Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

Chapter 15
Cutting a Rug

Chapter Description: Returning to the girls, they were having a good time and were dancing the night away. But they left the box of candies unattended as more victims kept on taking them. Who will be the next victims?

Back to the women, who were previously little girls, they were having a good time at the club as they were experiencing things they had never done when they were little. They were having their drinks and enjoying the crazy atmosphere, as some of them were a little intoxicated. But one person that isn’t having a good time is Jessica. When Christy and Tracy came by, they sort of harassed her and her friends and dug into the box to get some candies from within. She just worried of what the two took and what those candies would do to them. During her time in thinking about it, Mary notices her worry and tries to ease her.

“Yo Jess!” she said in a black woman like tone, “You’re cool? You are out of it like a cracker.”

Jessica snapped out of it and notices the look on Mary’s face. Sighing to herself, she said to her, “Oh, it’s all right Mary. I was just thinking of something is all.”

Mary raised an eyebrow and finds that to be a bit off. Giving a bit of a sigh, she told her, “Girlfriend, I’ve been your homie since kindergarten. I know when ever you have a problem, you always stare in space. So what’s the prob girl?”

Jess listened to her and could tell that she wanted some answers. Thinking of no other way to avoid it, she sighed and told her what’s really going on in her head. “It’s just what happened with those two girls and pestered us. I mean they’ve been mean to us and all, but when they dug into that box of candies and took some out, I’m scared of what happens to them. With the five of us turned into women of different cultures, there’s no telling what would happen to them.”

Mary looks to her and said in a civilized manner, “Really? Those two sluts? C’mon girl, they are nothing but a bunch of painful bitches. Whateva they turn into, they deserve it!”

The other soon listened in and was in agreement with their friend.

“En efecto...” Alice said in her Spanish language, “Esos dos eran terribles para nosotros. Ellos deben ser castigados por lo que nos dicen.”

Jessica looked to her and was still confused at what she was saying. “Okay, I got the terrible part, but not the rest.” She said with pure confusion in her eyes, “I swear, the way you and Megan keep on saying so much nonsense, it tends to get very confusing.”

Megan then looked to her friend and said back, “Nē! Watashitachi no ni wa, kotonaru jinshu no sutereo taipu no josei ni watashitachi o yūkō ni suru tame ni, sorera no kyandī o kitai shite imasendeshita. Korera no gengo de hanasu koto wa anata, anata no 3 ga rikaidekinai gengo de supāku zatsuyōdesu.”

Rosa looked to her and said in a ditzy tone, “Like, this I was expecting to become a dumb blonde chick with no smarty smarts.”

Jessica could see an argument going on with all the girls and decided to be the voice of reason. “Look, I know things have been a little hectic tonight.” She stated, “But until the store my mom and I went to is opened for the morning, we have to keep our cool and act natural.”

Mary heard that and grunted to herself. “Keep our cool.” she muttered, “Emphasence on the cool part, girl.”

As they were calming them down, the music picked up and Jessica smiled when hearing that. “Besides, we should just relax and enjoy some dancing. I love this song. C’mon, let’s dance!”

She got off the chair and proceeded to the dance floor to dance. The others girls looked to each other and decided to join her. “What the hell,” Mary said in defeat, “Might as well shake my booty and rock it. I do need to relax over this loon binge.”

The other girls turned to her and were in strong agreement over this.

“Si…” Alice said.

“Hai!” Megan responded.

“What evah…” Rosa finished saying.

So all four girls left their table and followed their friend to the dance floor to have their party. By the time they got to the dance floor, they were immediately enjoying themselves. Obvious their aging bodies combined with the drinks that they have, have given the proportions needed to show off their looks. Their very body languages from different nationalities certainly showed that not only they are good dancers, but also the center of attention, especially with the men hitting on them. But the girls do have control of that, as they are responsible not to get hit on boys, especially those older then them. So far, they are enjoying themselves as they like their new version of their own sleepover. However, they forgot the one thing they needed.

Back at the table, Jessica’s bag was still opened and the box of candies was still being shown in it. With it there, there will be people in the club that would take a piece of candy for a bite and change. And given what different types of candies there are, there’s no telling what it can do for any unsuspected victim.



End Chapter 15

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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