The Journal of June Summers

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Chapter 8
Week 8

Chapter Description: June admits her feelings to James while telling the truth to the folks at the gym. What's about to happen? What will their response be?


May 1, 2011

Moment of Truth

Today is Sunday, the start of May. This is where the temperature gets warm and it feels like summer. This is also the day I had to know something that is important. See this is about my connection between me and James. Ever since I met him in Kurtos’s meetings he seems to care about me. We share the same virus, the same duration of it and the same feelings for each other. But there is a slight difference in the whole experience. He’s regression will stop at six months while mine is when I’m and egg and sperm. There’s a major difference between the two yes. But at least I would live through this. I hope…

Anyways, after the last few weeks I began to feel much comfortable with him. We talked and laughed; even last week we had a great time at the café. But during our time together, I’ve begun to feel a little different around him. I really don’t know what, but it seems that I seem to be falling in love with him. Grace said it herself back at the mall yesterday and I think she is right. This crush I have with him is getting into my head. I have to admit that I’m in love with him, but I don’t want to push it.

That’s where this little get together is all about. I planned his yesterday and I know what I should do. Firstly we will head to the café again for a little lunch. Then we will head to the movies to watch a good film. I was thinking of a romance movie, or a romantic comedy. Not sure if I want to watch those movies the kids like to watch though. I swear most of the stuff my grand children watch I just don’t understand. After the film, we will walk though the sunset in the park, just to relax. And when the moment comes, I will tell him personally that I love him. Seems like the perfect plan in my head. I was hoping that it would work in real life.

When I returned to the café I noticed that he had changed again. I haven’t seen him since the meeting but he looked like a thirty nine year old man then that of a forty-three. Though there were some differences in him. For example, he looked like he lost some weight, almost forty pounds in total. And though he looked to be a little skinny, he does have some muscles on him. He’s not like a muscle builder mind you, but he does have muscles to begin with. His face looks a little younger and less old too. He had nothing but faint lines on his face, he barely has the five o clock eye shadow, and his face started to soften a little bit. Plus his hair was much fuller and had little balding to begin with along with the less gray on his head. He certainly looks good for his age. Hell, he even told me that I look good as well. And you know what, he does have a point. For a girl my age, I certainly look really nice as well.

I’ve lost more weight then last week, I saw all that overeating all the years has really did a number on me a long time ago. My breasts were higher and didn’t show much sag then before. Still soft though, but it will change in a few years, or days in my condition. My waist is thin with a little fat there. Guess it was when I had Grace around that time. I might loose it in a few days as well. I do have expanding hips, the good kind of expanding as well, not the bad kind. And I got myself a slender tone on my arms and legs. My face even looked relatively younger as well. Still have some faint lines on my face, but I could tell that they were fading away slowly. I even look less and less tired too with my eyes looking less baggy. And to top it off, my hair had a few gray streaks on my raven like hair. I even let it grow down a lot, being that I decided to not get myself a hair cut anymore. So in terms of looks, yes, I do look young at heart and body.

Getting back to my day though, we had a good time. Went to the café for our usual lunches, went to see Water for Elephants, which is by far a really good movie, and we walked through the park as planned. As we watch the sun setting, James told me what a wonderful time he had. He never had to do anything like this since a long time ago. He was actually enjoying himself and he wished we could do that everyday. That’s when I started to say it. Started off slow, say I would appreciate the company too. I then started to say that I’ve enjoyed being with him and told him he was very special to me. That he and I were a lot in common. Whether it’s the AR Virus or not. And since the two of us are alike in many ways, whether it is good or bad, I know we had a strong connection. I knew it was that time to say and I took a deep breath and blurted out loud, ‘James, I think I love you!’.

The moment I said those words, James was completely silent in all of this. Almost speechless if I can tell by the expression on his face. At first I thought he didn’t like what I said and I felt a little defeated. But then almost immediately, he rushed to me, caught me by surprise, and kissed me on the cheek. And to make it more shocking then I thought, he told me I he loved me too. He said that I was right on many occasions. That we both share everything when it’s either normal life or that virus that’s in our bodies. And in order to get through all of this, we have to stick together no matter what. He is right for a change. If this virus is infecting us and making us regress, we do have to stick together, even if it means we go young and forget our previous lives.

After we confessed our feelings, I gave him a kiss to the cheek and headed back to my house. I couldn’t believe this at all. James admitted his love to me just about the same I said mine. Never saw this coming. But at least I have some closure in all of this. And now that we admit our feelings for each other, we’ll be in this together throughout the good… And most likely, the bad.



May 2, 2011

New Clothes

Well it’s Monday and there is nothing for me to do. And being that there isn’t much to do, I decided to try out some clothes my daughter and I bought at the mall on Saturday. And believe me, after all that shopping I’ve done, I had all day to try out some clothes. Now there are some good clothes I picked for myself are quite adequate. It would include dresses, tops, pants, and the like. My daughter got some other clothes for me that look a little off, but I guess it would be when I get a little younger. Hell, some of the stuff I got are for teenagers or children. Though she does want me to get some of the clothes from my grandchildren, It’s still wouldn’t hurt to get some for myself.

Now as I was trying on clothes, I could tell that they fit me like a glove. Indeed they were a little bit snug on me, but that’s cause I still have a few pounds on me left from my old age. Guess I should go back to working out tomorrow and maybe they would be gone.

Hmm… You know, getting a little off topic, I still have an issue with the gym I go to. The expiration of my membership will end soon and I have to pay tomorrow. The main problem I have with all of this is that my AR virus is in me and I’m already thirty-eight. Sure I want to pay the membership for another month, but if I pass twenty… Well… I don’t think I would continue past that age. Not only that, but the staff is starting to get real suspicious. Looking at my body, they think I’m been doing a lot of working out when in reality I didn’t do much. The AR Virus did its job for me. It made me went from being an elderly woman to a thirty something with a body of a mature girl. It makes sense if you think about it. But still, it’s a problem with me. Those who work with the gym kept on asking all these questions to me and I’m getting a little sick of it. I need to tell them the truth but doing that will lead to some serious consequences. Still, I can’t keep this secret forever.

You know what? I can’t keep it forever. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to take my money to pay for the next membership and tell the truth in front of the staff. If they would accept my truth, I will pay for the next membership. If not and they want me to leave immediately, well I’ll do that under their request. Other then that, I hope that give me a clear answer.



May 3, 2011

Truthful Hope

Boy, my day was pretty hectic. And most of it, believe it or not, was all about the gym I took part of. Where do I begin?

Perhaps I should start with my usual day. Been to the gym twice for my usual cardio and workout and I was getting better. With energy slowly returning to my body, I felt like I can do just about anything. I can run faster, lift stronger weights (But not too strong let me remind you), and I’m fully active with the activities they’ve been doing. But that lead to people turning their heads to me also. Every time they look at me, they could tell that I’ve changed more so then ever. I’m no longer the elderly woman I once was, instead in my place is a mature woman in her thirties. And they don’t stop asking questions about me. And the worst part of it is it’s getting worse to ignore it. That led to the second part of my day.

Soon after I was done with my workout, I was going to pay for my second membership. But before I could do that, I ask the receptionist to gather the staff and meet me at the training room for a private talk. She didn’t know what I was doing so I told her that it was really important. After a little bit of talking, she finally except it and gathered the staff. Once everyone was there and there’s no one interrupting, I told them the truth.

Started it off slow with the condition and the doctor’s appointment. Then I discuss the meetings with other people who had the virus like me. And then I went to the difficult part of all of this, telling them about the duration of my virus and when it will stop. I told them that I would go down a year a day and my regression will end one second after I am conceived, or to be more precise, and egg and a sperm. There were a lot of shocked faces on the staff and I can’t blame them. There was also anger on their faces too when they realized that they have been lied to for a whole month. They were going to jump to conclusions too until I gave them a reason on why I kept this for so long. I told them that the reason why I did that is so that way I can live a normal life without worry. And even if I do tell them the truth, they would’ve kicked me out in the first place. I didn’t mean to keep it a secret from them, but with the virus regressing my body physically I can’t keep this secret forever. I feel so sorry for keeping it to them. And I know they would kick me out from the moment I said it all. I was waiting for the moment they would throw me out.

I closed my eyes and waited for the moment they would remove me from the premises. But then I felt a gentle touch on my shoulders. I opened my eyes and noticed the receptionist looking at me with a small smile on her face. I then looked at the others and noticed that they had pleasing eyes. I was completely confused and wonder what they want with me. That’s when they told me that they forgive me. That caught me by surprise so I asked them why they accept me. Each of them told me why as they had someone who had the virus as me.

Believe it or not, there were some people that had family or friends that had this virus. And there is a long list of people they knew. For example, the receptionist told me of a friend that had that virus and was now a kid no older then five. She always visits him almost everyday after breaks at the gym. There was a trainer whose father had the regression virus and stopped at seventeen. He treats his father like a younger brother. Then there is a female whose aunt was down to the same age as her, most likely twenty-four. Now they act like twins even though her aunt is mentally older. There were others that had someone that had the virus, but it isn’t much for one journal entry. Still, I’m quite surprised by this. I never thought these people had friends and family that had succumbed to this virus. Guess I’m not alone after all.

Anyways, they did forgive me for keeping this whole thing a secret. I was a little teary eyed on the whole thing. The receptionist then told me if I want, I could pay for another month in membership and if I get too young, then I would reprieve it. I of course eagerly except it and after talking to all those people, paid for the next membership. I got to admit, they seem to accept for what I have. I just hope they are prepared for me in a younger state whether it is in my twenties or teens.



May 4, 2011

Seventh Meeting

Another meeting has past for me and it was a little aggravating. Being with these people could be a little annoying, well except James of course. I was comfortable with him around. But there were a few new people that just came and they seem to be a little interesting. But first, let’s start with those who are still around.

Godfree is the first that’s still here. His six-month regression makes the progress slower then any of us. He could be between 43 to 42-years-old from what I can understand. Since his spine was repaired thanks to the virus, he doesn’t really need anything to help him keep in balance. He can walk straight, sit straight, and ultimately remain straight. He keeps on gaining muscle and he looked less weak then previous meetings. I could even see his waist looking a little tighter as the bear belly was looking less pronounced. His face looked younger too as the AR virus took away almost everything that made him look old. There was that many wrinkles on him as before and his face looked a lot less rough. Not to mention his eyes looks brighter then before and he’s less tired, as evident as he was paying attention to the meetings then before. Ask for his hair, there was no gray streaks at all, just a few here and there, and it was still dull around some places. And of course, he still wore some professional clothes cause of his job. The usual is a suit with matching pants and dress shoes. Even with the AR Virus, he still has a company to run.

Elizabeth, who need to be called Lizz had her regression stopped and is now sweet sixteen. Or is it seventeen? I really don’t know by now. Her height looked like it was around five feet and her body eroded to a young teen. Her breasts look a little perkier, her hips midway teen and childish, and the muscles on her arms a legs look a little gawky, but still made her look a little athletic. The face was in between her childhood and teenhood. Her nose looked a little upturned, eyes looking a little bigger, and her structure looked halfway oval and rounder at the same time. Her hair was in a ponytail and looked a little shorter as well. Guess her hair is growing shorter due to the regression as well. The main problem is her brain. The younger she got and harder it was to think. Mostly she lost memories that involved her older life and it wasn’t easy for her to remember anything. She does remember things that were recent. One really good example is her friendship with Jessica, A.K.A. Jess. Since they are in the teen years, they immediately became friends. Makes sense when you think about it. Being that she and Jess are around the same age length, they need to be friends any way possible. And being that they had the virus before, it is imperative that they would be friends sharing the same pain, even if they don’t remember.

Now for James, he looks the same since the last time I saw him on Sunday. He is now thirty-six and still looked a little good. He looks more handsome then before with more muscles on his arms and legs, his body looked well defined, and face looking like something from a romance novel. He was wearing a casual polo shirt, cargo pants and a pair of loafers, but I got to admit, he looks really good in them. Sometimes he exchange glances during the meetings and couldn’t help but to feel a little flushed. Ever since we confessed our feelings with each other, everything was so different. We act differently, we talked differently, we even showed different emotions with each other. This is something I need to get use to. I mean now that we’re in love; I guess it would be really silly to be like this. Guess I have to be more careful around him in the near future.

Unfortunately, Jessica is no longer part of the meeting. Being that her regression stopped to her teenager life, she no longer needs to go to meetings and her former husband would be taking care of her as a daughter from here on out. I’m pretty sure Elizabeth will soon finish with these meetings too as her regression stops as well. Like I said before, I’m sure the two will be the best of friends in the near future.

Though she is gone, there are two different people that came into the meeting that are a part of Dr. Kurtos’s patients. One is a male and the other is a female. Who should I start with first though? Maybe the woman.

Her name is Alison Bayo, and she’s a 38-year-old housewife with that’s having her first born. To me I thought the first-born was the one with the virus, the same type of fate I might be in. But that wasn’t the case at all. Turns out, the pregnant woman was the one with the virus. I was completely shocked by this predicament. I never really thought that the AR virus would infect a pregnant woman. But I guess it’s something new I learned about this virus. That no one is exempt from the disease. And I do mean NO ONE! Getting back to the Alison, I was scared for her. If she have this virus, then that would mean that her regression would ruin her pregnancy. But she assured everyone that it was all right. She stated that her regression is one month a day. And since her pregnancy is three months, then her in another six she could be around her thirties. It got some people relieved by this one. But there were some concerns about her baby. If she has this virus, will the baby have the virus as well? That’s a really good question a lot of people are wondering. I’m just hoping it doesn’t come to that.

The male patient is Jefferson Tall who works as an engineer of a car company. He’s fifty and is a father of two children. He had this virus since last week and is regressing too. But this is the part that baffles me completely. Unlike any of us, his regression duration only last one week a day. A week? A Week!! That’s completely ludicrous!!! I never heard of something getting infected by this and spent one week a day. It doesn’t make any sense. Why didn’t I get something like that instead of a year a day? That way I would spend a much longer life then this. That should’ve been me! Okay, maybe I’m exacerbating on this sure. But this never happen to anyone in the meeting. Anyways, he did tell about his life story and everything and he seems comfortable about all of this. What got me moving is when his wife passed five years ago and had to take care of the children all by himself. Guess he isn’t all that bad. Kinda tug the heartstrings when you single father raises two kids on his own. Maybe that one-week regression will make him feel better, even though it is a slow process.

Anyways, we talked and enjoyed each other’s company. And with a few new people there, he has to tell them about our experiences with the virus. I for one told them about me and about my regression. Alison heard about my regression and was surprised about the fact that I would stop regressing at one second after my conception. And believe me when I say it, she told that there’s nothing to be worried about. That I would have a major restart on life and what not. Yeah? Well I’m not the one that’s regressing while being pregnant. But at least she is kind to me about that.

Once we finished with our group meeting, we all leave to live our normal lives. I started to talk to James again and asked what is he doing next weekend. He said that he was going to head to beach for a simple walk by. So I decided to join him and he responded with an authentic yes. You know, since we admitted our feelings with each other, it was all up hill from here on out. I just hope we do more things in the remaining weeks I have. But until then, let’s take all of this slow.



May 5, 2011

I’m Back!

Well it’s official; I’m back to my old self again. And by my old self, I mean my young, non-wrinkly, non-elderly self. I have no excess fat on my body anywhere and my tone was firm and lovely. Sure I still have soft skin and a few various veins here and there and yeah very faint lines. But still, I am back to the way I once was.

In fact, in the gym people looked at me and asked that I looked really good in that body of mine. Whenever I go my cardio, I always feel so lean and limber. And too think a few weeks ago when I started working out that I was a little overweight and bony. Now look at me. I now look like I super model that doesn’t need to go extremes to look pretty. I mean after all these weeks in working out there and the regression in my body, both made me look and feel so good.

You know, to put it in a side note, I’m quite glad that everyone would accept me back into the fitness center. After all the secrets I’ve been keeping, it wasn’t that easy for me to hold everything back. And now that I told them the truth, they still want me here because they had friends and family that had that disease as well. And that made me feel very comfortable. And since the past two days, they still want me back.

For the first time in my life, I’m at complete peace. I got myself James, I have people in the gym that wants to keep me until I’m ready to leave, I have my body back to it’s youthful stage, and a daughter that takes good care of me. Never really thought it would be easy for me. Still, I’m scared for what’s bound to happen in the later weeks. This AR Virus is still doing it’s work and I have a sinking feeling that I will continue to get younger and younger until I back to nothing but a sperm and egg that’s recently connected. Just the thought of it would give me shivers. I pray that this regression will end soon so that way I won’t end up like that. But no matter how hard I try; I don’t think it will ever come true.



May 6, 2012

Reliving Marriage

It’s Friday and nothing good to do yet. It’s been raining outside the house all day and with that I’m stuck in here until tomorrow. So I spent the entire day cleaning out a few things. Most of it has to do with the clothes I had to get rid of, being my body is thin and somewhat healthy. Hell, I haven’t felt like this before I had Grace. It’s almost like I could go to take part in fashion. And with the new clothes I got, it would make it easier for me to fit in.

Getting back on topic, as I was cleaning my closet with the clothes I don’t need something caught my eye. Taking a closer look in the closet, I realized what it was. It was my wedding dress. I didn’t know I have that before ever. I haven’t seen it since my wedding day actually. I was really wondering what happened to it. Looking at that dress, I begin to realize that I was at the exact same age as my wedding. Thirty-four to be more precise. And being that I’m at the right age, I think it’s wise to try it out and see if it fits me.

Taking out the dress in the bag, I unzipped it to see how it looks. When I got it opened I took a look at it and it looked the same just like I wore it at my special day. It was long and flowing with puffs on the shoulders and a floral design on bottom hem of the dress. It was tight around the waistline and the color was pearly white. It was a little wrinkly in some places, but hey it was like that after all of these years. It looked amazing and brought me back a lot of great memories. Then I wondered if it still fits me at my age. So I decided to try it on myself.

So shutting the windows and closing the drapes, I took off my clothes with the exception of my bra and panties. I then slipped on the dress and tried to zip my dress. It was a little hard to fit in, but at least I managed. When I put the dress on, it fit me like a glove and it filled me out nicely. Turning to the mirror, I noticed that I was beautiful. My breasts were high on my top part as it showed a lot of great cleavage. The waistline was tight around my hips and stomach. And it clashes well with my vibrant face and tone body. I looked amazing! I reminded me so much of my wedding day and it brought back so many good memories. If my husband were alive today, he would’ve told me that I looked beautiful. I wonder if James would see me like this? I’m sure he’ll say the same thing.

But I know that with the regression virus in my system will make me younger and the dress will look so loose. Don’t know what to do with it. Can’t give it away. Too many memories. I think I should hand it to my daughter since she is family and she would take good care of it. And who knows, if my grand daughter wants to get married, she could use my dress for her future wedding. She would look lovely with it. Let’s hope that Grace would agree with that offer. After all, she is coming tomorrow.



May 7, 2011

A Lovely Day

Well, my eight-week is finally over and I say it went as well as I thought. Throughout this week, I have been going through with a lot. I’ve admitted to James that I love him. I’ve told the truth in front of everyone in the fitness center. Met two new people at the group meeting. And I’ve put on my dress I haven’t worn in a long, long time. Talk about getting busy. And I got to tell you; it’s not that easy. And with the eighth week over, I begin to wonder what would happen next week. There could be many surprises along the way.

Since today is Saturday, my daughter would come by and ask me about what happened to me. The moment she got to the house, we did our usual greeting and we talked at the table. That’s when I told her about the things I did. After I told my life story, Grace and amazed by all of it. She told me that she was proud of me for doing that stuff and congratulated me for being together with James. When the talk went on, she told me about how she and the grandkids are doing. She told me how ecstatic they are about me and asking when I would ‘hang out’ with them. Believe me, when I get younger they would do a lot of hanging out with me. I’m sure that Elis will be spending time with me at the mall trying on new clothes. Thomas would play some video games with me cause his siblings never got a chance to play with him. And I got an interesting feeling that Megan will ask to join me in playing with dolls. That would be an intriguing moment, huh? Playing with dolls. That would be the story of my life.

Back to the story, we finished talking and we said our goodbyes. But before she could even leave, I told her to wait while I give her something important. When I came back to my room, I gave her my old wedding dress and told her to put it in storage. Grace was shocked at this wedding dress as she saw it in one of my old photos. She asked me why I want to take my wedding dress and that it was important to me. I told her that now my regression is making me younger, I wouldn’t need it any time soon. I told her to keep it in her house, or in those public storage places I heard on TV. It could be useful in the near future, mainly for Elis’s or Megan’s wedding. I’m sure they would be happy with that. Grace looked at my old wedding dress then looked back at me. She knew this dress brought a lot of great memories for me and she cannot keep it for herself. But looking at my now younger body and small smile, she knew that the virus in me is making me younger and younger until I’m long gone. Plus it would be a matter of time before I move out of my house and live with them incase I get too young. So she took a good enough look at me and nodded, meaning that she’ll take care of my dress. I nodded and was glad that she would take good care of it.

When I saw her leave, I felt relived as she walked away with my dress. That’s one less thing to worry about. Still, there is still a lot of work to be done. Once I go around my twenties, I have to think about what to do with this house. Not only that, I still don’t know who will I pick as my surrogate mother. The clock is still ticking and I have to find one before its too late. Still, I have to enjoy life as I see fit. After all, today is another lovely day.



End Chapter 8

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014


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