The Journal of June Summers

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Chapter 12
Week 12

Chapter Description: June gets comfortable in her new mother's home as she regresses further and further to infancy.


May 29, 2011

New Home

Dear Diary,

Today was a special day for me. I finally went to my new mother’s, Samantha’s house! I’ve spent a few days with Dr. Kurtos’s hospital and was getting bored from it all. Nothing but watching TV and drawing. As I was getting ready to leave, I wonder what surprises my new mom has in store for me in her house. She promised something special when I get there. I had to see for myself.

When my new mom picked me up, I decided to ask what’s in store for me. She remains quiet for a moment until she said that it’s a big surprise. Don’t know what she means by it, but I felt a little giddy just thinking about it. After a long drive, we came to my new home and I got my suitcase out of the car. Just as I was getting it out, I notice a house next to my new home. I was remembering really hard about that house because it reminded me of something. I think that use to be my old house. Though I don’t know if that’s true or not. I’m having a hard time remembering my past life to begin with. My brain feels like a bunch of juggling balls. Some of the memories are the most recent ones, but the rest that were long term I can’t piece together. I do remember I use to be older, WAY older. I use to be married to some guy though I don’t know his name. And I remember him dying when I was older. But that’s as far as I could go. My mind continues to go blank every time I try to remember about something. I just hope my condition worsens in the days ahead.

But I should stop talking about my condition and move on to my new home. As I picked up the suitcase, we entered the new house and I got a good look around. But before that, I got a chance visiting my new dad for the first time. To tell you the truth, he was a really nice guy. He’s 37-years-old with a height of 5’7 and a lean to medium build. He was wearing a business suit as he was back from his job early. Probable guess is that he wanted to see me for the first time. Gotta admit, he feels happy to see me for the first time. I’m sure that my new mom told him about me for the past few weeks. All and all, at lease I got a chance seeing the whole family.

It was a pretty nice place that has a big living room with a kitchen connected to it, two bedrooms, and a decent bathroom. Small? Yes. But it was roomy and had a great atmosphere. But just as we were looking around the house, my new mom then showed me to my room. I was a little nervous at first being that I’m going to see my room. But she assured me to not worry as we approached MY door to MY room. Just as she opened to the door, I was truly amazed by the looks of it. It was a pink room with flower designs on the lower boards, a single bed with pink sheets, a vanity mirror, a drawers and closet with all my clothes that my aunt must’ve moved from my old house and a bunch of toys for kids. It was so beautiful… Though it looked a little too girly for my taste, it will look better when I’m a little younger. I could’ve sworn I spent most of my day in my room playing.

To celebrate, we had a great dinner at this pizza place not far from here. It was delicious! I’ve always wanted pizza for a LONG time. Never had that when I was older. Guess is has to do something about the grease that would fatten me up. Don’t really know. But at least it was delicious. But you know what, I say that my day was the best yet. I can’t wait to tell James about that! See you tomorrow!



May 30, 2011


Dear Diary,

Another great day spending time with my new mom and dad. And it’s a beautiful day too. That means that they are going to take me to a park! I remember going there when I was jogging at an older age. At least that’s when I can remember from my past life. It’s getting harder and harder to think straight about my past that it’s giving me a major migraine headache. I really need some fresh air from all of this. What better place then the park right?

When we got there, mom and dad took me to the playground so I can have some fun with the other kids. It would seem too risky being that the virus would infect children so young. They do have bright futures ahead of them. But I keep telling myself that the infection starts with physical contact, just the biology on the inside. That’s a good thing too since these kids don’t want to grow younger then they do.

Anyways, I had a great time at the playground. Been playing on the swings, the slide, the spinner, the jungle gym, and even the seesaw. I know most of it is too young for my age, but in the coming days, I will have more fun then ever. I was playing with the kids too and they like me very much. As I was playing, I noticed someone else within the group. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but he looked familiar. He’s the same age like me, ten, with a childish body and looks. His hair looked so short and boyish and his face was a little puffy. I don’t know what, but he looked strangely familiar. Could he be James?



May 31, 2011


Dear Diary,

Today was a pretty interesting day for me. I was at home playing with the toys my surrogate mother gave me when I heard the doorbell ring. At first I thought that is could be nothing, but when I got there, my temp mom told me to come at the front door. Don’t know why, but I went to see anyways. When I got there, two people were at the door to see me. One of a young woman and the other was the boy I saw yesterday.

The woman’s name is Beth Rolland and she is a, what’s the word, technical specialist. I think is has something to do with computers, but I don’t know what. Guess the AR virus infecting my brain so much that I’m slowly loosing most of my school knowledge. Anyways, she is a youthful woman around her thirties with long flowing dark red hair and light green eyes. Her body had C-cups breasts, slim hourglass, toned arms and legs, and a round behind. Kind of reminds me of myself when I was that age. I believe I remembered that well, barely. She was wearing a conservative suit that matched her body shape with a skirt that goes down to the middle of her knees and three-inch high heel shoes. She’s a really pretty lady.

The boy next to her was the same boy I saw at the playground yesterday. I could tell it’s him by the way he looks, but he seemed a little younger then the day after. He seems to be a little smaller and a little chubbier. The boy waved at me and told me hi and I said hi back. Though I still felt like I’ve seen him before. That’s when he asked if he remembered me. I still felt a little confused when he said that. That’s when he asked me if he remembered the time we were at the pier together. That’s when it all hit me. This boy that was in front of me was none other then James himself! I was completely surprised by it and couldn’t believe that he looked this childish for his age. We’re both nine years old and we left our double digits behind so it’s obvious that we would look this cute if not young.

So as our surrogate mothers talked a little, I took James to my room to see what happened to him. He told me that he after the meeting he was getting the last preparations at the ready to leave his apartment. As days passed, he grew younger and younger until he’s too young to live by himself. So that’s why he moved in with his surrogate mother. Now here’s where things get a little strange. Turns out his new mother is actually his next-door apartment neighbor. Really weird. He told me that Beth was single and wanted to have a child. But with finding a date that matches her style, it was never easy. When she heard about him, his regression and when it will stop, she asked if she could be the replacement mother. It was a stretch, but he agreed and the rest is history. I does seem a little off you know. I woman how isn’t married and wanting a child that wants to be the mother for James. But at least he’s lucky he got one or he would be stuck in an orphanage. We’ve spent the rest of our time talking and playing and having a good time. Spent an entire day with him in my room until Beth came in and told me that they were leaving. I waved goodbye to him and told him I would see him at the meeting tomorrow.

I’ve got to admit, James is a nice boy even after the regression took away everything that made him an adult. But at least I get to see him again. He seems so cute now then handsome. Though I’m beginning to wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow. With our regressions getting closer to our destined ages, it will be harder to remember. Well we should wait and see for ourselves.



June 1, 2011

Eleventh Meeting

Dear Diary,

Allow me to be the first to say that, I’M BORED OUT OF MIND!!! I know these meetings Kurtos does helps us feel comfortable about ourselves, but come on! This is getting tedious day in and day out. I’m tired of this. I’m tired of it all! I want to have fun and enjoy my young life. I don’t want this! But I should worry about the positive side about these meetings.

For one thing, since I’m too young to drive and take a bus myself, I need my new mommy to take me to the group. So she took me there with the help of some directions I need to give her. Wasn’t easy, but we made it to the meeting on time. James had his mother too in the meeting and the two talked a lot about stuff I didn’t know. Guess my mind is getting too young too fast and if this keeps up, I would be forgetting big words and smart things. I hope I won’t forget about James for the next few days. I don’t want that to happen to me. The others think I’m a little too immature for my age.

Godfree and his 6-month regression still looks the same. A little younger yes, but looked the same all and all. He looks a little handsome then before and seems more vibrant then before. He’s certainly a hunk under many occasions. But I’m being a little boy crazy here. He’s SO old for me.

Allison’s one month regression got me mad as well. She still looked the same and she didn’t look different at all. Even Jeff and his one-week regression made me even angrier. He too looks like as before and doesn’t show any signs of him being younger. Just the thought to those two make my blood boil! I still can’t believe that they are lucky to have a much slower regression then me! That’s stupid!!!

But James, he cares for me, even though both eight and were very childish. He smiled and waved to me as I waved back. Did I mention that he’s cute at that age? If course he does. To bad the other patients looked at me and think I was less mature then before. Well I can’t help it; the regression virus is making me act like that. How am I suppose to behave when I act so childish?

Kurtos noticed it too and could tell I’m not behaving properly. He’s concerned that my attitude would ultimately have a negative impact in this group. So he told me to remain quite and keep my thoughts to myself, while my new mom talks about my condition. Guess that makes sense since I’ve been a little moody all day. So I’ll take his advice and keep my mouth shut. At least I’ll have something to do in the next meeting, since I’ll be too young to do anything.



June 2, 2011



Am I being fowgetful? I don’t think that’s the case. But I’m having a hard time wemembwing the past life. Not only that, I having a hawd time thinking about big wowds my young mind can pwocess. I’m stawting to feel like a seven-yeaw-old phisically and mentally.

Looking at my body, I could tell that I’m slowly weaching infancy by the houw. My body looks showtew and there was no sign of my oldew self. Just a young giwl with a whole lot of innocence in her eyes. But I could see signs of my body looking like that of a baby. I was looking a little chubby on my cheeks, awms, and legs, and the stomach looked a little wound. I could feel my baby teeth shwinking into my gums and I’m missing a fwont tooth, making me lisp evewything I say. And my haiw looked so boyish and I don’t look like a giwl anymowe.

But back to the subject, my mind is slowly getting wowse. I’m dwawing a blank slate hewe and having a hawd time wemembewing my entiwe life! I think I know of my teenage life, but the rest is nothing but smoke. This is not my day at all. I know that this viwus in me is going to cause some pwoblems with my life, but I nevew thought it would be this sewious. At least I got my new mommy with me and a house to live in. Othewwise I would be in big twouble. And I still wemembew James being that I knew him fow so long. I think he’s becoming the closest fwiend I ever had. Tomowwow I’ll be going out with my new family again and James will be joining me. We are going to have do much fun togethew!



June Twee

Fun Time!

Me and James played in the playgwound all day and had fun! Been on the swings, slides, seesaws, and jungle gym. It was a blast! Wish I could wemenbew about my past, but I can’t. Everwything felt do foggy fow me. That doesn’t mattew anymowe. I like being a baby! I want to have fun! I want to play!


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End Chapter 12

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014


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