The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014

Chapter 10
Week 10

Chapter Description: Junes wants to see if Samantha is healthy enough to be the surrogate mother while she gets ready for her date with James. Meanwhile, the first signs of teenage regression starts to show. What's bound to happen for the coming weeks.


May 15, 2011

Beach Fun

Well, this has turned out to be a swell day. Spent my entire Sunday with James at the boardwalk and it was all too perfect. It was a nice day and nothing didn’t stop our date. Beautiful time indeed. But maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Perhaps I should start from the beginning.

I got up in the early morning just so I don’t be late for our date. After a quick shower and a light breakfast, I decided to put on something beach related. So I decided to put together a nice bikini swimwear for today. What I had on was a push up triangle swimming bra and string bottom, all in the color of black that matches my hair. Saw it at a Victoria Secrets shop while my daughter and I were in the mall. Thought it fits me well. And fit me it does since I have the gorgeous body that makes me look like a super model. After I got my silk wrap around skirt, my light beach jacket, a pair of high heel sandals and sunhat, I was ready for my date.

I left my house in the morning and took a bus to the pier. It was quite a busy time there. Since it’s May, the beginning of summer is just around the corner. So they opened the pier early mid May for their own little festivities. Place was packed. There were beach goers resting in the sand, shops were opened for buyers, even that pier amusement park opened early for the kids and teenagers that want to have a good time. I might want to go there when I’m a little younger. You know, when I have a little more energy.

I met James at the entrance to the pier and I got to say, he was really hot. I mean he was young and handsome. He doesn’t even look like an old man when he arrived at Kurtos’s meeting. He had some nice defined muscles on him, real chiseled and there’s no sign of flabbiness anywhere. His face was just as good as his body. He was rough and rugged with piercing eyes and his hair was slicked back. He was wearing a buttoned Hawaiian shirt that’s button opened, revealing his six pack abs, dark blue swim trunks, and a pair of slip fancy looking sandals. He certainly is a hunk.

Once we met, we went and have a great time. Walking around the pier, we shopped a little, stopped at a restaurant and got something to eat, we’ve even went to the beach to swim a little. There was that one time we remained on the beach most of the time, basking in the sun. Though the temperature was nice, the sun was beaming down on us. So there is a chance that we might get sunburned. Fortunately, I got my suntan lotion and we helped each other in covering it.

I started with James as I put the lotion on him. You can imagine how it felt. Feeling his hard muscles and smooth skin made me shiver in pleasure. Never really thought it would be that good. I could imagine my late husband feeling so jealous. When I was done with him, James started with me. Here’s when things get really interesting. As I was getting ready, I asked James for a certain favor. I asked him to remove the strings of my swimsuit bra so I could have the whole back. He was… kind of surprised, but he did it anyways since he didn’t want to upset me. When he rubbed my back, I couldn’t help but to feel turned on by all of it. The feeling of the oil running down my back felt so, exotic. I think we spent most of the afternoon bathing in the sun up until the sun began to set. It was quite romantic…

But I am getting a little ahead of myself. I had a wonderful date with James. And being that we are both twenty-five years of age, our bond continues to grow stronger. It’s a shame that this would be short live. In a few days, we’ll be below twenty and we will slowly loose our memories of our past life. It’s going to be hard for the both of us, but we’ll work this out someway. After we had a nice little dinner at this cozy restaurant that shows the view of the beach, James asked me if I had any free time this week. Besides a doctor’s appointment with Kurtos, that group meeting and the workout I always do twice a week, I think I’m okay with my schedule. That’s when he asked if we have a dinner date one day. I was caught off guard for all of this. He wants me to be on a dinner date with him this week? That’s seems a little too late right? In a few days, we might be teen and we won’t be going to any restaurants anytime soon. It does feel too wrong, even for us. But James assured me that we could still do it. He said that on Thursday we would be twenty-one and the official drinking limit for us. If we can make a reservation on Thursday night then we will be okay. I thought this through and maybe he has a point. Thursday is the time we are going to drink for the last time. So I decided to agree with him and decided to set a date on Thursday. He was happy about this and immediately kissed me on the lips. It was heartwarming to feel that kiss.

When we leave together, I had to splendid time with James. But as I was finishing with our date, I knew what’s bound to happen tomorrow. See, I have to go to a doctor’s appointment with Kurtos on Monday. But it wasn’t me that needs the appointment; it’s my next-door neighbor, Samantha. See, since my regression will stop until I’m a second after conception, Samantha wanted to be my surrogate mother. The problem is that she has this condition that is very infectious in her lower region. Don’t really know if that could be a problem or not. Only Kurtos would know when he begins his examination. I just hope it won’t be that bad.



May 16, 2011


Well this has been a truly eventful day. Samantha and I went to this meeting with Dr. Kurtos just to examine her and see if she’s okay for her to be my surrogate mother. It was quite an interesting meeting. Let me start from the beginning.

We headed to Dr. Kurtos’s office early in the morning, that way we won’t get stuck in those long waiting rooms. Thankfully there weren’t much people there or there would’ve been a problem. When we met with Kurtos, he got a good look at Samantha and finds her to be a very unique woman. We sat down and he began his interview with her. For fifteen to twenty minutes, she told him about her life, her husband, the marriage, and what not. But when she got to the part about trying to have a child, it got him listening. She told him about the infection in her pregnancy area that produces babies and said that she couldn’t bare any children. She even told him about trying for adoption but doesn’t know if she wants to try it or not. Kurtos looked at her and could tell that she was desperate in having a kid. I can’t blame him though, the way she said it makes it too hard to stomach. I then told him why we’re here and that she needs to be examined to see if everything it all right with her. He thought this through and decided to go and check on her immediately since this infection could be a serious issue.

We went to his examination table and told Samantha to sit on it. He did his checkup on her and could tell that she was in good health, but it’s her stomach area I am worried about. I told him about it and wondered if there was a way in checking on her lower region. He thought about it and came up with a way in knowing. We followed him to another room and noticed that we were in another examination room. But this one is a whole lot different then the last one. There was some kind of scanner like machine over the table and at the footing was a tube like camera that can go wherever. My guess is that the camera might go up someone rear or in a female’s case, up the vagina. Kurtos demanded that Samantha gets on the table so he would begin his next examination. Samantha looked at this machine and was a little hesitant about it. I couldn’t blame her on that. Since we are talking about a serious examination, I would be as worried as her. I told her to not worry about it and said that everything will be okay, though I was scared for her too. When she got on the table, the doctor prepared the next examination. I just don’t want to get into the details of how that went down; it’s a little complicated and disturbing. But I should let you know that Samantha was doing all right and managed to remain calm even though it was a little painful. When the examinations were finished, we waited for the doctor’s result. When he came back… Well… Let me give you a big of detail on that.

According to Kurtos, he said that this infection Samantha had in her stomach is something that happened since her birth. Something about her birthing system that haven’t been fully developed when she was in her mother’s womb. When she was reaching puberty, her birthing system sustained some kind of damage in her uterus, meaning her eggs weren’t in full development. That could explain why she never had the chance in having babies. But there is a plus side in all of this. See, even though she couldn’t produce babies doesn’t mean the other way around. What that means is that even if I am in her womb, it doesn’t affect me because I am at a second after being conceived. In short, Samantha will be the surrogate mother and I will have someone to take care of me when the AR virus is finished.

However there is a down side in this. See the womb will cause some type of infection in me and would cause some serious problems. Don’t know what kind though, but Kurtos said it could be bad, real bad. He gave her a prescription on some medication to keep her womb healthy for me to go in, then another medication to keep me healthy when I’m in her stomach. But that’s not until I’m in her womb and when the regression is done. Better safe then sorry I guess.

When we were finished with the meeting with Kurtos, Samantha was thrilled by the news that she would take care of me. I was excited too now that I have finally a surrogate mother to raise me. But she needs to follow the doctor’s orders and start taking her meds. Don’t want to be sick in the womb right? At least on the bright side, I don’t have to feel worried about it all. I just hope that Samantha takes her prescription medication and make sure she’s healthy enough to be my surrogate mother. God help me if she doesn’t.



May 17, 2011

Preparing for the Big Date

Nothing to do on Tuesday… But it does give me time to prepare myself for my date with James. He said he has something planed for us and I was a little giddy about it. So I went to the gym and started to workout as hard as I can. I need to be in my best condition now since it’s going to be a big deal for me. Keeping my body fit is the least I can do to be at the ready. Everyone at the gym noticed it too and could tell I was preparing for something. They even started to ask questions about me and I can’t hold it forever. So I told them about my big date for Thursday. Everyone was immediately excited about this and was glad for me and James.

When I was done working out, I headed back to my house just to get ready for my house to prepare for my date. All I need is a good set of clothes and I’m good to go. Being that this is an important date, I need something that can be perfect for the occasion. After going through my wardrobe, I found the perfect outfit for Thursday. It’s a red velvet gown that goes down to my knee with a cut that reveals my left leg. I had purple gloves that cover my hands and all the way up to my elbows. Got silky pantyhose that will make me look so sultry. I even had red five-inch high heels for my feet and it matches my dress. It’s perfect! All I needed is some makeup and a hairstyle. I think I know what to do with my looks and it would fit with my dress. All and all, I think I’m ready for my date. Don’t know what James is going to do though. Probably he’s going to surprise me. Might as well talk to him about it for Kurtos’s meeting tomorrow. Until then, I have to wait and see.



May 18, 2011

Eleventh Meeting

Another day has come and gone so you know what that means. Another boring, tired, meaningless meeting. You know, when I started with these meetings, I always thought it would be exciting. Now, it’s just the same thing day in and day out. They talk about what their week was like, how they handle the regression, what they do for a living, etc. etc. I’m getting bored just thinking about it. Don’t know if the AR virus is causing me get bored or not. But either case, I should take pride into thinking that it will be over soon. Anyways, I took a look at each person and see how they are doing.

Again, I see Godfree and the changes he has on his six-month regression. He is now forty-two, maybe even lower from what I could understand. He kept on gaining more muscles and his health seems to be improving. He almost looks like he was a weightlifter back in the day cause it looked like his muscles kept on bulging in some places. I could imagine what he would look like in his twenties or thirties. That would make James really jealous with envy. Not that it matters anyways since we will be teens shortly. His face kept on getting fresher and fresher everyday with little to no wrinkles and more faint lines and his eyes looked a tad brighter. His hair even looked brighter then I remembered, maybe it has something to do with the virus making his hair healthier as well. Once again, I see him wearing his usual work attire. He has to rethink about getting something more age appropriate for him. I mean I did.

Allison and Jefferson looked the same as last week due to their own regressions. The fact that they can regress one month for Allison and one week for Jeff, it was a slow and extremely easy process. They are pretty much the same as the last week and the week after. Didn’t see anything different about them at all. It’s all so bizarre. I guess we could give it a few months or years until there are some real changes.

But James changes are better then the others. Why you ask? He’s such a stud! We’re now both 22-years-old and are college students in our sophomore year. Looking at him, he looks like a male super model with a chiseled body, broad muscles, devilishly handsome good looks, and great physique. Oh and didn’t I mention he’s a stud? Yes he is. He’s something every girl wants. I’m glad I have a thing with him. Oh… Listen to me rambling about him when I should be talking about my progress with the virus. I really need to stop writing about James. Just hope the regression isn’t infecting my mind.

Anyways, we talked about what has happened to us and what we’ve been doing for the past week. I told them about my pick for the surrogate mother and what happened to her. Told them her name was Samantha and what she does for a living. I even told them about the condition she has where she couldn’t produce any babies and her thoughts on adoption. There was shock by the group and they were surprised about this. Even Allison, who is pregnant mind you, was surprised by this infection in Samantha’s lower area that she was glad it didn’t happened to her. I then started to talk about going to Kurtos on Monday with her and explained the situation to him. After a couple of check ups and tests, Kurtos said that she would be the perfect choice of a surrogate mother. Kurtos himself talked to them in the meeting as well and explained most of the stuff in detail. All Samantha needs to do is to take her medication and she’ll be good to go.

When the meeting was finished, we said our goodbyes and waited for the next one. I then went to James and told him that I couldn’t wait for our date. He turned to me and said the exact same thing, followed by a kiss in the cheek. I was a little fluttered by this and could feel my heart beating faster. Guess my hormones are catching up with me. I just hope I don’t blow it tomorrow. It is a big day and I need to prepare myself.



May 19, 2011

The Big Date

Well, today is the day. My big date! I’ve started to write this journal entry early because tonight I’m going to dinner with James and I need to make sure I’m on top of everything. I have my dress on, the makeup in place, and my hair all styled up. I look into the mirror and could tell that I look incredibly perfect. The dress fit me right in any angle and kept my proportions all shapely. Though I’m a little concerned that the dress looked a little loose. Don’t know why, but it was a little wrinkly. Could it be that my body is starting to grow down? Might have to look into that after the date.

The makeup I have on made me look more beautiful then before. All I did is add a little blush, some red lipstick, eyeliner around the eyes, and added a little perfume around my neck just to make me smell nice. And the hairstyle I did? Well, nothing like a little bun and a couple of bangs sticking out the side of my head to make feel more professional. Though I got to admit, I look like the killer in my choice of clothes. And now that I’m all set, I have to be at the restaurant in an hour just so we can have a good time.

I wonder what James is going to do for me at this date? I’m pretty sure there is some kind of surprise waiting for me. Or it could be something that is special he has planned for me. Don’t know what, but it’s got to be something good. I have to wait and see what it is. Well, better leave for my big date. I’ll let you know how it went.



May 20, 2011

The Aftermath

Oh wow… That was incredible. Got back from my date, even if it’s early in the morning. Never thought it was going to be an overnight date. But at least it was all worth it. Don’t even know where to begin. Let’s see…

I think I should start with the dinner date itself. When I left the house and took a cab, I went to this fancy restaurant in town. It was a really quaint place with candle lit tables, elegant decor, and a lovely atmosphere. The people eating were all wearing elegant dresses and snazzy suits for the occasion. Good thing I got the perfect dress for me or things would’ve gotten a little complicated. I asked if James was there and the receptionist told me that he was waiting for me. I was a little surprised that James would be here, being that we have reservations at six. Guess he wanted to start our date a little early judging by the sound of it. When the waiter took me to the table, there was James; all dressed up in a nice tuxedo that’s black and white with a black tie to match. He looks to lovely in his outfit and reminded me of those old movies I use to watch. When he saw me, he smiled and welcomed me to the table. I was completely overwhelmed, but I’ve manage to regain my composure and sat across him.

During dinner, we’ve talked and we’ve joked while we had our meals. We’ve actually ordered a nine course meal and all the dishes were really good. I can’t explain what types of foods they were, too complicated; let’s just say that they were good. We’ve even had some merlot wine to complete the many meals we have. Now I know that having wine would be a bad idea. Physically, we’re both twenty-one and that’s the age of drinking. I mean, at that age it would be difficult drinking with youthening body. But at least on the bright side, we got use to drinking for a long time before the regression virus. At least on the bright side we didn’t have to worry about the whole drinking thing. All we needed is one bottle and a couple of glasses and we’re all good. And though we might get a little tipsy, we’re still okay to walk.

After dinner, we decided to walk about for the night. I think we finished dinner around 9:30 or 10:00 P.M. I believe. When we left the restaurant, we decided to head to the park I usually jog most of the time. I was quite a romantic moment. We walked through the paths and sat on the bench I usually sit back when I was older. The view of the park was dark, yet so lovely. There were times he wrapped his arms around the back of my neck and treated me like woman instead of a patient from the AR Virus. It was then, that decided to kiss in the moonlight, making it all too perfect.

At first, I thought that I would head home and relax after the date. But James had other intensions in mind. He asked if I would want to come to his place for a big surprise. My eyes were a little wide about this and knew what this was all about. This dinner and walk is to warm me up for something important. Curious about what he’s up to, I reluctantly agreed to his offer and headed to his place. We took another cab to his place and I didn’t realize that it was a little far from town. When we headed to his apartment, we got in and I noticed that it was quite roomy. He had a decent size living room with a big screen TV and a soft couch, a small kitchen to cook his meals, a bit of a tight bathroom, but the bedroom is pretty big for him to sleep in. Got to admit, his apartment was pretty normal. And to think he would life like a slob. Guess he use to live a fair life in his time. I also noticed that he had boxes here and there. By my assumption, I think he’s trying to move out. Since he is getting younger, he needs to leave his home and move to his own surrogate mother. Guess I have to think about moving myself since I’m going down the same path as well.

But let me get back to my date before I loose track of what I did. Anyways, when we entered the living room, I was surprised with what I saw. On the table was a bottle of champagne, a bowl of chocolates, and a nice assortment of red roses in a vase, complete with some candlelight, which he lit when we got in. I thought the dinner was nice, but this… This is beyond romantic. We started to sit down and talked about the good times, enjoying each other’s company, and enjoying the champagne the chocolates he set up. And to think he was just a loner. But just as things were going to get interesting, something amazing happened.

We went to his bed; we started to feel a little interment, and kissed each other in the lips. That kiss deepened and we got to the point where our love would grow. We feel each other for a little bit, then slowly removed our clothes leaving us completely naked. As we were cuddling and caressing each other’s bodies, we took it to the next level and then… Then… Oh my god… It was pure magic. I could imagine the things we’ve done in that bedroom. We’ve been in there all night until the early morning. It was an experience I would never forget.

After breakfast, which he made for me, we kissed one more time and said our goodbyes until next time. When I got on the cab on the way from home, I begin to think of the possibilities of your future if we ever meet again. But then I remembered that we still have this regression virus in our bodies and it making us grow younger by the second. Now we’re both twenty and throughout the next week we’ll be in our teens. And when that happens, we would be forgetting not only this date, but also our entire livelihoods before this virus. That’s the part I’m scared the most. Oh well, best better pray for the best I guess. But at least on the brightside, I had a great date.



May 21, 2011

Showing Signs

Well, I’m nineteen. I’m no longer a legal adult anymore, just a late teen. This is just the beginning. Now that I’m a teenager, there are signs that my body and mind would regress. In fact, I’m already showing the first stages of this new form of regression. I could tell that I was loosing a bit of height. I noticed that the table was suppose to be at my hips, but now it looks a little lower. Or maybe I might be seeing things. Don’t know… Might as well but together a height chart for myself to see if there’s any difference on each day. My body still looks the same, but I could tell that it was getting a little thinner. I’m pretty sure I have a few more days until I go through a reverse puberty phase. And to top it all off, I’ve been getting some migraine headaches since yesterday. At first I though it had something to do with what happened with my date when I was drinking some alcohol. But then I realized that it was the first sign of loosing my adult memories. I still have those memories, but they were beginning to look a little fuzzy for me. I knew this day would come but never thought it would be this soon. And if that’s the case, then I’ll loose my memories in a few days. Talk about a situation going from bad to worse.

Grace came back for her daily visits and saw me with complete and utter surprise. You can’t blame her when she saw her own mother look like a teenager entering adulthood. I talked to her about the date and she was glad that I had a good time. Had to hide the fact that we had sex or things could’ve gotten more complicated. But I then talked to her at the fact that my real regression has already started. The shrinking height, the thinning body, the reversal puberty, and the mental regression are really starting to kick in. Grace noticed it too and could tell that I can’t stay in the house anymore. She does have a point in all of this. Since I’m now a teen and I saw James getting his stuff ready to move, I should do the same as well. I should call Samantha and the gym too just to let them know what I’m going to do. Samantha is my surrogate mother and she needs to know that I should be moving to her house. And the staff at the fitness center needs news of me leaving soon as well. Can’t have a young teen working out there right?

When Grace and I said our goodbyes, I begin to wonder what’s next week is going to be like. Now a teenager, there will be many challenges and changes along the way. And as each day as I regress and the day I stop regressing gets closer, my condition will get much worse. I just hope that there is a cure before it’s too late. Well, wish me luck and hope for the best.



End Chapter 10

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014


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