The Journal of June Summers

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Chapter 4
Week 4

Chapter Description: June starts to work out and meet up with someone that shares the same AR Virus as her


April 3, 2011

Searching for a Fitness Center

This is the start of the fourth week and I really started to make some changes in my life. Since I had started on my bucket list last week, I need to make sure I get started with what I do with it right away. And the first thing that’s on the top of my list is to work out. Believe it or not, I use to have a hot body back in my day. Sadly, with my old age, I never had that beautiful body I once had. But now with this AR virus in me, I can finally get back into shape. I mean look at me now. I’m already 67 and around being a senior citizen. This is something I should do. For someone who is growing younger by the day, I need to stay physically fit no matter what the precautions. I mean, I don’t want to go younger and look completely ugly right?

So I started doing a little research early in the morning, just to find a proper fitness center and cost for it. Thankfully, I got a laptop with me to keep up with today’s technology. After googling through the info I need, I found a suitable place to go to with a low cost. There’s this place called Vision Fitness that has a schedule and membership that seems very balanced. It seems pretty accurate. I decided to call them up at their business and wanted to know more about this place. Here’s what I can put together.

The membership you pay depends on how long you would be staying for. If you want to take the member any day, it would be $19.99 a day. For a month, would be $39.99. Three months estimate up to $59.99. But for a year, the membership would $119.99. It’s pretty unique at how the whole system works. And judging by the prices, it’s certainly is easier pay then with the other gyms. I mean Balley’s and Retro Fitness’s prices are crazy, even if they have some specials going around.

The best part of it is that the place is in town close by to my house. Just a short bus ride and I’m already there. This is all too perfect! I say first thing tomorrow I head to this place and take a look at it. I might even start paying for the membership. The problem is what kind of membership I need. I’ve been debating about this for a while and decided to come up with the perfect solution. I did my math and discovered that one-month is a total of thirty plus days. And with my regression going one year a day, that will make me around my thirties. That means I would have my body back when I get to that age. That is even better. All I had to do is head there the first thing in the morning and start paying for that one-month membership. Better be careful on the reason why I want to work out. If I tell them that I have an AR Virus, there would be a major panic. That’s the last thing I want.



April 4, 2011

Paying for Membership

Done and done. I was able to pay and got my membership from that fitness center. Wasn’t an easy feat let me tell you. I first had to find a bus stop and see if they go to town. Then I had to wait for a while because the town was always busy. Once I got to the fitness center, I went to the front desk and ask for the grand tour. What I found was quite amazing.

All around me, there were treadmills, steppers, bikes, and weights of every kind, yoga, just about everything needed to get fit. They even told me of classes of the variety of workouts I needed to regain my body back. Hell, there was exercised I never knew or haven’t tried. It was like a dream come true. After I was done with the tour, I asked for the one-month membership and paid with my money. They even gave me a personal trainer to help me out on some of the equipment within the facility. There were a few staff members that were curious as to why I want a month membership. One person even stated that I should take three months or a year to stay in shape. But I told them that its okay and I would be in shape for the next month. I couldn’t tell them that I have the AR virus or they might panic. I mean its not contagious or anything, but there are people who fear that virus. I hear rumors that some people who had this virus kept themselves isolated from the outside world, fearing that they might harm those close to them. I feel sad for those poor people. But at least I have the strength to move on.

After I paid, I decided to go shopping for some workout material. Since I’m now a one-month member, I have to get some gear that would keep me in shape. Across town, there was a sporting goods store that has all that I needed. I started to look around and gotten a few things I would need. A gym bad, some running shoes, a pair of stretchable sweat pants that can fit me no matter what age I’m in, and an exercise halter-top. I started to change into my new attire to see how it fits me. Looking into the mirror, I noticed that I had change a little more drastic then before.

I’m already 66 years old and my body looks like it’s regaining my youth. I’m no longer skinny, but I am fat around my waist. Not to mention my arms and legs were chubby and have little muscle. That will soon change once I get to the gym. I could see my breasts getting much higher and they seem to be pumping up. They still sag a little bit, but at least there’s an improvement. I notice the jowls on my face were a little plumper, mostly in the jaw line and could tell that it was when I was a little overweight. But my face is mostly changing by the second. The wrinkles are getting less defines and my skin is a little more taunt. I opened my mouth and noticed all of my teeth had returned and were a little strengthened. They were a little yellow, but that would soon change as I will get younger. The bangs under my eyes were less noticeable as the circles looked smaller. The already gray hair that I have is gaining a few more black streaks and it did look a little longer then normal. I usually cut my hair short to make it easy for me to comb. But now it looked like it was growing on me, literally. Guess it has something to do with my youthening. Since I started to cut my hair short when I was in my sixties, I left it there for a long time. Now it looks like my youthening is making my hair grow longer. It seems so surreal. I guess that’s when happens when you have this AR virus in your body.

Anyways, I got the clothes that I need to pay for it with my own money. I then returned home by bus and made up a schedule to see what to do tomorrow. With my new membership with the gym, I had to make my life more interesting. And being that I have one month to work out, I have to make it count. So here’s how it’s going to work. Early in the morning, I would go to the gym for an hour to and hour and a half, then I will have lunch, next I would do what I need to do with my life, mostly going to the park and feed birds or take a walk or something, then head back to the gym to work out, and then head back home. Seems perfect enough. I might do it twice a day, mainly Tuesday and Thursday. Don’t want to over work myself now can I? Well, better start sleeping early. Tomorrow is the start of a new day.



April 5, 2011

A Brand New Day

Well, was a busy day for me. I promised myself I would go work out tomorrow twice a day and twice a week. Never really thought it would be that rough. Let me start form the beginning.

Started out at the gym with my new workout clothes and was enjoying it. They already give me a trainer so that was I would get started and see what I can do. The first thing the trainer told me to do is twenty-minute cardio. Now it can be from any of the cardio equipment around there like the treadmill, the stepper, bikes, stair climber, etc. I started out with the treadmill cause I always have a thing with walking. The controls are complicated at first, but I was able to figure out the weight and time of the thing. The trainer then told me about the heart monitor that scans my heartbeat. Never really thought a treadmill would have that. Anyways, after twenty minutes the trainer showed me the rest of the exercise equipment. There were some equipment that was on the arms and shoulders, ones that worked on the legs, and the rest for the stomach and hips. There were so many things I never knew about working out. Sure I see this stuff on TV, but never up close. But fortunately the trainer has giving the step-by-step instructions on how to work the stuff and quite frankly, I’m getting use to it. For around 45 minutes, I was working on my arms, legs, quads, stomach, and even the chest. After that, the trainer told me to stretch out a little to get the muscles relaxed. I thought that maybe you should do that first before you start working out. But the trainer did say that stretching out after lifting weights and such relaxes the muscles. So I let that slide and did what he said.

After my first workout, I went to this salad restaurant and ordered a fresh grilled chicken salad. After regaining my teeth, I’m starting to enjoy eating solid foods again. Just chewing the chicken and lettuce was very soundful and the taste of it was something I never had in a long time. You know, since the time I regained my youth back, I feel like I want to eat something healthy. I mean, now that I’m starting to work out I do need food that can keep my body in shape. I normally look at all the other restaurants and I find them to be adequate. There were those that were healthy, others that served top food; the rest is mostly grease filled fast food. The restaurants around here I would take, but fast food is not really my thing. Maybe if I reach being a teenager, then I would enjoy it. I see other teens and kids eating that stuff and I thing it’s kind of good for them.

Back to my day, I decided to spend it at the park again just for a nice stroll. Already, I could feel my legs strengthening as I took one step at a time. I don’t know if it’s the virus, or the workout I’m starting. All and all, I think I’m feeling really better. I’m even spending less time sitting at benches and feeding birds. It’s something I never expected before. As I walked, I notice a few passersby going out for a jog. Their bodies were trimmed and toned and they have such great sway in their steps. I’ve done some jogging before in the past back when I was young, but that was way before the health boom swept the nation. Maybe when I’m a little younger, I might try that again. It looks pretty unique.

After the stroll around the park, I returned to the gym for another round of working out. I got to say, I’m really getting use to the place. After another twenty minutes at the treadmill, I did some more weights and was feeling more confident. Even the trainer came to me for some helps on the new weight machines I’m doing. I’m feeling comfortable about this place and I’m enjoying every second. It’s funny though, at the start today, I was a little nervous. But on the second trip, I’m beginning to feel much better there. Could this be the after effect of the virus? Don’t really know. I should talk to Dr. Kurtos about this, maybe he has some answers. Speaking of which, I should go back to bed now. I need to get ready for the third group meeting and see what happened to the other patience.



April 6, 2011

Third Group Meeting

Well, done with another group meeting and I got to tell you, it was pretty interesting. The people I met two weeks ago has changed dramatically depending on what age they are in. Where should I start?

Well, there’s Robert Godfree whose regression is six months a day. He now looks like he was around his mid forties and looking younger by the moment. He seem to be loosing all that access weight he use to have before and was gaining some muscles, but not much evident yet. His face looked less wrinkly and there were a few more faint lines then creases. But there were more brown hairs on his head then before and the gray streaks seemed a bit less. His back is a whole lot straighter then normal, my guess is that his back has returned to its usual posture. He was also wearing a different suit too, making him look more professional then before.

Same goes with Jessica Contor as her five week regression kept her the same as always. Though her body is slowly loosing all the womanly attributes and I can see them personally. Her breasts look higher and perkier and his muscles were slowly deteriorating right before my eyes. Even her personality is a whole lot happier then usual as she was sounding more like a teenager then a young woman. She even said ‘like’, ‘cool’, and ‘totally’ in her sentences. She was actually turning into a teenager herself. Dr. Kurtos did try to make her remember anything from her past life. But all Jessica said was that she remembered blur images of her past, but couldn’t remember any of it. I could tell that her past life is long gone by the time she’s in her mid teens. I feel so sorry for her. I got to admit, even with the AR virus in his system he still feels comfortable about it. Maybe its just because his regression is slower then the others. And believe me, the other patience regressions are faster then his.

Take Elizabeth for example. Her one-month regression made her feel a little bit younger. She had already past twenty-one in reverse and she now in her late teens. She talked about how she celebrated her last day of being twenty-one. And that means drinking away. I could imagine the situation your in when you have to drink away the sorrows of having that regression. She talked about having some beer, two glasses of wine, two or three cocktails, and a bunch of bloody Mary shots. She said that she must’ve taken too many drinks and almost passed out at the bar counter and her friends had to escort her to her home. She even showed us pictures of her time at the bar. I got to admit, her time drinking was pretty hilarious. But I could tell that this funny moment is also a moment in worry. Now that she’s twenty, she has to feel more concerned about her body and mind regressing. And with that happening, it would be a matter of time before she looses her old life. I hope her regression stops soon or she might spend the rest of her life as a kid, a baby, or worse.

As for the others, both Jason and Joe weren’t at the meeting at all. Now that their regression had stopped, Jason is nothing but a toddler and Joe is an infant. And being that their virus is gone in their systems, they didn’t need counseling anymore. Well… Not they needed any counseling since they couldn’t talk or remember everything in their past life. But at least they can live brand new lives again. Hope they have better futures.

Besides the people I knew in this group meeting for the past two to three weeks, there was someone new in this group. Dr. Kurtos introduced us to James Carmen, a senior citizen who used to work for a marketing company. He’s 73-years-old and was thinking about retirement for the next few months. Unfortunately, destiny took a turn to the worse for him. For he too has the AR Virus just like everyone else in this group. But you will never going to believe this one. He’s regressing one year a day, just like me. What’s really shocking is that he’s at the same age as I am right now. We’re both sixty-four and we share the same concerns about this regression. I’m quite surprised by this unexpected event. But at least on the bright side is that I not on the same boat as him. Now James is a little stout for his age with a bald gray head and he was wearing reading glasses to help him see with his bad eye site. He also has a can with him because of his bad leg and is limping too and froe. I could tell he was suffering, but he didn’t mind. He said that his regression would make him feel better once he’s young enough. I’m glad for that, but I could tell he’s still scared at what’s going to happen in the future. I just hope his happiness isn’t short lived.

Anyways, I was up to talk about my week and told them everything they need to know. I told them about the bucket list I created, started to workout to keep my youthening body in shape, my family, and the like. Half the people were pleased that I did my bucket list and starting it early. There were others that think I’m doing this too early without knowing if my regression will stop. But I reassure them that I need to do this so that way I would feel better about myself.

With the meeting finished, I went back to the doctor and asked him again about when my condition would stop. After a bit of a pause, he told me some good news. He said that next week he would get the results for me and I will get the answers. That’s some relief. What concerns me is the results in particular. Will I stop as a young woman, a teenager, a kid, a baby, or… God damn it, I don’t want to think about it. I just pray that next week it would be some good news.



April 7, 2011

Another Normal Day

Once again, I’m starting to live a normal life with the virus in my body. My schedule is the same as Tuesday though, went to the gym to work out, had lunch, went to the park, come back to the gym again. Same old, same old I guess. And you know what, I’m feeling really better at it. I’m serious! I couldn’t feel any better then this at all, even with the AR virus. With my body regressing, I’m going to be more fit then ever. Even the folks down at the gym noticed it and were pleased with my progress. They feel that I needed to do more.

The receptionist at the desk told me about the programs they have for me to stay in shape. There were a wide variety of them for me to do. There’s yoga, poladies, cycling, belly dancing, aerobics, just about everything. In fact, there is some of this stuff I never even heard of or tried in my lifetime. I asked about the payment for those programs and the employee said it was free if I had the membership, which I have. I then ask for a schedule and they gave me one. Looking into to it, I say that the times are pretty accurate. Half of it is in the morning around where I would be. The other half is in the afternoon and around the time I work out. All this feels perfect for me when you think about it. Might want to try out one of these programs next week. I mean hey, I’m going to be there twice a day and twice a week; I might as well give it a shot. Tomorrow’s another day, better sleep on it.



April 8, 2011

Going to the Beach

Another Friday and with nothing to do yet, I had to do something to keep myself active. So being that I have a bucket list, I decided to check out the one spot I would do for most of my days, the beach. Now the beach is somewhat of a multiexperience place. Not only that it’s a beach, but it’s also a dock with shopping and games, and a pier where they have a small amusement park, which is really popular in the summer. A lot of great places to go to have fun if I’m younger, like then I’m in my 30s, 20s, and teens. With a short bus ride to the pier, which is thirty to forty minutes from here, I started to scout the place and see what I can do.

The docks had many shops and restaurants and looks like a good place to hang out when I’m younger. There are also a few arcade establishments to play some games. Though I might be too old for that, I guess when I’m a little bit younger I might want to try these games out. I then check the pier at the beach to see about their little amusement area. Of course, the place is closed for the winter season. They are normally opened in May on the weekends and in June. I’m pretty sure during that time; I would be in my thirties or twenties depending on when the changes would end. But I could tell that the place looked promising. There are rides for all ages around here. They got Merry go Round, Tilt a Whirls, a haunted house, those boat swings, even a big Ferris wheel that’s been around since the 60s. But they also added a new ride in their pier, which was a roller coaster, and it’s pretty extreme. They got like a few loops and inversions here and there and I head it goes 1-to70 miles per hour. Now I know that I have something about going on a roller coaster on my bucket list. But that’s when I’m a little younger, like in my twenties or teens. Other then that, it looks like it’s all perfect when I’m younger. Though I have to wait until the early summer until the beach is opened. But until then, I have to get back into keeping my body in shape. I hope this one-month membership starts to pay off.



April 9, 2011

The Fourth Meeting

Saturday is the end of my fourth week with the AR virus and I say I’m getting use to it. Got a one-month membership at this gym to start working out, met up with a patient of Dr. Kurtos that has the same age and virus duration as I, and I’m set for the later month at the pier. So far, so good. Plus, my body looks like it’s beginning to take shape. I’m sixty-one now and I could tell that I’m looking much better then before.

I’m beginning to loose some weight around my hips and thighs and my arms were looking skinny. I’m also regaining some muscle as well. Not muscular build, but a start. Don’t know if it had something to do with my workout or the virus, but at least I’m getting into shape. My breasts puffing up and looked a little higher. I could see my skin getting healthier and was a little smoother, but I still have veins on my arms and legs and was a little white. But that would soon change once I’m a little younger. My face was a little different too. Less wrinkles, more black streaks in my hair, smoother skin, and brighter eyes. I definitely look like a senior citizen. Well, mid senior citizen anyways.

Being that this is Saturday, which means my daughter is coming for another visit. When Grace came to visit me, she was completely surprised on how much I’ve changed. I nodded and gave off a warm smile, inviting her into my house. I then started to talk to my daughter about what I did in a week. Told her about the starting to get in shape, looking at what to do in the coming months, a met a guy in Kurtos’s meeting that have the same problem like me. Grace listened in on all of this was amazed at how fair I’m taking this virus deal. I even concluded our conversation by letting her know that the results on when this virus stops regressing me will happen next week. Dr. Kurtos did state he would let me know about the results. Grace nodded and was glad that I will have my results soon. She then told me on if she would bring the kids down to my house soon. I told her that maybe on the next meeting, I’d let her know when to bring the kids. So once again we parted ways and until the next time we meet again.

You know, I think I’m enjoying myself completely. It does seem weird by the way it sounds, but I’m actually liking this. This virus is making my life much better. My body is getting in shape, I got someone who has the same thing as me, and I have everything I could do for the months ahead. Though I’m real concerned about next week. I know that I would get results from when my regression will stop, but I fear that I don’t know if the results are be good or bad. Guess I have to wait for that time to come. Until then, I just have to move on with my life.



End Chapter 4

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014


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