Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

A young girl brought some special candies in a mysterious store that would make her sleepover party memorable. (Contains Racial Changes) (Reposted due to the unexpected deletion.)

Chapter 1
Special Candies

Chapter Description: And young girl and her mother were preparing for the sleepover when they forgot one more thing. That's when they encountered a store that would change their lives forever.

It was a busy Saturday afternoon at the mall while shoppers were walking around looking for stuff to buy. Within the crowd a mother and daughter was walking through the busy shops.

The mother, Jane Roseland, was in her mid thirties and was finely beautiful for a woman her age. She was 5’7 with CC cup breasts, a slim hourglass figure, and toned muscles on her arms and legs. Her face shows the most decent of looks with emerald green eyes, soft plushy lips, a delicate nose and raven black hair that’s fit into a bun. She was wearing a conservative blouse over her dark red jacket, a dark red skirt that goes to the middle of her legs, a pair of pantyhose and velvet red three inch heel shoes to make her feel a little taller. Though she looked pretty good for her age, signs were showing that she was loosing her youthfulness. There were faint lines around her eyes and mouth, her breasts were a little lower and beginning to sag, her muscles were feeling a tad softer, and there were a few streaks of gray on her head. She fears the day that she would loose all that youthfulness to father time and hopes that there would be a miracle.

Now her daughter, Jessica Roseland, is seven years of age and she was a vibrant of youth. She was mid three feet in length and was filled with a lot of energy for her day. She had smooth silky skin, an adorable face with the same green eyes and black hair in a ponytail, and was wearing a Monster’s High T-Shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and Monster High sneakers. She was overly excited because tonight is the night that she’s hosting a sleepover with her friends. She just needed some party favors and food to make that night perfect. Her mother had bags filled with stuff necessary while Jessica light bags filled with chips and popcorn.

“Well Jessica, do you have everything you needed?” her mother said in a gentle tone. Jessica looked up to her mother and said with a gleeful voice, “Yes Mom! I have everything for the sleepover. This is going to be the best party ever!” Jane smiled and knew that her daughter is going to have a great time with her friends. Jessica took a good look at the bag to see if she has everything needed. Looking through her bags she noticed something missing and alerted her mother. “Oh no!” she said in a panic, “We almost forgot the candies!” Jane looked at her daughter and could tell that she was concerned about that. “Well then we have to find a store that sells candies and quick.” she said as both she and her daughter started to look around.

The two checked every store to find a candy shop but they had little luck. Just as they were going to give up and head home, Jessica noticed a store near by and pointed to it saying, “Mommy, look at that store!” Jane turned to where Jessica was pointing at and she too noticed a store she had never seen before. The window displays were filled with weird trinkets and books and had a gothic attire to it. Above it is a sign that says, ‘Spells R Us, where magic is reality.’ “Spells R Us huh?” the mother asked quizzically, “Never heard of that store before. I hope it’s not related to that toy company. You want to check it out Jessica?” Jessica turned to her mom and nodded in curiosity as well. The two walked down the store and entered the doors.

When they got in, they were amazed at what they saw. Within the store were the strangest trinkets imaginable. There were books that are extremely ancient, vials containing the weirdest of liquids, and a variety objects that were strange to them. Jane looked at the stuff the store had and found that to be a bit strange. “This is really bizarre…” she said in pure confusion, “I wonder what type of stuff this store sells?” Just as soon as she asked that, a feminine voice came out from the distance. “We sell the most magical products money can buy. Some of it can change your life forever and prepares you for a bright future. So how can I help you?”

Jane and her daughter turned to that voice and saw a strange woman they never seen before. She looked to be about in her thirties with a flowing white gown that’s strapless and showing her cleavage. Her skin was a tad tan and her eyes were shining blue. Her hair was long a flowing but the weirdest part is that it was straight up silver and it went down to her legs. Jane looked at her strangely and wonders if she’s the person in charge of the store. As she asked her, “Are you the store keeper?” The strange woman looked at her and said, “Why yes I am. But please call me Elizabeth. Now what can I do you with?”

Jane cleared her throat and started to explain to Elizabeth what she needed. “Um yes well my daughter here is putting together a little slumber party for her friends and we’re missing some chocolates to help accommodate the party.” she started, “We started looking through the mall to find any candy shops until we spotted your store. Now I never seen this store before in my life but I can tell that you sell the weirdest things here. And if that’s the case, I think we’ll be leaving now.” Elizabeth listened to them and wondered what to do for them. She then approached Jessica and bent down to her level asking, “What’s your name sweetie?” The young girl looked up to her and said, “My name is Jessica.” “And how old are you Jessica?” she continued. The daughter hold up seven fingers and said, “I’m seven!” Elizabeth smiled and responded to that. “My on my, are you such a sweet girl. I can see a bright future ahead of you.” Jessica looked at the strange woman and smiled warmly. But Jane looked on and felt a little weird about this. “Well this is just nice and all, but I think we should be leaving.” she then said, “Come Jessica. Let’s go.” Jessica turned to her mother and nodded, heading to her.

They were about to leave until Elizabeth decided to help them. So she looked at them and said, “I think I can help you with that.” The two just looked at her and wondered what she meant by it. “Really?” the mother said, “You think you can help us?” Elizabeth nodded and she responded, “But indeed. You are looking for candies for the party, yes? Well I think I have something special for you. Let me check.” She then headed to the back and started to look for something in particular while the mother and child waited. A few seconds later, Elizabeth came in holding a box of some kind containing some mysterious contents. “In this box is something that can make your slumber party a much more enjoyable experience.” she said as she started to open the box. The two then take a look inside the box and wondered what it is. What they saw is what appears to be candies of different varieties and colors. Jessica looked at them and has a gleeful smile on her face. “Look mommy! We got candies!!!”

Elizabeth looked at the young girl and told her, “These are no ordinary candies sweetie. These are magical candies. Once you put them into your mouth, it will change your life forever. They are perfect for a special occasion, like your little sleepover.” Jessica looked at the candies and was amazed by them as Jane starred at them and was a little concerned. She looked up to the storekeeper and asked her about it. “Okay, so what’s the catch?” Elizabeth turned to her and was confused by her question. “Excuse me?” she asked. Jane responded, “I’ve seen this before. There’s always a product that they said is great but they have some type of problems whether it be faulty, expired, or broken. So are these chocolates out of date or poisoned or something?” The storekeeper looked at her and answered, “Oh no dear mam… These candies are perfectly healthy. Have one yourself! I will change your life.”

Jane looked at her strangely and wondered if she was right that it was healthy for her daughter and friends. She then looked at Jessica and she had pleading eyes to her mother. Sighing to herself, she gave up and said to the storekeeper, “All right, I’ll buy it. How much do they cost?” Elizabeth smiled and told her, “For candies like this, I say twenty bucks.” Jane was a little shock at first being that they were more expensive then the regular kind of candies, but at least she’s lucky it’s not too expansive. Taking her wallet out of her purse, she took a twenty out and gives it to Elizabeth. Once the storekeeper got it, she places the box of chocolate candies in a bag and hand it to the mother. “Thank you for your purchase,” Elizabeth said, “I hope you find to your liking.” Jane looked at her and an awkward smile and took the bag from her. “Don’t mention it.” she responded, “Come on Jessica. Let’s get ready for your sleepover.” Jessica nodded with an exciting smile as she and her mother left the store. As they were leaving, Elizabeth had a smile on her face and could tell they will be in for a real surprise. “They have no idea what those candies will do, no idea at all…”



End Chapter 1

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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