteen with her breasts perky B-cups, teenage hourglass, and athletic muscles for her age.

The other girls looked in pure shock to see their best friend growing right before their eyes. “Wow girl, you look cute as a teenager.” Megan said with an amazed voice. Jessica turned to her and was a little flushed. “Please don’t say that Megan,” she said in a teenage voice, “I’m still Jessica no matter how I look.” As she said that, she felt a little dizzy as she held on to her dresser dware. The others looked on and wanted what’s wrong with her. That’s when Alex asked, “Jessica, are you okay? You don’t look so good.” Jessica looked at her friend and said, “I’m fine Alice. I’m just starting to feel a little woozy right now. Not to mention getting a major headache as of late. I can’t…” She then started to feel hot, as she couldn’t take it anymore. She got on the bed and get comfy but it still was useless. What’s actually happening is that her mental progression is matching her physical progression. Jessica’s mind was growing as education and information entered her brain, making her feel smarter and acting more mature. Not only that, but her hormones are starting to build up as she was aging. Her sex drive is ramping up as her body was sweating and she was moaning. The group watched in fascination as Jessica has having her first orgasm as her body grew again and intensified her self-pleasure.

As she was enjoying herself, her body continued to grow and expand as past twenty and then twenty-one. She now grew almost five feet and she was developing quite nicely. Her breasts grew into a C-cup and they were bouncing from her heavy breathing. Her hips flare out even more as they started to strain her panties to the limit. It was at that moment that the panties snapped, exposing her lower area. But in that angle, the girl’s saw Jessica’s lower region maturing as well. Pubic hair grew around her vagina and was neatly trimmed while her sexuality accelerated her nether regions. Her arms and legs gained muscles and were tone enough for a young lady. Her face looked incredibly beautiful, as her nose was long and slim, eyes small and elegant, lips full and plushy, and zero freckles and pimples anywhere. Her hair grew down and the band for the ponytail snapped, letting it all cascade down to her lower back. All the while, her mentality was growing and knowledge kept on expanding her brain. Though she was still growing, Jessica was a little preoccupied of her hormones ranking up higher the second she got older.

She kept on aging and aging through her twenties until finally she stopped at around her thirties. Taking a quick breather Jessica looked down and noticed that she almost look like her mom. Her body was ripe and fit while her T-shirt she used to use for sleeping was a little tight and her bottom hem was close to exposing her privates. But then the signs of aging were noticeable as her breasts were soft and were drooping a little as her hips had a little extra weight on it to make her hourglass more curvier and her bubble butt more bubblier. Her face looked extremely beautiful too with her high cheekbones and sultry lips, but there were faint line around her eyes and mouth and her eyes looked a little tired. Her brown hair was dark and long as it grew down her butt but the color looked faded and there were a few gray streaks here and there.

The rest of the girls look on and were amazed by the transformation. Mary pointed to her and said out loud, “Wow Jessica, look at you! You almost look like your mom.” Jessica turned to her mirror and was amazed at her new body. She really does look like her mother from head to toe with the exception of her eye color that looked a little darker then her youthful self. “Your right Mary, I do look like my mother.” Jessica said as she placed her fingers on her throat, “Sound like her too.” Rosa, being the smart one, shook her head and finds all this to be very off and said, “This is all wrong. How can you grow up quick and act like it’s normal?” Jessica thought this through and wondered that as well. “Let’s see…” she started, “All I remember is that I had that piece of candy we all had and…” That’s when the realization hit her as she screamed out loud, “That’s it!” All the girls looked at each other and were confused at what she said. That was until Alice said, “Come again?”

Jessica turned to them and explained it thoroughly. “I think it was the candy I ate that cause the change. I remember hours ago that my mom and me were going to get some candies for the sleepover. We then came across this strange store and the store clerk offered us some candies. She said that these candies were magical candies and once you put them in your mouth, your life is changed forever. I think what she said was really true!” The girls listened in and were really fascinated with what she said, but then Megan realized something and said, “So wait, if you had that candy that turned you into your mom, then that means…” Jessica turned to her friend and nodded in agreement, saying, “Yes Megan, all of you had those candies as well. That would mean that all of you would change as well.

The girls were in shock and didn’t like that at all.

“No, I don’t want to grow old.” said Rosa.

“I have a strong life ahead of me.” Megan exclaimed.

“I can’t grow up!” Alice said.

“I don’t want to miss out and anything in my life!” Mary blurted out.

Jessica could tell that they were a little worried and tried to calm them down. “I know it’s a little hard to take in.” she said in a calming voice, “But we all have to accept it and let the changes take its course. Maybe this is only temporary.” Mary crossed her arms and said, “I hope you’re right on this Jessie, cause the last thing I want is to explain to my mom on why I look-“ Before she could finish, she doubled over and clenched her stomach, feeling like she had a stomach ache. Jessica looked at her and asked, “Are you all right Mary? You don’t look too good.” Mary got up as the pain subsided, feeling a little flushed along the way. “I don’t know Jessie, but I think that chocolate I took must’ve had an after effect on me. I think I’m next in line.” The other looked at each other and knew what that meant. It would seem that the changes are going in order. Mary had her fill of candies after Jessica but before the other girls. Curious, the others looked on and wondered what she’s going to change into.



End Chapter 3

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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