Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021

Chapter 18
Mother and Daughter to Twins

Chapter Description: A young college is struggling in her studies and job due to her infant daughter. All she ever wishes for is to have baby daughter to grow up and her life would get better. Will another piece of candy be the answer for her?

Back in the club, after Olivia grabbed her piece of candy and left the club, a small group of sorority women were having a great night at the bar, drinking and talking about gossip. However, next to them there was one college girl that was very quiet, sitting and having a glass of water. She was in her early twenties, like twenty-three and has mocha colored skin, long black hair in a ponytail, and light blue eyes. Unlike the girls wearing revealing clothing for the club, she was wearing a plain shirt and pants with a jacket over it, and was wearing glasses over her eyes. Her name was Toniqua and she is a young, fresh-faced college student.

In the club, she wasn"€™t into the nightlife as she was very busy as it is. See, when she was in her sophomore years in college, she met up with a nice guy that seemed very promising. One night, someone spiked the drink in one of the parties the college held and the two were drunk completely. Soon enough, one thing led to another and the poor girl got pregnant. The make matters worse, the college boy was a senior as he graduated when she was eight months pregnant and has a girlfriend at home. Feeling heart broken, she hid herself from him when he left after his graduation. One month later, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl and named her Tricia. Though she doesn"€™t have much of a father to share this bundle of joy with, at least she can raise her well.

But doing so, she was struggling with her life. She doesn"€™t have any time in studying and had to stick with summer classes, she takes late shifts as a librarian to keep stock on the books, and her social status hadn"€™t improved much. This night especially as some of her friends decided to go to the club to wind back and have some fun. Unfortunately, fun is something Toniqua shouldn"€™t think about. All that she thought of is how her baby girl. Sure she got a babysitter to look after her, but the thought of that concerns her. As she was contemplating, she heads the voice from close by.


She heard that voice and turned to the right, seeing one of her friends leaning on the bar top and was very worried about her. "€œWhat is your deal? We are all having a good time in this club and here you are killing the mood. Want to stay close to us? Dance a little? Maybe give you an actual drink? I don"€™t think you can drink water all your life."€

Toni gave a sigh and says, "€œSorry"€¦ But I"€™m not in a mood for drinking. Or partying"€¦ There is"€¦ a lot I"€™m going through right now."€

Toni"€™s friend blinked and knew what she meant. "€œOh"€¦ I see what it is."€ she said, "€œIt"€™s your daughter, huh?"€

She gave a deep breath and was a little upset about it, saying, "€œYeah"€¦ You could say that. I mean I have babysitter at my apartment, but I don"€™t know if she"€™s taking good care of my baby girl."€

Her friend listened in and groaned to herself. At first, Toni was all fun and a blast at parties. But one night stand later, she stopped her days of partying to help support her baby daughter. It is frustrating that every time they tried to bring her in, she always worried about that kid and tends to leave early. Now his is one of those days.

"€œAll right Toni"€¦"€ her friend said in defeat, "€œYou want to check on your girl, then be my guest. And don"€™t worry about it. First baby could be a bit frustrating."€

Toniqua looked to her and smiled with relief. "€œThank you Elli! You"€™re the best!"€ she said as she picked up her purse and left the bar. As she was leaving, she couldn"€™t help but to hear her friends speaking about her behind her backs.

"€œSo, Toni can"€™t hang out with us because of her baby daughter."€

"€œSigh"€¦ Afraid so"€¦ She"€™s been always been overprotected to her."€

"€œMan, she"€™s such a buzz kill. She had always been all fun and games. A complete party girl! Now she"€™s a single mother with no time to spend with us."€

"€œTell me about it. All she can do is support that little brat. That"€™s what you get when you have that one nightstand with that guy. Get knocked up, get screwed over!"€

"€œCut her some slack, girls. The poor girl is going through some hard times right now. Give it a few months and I"€™m certain she would be back to her old self in no time."€

"€œSure"€¦ She"€™s going to be back to her old self. Unless of course she will turn into a mother and not care for us at all."€

Toniqua heard them said those things and was awfully quiet about the whole thing. All she wanted to do is to hangout with her friends and have some fun. But having a baby, she needs to have a lot of responsibilities in caring for her daughter. Those would include making sure that she"€™s going to be safe and secure. That is quite of huge hill to climb on. Taking a breather she knew that her life has forever changed since that night.

"€œOh, what"€™s the use"€¦?"€ she said to herself, "€œI ultimately gave up on everything since I give birth to Tricia. I can"€™t hang out with friends, can"€™t go to clubs for parties, I can"€™t even have a good time. Now all I could do is study, work, and support my daughter. It"€™s now my new life. Oh, I just wish that Tricia would grow up fast so I don"€™t have to worry too much about her."€

She started to walk past the tables, trying to get to the exit. As she was walking, she spotted a purse that"€™s left vacant. Looking on, she blinked and wondered who left it unintended.

"€œNow who left that purse behind?"€ she asked herself, "€œSomeone was completely careless. Let"€™s see if the I can find a police officer outside of the club and see if they can help find the owner."€

She walked towards the bag to see if she can get it and look for an officer to help out. But approaching the bag, she spotted a box that was filled with a lot candy on the inside. She looked at the candy and saw the variety of candies in there with their own different tastes and styles. It almost looked expensive giving the types they have.

"€œWow"€¦"€ Toniqua said in fascination, "€œLook at all those candies"€¦ Never seen that many before in my life. Oh"€¦ It might feel wrong in taking some. But after having a baby, I could still have some cravings left in me. Maybe a few will do. I don"€™t think whoever owns that bad would never notice anything missing."€

Getting her hand into the box, she fathers as much as she could. Getting her hand out, she opened up her palm and saw two pieces of candies. The first one is a gram cracker that"€™s is shaped in feminine shapes of fraternal twins. The other is a chocolate with a cookie on it that"€™s shaped like an hourglass. Looking to this, she smiled and decided to leave it at that.

"€œHmm"€¦"€ she said feeling accomplished, "€œThis will do. I"€™ll leave the bag here for the owner. After all, she could be around and might return any time now. Might as get going. Can"€™t have my baby wait for me all night."€

She soon left the table and leaved for the exit, totally unaware that those candies are magical and it would change her life forever.


Half an hour later, a taxicab drove down the street as it stopped at a college dormitory. The back door opened up and Toniqua came out of it and saw her dormitory in front of her. By the time she closed the door and the cab left, she took a good look at the building and sighed to herself, saying, "€œHome sweet home"€¦"€

Slowly making the walk into the building, she headed up the stairs to the fourth floor and approached her dorm room. Grabbing her keys, she unlocked the door and turned the knob to open. By the time she entered the room, she looked around and noticed that things are in order. Her dorm is like a small apartment with a small living area, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a built in kitchen. As she was walking straight towards the middle of the room, she was greeted by a woman in her fifties with a mixture of salt and pepper hair, DD plump and saggy breasts, and a rounded mid section. Turning to Toniqua with her tired dark green eyes, the woman smiled and said in a bit of a Russian accent, "€œAh, Ms. Yolanda! You are here early. Did something happen at the club with your friends?"€

Toni just smiled and told this woman, "€œNo, Iva, nothing was wrong. I just want to head back home early to see if my little daughter is all right. You know me. Always worry about her."€

The woman named Iva smiled and could tell that this mother was a bit protective to her first born. After all, she was hired as a babysitter to look after young Tricia. "€œBut of course, Toniqua. She is in her crib in your bedroom, sleeping like a little angel. I checked on her a few minutes ago."€

Toniqua smiled and was pleased of what she did. "€œGood work, Ms. Krautz. And I"€™m certain that you did feed and changed her?"€

"€œI did everything you told me to do on your list."€ Iva said with sheer enthusiasm.

Toniqua heard that and said, "€œPerfect! I guess everything is in order. Let me give you your payment."€ She got into her pocket book and took out a hundred dollars and gave it to her. But then she noticed the hourglass cookie in her pocket book too and decided to give her a special treat as well. After all, she did a great job with taking care of her baby daughter and would deserve something special. So she handed her both the money and candy and said, "€œHere you go. Here"€™s the hundred dollars for all your hard work and a piece of candy for you to have after all you did for Tricia."€

Iva looked to the candy and detested on the candy part. "€œThanks for the money, sweetie,"€ she said to her, "€œbut I don"€™t want that candy. I"€™m cutting back on some sweets lately."€

Toni sighed and told her that it was all right. "€œOh, but I assist."€ she said to the babysitter, "€œYou have been a big help since Tricia came to this world. You deserve all the hard work you"€™ve made. Here, take it."€

Iva was still hesitant, as she didn"€™t want that candy at all. But Toniqua was insisting to give her that candy after all she done for her. Taking a sigh, she took the money and piece of candy and said, "€œWell"€¦ Okay"€¦ I"€™ll take it. But I"€™m not going to have it since I"€™m on a diet."€

Toni was elated and said her farewells. "€œWonderful! I knew you were the best babysitter. Well, I"€™ll be seeing you tomorrow night. I do have some late night classes to get to."€

Iva nodded and smile, saying, "€œOf course. See you tomorrow night then."€ She soon approached the door and left the dormitory.


Once she was gone, Toniqua looked to the door leading to her bedroom and decided to check and see if her baby daughter is all right. Opening the door, she entered it to see where her baby is. Her room is a typical dorm bedroom with a single bed, dresser, desk for studying, and a half empty closet filled with her clothes. But at the corner of her bed is a baby crib filled with stuffed animals and baby toys with a mobile spinner with baby doves spinning in a circle while next to it is a changing table with diapers and baby powder. Seeing all of this, she approached the crib to check on her daughter. When she looked to her, she couldn"€™t help but to melt at the sight of her.

In the crib, little Tricia was sleeping peacefully in her crib, her body was small and pudgy and her skin was very dark, since all babies looked darker until their skin lightens to the same color their parents are. Her face was simply adorable with chubby cheeks and a tuft of black hair. The baby soon started to squirm and was starting to get a little uncomfortable, moving around a little to make herself feel better. She soon opened her eyes, as the color of her irises were dark green, taking up after her father. By the time Tricia looked up to see her mother, she gurgled happily and raised her arms up, signaling her to pick her up. Toniqua smiled to her young one as she took her out of the crib and cooed with her.

"€œHello, little Tricia!"€ she said with happiness, "€œDid you miss your mommy?"€ The baby simply laughed a babyish laugh, letting her know what Tricia misses her. She smiled and responded back, "€œI miss you too Tricia. So much so, that I decided to leave the club early to be with you. Don"€™t get too excited yet, since I"€™ll be studying late night, so I won"€™t be as early as tonight. But at least I"€™m here with you tonight."€ She soon kissed her baby on the forehead and placed her back in the crib. "€œLet me go wash up before I go to bed. Won"€™t be long."€ The baby coed as she grabbed her toys and play around with them for a little bit. Toniqua smiled and was happy to see her in a good mood. She soon picked up her sleepwear from her closet and headed to the bathroom the wash up.

It only took half an hour when Toniqua came back to her bedroom, wearing a cotton tank top and wool like leggings with a pair of slippers on her feet. By the time she got back, she returned to the crib and sees her daughter playing with her toys. "€œHey there, sweetie!"€ she said with a smile, "€œWere you bored while I was away?"€ Baby Tricia looked to her mother and giggled at her arrival. Toni just chuckled and said in response, "€œI"€™ll take that as a yes."€ She soon picked her up and out of the crib and bobbed her up and down to keep her happy. But as she was playing around with her, she got a whiff of something vile and turned her head away in disgust. But she remained composed as she turned and said to her daughter, "€œSmells like someone made a little accident. Better clean that up."€

She soon placed Tricia on the changing table and begins changing her diaper. She removed the dirty one and placed it in the trash bin next to the table. With a quick wipe, she placed the new diaper over her daughter and sprinkled the baby powder on her. During the changing she sighed and thought of what happened tonight. "€œYou know, I do care for you a lot,"€ she said to her baby daughter, "€œbut life outside of parenthood is a major pain. I spend less time with my friends and more time in studying and working, just to support you. I"€™m at my wits end here and I don"€™t know what to do. Maybe if you were a little older, then perhaps I would have more time with everything. But until now, I have to live with his for the next few years. I just hope my friends would forgive me for all of this. But I just hope I have more time with them."€

Once he finished with the diaper change, she picked Tricia up and placed her back in the crib. Looking to her, the smiled and said, "€œYou know, it might sound like total nonsense to you since you are too young to understand anything. But I just want to share my thoughts with you."€ She yawned and headed to her bed to catch some Zs for tonight. Approaching her bed, she spotted the purse and remembered about the other candy she had. Thinking it through, she decided to have a bit of a nightly snack. Heading towards the bag, she put her hand in and took out the twin"€™s gram cracker. She looked on and was a little confused about it.

"€œThis is odd"€¦"€ she said to herself, "€œI wonder why this gram cracker looked a lot like twins. It does seem really strange."€ Curious, she placed her hands on both ends of the cracker and slowly pulled them apart. With one quick snap, she could see that the twins have split in two people and was curious about it. "€œHmm"€¦ Wonder how it taste?"€ She started to take a bite at the one cracker and gave it a taste. One bite later, she was amazed at the flavor of it. "€œWow"€¦!"€ she said in surprised, "€œThat was something else! I mean I had gram crackers before, but this is very different. Wonder where this person bought those candies."€ Once she ate it all, she yawned and decided to hit the hay. But she still has the other cracker on her other hand and had to place is someplace. Taking a tissue on in her purse, she placed the cracker on the side of Tricia"€™s crib and laid it there. "€œI guess this would do. It"€™s not like it"€™s going to be anywhere."€

With that said, she went to back and laid on the mattress. Turning to the crib, she could see young Tricia going back to sleep and was sucking her thumb. Smiling, she whispered to her in a quiet tone, "€œNight my little angel"€¦ Sweet dreams"€¦"€ She soon closed her eyes and went into a restful sleep.


Two hours later, it was late night as both Toniqua and Tricia were sleeping peacefully on their bed and crib. During the night though, Tricia was squirming and started to feel a little restless. She moved around and was trying to get more comfortable herself. But by moving around, the bed started to shake a little, as the toys and stuffed animals moving about. The one thing that was moving was the other gram cracker of the other twin her mother placed, as if leaving it there would be safe. Course, it was very wrong as the cracker was shaking and started to fall into the crib, landing on the little mattress and close to little Tricia.

Once the cracker fell next to her, little Tricia was moving her little arms around and for a little stretch. Her small hands soon felt the cracker and gently grabbed hold of it, drawing it closer to her. Thinking it was a pacifier; Tricia started to guide the cracker in her mouth and began to suck at it in her sleep. What she didn"€™t know is that the cracker itself was starting to take affect once she put it in her mouth. See, when Toniqua ate her side of the cracker, the magic started to affect her, but didn"€™t change her. It"€™s just waiting for the other cracker to be eaten so the other person can turn into the exact identical version of the host. Now the person was baby Tricia, and although she hasn"€™t eaten it yet, the sucking she did cause the flavor to go down her throat and started to make her tingle a bit.

When the tingling stopped, she soon started to grow. The months started to pile up on Tricia as she started to grow into a full year old. Not much has changed with the exception of height, but her body was a little less pudgy then before. The tuft of her hair started to grow out and was now a bit messy then normal. As she was sucking on the cracker, her gums started to feel soar and cooed in a bit of pain. That is because she was started to teethe as the first few teeth started to grow out of her gums and slowly growing bit by bit. Yet she was still sleeping as her body continued to grow further.

Now months turned to years, as Tricia continued to age a bit more. Now becoming two, her body grew out and little as she was loosing a bit more of her baby fat. The cheeks on her face started to deflate a little bit, but remained cute for her age. Her hair continues to grow and was now a short cut around her head. A few more teeth started to grow in and she was lightly chewing on the gram cracker. Just then, her diapers were starting to shift and was less puffy and crinkly, turning into pink training pants. As she was starting to get older, her mind was aging as well as knowledge was slowly filling her mind to that of a 2-year-old. Even her memories started to alter, as she felt like she was really two instead of a baby. Yet giving her changes, she continued to grow as she kept chewing on the cracker.

From two-three, She kept on growing big as her arms and legs were stretching a little more and was loosing a big more baby fat was slowly decreasing. That goes to her stomach a well as she was less fat then she normally was. Tricia"€™s head was getting less cute as there was less puffiness in her cheeks and button nose looked a little big. Her hair started to grow down a little more as it slowly slid down her neck. More and more baby teeth kept filling in until she can properly chew the gram cracker that"€™s in her mouth. Her training pants remained the same, but was starting too sharpen to a near triangle shape, looking like training panties. Above her, the music toy started to shake and broke off, falling to the side of the crib and laying there. It"€™s almost like her crib was loosing it"€™s baby like look to become something else. Little Tricia was gaining a bit more knowledge as she was reaching preschool level as her memories altered to make her think she"€™s three. Tricia continued to chew more and more until she started to swallow it down her throat. With the cracker in her stomach, her changes started to accelerate with her body aging more.

Going up to four, her limps got longer and skinnier while her stomach was slowly flattening. The cheeks on her face kept on deflating and her nose stretched a little. Her hair was now at the middle of her neck and slowly increased bit at a time. Her training pants lost crinkliness completely as they were plain white panties that fit comfortably on her. Just as she was sleeping peacefully, her crib started to shake violently as the bars on the right side snapped and fall down to the side with a thud. Both Toniqua and Tricia squirmed a little, but none of them didn"€™t wake up from that noise. They kept on sleeping peacefully as none of them know the changes were taking place.

Tricia was now five with her limbs stretching and baby fat thinning. Her stomach has nothing but a small bulge, and it continued to get smaller. She had little puffiness on her cheeks as her nose stretched vertically. Her big eyes were getting smaller as she was loosing her innocent look on her. Her hair was now at her lower end of the neck and was increasing steadily. By the she was five, she was stirring, but not waking up. Instead, she slowly sitting up with her eyes closed and was standing on her own two feet. There was enough knowledge for the growing girl and stand as she was entering the phase where she would sleep walk. Yet she was in a hypnotic state as she was temped to leave her crib, which she was outgrowing, and head to a much bigger bed. One that is where her mother was sleeping in. So with her eyes still closed, she slowly climbed off the crib and slowly walked to the bed. During the say, she shivered, as her body grew further up.

Hitting six now, she was getting taller and was around three feet upon standing. At the same time, her body was getting skinnier as the remaining baby fat melted away on her extending arms and legs while the bump on her stomach kept getting flatter and flatter. Her face lost all of her puffiness and her face was flat and round. There were other changes on her face too as her nose stretched and looked fewer buttons like, her closed eyes getting smaller, and her hair reaching past her lower neck. She made the slow walk down to her mother"€™s bed and slowly climbed over it. When she did, she immediately laid down and kept sleeping with her eyes closed, Toniqua just squirmed and didn"€™t realize her daughter was on the bed. Nor she realized that she was older then normally was. But she kept on sleeping with her daughter closely next to her. With the two sleeping, Tricia was aging another year and more changes happened to her body.

At seven, she gets taller and past three feet in height. Her arms and legs kept on getting longer and where thin like a colt. Her stomach was completely flat, as she doesn"€™t have any pudginess what do ever. That goes with her face too as they have no baby fat on them was well. There were also signs of changes such as a longer nose, smaller closed eyelids, and growing hair that goes down to her shoulders. Yet nothing else have happened to her in an alarming rate as she was sleeping on her mother"€™s bed with her mom by her side.

She soon got to eight years of age and no other changes happened, with the exception of her growing height or growing hair. But her panties started to change color to light blue as it shifted to a style that fits older girls. Yet no changes were made as she squirmed and rest her hand on the sheets, covering herself to keep warm.

Reaching nine, she grew a little in height and hair. However, when her hair was below her shoulders, it started to move around on its own as it twisted and turned, becoming a small ponytail for a girl her age. Tricia started to get a little uncomfortable, as the bed was too small for both her and her mother. That would soon change as Tricia aged up to the double digits of her life.

Coming up to ten, Tricia grew a little more with her ponytail getting longer. Still, there aren"€™t any more changes then that. But as the two were sleeping, the bed started to shake on them. By the time it shook, it started to change as the frame was getting wider to accommodate the two and the mattress joined the ride as well. The sheet begins to stretch as well to help cover the mother and daughter as an additional pillow appeared and Tricia was resting her head on it. Soon enough, the bed meant for a single person turned into a queen bed fit for two people. Despite the changes, the two remained asleep and wasn"€™t aware of any of it. Once the bed finished changing. Tricia aged past ten as puberty was starting to take an effect on her.

Coming up to eleven, she had grown taller and was closing in on the four-foot mark. By the time she grew, her chest was getting a little itchy and scratched the area for a little bit. Course, her nipples started to get puffy as they were beginning the development of her breasts. Her hips were beginning to tingle as the extended a few centimeters, starting to expand her hips. Her face was beginning to shift as her round skull structure started to stretch and shifted directions. Her nose stretched further and eyes looking less innocent. But her lips were begging to change as well as cartilage begins to fill around her thin lips. Her ponytail hair grew longer and was getting full and bouncy. All ready there were signs of Tricia started to cross the threshold of womanhood. But that"€™s just the beginning as she continued to grow into her preteen phase.

Being twelve, Tricia was now at four feet and is steadily growing by the second. Flesh grew around the puffy nipples as she now has a pair of mounds on them. Her hips extended further as there is a bit of curve to the sides. As they were extending, her rear started to feel achy and was starting to get bloat. It is when her butt was deflating to help accommodate her hips. Her arms and legs started to grow longer, but there were clear indication that she was starting to show a bit of muscle tone on them when a few minutes ago had baby fat on them. Her face continued to shift shape and was beginning to get a little oval like. Her nose got longer, eyes got smaller, and lips got puffier as she was leaving childhood behind and entering her teen like stage. Her ponytail got longer too and was sticking out, causing her to turn to get a little comfortable. So far, she had become a young preteen and was getting a little uncomfortable with her body growing and turning on the bed to sleep peacefully. Toniqua didn"€™t even know that her growing daughter was trying to move as she has her own spot a bit far form her. Yet she was still sleeping while Tricia was struggling. Once Tricia finally settled in and was sleeping peacefully, her body tingled and she started to grow into her early teens.

Her body got taller and went past the four-foot mark. At the same time, her body was really starting to expand. Her mounts poked out and looked like two pointy cones on her chest. Her hips widen and grew out to leave her boyish state while at the same time, her butt bloated up to a round shape. Her growing arms and legs gained more muscles it looks like she was starting to work out. Her head kept on shaping up more oval like and her face was maturing more and more, leaving behind her childish looks. Her nose got thinner, eyes looking less innocent, and lips looking teen like. Her ponytail hair got longer too and was now brushing her shoulders. Tricia was now an official teen as she was dreaming about young teen things such as boys and looks.

As all the changes were taking place, there were other changes that were starting. Mainly it was happening to crib Tricia once slept in. The baby mattress, toys, and pillow vanished into the ether and the wood started to grow out and filled the inside of the crib. The bars that opened up on the crib detached and fell on the floor, leaving it there for quite a while the wood filled the crib completely and remolded with an opening and the bottom middle with bumps growing with handles in the middle, looking like dwarves. It almost looked like an actual wooden desk. At the same time, the bars that were on the floor got up automatically started to round together and merged, moving around and shifting. The bars merged into the corner and turned into four legs standing on their own. The top enclosed for to what look like something to sit on while the back part grew out of the surface and rose up with a curve on the top. Soon enough, the bar slider turned into an actual chair as her crib was nowhere to be found.

With nothing that resembled baby Tricia, the young preteen just slept peacefully as her body grew up each passing second. Gaining a growth spurt, she immediately shot up and was between the four and feet foot mark. Her body started to fill out next with her cone bloating up and looked like small little breasts, most likely A cups. Her hips extended further with her stomach looking a little curvier and her rear expanded to fit her waistline. Her arms and legs started to look athletic and the tone seem to be more evident. Her face was completely oval now and there were no sign of any roundness at all. But her face kept on maturing with a thin long nose, small mature eyes, and puffy luscious lips. While at the same time, her ponytail grew down her shoulders and was on the upper back. Tricia kept on sleeping, not realizing that she aged to fourteen years of age.

By the time she was going through her teen phase though, she felt something warm in her nether regions and squirmed a little. What is really happening was that her hormones were amping up and she felt a little turned on. And in her maturing vagina, it was like it was on fire. Lowering her dainty hand to her panties, she rubbed it and moaned with her maturing voice. However, it was a silent moan as she didn"€™t want to disturb Toniqua on the other side. As she was rubbing it, her body started to erupt through her teens and was making her sexuality more heightened.

Hitting fifteen, she was inching closer to the five-foot mark and her body kept on maturing second by second. Her breasts grew a bit and has become AA cups. Her hips expanded and her waist has an early hourglass shape to it with her rear joining the ride. The muscle tone was more pronounced on the young teen with the arms and legs looking like someone starting to work out. Her maturing face is loosing more of her childlike innocence and started to look sultry and pretty. Her nose was no longer button like and her eyes started to look very seductive after having them closed. Her puffy lips moaned lowly with the sound getting lower. At the same time, she was showing her now adult teeth as braces appeared on them to straighten them out. And to top it off a pimple or two appeared on her face to show that she was going through her awkward phase. Her hair grew down her back and looked to be down her middle back. The young teen was sleeping and pleasuring herself while Toniqua was sleeping peacefully; completely oblivious of what"€™s happening next to her.

After more pleasuring, Tricia"€™s body grew and has entered sweet sixteen. She was getting awfully near the five-foot mark and was developing into a fine teenager. Her breasts expand and were now perky B cups. Her hips widen and ass inflated into a teenage like hourglass. The muscle tone on her arms and legs were that of a teenage athlete that takes part of cheerleading. Even her face was teenage like as it made her look both cute and beautiful at the same time. Small and less innocent eyes, long and thin nose, teen like lips, and a few pimples dotted around. Her ponytail started to unravel itself and cascaded down her back and was long enough that it deserves a serious haircut. The teenage Tricia was still fiddling with herself as her other hand led its way to one of her perky breasts and started to massage it while fiddling with her panties. She was in pure ecstasy in her sleep and was trying not to wake up Toniqua. While at the same time, Tricia started to grow with the cracker in her stomach.

Now seventeen, she shot up to about five feet in height and her body was starting to leave her teenage phase and beginning her journey to adulthood. Breasts grew to BBs and was loosing their perkiness. Her hourglass expands from her hips and ass and looked curvier then before. Her arms and legs kept gaining muscle and extended longer to help fit her growing body. Her face was maturing further to womanhood, as she was showing less pimples then before. Then the strangest thing has happened with her hair. It started to shrink on back up to her head and restyled into a bob cut look with some strands covering her left eye. The older teen was starting to feel more tensed with sexual desire as she was trying to reach her peak. Knowing that rubbing the nether regions on the surface of her panties isn"€™t working, she took a different path. Guiding her hand into her panties, she reached her pussy and started to rub it a little more. When she did it, her body started to tingle and her body aged again.

Her body sprouted up one more time and is the same height as Toniqua. But just because her body stopped growing, doesn"€™t mean that she"€™s done. Tricia"€™s body started to expand further, as she started to enter her young adult stage. Her breasts have officially become C cups, just like Toniqua, and were both firm and bouncy. Her hips expand far away between and the curves were high defined and her stomach was flat with a bit of indications of abs on them. Her ass kept expanding and rounding into a well defined shape and helped accommodate her hourglass. Her muscle tone was that of a woman beginning college and was completely in shape. Her maturing face was showing little showing little childhood innocence or teenage awkwardness. The everything from her long and thin nose, small an grown up eyes, and fluffy kissable lips she was the perfection of a young adult. Her hair remain the same with the exception of the light purple streaks appearing one strands of her hair with the one streak covering her one eye. It"€™s almost looks like she has a bit of a rebellious and party side of her young college life. The eighteen-year-old continues to masturbate in her sleep and is urging herself to dig in deeper. So she let her finger dig into her vagina lips and heading right reaching her colitis. As she was trying to reach it, her body grew a bit more.

Her height and face remained the same, but her body was still expanding at an alarming rate. Her breasts started to expand further, and are now CC, half the size as Toniqua and her hips continued to expand and was getting curvier and curvier. Her butt started to look like a bubble shape and her stomach was just as toned as her arms and legs, showing a bit of a six-pack in the process. It was obvious that Tricia was going to grow up to become very athletic and it is shows it to its full potential. And while her face hasn"€™t changed much, her braces disappeared and her adult teeth are perfectly aligned. Her fingers managed to get her little colitis and started to massage it completely. She bit her plush lips with sheer ecstasy and was on the verge of an orgasm.

The nineteen year old turned twenty and her body kept expanding more into a hot woman. Her breasts grew to huge D cup melons and her hourglass was wide enough to show off her luscious curves and heart shape butt. She was breathing heavily and was nearing the peak of her sexuality.

When she turned twenty-one, the room around the two begins to change and alter to accommodate the two girls. The room started to expand further to help the two move around. The desk that was used to be Tricia"€™s crib showing things that are appearing. The first that appeared is a high def and advance computer with a built in wide screen, keyboard, and wireless mouse. Next to the computer are a bunch of college books for studying, the same type of books Toniqua has in her classes. So it was obvious that the two go to the same class. On the walls, multiple shelves magically appearing and more stuff came soon after, from DVDs, to video games, to what looks like male porno magazines for her time in being frisky. School supplies such as pencils, highlighters, and erasers appearing on the side. And to top it all off, a pink dildo appearing on the other side of the desk to help her masturbate. The closet on the long end extended as more clothes appeared for Tricia while the other side of split for Toniqua. A nightstand appeared on Tricia"€™s side where it contains her bras and panties. And the pictures around the apartment shifted around and showed Toniqua and the baby being changed into Tricia and Toniqua going to beaches, clubs, and hanging out in school. Soon enough, the entire room changed into something to accommodate to roommates then just one.

By the time she hit twenty-two, she has reached her peak and mentally screamed in orgasm. She thrashed on the bed and was in pure pleasuring bliss. Meanwhile, Toniqua was resting peacefully, not realizing that what was going on next to her. As she was sleeping, she felt a tingle and squirmed a bit. What was really happening is that her body was changing a bit as the circles around her eyes disappeared and she was feeling more restful. It"€™s almost like she didn"€™t have a kid in the first place and that was at peace with herself.

As soon as the orgasm ended, Tricia stopped aging is now a 23-year-old woman, just the same age as Toniqua. It"€™s almost like they were twins. But unlike Toni, Tricia is more pronounces and buxom like with CC cup breasts, incredibly curvy hourglass, and bubbly rear. Even her face was extremely beautiful as she was like an angel. But her short purple streak hair makes her a bit of a devil as well. Once she was done with her orgasm, she returned to going to sleep while the cracker in her stomach dissolved completely and ended the aging process. This leaves with two women sleeping on the same bed, not aware of what just happened until the following morning.


Hours later, the morning sun started to rise and the light peeked through the windows. Once it reached the bed, Toniqua groaned and felt better then before. Getting up her bed, she stretched and said, "€œWow"€¦ That was a restful sleep. Haven"€™t felt this good since before my child arrived."€

Course, she didn"€™t realize that something strange happened when she was asleep. Opening her eyes, she noticed that the room changed a bit. "€œOdd"€¦"€ she said with confusion, "€œI don"€™t remember my bedroom to be this big. Maybe I"€™m feeling a little dozy."€

She looked around and wondered what just happened. That is when she encounters two shocking things that she saw. For one, there was no baby Tricia or her crib as a desk replaces it. Another thing is that she saw what looks like a woman her age that looks half naked with only a pair of panties. She had a few seconds to register as she immediately freaked out and stagger out of the bed and on the floor. She tried to register what she witnessed. Just then, the woman slowly stirred and rose up from the bed as well, stretching after a blissful and orgasmic dream. She soon turned to Toniqua and had a pleasing smile on her face.

"€œGood morning, Toni. Sleep well?"€ the woman said to her.

Toniqua blinked and was really confused about this woman. Snapping out of it, she decided to demand answers. "€œDon"€™t you say "€˜Good Morning"€™ to me! Who are you? How did you get into my dorm?! Where"€™s my baby daughter, Tricia!?! Answer me!!!"€

The woman blinked a few seconds before laughing it up for a short moment. "€œThat"€™s funny, Toni!"€ she said to her, "€œYou dreaming about me like I was your baby daughter. Haven"€™t you already forgotten? It"€™s me, your twin sister, Tricia!"€

Toni starred at her with deep saucers and was registering what she was saying, "€œMy"€¦ My twin"€¦ sister?"€ she stuttered.

Tricia placed her hands on her hips and has that cocky grin. "€œWell, of course I"€™m your twin sister."€ She said to her, "€œI guess all that drinking in that club must"€™ve got you dreaming weird dreams."€

Toni was still trying to process this whole thing and didn"€™t know what to think. "€œBut"€¦"€ she continued to feel confused, "€œBut this can"€™t be. The Tricia I know is my baby daughter. There is no way that she can be my twin sister!"€

Tricia chuckled and headed to the closet to get ready for another day in college. "€œPlease"€¦"€ she said to her, "€œYou never had a daughter in your life in college. And you and I have always been thick and thin since day one. You really need to lay off the cocktails once in a while. Sometimes, it gets you too loopy to the point where you dream things that don"€™t make sense."€ She soon take out a tank top and headed to the night stand dresser to get her bra. Turning to Toniqua, she said, "€œWell, I"€™m going to go take a shower and get ready for my biology class. You better get ready too. We do have that test in a week and we need to work hard to get those As."€

She when went around the bed and left the bedroom to hit the showers. As soon as she left, Toniqua blinked and was confused by what just happened. Hearing that her daughter is now her twin sister didn"€™t make any sense. How can all that changed over night. Slowly getting up and recovering from the shock, she noticed the picture on the nightstand and noticed that it has changes as well. That picture that use to show Toniqua and baby Tricia when they were in the park turned into the twin sisters in the same part but with peace signs. This gave clear indication that now only that Tricia and the room have changed, but also the rest of the world as well. She was taking a breath, as she was talking to herself like an insane person.

"€œOkay Toniqua, deep breaths"€¦ Somehow your baby daughter is now your twin sister and the world around you changed to make everyone believe that we were twins. Yet, you are the only one that knew of the last night before hand."€ Then that means that she remembered what she had last night. The gram cracker that had the twins and she had one and left the other behind. Does that mean that her daughter somehow got the other cracker without her knowing? Is it possible that cracker was the one that turned her world upside down?

Taking a deep sigh, she decided to accept it. "€œGuess I have to roll with it."€ She said to herself, "€œUnless I act all crazy, I need to play along until I figure out what I need to do. It"€™s the best that I can do."€ So looking to where her now twin sister is at, she decided to have breakfast and move on to her day, hoping things wouldn"€™t get weirder then that.



End Chapter 18

Ethnic Candies

by: LJM | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 2, 2021


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