The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014

Chapter 3
Week 3

Chapter Description: The third week and June is feeling a little better about this virus while she puts together a bucket list.


March 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Well, this is my third week since I had this accursed virus. As every day pass, I feel myself getting younger bit by bit. I still don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing though. In know it’s good because I might be brought back to my young and beautiful day and I will have the body I lost in decades. But the bad side of it is when this will end. Everyday I dread on what the results will be. Am I going to be a young woman, a college girl, a teenage queen, a child, a baby, or worse? That’s the thing I’m dreading the most. I just hope that Kurtos gives me the results soon, cause I can’t wait any longer.

Anyways, it’s March and it’s spring. So you know what that mean. Spring cleaning… I haven’t cleaned my house in a long time. It’s a little hard for me because of my joints. It was hard for me cleaning up the place since my bones were stiff and I only ask for help from the neighbors. But while I was cleaning the place up, I soon realize that my arms were a little more flexible then before. My probably guess is that the virus is causing it. Since I’m regressing, my bones seem to be strengthening and hardening, making me stronger and easily bendable. Like I said before, there are some good things about my regression. And there are good things this AR Virus has given me.

I mean look at me. I’m 74-years-old and I am showing signs of youth slowly returning to me. I could see most of my teeth growing out of my gums and were midway through. I’ve been using my dentures less and less by the hour and feel like I need to by more toothpaste and toothbrushes. Plus, I’m slowly, yet surely, started to eat solid foods rather then liquids. I swear my next-door neighbor was a little confused by that change in mind when she went to get groceries for me. But she let that pass and went to get the food the other day anyways. I could also see some subtle changes that were getting more noticeable. Take my hair for example. It was now completely gray with little white left. And I could have sworn I saw a black strand in the trances. Probably my mind is playing tricks on me. The winkles on my face were getting less and less shown as the skin on my face was looking a little smoother. Not to mention that body fat was slowly appearing on my arms and legs as my body was looking less and less skinny. But still, my body looks a little elderly even by my age. But that would soon change in the coming weeks.

Still… I’m a little nervous about when my regression would stop. Dr. Kurtos has to tell me sooner or later. Until then, all I have to do is wait.



March 28, 2011

Mall Browsing

Well, it’s Monday. So far I still feel the same. Like I said before, this process is a slow one. So it would be time before I got my old body back. At least I have all the time in the world. And being that I have nothing better to do then stay at the house, I’ve decided to go to the mall for a little shopping. Now I remember at the meeting last week that I need to shop for new clothes for me incase I get young, if not younger. I still fit in my old clothes though and it’s still too early for all of that. So I thought that before I could get started buying clothes, I decided to look around and see what I could wear. Can’t just buy random clothes for no reason now can I?

After a short bus ride, which the mall isn’t that far, I went to the mall and see what I could buy in the near future. Now being that this is the spring season, they already got some spring fashions as well as some summer fashions like swimsuits and the like. I was impressed by the many varieties of clothing they have. Back in my time, they never had that many colors ever. Normally it was the occasional black, white, gray, and mostly red clothes. And most of the outfits look more scantily and exposed then the clothes I normally wear back in the day. Guess it’s what the woman wants to see. Or in a more precise manner, this is what men see in women. So distasteful…

As I was looking around, I noticed something that caught my eye. On one of the display windows as a lovely dress. It was solid black and was shining through the light as it does down to the feet. There were no straps on the shoulders and it was wide enough to show off some cleavage. There was also a split down the side to reveal her right leg to give off a sexy look. I stare at the dress and I find it quite lovely. Sure it looked revealing, but it also looked classy at the same time. It’s something I would like to wear. But unfortunately, my body is too old for that dress. Well, to me it is. The AR Virus is doing most of the work anyways. So at lease when I body started to get young, it would be perfect for me to get the dress when I reach that age limit. Oh… Listen to myself. It must be the virus talking. Oh well… Guess you got to dream every now and then huh?



March 29, 2011

Feeding the Birds

Another day has past just like the last one. I took a look at the clothes at the mall and find some that could be of use to me when I’m in my thirties or twenties. I even took a look at some teenage clothes and children fashion incase I go that far. All I need to do is jut down a list of clothes I need and I think I will be good to go. I don’t need them yet but I think it’s a good idea to have a plan before jumping in.

So far there’s nothing else for me to do today, with the exception of watching TV and having my meals and the like. And being that this was a nice day today, I’ve decided to head back to the park to do one of my personal activities. Feeding the birds. With a bag of breadcrumbs in my hand, I casually stroll down to the park and sat in my favorite bench to feed them. There were more birds then before, but it’s just the season so there would be more birds. Bit by bit, I toss the breadcrumbs to the floor and watch as the pigeons scurry around to eat them all. Watching them all fighting for the crumbs made me laugh.

As I was feeding the birds, I looked on at the people at the park and could tell that they were happy and carefree. I see kids having fun at the playground, a mother strolling along with a baby in the baby carriage, and a young couple at a bench near by kissing each other. Looking at them, I always wondered what would happen to me. Could I be the young woman kissing the man at that bench? One of the kids playing at the playground? That baby in the carriage? Those are things that still worry me. I’ve been thinking about this for around two weeks. Why is this doctor taking long to give me answers? Hope it’s soon.



March 30, 2011

Second Group Meeting

This is now my second time going to the group meeting with Dr. Kurtos. This was really interesting then the last. Judging by looks of it all, most of the patients that contracted the virus have looked a little younger. I was pretty amazed myself. Let me take it from the top.

Firstly, the man named Robert Godfree looks a little more younger then usual. His regression duration is six months a day so his is a little slower then mines. He looks like he was now in his late forties and was looking a little more youthful then before. I could see a few brown streaks on his gray hair and his face looked less tired. He was wearing a different suit and he was still working at his company. Though I didn’t see much, I could tell his posture seems a little straighter then normal. My guess is that he had a bad back when he was a senior citizen. And by the looks of it, he was happy about being younger. Still, I feel like deep down inside he was worried about when his changes will end.

Even Jessica Contor appears to be comfortable with this as well. Her regression is 5 weeks a day and nothing much as changed in her yet, she was still sixteen and I could tell there were little changes on her. Her body was looking less undeveloped and her breasts were rising higher by the second but remained perky. She too was smiling but it was something completely different. I hear her talking about going to the movies, listening to music, playing video games, and the like. Even her personality was bubbly and cheerful, like she doesn’t have a care in the world. But I could tell that her mind is already regressing to catch up with her body. She was remembering less and less about her previous life and was more concerned about her teenage life. I really feel sorry for her.

Still, there are others that were less fortunate. Jason regression was two years a day and was awfully younger. But fortunately, his mother said that the regression stopped last week and now he looked like a two-year-old toddler with no memory of his previous life. I guess he was the lucky one around here. But it’s a shame that he has to restart life as it is. I just hope he lives a happy life.

Now Elizabeth seems to be much better. Like I said before, her regression is one month a day. Pretty much her regression for the past week is seven months; she was still the same as before. She did say she was approaching the age of twenty-one, so it’s obvious she was getting closer to her teens and is on the verge of loosing her past memories. But she seems happy about it and enjoying her youth to the fullest even if it’s short lived. I just hope things couldn’t get worse for her.

As for Joe and Mandy Trumpert, the one which the husband is a baby, they weren’t present at the moment. From what I could understand, Joe’s regression was finished long before I took part of the group meeting. I did ask Kurtos about this and he said that they didn’t need to come to the meeting since the husband’s regression was finished and the virus was long gone. So they are allowed to leave under their own rights. I guess it does make sense since Mandy’s husband no longer has the virus to begin with. I just hope that he has a bright future ahead of him and his wife will raise him well now that she has become an official mother.

As always, the group was talking about the stuff they’ve done. So far, all I told them is what I did in the past week and what I was preparing. Elizabeth told me if I had set up a bucket list yet incase I regress to far. I told her that I didn’t know where to start with. She told me to start base around my age. Like the age I’m in now, start working out. When I get younger, I would try other things as well, like go to the beach, eat healthier, try on many fashions, take part in younger activities, etc. It all seems like a good start. Being that I am youthening a year a day, I do believe its wise to get started on a bucket list. So why not? I’ll keep her word for it and begin writing it down for tomorrow.

When the meeting was over, I went to Dr. Kurtos and asked him if he got the results on when my duration of the virus would end. He shook his head and told me that he didn’t know. But he did tell me that he might get his answer in a week or two. Sure hope he’s right on that occasion. The last thing I want is to find out when I’m too young to understand anything.



March 31, 2011

The Bucket List

Well, I’m finished. Took me all day, but I’ve managed to finish it. I had written down my bucket list and am ready to take it on shortly. Elizabeth told me yesterday to do it soon while I still have the chance and I was able to take care of it as quickly as I can. Spent most of the time in the house going through most of the research and came up with what I need to do when I get any younger. Now this list is based around the age I would and they’re in random and not in order. So if I reach this age limit that would mean that I have to do it. The list goes as follows…


1. Working Out (Any Age)

2. Jogging in the Park (15 and Up)

3. Watching Every Movie Genre (Any Age)

4. Going to the Beach (Teens to Middle Age)

5. Taking a Tan at the Beach (20s)

6. A Hike in the Woods (30s – 40s)

7. Go Bicycling (20s – 30s)

8. Go to the Clubs (20s – 40s)

9. Gardening (Any Age Until Preteen)

10. Donate Money to Charity (Any Age)

11. Shopping for Clothes (Any Age)

12. Going to the Amusement Park (5 – 20)

13. Bungee Jumping (25)

14. Surfing (20s)

15. Going On Roller Coasters (Teens – 20s)

16. Eating Fast Foods (5 - 35)

17. Playing in the Playground (1 – 14)

18. Going for a Swim (5 – 30)

The List Pretty Much goes on and on. Most of the things are stuff I already need to know. Then there’s the stuff I would like to do that I have never done ever. Just thought if I was going to get much younger, I would live my life to the fullest and not worry about anything in the matter. Still, this is a lot of stuff and I don’t know if I could get it all down. But at least I got a good list together and there are things I dreamed of doing. So let’s see if I can do all of this. But for now, I need to rest.”



April 1, 2011

April Fools

Today is April 1st. So you know what that means. April Fools… I shudder at that holiday. When I was young, the kids always put together these pranks that would ultimately embarrass me. The joke about me, they trick me, they do anything they can just to make a laugh out of it. I just wished that this AR Virus were a joke. I mean I had this for almost three weeks. THREE WEEKS!!! And I could see myself gradually change by the second. By the looks of it, I appear to be 69-years-old and getting younger each passing minute.

My body seems to be plumping up around my arms and legs and now stomach seems a little bit bloated. My breasts looked like they seem to be rising a little bit, but it was still sagged and droopy, maybe that would change in the coming weeks. My face seems to be getting a little radiant though. Few of the wrinkles on my face were long gone, while the rest are still showing, but slowly fading. My skin feels a little fresher, but still worn due to my old age. My eyes seem to be getting brighter with the few veins in them disappearing, making me less tired. Most of my teeth are fully grown while others remained halfway. Stopped using my dentures since Wednesday and now I can slowly eat solid foods. My next-door neighbor was so confused when I asked him about this and didn’t know what to say. I could’ve sworn he was acting a little weird. Then there’s my hair. It was all completely gray with no white anywhere, a part of which I feel a little happy about. But I notice a few blacks weaving in my gray strands. By the looks of it, the hair is entering the second stage of my youth.

As far as this go, I say I’m loosing half of my old age and it would be a matter of time before I regain most of my youth. But I still don’t know about when this process will stop. Kurtos told me that he would get the results in a few weeks. But I’ve been waiting for the past three weeks to get an answer. Just hope it doesn’t take longer then this. Getting really tired of it.



April 2, 2011

Third Meeting with Daughter

Well, the third week is just about to pass and I feel years younger. Yet for some strange reason, I feel really happy about it. I know I should be scared about this virus. But in reality I’m not. I actually feel so much better with this virus. Sounds crazy right? Well it isn’t. See, this virus is making me younger, bringing back the body I once lost. And for the first time in my life, I was completely happy about it. Of course I still don’t know when this regression will stop, but at least I know that this is worth it.

As for my day, I had another meeting with my daughter. Grace’s visits are starting to become more frequent then normal. Heck, she calls me on the phone under a couple of occasions to see how I’m feeling. For this third meeting though, she noticed that I was feeling happier then before. She asked me why am I happy when I should be worried about this virus in my body. I simply told her that I shouldn’t be worried since this regression is making my body younger and making me beautiful. Grace told me that I should be worried, as we didn’t know if the regression would ever stop. I told her specifically that nothing would happen to me and I still need to wait for the results on the ending duration.

Before she left, Grace asked yet again if she should let her kids know. I still think it isn’t the time yet. They are still too young to understand my condition. But still, she had to tell them about it and I seem to be taking their time. So here’s what I’m going to do. I told Grace that Dr. Kurtos would get the results about when the regression will end in two weeks. Once I get the results, she will let the grandchildren know about this. She might even bring the kids over and I will tell them personally. Grace nodded and understood what I meant. We then parted ways until next Saturday. But as I closed the door, I could agree with my grand daughter on one thing. Even though I am completely happy by this newfound youth, I should be worried. Without a clue as to when the regression would stop, my only option is to make a good enough guess. Might as well just wing it and move on with my life. Who knows what I’m going to do next week. Only time will tell.



End Chapter 3

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014


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