Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

Chapter 8
Jane, the Little Girl

Chapter Description: Now it’s Jessica’s mother’s turn to change thanks to the candy she has eaten. What will she become?

As all the commotion’s been going on in Jessica’s bedroom, her mother, Jane, was preparing a nice late night dinner for her daughter and friends. She was busy cooking up some kind of dish for them, not fully aware that the girls were changing upstairs. Nor was she aware that she had one of those candies too and will change at any moment. But that will happen soon as she was oblivious what’s really happening to her daughter. As she was stirring the pot of chili, she had a pleasant smile to her face and was happy with her daughter. When she left the room, she wished that she were young again. Being a child again would be quite an adventure, making friends, playing on the playground, doing the simple things in life. Now it’s just working nine to five, watching over her daughter, the bills she had to pay, everything that every adult does all year round. If she were Jessica’s age, she wouldn’t have to worry about all of that. She would run, play, and have all the energy she would have that would last her all day long. She wished she had that type of life.

Just as she thought about that, she felt a cool breeze in her body as she shook a little. “Brr…” she said with a slight chill in her voice, “What an unexpected breeze. Wonder where that came from? I hope I didn’t leave the air condition on high.” Just as soon as that cold air came, it left as her body temperature returned to normal. Feeling a little confused, she shrugged it off and said, “Oh well… Must’ve been my imagination.” So she went back to cooking her food for the kids. What she didn’t know was that her transformation has already started. Like the girls, Jane’s changes starts with a strange feeling in her body. Unlike the girls, her sensation was completely different, a freezing difference. Meaning that her changes would take a different direction.

While she was cooking, something strange was happening. The first thing that happened, the bun of her raven colored hair begins to unravel as the strands look like they were getting longer. When she had Jessica, Jane cut her hair short and put it in the bun, so she to get watch her precious daughter. But now, her hair was spouting like a weed as the bun continues to scatter out in clumps. As soon as the bun snapped, her hair cascaded down to her lower back and was straight. Jane noticed it when a few strand blocked her view. “What the…” she said a little confused as she grabbed a few strands of hair and observed it. Jane was curious as to why her hair grew long or how her bun didn’t hold as before. But then, something in her mind snapped as her eyes blinked a few times. Clearing her head, Jane relaxed and said, “You know what? I think I like my hair long and flowing. It’s not like I need my hair for something is there?” So she went back to cooking, totally forgetting about why she her hair in the bun. But it wasn’t her hair that’s changing. Turns out, Jane’s body was looking different, almost youthful in appearance.

When her hair grew long, the gray streaks on her head faded away in her tresses, leaving her hair all black and shiny. The feminine muscles were getting tighter on her arms and legs as her strength was returning. Her breasts were rising a little higher and were pumping up; causing her blouse was getting a little tight around her chest. And the faint lines on her face faded away completely, leaving her skin smooth and flawless. In a matter of minutes, Jane was back to her youthful self as her body left her thirties and into her twenties. In fact, her mind isn’t thinking about preparing food for her daughter. She was thinking about something else as her mind was altering. “I can’t wait for my husband to come today for our first anniversary together. And to think it was one year since we were married! He we’ll be ecstatic of the food I’m preparing for him. He’s going to love it!” She continued to prepare the food, not realizing what she just said. When her body was getting younger, Jane’s mind was taking the same path as well. The memories of her old self vanished completely and the journey downward. In fact, all of her memories of her daughter, Jessica, were long gone. Because around that time, was when she and her former husband would celebrate their first anniversary and were going to have some dinner and a little something special. This was also the day that she had Jessica in the first place. And a few days later, after she found out that she was pregnant with Jess, her husband left her so she had no choice but to take care of her daughter herself. But that didn’t happen to her yet as she was thinking about her husband and what they are going to do for tonight. The twenty something year old continues to stir as her mind was thinking about this special occasion. “I wonder what my husband is planning for us this evening?” she asked herself as she started to twirl, “I bet it’s something very special.” Just as she was thinking about it, her body tingled again and she soon started to age down.

Her body started to remain toned and youthful, though there are some slight differences. For one, Jane’s breasts shrank a few centimeters, which rose a little higher then normal. They are still her plump C cup breasts, but they were a tad smaller then normal. She even shrunk a few inches in height as relived a late growth spurt. Still, she was tall enough to continue to cook. Now Jane was twenty years of age and a college freshman. Her age then caught up to her as she blinked and was a little confused. Putting the spoon away, she looked at the counter and was getting a little curious. For some strange reason, the memories of her adult life were slowly dwindling. That includes cooking as she was trying to get the hang of it. As her mind got younger, her confusion increased and she said, “Hmm… Let’s see… Was I supposed to add the salt or the spice?” She thought of this further and wondered what to do next. Finally, she decided to give up to take both bottles from the rack and shook them quickly. “Oh well, I’ll just stick with both.” she said excitedly and shaking like there is no tomorrow. As she did that, Jane felt another cool feeling and let it slide. Yet Jane’s body grew younger once more as she entered her teen years.

She went through a couple of reverse growth spurts as she went below the five-foot mark. Her breasts shrunk some more and degraded into perky B cup breasts. Her hips then compressed together as her hourglass figure was looking less curvy. The bones on her arms and legs shorten while the muscle fat on her got thin. She still looked athletic but it was a teenage build and not an adult one. Her face started to shift out of her adulterated looked and into something a little more childish. The cheeks were starting to get a bit around while her nose grew small. Her lips were looking thinner as her eyes were starting to look innocent. Her hair started to rise up to her mid back and looked more youthful at her age. While all this time, memories of her college life and her boyfriend vanished in a cloud of smoke. In fact, her memories of cooking were completely wiped out as her mind went into a total blank. Looking at the food, she was cooking, she turned off the stove and said to herself, “What was I thinking?! Like, I don’t know how to cook. Mom should know better!” Now Jane was acting like a 16-year-old rowdy teenager with many freedoms ahead of her. But just as she was wondering why she was cooking in the first place, she felt and nothing but chilly tingle as she regressed down her teen years.

After a few more short spurts, she was now around the four-foot mark as her body removing everything that made her a woman. Her breasts degraded more and more from Bs to as until it finally stops as small mounds. Her hips flattened, as there were little curves on around her former hourglass waist. Her rear was doing the same thing too as it deflated like that of a balloon and wasn’t as bubbly as before. Even her arms and legs lost most of the muscle tone, as she was skinny as a twig. Her face then looked more childish with a small nose, thin lips, puffier cheeks, and bigger eyes. And her hair shrank up to her shoulders as it almost looked like it was a bob cut. Jane’s mind continued to get foggier as all of her teenage memories vanished like everything else. Jane has now become a preteen of twelve with little development of her womanly figure.

Looking down to herself, Jane felt more disgusted and said, “Why am I wearing mom’s clothes? They look so big on me!” And indeed she was right. She was still wearing her conservative blouse, a dark red skirt that goes to the middle of her legs, a pair of pantyhose and velvet red three-inch heels. But as she grew younger, her clothes didn’t mimic her regression. Her blouse was baggy on her chest area as her bra was useless over her miniscule breasts. Her skirt was sliding down her waist since her childish hips couldn’t support it anymore. Her pantyhose were incredibly wrinkly now that her legs were thin and bony. And her high heels were a little too big for her little feet. Feeling a little aggravated, she decided to get some new clothes for her regressing body. “I gotta find some new clothes,” she said to herself, “Can’t do anything with these clothes on me.” So she left the kitchen and headed upstairs to get some new clothes. But then she felt yet another chill as her regression continues to escalate further.

She continued to shrink deeper below the four-foot mark as she was leaving the double digits behind. Her chest went completely flat, as her hips were a hundred percent boyish. Her arms and legs started to shorten and grew completely shorter. Her shrinking caused her clothes to grow too big for her. The two that took the worse for wares was her heels as the moment she took one step, her tiny feet slipped out of them and she walked barefoot with her crinkling pantyhose. Her skirt then followed suit as slid down her non-existent hips and pooled around her feet. But she stepped out of them too and left them there on the floor. Her face lost all of the adultness as well as what was replaced was that of childhood. Her cheeks were incredibly puffy, as her nose looked short and stout. Her lips thin and unkissable while her eyes lost its sultry tone and looking so youthful and cute. Her hair grew further upwards and was now at the middle of her neck. Her brain youthened as well as her memories when she entered puberty left his mind. Jane was now just a mere kid of eight as her body was filling up with energy she had forgotten all these years.

Jane reaches the steps and judging by the height of hers, it was a long way up. Slowly, Jane got up one step at a time, as the pantyhose were getting crumpled and tied around her feet. As she was going up, Jane tripped and fell on the steps, feeling a little pain. Recovering, she looked down to see his pantyhose that were too big for her to walk in. So she kicked them off and was free the silky mesh. Doing the kicking, she accidentally removed her panties, as they were still big for her to cover her immature privates. “Stupid clothes!” she said in a childish tone, “Nothing fits me anymore. I hope I can find clothes my size in my room.” She quickly got up and continued to climb on the steps, which was now easy for her since she got rid of her discarded clothes. In fact, her blouse is big enough to make a makeshift dress for her. Even the bra that use to hold her breasts were now dangling from her shoulders, on the verge of falling off. Jane finally reached the second floor and headed to her room. But as she was walking to her room, she felt one last tingle as she went through one more regression.

Her body grew a little shorter and was not around three feet, finishing the remaining shrunk spurts. Now she is around the three-foot mark as everything that made her a woman was long gone. Suddenly, baby fat started to spread down her arms and legs while a stomach had a slight baby gut to it. Her face was completely childish as well with puffy cheeks, thin lips, a button nose, and huge eyes.

All the teeth in her mouth shrunk into her gums and turned into baby teeth. And to top it off, her hair shrank incredibly and was now incredibly short, almost at the top of her neck. All knowledge of both adult and teenage life were forever gone as Jane was now a real life little girl without a single care in the world.

Walking up to a door, Jane slowly turned the knob and entered the room, hoping to find some new clothes to have on. But when she entered the room, she saw five different women she had never seen before. The first on was a woman in her thirties with long dark hair and gray steaks here and there. That was Jessica, her former daughter that uses to be the same age as Jane’s new age. The second one is a black woman of 28 years of age with brown hair with blonde highlights and brown eyes. That woman is Mary, a once red head pigtail girl that was six years of age. The next woman is a 27-year-old Hispanic woman with wavy brown hair and hazel nut eyes. That woman use to be Alice that was a kid of seven. The fourth is a young 23-year-old woman of Asian decent and had shot black bob cut hair and slanted hazel eyes. She was Megan, a 6-year-old girl that had a change in ethnicity. And the last person is a blonde woman of twenty-seven with long hair and crystal blue eyes. This woman was called Rosa, once a highly intelligent girl of seven was now a dumb blonde woman. All women wore tight fitting shirts that seem small for them, but molded their bodies quite nicely. Jane looks to the women and was completely confused about each of them in her own room.

At the same time, Jessica and the other women looked at this strange girl and wonder who she was. Jess then starred at the girl and noticed that she was a little familiar. She almost looked like her when she was once five just minutes ago. She was also wearing that oversized blouse that her mother wore when she was working. Putting the two together, Jess’s eyes grew wide and realized who she was. “Mom?!” she said in a state of shock, “Is that you? What happened to you?” Jess looked to her former daughter and was confused about her as Jess was with her former mother. “Mom?” she asked feeling a little confused with the lisp in her childish voice, “I’m a little too young to be a mom? My name is Jane, but you can call me Janie. A lot of my friends do. Who are you and what are you and these other women doing in my room?” Janie starred at Jessica for a few good seconds and remembered something about her. By the way she looks, it reminded her of her own mother. But in all honesty, her own mother died back when she was in her twenties. But now that she was younger, her former daughter had that striking resemblance of her. Blinking a bit, she had a smile and said, “Mommy? Is that you? Why are you in my room with all the other women?”

Jessica was in complete disbelief as she never thought that her own mother would call her that. Mary looked to her up and down and could tell that the similarities were completely alike. “The girl does have a point Jessie,” she said with a sly grin, “you certainly look like you’re mama.” Jessica look down to herself and realized she does have a point. She actually looked like her mother based around her age. And being that she has a mental age as well, she does have the motherly attributes as her former mother. Now their roles have been switched, as Jessica is the mother while Jane is the daughter. With a quirky smirk, she decided to play along. Bending down to her, she smiled and said, “Why of course it’s me sweetie. Who else would it be? As for why we’re here we… Uh… I was showing my friends here all the redecorating I did to your room. Since you are a big girl now, I think you need to a room that matches your age.” Janie looked at her strangely and raised an eyebrow, finding that to be a bit off. But she lets it slide to tell her new mother, “Well, can you leave my room so I can put on some clothes? I can’t walk around wearing this oversize shirt.” Jessica smiled and nodded, saying, “Why of course dear. We’ll let you have your privacy. Let’s go ladies.” Soon enough, all the women left the room and exit through the door, while Jessica picked up the box of candies they ate just so her new daughter won’t eat more of them.

Just as they exit the room, the women looked to Jessica and had a large number of questions for her. “Girlfriend,” Mary started, “what the hell was that back there? Was that really your mother?” “Estoy de acuerdo. No sabía que su madre estaría como tú.” Alice stated. Megan then said, “Anata no okāsan wa dochira ka, sono kyūtoda to omotta koto wa arimasen.” And finally Rosa said in a dumb expression, “Like, your mom is totally like you. Replacing you all together.” Jessica looked at all four of them and came up with a really good explanation. “I know this is a bit shocking, but I think I know why she’s turned into me. Remember when she took a candy from the box? Well I think whatever type of candy that is, turned her into a young girl. Guess these candies can do more then age people and change their races and personalities. Guess they can regress people as well.” “So what are we going to do?” Mary asked, “I mean being a grown women is hip and all, but we can’t be stuck forever. Our parents will be freak if they see us like this.” Jessica looked at each of them and could tell that she has a point. Though they are now grown sexy ladies of different races, there is still the problem of the families. If they see them as completely and different grownups, they would instantly have a panic attack and demand their kids. Looking at the box of candies that started it all, she saw the phone number of the store her and her mother went to. She smiled in relief and said, “I say, we get help.”



End Chapter 8

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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