Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Little Jessica is all set for the sleepover as her friends come in for some fun. But when they start eating those special candies, the real fun begins.

It’s seven at night in the Roseland residence as the mother and daughter set everything up for the sleepover. In Jessica’s room the decorations are set, the food is ready, the movies and games were placed, and the sleeping area was set up. Jessica looked at the room and was pleased by it. “It’s so beautiful!” she exclaimed, “Thank you mommy!” The mother looked at her and smiled saying, “Don’t mention it Jessica. Anything for my little daughter will make her feel happy.” As soon as she said that, Jessica was holding the last thing to put.

In her hand was the box that holds all those special candies they got from the Spells R Us store. She then placed the candies on the small table around all the other food. Jane looked at the box of candies and was a little worried about them. “Jessica, don’t you think it’s kind of strange that this woman gave us these candies without know what they can do?” she asked as Jessica turned to her mother and smiled. “No mommy, they just look like candies to me. Why ask?” Jane shrugged her shoulders and said, “Don’t know… It’s just that I’m a little concerned about those candies and if they are dangerous to eat. Can’t have you and your friends get sick of it.” Jessica sighed about her mother’s worry and said, “You worry too much mom. Everything will be okay.” Her mother groaned and didn’t like the sound of it. “Okay… But don’t come crying to me when you get yourself a tummy ache.” Jessica smiled and could tell that her mother would allow that.

Just then, there was a ring at the doorbell as someone came in. Jessica heard that and knew what it meant. “Yay!” she said in sheer excitement, “They’re here!” She rushed up to the door just to open it, but she was a little short in reaching the knob. Jane chuckled as she approached her daughter saying, “Let me get that for you sweetie.” As she got to the door, she turned the knob and opened it. At the door were a small group of girls with backpacks and sleeping bags. They were all Jessica’s friends from school.

The first girl was a freckled face kid at the age of six. She had red hair with pigtail braids in the back and freckles on her cheeks and crystal blue eyes. She was wearing a suspender dress with shorts that go down her knees, a white undershirt under it, and a pair of brown boots and purple socks. Her name is Mary and she’s Jessica’s closest friends.

Next to Mary is another girl that’s seven. She had light brown hair with a done up ponytail of a silky smooth face with a pair of green eyes. She was sporting a My Little Pony shirt, girlly blue jeans, and a pair of sandals that expose her feet. This girl’s name is Alice and she met Jessica since kindergarten.

The next girl is another six year old with blonde hair and goes down to her back. She had a dimple face with green eyes and two front teeth missing a few months ago. She wore a poka dotted sundress that goes down above her knees and a set of Mary Jane shoes. The name of this girl is Megan and she knew Jessica back on preschool.

And the last girl is a seven year old that has short black hair and glasses over her brown eyes. She was wearing a schoolgirl uniform from a top school for girls. She’s Rosa, and she’s the smartest girl in school. She’s always a big part in Jessica’s studies and helps her get her grades up.

Jessica looked at her friends and was completely ecstatic. “Mary! Alice! Megan! Rosa! You’ve all made it!” she said in sheer glee. The other girls looked at her and smiled, saying their hellos.

“Hey there Jessie.” said Mary.

“Hi Jessica!” exclaimed Alice.

“Whut up girl!” Megan responded.

“Salutations Jessica.” Rosa said in an intelligent manner.

They all then got together and gave each other big group hugs. Jane then approached the girls and said in a response. “Hello there kids! So nice of you that you’ve all come to my daughter’s slumber party. And just in time too. Everything is set up for your enjoyment. Please follow me.” As soon as Jane left, the girls followed her as they went up to Jessica’s room.


In Jessica’s room, everyone was ready for the slumber party. All the girls were dressed up in their oversize T-shirts and went down to their mid legs and had their childish panties on. Jane looked at the girls and could tell that they would enjoy themselves. “Well looks like everything is in order.” she said in a little confidence, “Now I want all of you at your best behavior. This might be a party, but I don’t want a mess. And if anyone needs anything, feel free to ask me, I’ll be in the kitchen cooking up and late night meal for all of you.” Jessica sighed and approached her mother saying, “Relax mom. We know the rules. You don’t have to tell us that.” Thinking of a way to get her mother out of the room, she took a box filled with candies they got from the mysterious store and offered one to her. “Here!” Jessica said, “Have one of the chocolates. I bet they taste really good.” Jane looked at the chocolates and was a little skeptic. She was a little unsure if those candies would be good for the girls or not. Not to mention that she’s trying to keep her weight in check. But looking at those gleaming eyes, she sighed and had no other choice in the matter. “Fine, I’ll take one.” she said, “But if I get sick form them, you’ll know how bad they are.” She then took a red gummy that has a teddy bear on it and walked away with it. As she closed the doors, Jessica took a breather and was glad that she was away.

The other girls looked on and wondered what’s going on. So Mary asked her friend, “Jessie, what’s going on between you and your mom?” Jessica turned to her friends and answered, “Oh you know… My mom always has the tendency to feel worried about me. You know how she is. I think it has something to do with the candies we bought.” The other girls looked at her and wondered about what he said. “What candies?” asked Megan. Jessica then approached the group and place the box of candies on the table exclaiming, “These candies!” She placed the box on the table and showed it to the others. When they looked at the candies of different kinds, Rosa looked at her friend and asked, “What type of candies are they?” “The lady in the store that they are special types of candies. Take one in your mouth and it will change your life. At least that’s what I think she said.” The other girls looked at the box filled with candies and wondered if they were good. Jessica decided to show them by taking out a plain piece of candy out of the box and said, “Here. Let me show you how good it is.” She started popping the pain candy into her mouth and feels it in her mouth. The moment it disappeared, she swallowed the flavor down her throat and felt good about it. “Wow!” she exclaimed, “This is really good!”

The rest of the girls looked on as their friend ate that piece of candy and could tell she enjoyed it. So they all started to dig in and took out different sets of candies. Mary took out a dark chocolate ball and popped it into her mouth. Once she chewed and swallowed it, she said, “Whoa! You’re right Jessie. This taste really good!” Alice was next as she got a coca Mexican bean and ate that. “You’re right Mary,” she said after tasting it, “This stuff is good.” Megan had already eaten a green tea flavored candy and said, “You can say that again. Never eaten candy as good as that.” “I could agree with you Megan.” said Rosa who had a bright pink taffy, “This taffy I got has a unique flavor and got my taste buds perking up.” Jessica looked at her friends and smiled at what they said. “See? What I tell you?” she asked, “Best candies ever.” Soon enough, the group started their little slumber parties.


As the party got started, Jane was walking down the hall and heading to the kitchen. Listening to them laughing she sighed and said, “My… They are certainly enjoying themselves. So full of youth and energy… I just wish I was their age.” She then looked at the teddy bear gummy her daughter gave her and wondered if she wants to eat it or not. After thinking about it, she came to a decision and said, “Oh well… When in Rome…” She then shoved it in her mouth and chewed on it. After a few short seconds, her eyes were wide and realized that it tasted too good. “Whoa…” she said in surprise, “That was different. But it felt really great. Guess I was wrong about those candies. They are really good! I should cook up something special for them.” So she walked down to the kitchen to begin cooking. What she and the young girls didn’t know was that the candies that they ate are about to change their lives, forever…



End Chapter 2

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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