The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014

Chapter 2
Week 2

Chapter Description: June begins to except the virus as she goes to her first group meeting.


March 20, 2011

A Walk in the Park

This is my second week with this AR virus and so far nothing has changed. I mean there were a few subtle ones with my hair and all, but nothing else. Since this virus would regress me to one year a day, it’s going to take a while until the changes are drastic in the coming weeks. So far I’m 81 and I still feel the same with the exception of the little energy I’m immediately regaining. I still have a long ways to go. Plus, I still don’t know when this virus will stop. The doctor said that it would take weeks to find out but I can’t wait that long. My daughter is nervous, my grandkids has no idea that I have this condition, and I myself don’t know if I would either stop before or after twenty. I just hope it’s soon, cause if it isn’t, there’s no telling what’s going to happen.

Anyways, back to reality. So far, nothing much going on in the world today. I have this group meeting with Dr. Kurtos and his other patience on Wednesday and I still don’t know how much my changes are progressing. But that doesn’t mean I have to be all cooped up in my house. I was a lovely day out without a cloud in the sky. So I decided to take a quick walk to the park, which is a few blocks from my house. When I entered the park, I did what I usually do on a nice day. I sat on my usual park bench and rest. It was quite enjoyable.

As I was sitting, I looked on at what the park has. The trees were large and beautiful, the lake was glistening, there were things to do like tennis, baseball, and basketball and there was a playground for kids to play on. As I was relaxing, I notice people doing their own thing. I see couples walking together through the park, teenagers playing sports and handing out, and children at the playground and getting ice cream from the ice cream truck. Looking at all of this, I slowly begin to wonder if any of them had the same virus I had. I look at their faces and notice they were happy, carefree, not knowing what’s bound to happen in the near future. I wonder what my fate would be when I enter all those ages. Would I be a young woman that’s looking for love? A teenager that’s going through puberty? A child that wants to play all day? A baby starting to understand life. Or something…. No… No, I don’t want to think about that. It might give me nightmares. Well, tomorrow is another day. Let’s hope for the best.



March 21, 2011

First Signs

Okay. You are never going to believe this. This morning, I was doing my usual routine. Permed my hair, put make up on to make sure I don’t look too old, putting on my clothes, the same old same old. Then I started to put on my dentures before I go have my breakfast. But as I about to put them in my mouth, something incredibly strange happened. Looking at my gums, I noticed something white slowly poking out of the surface. At first I thought it was nothing, but the moment I touched it, it felt a little hard. Worried I decided to call up Dr. Kurtos and told him about what just happened. After giving him the details, he told me to come to his office to get a closer look at it.

When I got there, he heads a professional dentist to take a look into my mouth. After his little checkup, the dentist told me some good news. They told me my teeth are starting to grow back in. I was shocked to hear what he said. But how can that be? I lost all of my teeth around my seventies so why would they grow back. Kurtos told me that when I grow younger my body grows younger, including my skeletal structure. Meaning that teeth would grow back in and would poke out of my gums, stronger and harder. In a week or two, all of my teeth would grow back in and remain there until they get loose for my baby teeth to come in.

At first and was surprised by that, but after hearing that, I feel really delighted. Seriously, I’ve been stuck wearing dentures for years and it was hard for me to chew food since the denture glue I use continues to fall off my mouth. So most of the time, I had to have soft foods and soups to keep me full. Most of the food that my next-door neighbor brings to my home. Now I still haven’t told my neighbor about my condition. I’ll tell him that when the time is right. Until then, I’ll keep it discrete. As for my teeth returning, it would be amazing to have them back in my mouth instead of wearing dentures everyday. I can finally get back to solid foods again! Wonder what other changes would happen? Only time will tell.



March 22, 2011


Another day past and not much has changed. I still look the same with the exception of more grays on my hair then white. And though I was excited at the fact that my teeth are returning, it’s going to take a while until they all grow back in. So basically this is going to be a boring day for me until tomorrow. But at least I had some stuff to do while I wait. Like for example, I started to tend to my gardening today. I always do my gardening almost everyday, keeping the flowers nice and healthy. I always wonder what would happen to me if I grow too young. What would happen to my precious plants? All of my dandelions, sunflowers, tulips, roses, and all other plants would be all alone. That would be sad. I just hope that if I do get too young, I have to sell my house and move in to someone else’s house for love and care. I hope someone would take me in. Wonder if my daughter would take me in? Better talk to her about that incase that happens.



March 23, 2011

First Meeting

Well, that was a productive day. After waiting for a few days, I was finally able to get into the group meeting Dr. Kurtos. And I got to say, this was all too interesting. The group consists of six people, me included, and each one had different backgrounds and conditions of their AR virus.

One was a man named Rober Godfree. He’s 64-years old and is head of a financing company. He contracted this virus two weeks ago and his durations is that he looses six months everyday. Not that much, but it was serious. He looked like he was in his fifties now and though there wasn’t much of age difference; he was completely comfortable with it. His gray hair was done in a style for older gentlemen and he was wearing a suit and tie like he was getting ready for a business meeting. At least he wasn’t worried about the regression, unlike me.

The second person was a teenage girl around sixteen. Turns out, this girl use to be 36-years-old physically. Her name is Jessica Contor and she was once a waitress at a restaurant. She caught this virus two months ago and she was regressing five weeks a day. She had blonde hair that was done up in a pony tail and was wearing a light blue tank top that revealed the top part of her perky breasts, hip hugger blue jeans, and floral sandals. Judging by her appearance and personality, her mind was begging to regress along with her body. She said that she remembered blurred images of her past life but couldn’t put a finger on it. But I could tell that it was too late for her. I’m sure in a matter of weeks, she would forget about her past life and restart her childhood.

The next one was a little boy who is actually 28-years-old named Jason Gonzalez. He’s a college student who was graduating with honors. Now look at him. He’s now a kid around six entering kindergarten. His regression was quite drastic as he was regressing two years everyday. He was wearing a plain red T-Shirt with a cartoon character on it, kid size beige shorts, and a pair of childish sneakers with anklet socks. Next to him was a young woman. At first, I though she was another patient, but it turned out that she was his twin sister. My how faiths have changed for the two. I could even hear him say mommy to her. It was quite evident that his mind is all ready gone. But from what I heard from the sister is that his deterioration is slowing down. That means his regression is just about done. I’m relieved about that and hope that I don’t end up like him, or worse.

The fourth one was a little confusing. There were two people in the one spot. One is a little girl who’s five-years-old while the other is a young woman at 22 years of age. At first, I though that the little girl was one of Kurtos’s patience, but when I heard the young woman about her regression, I soon realized that it was her. Her name is Elizabeth Ross and she’s the aunt for the little girl who’s name is Ellis Ross. From what I could understand is that her regression was slower then mine. Judging by her age she use to be 42. But since she got caught by her regression, the duration was one month per day. So in about the course of a week, she would be seven months younger. A part of which is that she might live longer then me. Bless her soul.

The last one is a mother holding a little baby. Looking at her, I was curious of who that baby is. At first I thought they were mother and son since she was a thirty something woman. But then I’ve discovered that the baby was actually the husband and the woman was the wife. Their names are Joe and Mandy Trumpert and they were once a newly wed couple. From what I could understand is that the husband had contracted the virus a few months after the wedding. Hell, he didn’t realize that he had this virus until the day that he noticed his face was a little fresher then before. And when he went to the doctor, he found out that he got that virus and his condition was much faster then the others. He looses a day every hour and it went on for a long time. Now look at him! He looked like a 6-month-old baby wearing nothing but a diaper. Fortunately, there is some good news to this. From what the wife said, her husband’s regression stopped a few weeks ago, meaning that he didn’t went past birth. That’s the good news. The bad news on the other hand is that he has to grow up again. So yeah… Pretty much and double edge sword. But on the brighter side of things is that the former husband won’t be unborn. I just hope I won’t approach that.

Back to the meeting, I was able to introduce myself and told them about what happened to me for more then a week. Almost everyone seems to be pretty nice to me on the first go. I mean, they have the same problems I have and they were trying to keep me comfortable. There were a few jealous people in the group because they think my condition is much slower then the others. But being that we are in the same boat, we just need to stick with it. Anyways, they started to talk about the things they did when the virus hit them. They talk about stuff like moving back to the parents or family’s house incase I get too young, have myself a list of things I need to do incase I go all the way, invest most of my money to the family, etc. But then, they told me the one thing that was completely important. That thing is that I have to get new clothes for myself incase I get any younger.

Now I don’t really need to get some clothes at the moment. My old clothes still fit and my virus makes me loose one year per day. But if my body does regress to the point that I need new clothes, guess I should go to the mall to grab a few things. Still, they keep telling me that I should get clothes for not only young adults, but also that of teenager and child fashions incase my regression gets worse. Or even diapers if I entered toddler hood. That’s something I really don’t want. After thinking about this, I’ve decided to wait until it was the right time to buy some new clothes. Can’t just rush in and waist all my money on some clothing now would I? Plus, I don’t know about when this virus will stop my regression, so I have to wait and see what’s bound to happen. I just hope that nothing really bad will happen. All and all, I say this turned out to be a good meeting with other victims. I hope that they don’t suffer the worse for wares.



March 24, 2011


Another day, another time worrying. I’m already 77 years old and looking a little better, but no much. I could see my hair seeming to be less dull and my teeth are slowly coming out of my gums bit by bit. Plus I also noticed my wrinkles looking less visible. Still, there isn’t much in change. With a slow progression like this, there’s no telling how long I would regain my beauty, let alone when this is going to stop.

Back at the meeting yesterday, they told me that I would have to go shopping. I don’t see what the big deal is? I look into my closet and could tell that I got plenty of clothes that I could wear for a weeks. Most of which I hasn’t worn in my fifties or sixties. I think that fairs with me. Still, don’t really know if I could get new clothes now while my virus is still young. Well, young as in its still new to me and not young as in it’s making me younger. This is decision I have to make though. Don’t want to do it too soon though; people would be suspicious about that. I’ll wait until it is time to start shopping for new clothes. Might have to ask my daughter to take me there and find the types of clothes I need. Her kids always wanted some fashions for themselves and she knows what they want. I’m sure she can help me with my problem later on in the future. Till then, I’ll stick with the old clothes.



March 25, 2011

Movie Night

Another boring day for me. Being cooped up in this house makes me feel aggravated. So being that I have nothing else to do, I decided to go to the movies. Taking the bus to the theaters, I decided to see this movie called Beastly, which was pretty emotional at the time. But as I was going to the theaters, I saw teens and colleges kids going to different types of theaters. I see them going to different movies like Sucker Punch, Battle of Los Angeles, Rango, and Pual. I seen those movies in the commercials and for some strange reason, I just don’t get them. Maybe it’s the young people that understand what they mean, but I’m still too old for all of that. There were times that movies had to be about romance and drama, about love and lost, and happy endings. Now a days, people are more interested in actions and violence, movies based on cartoons, comics, and toy lines, and too much of this CGI to make it look ‘artistic’. Mostly publicity stunts that make a movie good when in reality it’s not. And quite frankly, I just don’t get it. Perhaps maybe it’s the youth generation. Maybe since I got this virus, I might watch those types of movies when I get around those ages. See what the fuss of those movies is about. Until then, I’ll watch what I like.



March 26, 2011

Second Meeting With My Daughter

Today is Saturday and another week is about to pass on by. So far, my age is down to 75 and I look a little fresher. Still, I feel the same, being that I’m old and a little weak. But I am gaining some strength here and there, so it’s possible that I won’t be frail. Not to mention, that I’m feeling a little healthier when each day passes. So I guess there were some advantages when it comes to the virus. But I am still nervous of when the regression would end.

But I’m rambling on so I’ll just get to why I’m writing this. You see, this afternoon, my daughter Grace came to my house today to see how I was doing. This is sorta like last Saturday so my guess is that this is a weekly thing. Anyways, I talked to my daughter about what happened to me during the week. Most of it of course involved the group meeting I had with Dr. Kurtos. Told her about the other victims in the group, what they use to do, when they got the virus and the duration of the infection, etc. Grace was quite surprised by the fact that there were other people that were infected let alone how long their regression was going. I also told her about the stuff they did during their virus infection. Stuff like moving back to Grace’s house, put together a bucket list, and giving my money to my family and what not. But then I told her that they said that I need to buy some new clothes for myself incase I get too young. Grace was a little concerned by this and told me that I was all right with the clothes I had on. But I told her what happened if I get too younger, like say for example I go down to my twenties, my teens, or childhood to babyhood. I know the clothes I’m wearing now will suit me, but if I get too young, I might need newer clothes just incase. Grace looked at me and could tell that I had a good point. But she said it was too soon for me and I had to wait until the next couple of weeks. I would agree with her on that too so it would be wise for me to wait until it’s time to shop.

As we were talking, Grace did tell me that I have changed. Indeed I saw myself a couple of times in the mirror and I had changed. My hair was slowly returning to gray and had less white strands. Plus I could tell I was gaining a little weight. Not to mention that the wrinkles look a little less then normal, but it’s still the same. Might take weeks to get rid of this age, but at least it’s a small progress. Just had to wait for the regression to really happen.

Again before she left, she asked me if she would tell my grandkids about my condition. Again I told her no. It’s still too early for me and her to tell those kids of my condition. And I still don’t know what their reaction is. Perhaps maybe in two to three weeks we’ll tell them, but it’s wise the kids would be in the dark about it. So we parted ways and Grace returned home. After she left, I was still thinking about what to do. I got both options to think about. One was telling the kids about my virus. The other is when should I start buying clothes if I get younger. Can’t do those two now being its too soon. I’ll wait until the right moment. I just hope that the doctor could get the rest of the results of when my regression would stop. Because right now, I’m getting a little impatient.



End Chapter 2

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014


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