Ethnic Candies

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Chapter 14
Skinny and Weak to Amazonian

Chapter Description: When Tracy left, the skinny girl ate the candy she gave her. Upon eating it, she started to get a much better physic then she usually had.

Back in the club, the anorexic woman was still in the hallway, walking away and headed to the bathroom to get a little breather. Walking to the door, she pushed hard, but was a little weak due to her physic. But she managed to get through as she entered the bathroom to sigh from what she had to go through. “This is terrible…” she said very weakly, “Why did I have to come here? Why go to this miserable place? I never wanted to come here to begin with. But my friends insisted and now I wound up in here. ‘Head to the club to have fun.’ they said. ‘Get a boyfriend in the club.’ they said. ‘You can’t be a shut in all the time.’ they said. Well how am I going to get some guy while looking like this?!” She soon turned to the sink mirror to see herself. Just because she went out, doesn’t mean she would stick in with the ‘It’ crowd.

For a woman in her early twenties with short blonde hair and blue eyes, she wasn’t the type of woman that wants to party. She was a bit anorexic with bony arms and legs and a chest size that’s barely an A. Her clothes were average for a skinny girl complete with a plain black T-Shirt, beige skinny pants, and a pair of loafers on her feet. Looking to herself, she sighed and said, “No matter how hard I try, no matter what diet I take, I cannot get the figure that every woman has. I’m a failure with everything. I will never get that dream body even if I tried. I will be all alone till the day I die. There’s nothing I can do.” She soon cried over it and knew that it was completely hopeless.

She started to dig into her pockets to find some tissues to wipe her eyes away. But as she was digging into her pockets, she felt something and took it out. When she opened her hand, she discovered what it was. It was a protein bar shaped like a dumb bell. Looking on, she wondered how she got it. That’s when she remembered what happened a few minutes ago. You remembered the woman named Tracy gave her that candy. Looking to it, she remembered what she said…

“This is a protein bar. Though it does have some chocolate, it’s actually kind of healthy. Why don’t have one. Who knows, maybe you might get some muscles.”

Remembering what she heard from Tracy, the skinny woman thought that through and was curious about this protein bar. It does seem like it’s a good-looking piece of candy. Sure it had chocolate in it, but Tracy did say it is healthy. Shrugging her shoulders, she said, “What the Hell… Might as well eat it. Might make a good laugh at it.” She started to pop the protein bar into her mouth and chewed it for a little bit. After taking a good swallow, she smiled and said, “Mmm… Not bad. A bit sweet, but I can get use to it.” Still, she looked to the mirror and didn’t feel much of changes as of late. “Doesn’t matter how good that protein bar is.” she said to herself in the mirror, “I’m still the skinny freak that I am.”

Just as she said that, she felt a tingle in her stomach that spread across her body. She slouched downwards and was in a bit of pain. “Ahh!!! What is this?!” she said in a disgruntled look, “Was that poison in that bar. That damn bitch tricked me!” She was feeling it terribly as she didn’t know what’s going on. What she didn’t know was that it wasn’t poison in that protein bar. Like all the other girls that were affected by the candies, this candy is going to change her as well. With Jessica turning into her own mother, Mary into a black woman, Alice into a Latina girl, Megan to an Asian gal, Rosa into a blonde bimbo, Jessica’s mother into a little kid, Christy into a nun, Tracy into a British intelligent woman, and the homeless woman turning into a Rich Indian oil tycoon, there’s no telling that the protein bar would do to her. All she had to do is wait and see.

As soon as the changes started, the woman felt soar all over her body. It’s almost like she was working out when in reality she never worked out at all. It’s obvious that the protein bar she consumed it changing her differently. Though she didn’t know this yet, her arms and legs started to show some tone as muscle fat started to grow on her. Her height then started to grow as she was once under five feet, now over. The growing started makes her attire a bit snugged as she was struggling to get some breathing room. Meanwhile, her face, that looked completely thin and unattractive shifted a little bit, making her look entirely different. At the same time, her hair started to grow longer and was beginning to show some signs of shine. Yet the woman couldn’t witness it all as she had her eyes closed, grunting in pain.

During the course of the changes, she kept on growing more muscles as her arms and legs were starting to show signs of hard gluts and biceps and looked like a professional athlete then an anorexia’s woman. Her height kept on growing, as she was 5,5 and still growing. Her shirt, which was tightening, rose higher as it revealed her stomach. That stomach, which was thing and showing ribs, was far different, there are no sings of ribs exposing the skin and it looked flat and toned like the rest of her body. Her breasts, which were barely an A, started to grow as they become perky B cups and kept growing on her. Her face kept on shifting more and more as she looked to be a beauty then an ugly. Her cheeks were riding higher, her nose getting thinner and elegant, and her lips started to get puffy. Her blonde hair kept on growing longer and shinier it started to get wavy. The woman was really starting to show signs of strength and beauty, but she couldn’t see it as she held her eyes tight with agony. “Argh! I can’t take it anymore! I feel like I’m going to explode!”

The changes kept on changing more and more as she starting to become what looks like the perfect woman every man would drool for. Her height extended more and more and was now around the six-foot mark while her body expanded with muscles and looks. Her arms and legs kept on pumping up with fat and toned up to the point that that she would be a heavyweight. Her stomach kept on toning as she now has a sign of abs being visible. Her breasts kept on growing as they became well-rounded C cups and were bouncy, yet hard at the same time. Her face continued to morph around and was looking pretty with rising cheekbones, thinning nose, and pumped up lips. And her hair grew longer and shinier as it shifted in waves. The woman still kept her eyes closed as the pain slowly started to subside. But not before the changes finished up.

Finally, just like that, the changes stopped as the woman took a deep breather. “Finally its over.” she said completely out of breath, “I thought for certain I was going to die. Wait till I find that woman that gave me that protein bar. I’m going to give her a piece of my mind.” She managed to open her eyes and got up from the constant pain, wanting to leave the bathroom to find Tracy. But as she got up, she noticed something was completely off. Under her point of view, it looks like that the world around her was smaller then expected and her head was near the ceiling. “That’s strange…” she said in confusion, “I don’t remember the bathroom to be this small. Did that bar gave me hallucinations or something?” As she was confused by this, she turned to the mirror to see what happened. When she did, she was in complete and utter shock as she had very little to say.


Looking to the mirror, she didn’t see the incredibly skinny girl she used to be. Instead, she was looking at a strong Amazonian woman that would bend metal completely. She now stood 6 foot 5 while having an athletic build of a body builder. Her arms and legs were hard and tones and made her look intimidating. Her breasts were now huge D cups as they were bouncy and hard like manly pecks. Her arms and legs were bulging with muscles and looked like they can pound anyone to dust. As far as the body is concerned, her looks were extremely special as they took the form of a goddess then a terrible looking woman. She had high cheekbones, a thing and stylish nose, and kissable lips. And her hair was long and luscious as it goes down to her lower back. The one thing is that her eyes weren’t tired or weak, but shiny and full of life.

The former skinny woman looked on in a total shock and didn’t know how to take it. She didn’t expect the protein bar could turn her into an Amazonian goddess. The one thing the protein bar didn’t do is set the mental changes like the others. So as the changes took place in her body, her mind remained the same. She looked at herself and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “Oh my…” she said in a clear and soft voice, “Look at me… I look really buff. Did the protein bar did this to me?”

The more she looks to herself, the happier she looked. All her lift, she wanted to look fit. Yet no matter what she did, she failed over and over again and stuck with a skinny twig of her former self. And now thanks to the protein bar, she got the body she wanted. Stepping back, she did some quick poses like that of a body builder. “Well, hello there good looking.” she said to herself with a bit of a wink, “You look really hot for a muscle bound woman. Bet you can take over the world.” Once she was done with that, she thought of something and said, “I should find that woman that gave me the protein bar. She was really grateful.” Course, she didn’t know that Tracy has already eaten her candy and turned into an intellectual girl from England, leaving the club to head to her home country to learn. Still, it would help to find her. So finishing with her flexing, she left the bathroom and searched for Tracy, when she was already gone.

By the time she got into the dance floor, she looked around and noticed that the place was pack. This makes it impossible to find Tracy anywhere. “Wow… Look at this place. It’s sure is busy.” she said to herself, “I wonder where the girl is. I so need to thank her in giving me that protein bar.” As she was searching, she bumped into someone that was dancing and said, “Oh! I’m sorry! I didn’t see you there.” Looking at the person, she noticed that it was a young man the same age as her, but has medium build with thick muscles and rugged good looks. The man turned to her and was amazed at her physic. “Don’t mind me,” he said, “It’s not that easy moving around when there’s so many people here. I’m Jeff by the way. Yours?” The woman looked to him with gleaming eyes and said back, “My name is Abigail. Nice to meet you.”

So the two decided to walk off and decided to talk to each other on some things. Abigail was even more surprised when she discovered that she now has a boyfriend. In her head, she knew that this was perfect. After all, she wanted a little company, and now she can finally get it. Still, she wants to find Tracy in this place and thank her for the treat. But with the club packed, it could be a bit difficult. So she shrugs it off and decided to wait until another time. After all, she’s in the hands of a handsome young man. “So…” Jeff started to speak, “How were you able to get a hot body like that? Did you work out?” Abigail looked to him with her train of thought broken and was a bit nervous on how to approach it. But after much thinking, she came up with a good excuse and said, “Oh… Let’s just say it’s a little secret.”



End Chapter 14

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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