The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014

Chapter 14
Years Later

Chapter Description: Ten years have passed since the AR Virus incident and June has a better, happier life.

Years later…

Hello! My name is June Wright and I’m ten-years-old. I have a mom whose name is Samantha Wright, a father named Daniel Wright, and an aunt that goes by the name of Grace Summers that has my bestest cousins in the world. Today is my tenth birthday and I had a great time. I had all of my friends from school, my cousins Ellis, Thomas, and Megan Summers, and James, my best friend since we were babies. We had a real blast! Playing games, having cake, and the best part was all the presents I got from everyone. Everything from toys, clothes, and other fun stuff. This is one of the presents I got from my mom. It’s a journal that I would write everyday for the rest of my life. She gave it to me because she said that my life would be filled with many adventures and I need to write anything I want about my life. It’s a pretty little diary, but it’s a little worn out. I guess it has something to do with someone who was using it before.

I looked back at the journal and it belonged to an old woman that shares the same first name as me. It said that she suffered something called the AR Virus and its purpose was to regress the person’s body to the point it will end. I remember reading something like that in science class and was a little interested about it. That’s the reason why I wanted to grow up to be a doctor, to help find a cure for this disease so no one else won’t regress. I just hope I don’t suffer from it.

The one thing that’s strange to me is about this mysterious person that wrote this journal. She does share the same first name as me, but her last name is just like my aunt’s. It’s really weird. I talked to my mom about who this woman is and she said that she was an old woman she used to take care of years ago. But she answered very hesitantly, like she was a little scared about something. How odd…

Doesn’t matter anyways, at least I had a great birthday party anyways. And with this diary, there’s no telling what’s next for me. I can imagine what the future will be like for me. Well, only time will tell.

Bye diary! See you tomorrow! We’re going to have so much fun together, forever.



End Chapter 14

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014


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