The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014

Chapter 5
Week 5

Chapter Description: It's the fifth week since June got the AR Virus and she had received news of her end regression. The results are bad. Really bad.


April 10, 2011

Reading at the Porch

Entering the fifth week and a lot of things had happened. Got a month membership at this fitness center to work on my youthening body. Met someone who shares the same virus problem as me, with the same duration and the same age. Plus my body is slowly but surely going back to the way I once was. I’m already a senior citizen at the tender age of sixty and I’m feeling quite better. My body it starting to get into physical shape, my face is less elderly, and I’m beginning to feel the energy slowly returning. It’s so nice to be young again. Well… I’m not really young yet. I’m just still old enough to be a senior citizen. But in a few weeks that would soon change.

Anyways, it looks like it was a nice day out today. Birds are chirping, the air is breezy, and the sun is nice and warm. And being that I don’t have anything to do, I decided to head out to the backyard and start reading my favorite book on the porch. Getting my favorite sundress for my age and a round straw hat, I sat down and started to read the Devil wears Prada. It’s a really nice book and it did show a lot of drama. But as I was reading, the words were starting to get a little blurry on my glasses. Normally, I would wear glasses to help me read better since my vision is a little fuzzy without them. But now it’s the exact opposite. I can barely see the words on the pages. So when I remove my glasses, I noticed that my vision is clearer then before. If I would have guessed, I say the AR virus is making my eyes a little healthier. Again, some good advantages from this virus. So I set the glasses aside and continued reading without them. Ah, nothing like the virus to make me feel so much better.

One more thing before I end this entry. I know I stated this before, but I think it’s wise to tell you this again. Dr. Kurtos told me last week that he might get the results to when this regression will end. So this week, I’m waiting for him to give me the news. I can’t wait till what he says. As a matter of fact, I wonder when I would stop aging. My guess could be somewhere in my thirties, that was when I was at the prime of my life. Or my twenties when I was such a young beauty. Hell, I would take the teenager years that give me a chance experience teen life. That’s something I would like. The last thing I want is to be in my adolescent years, let alone a childhood or toddler hood. Worse if I reach babyhood. I just hope that it doesn’t stop there. I just need to wait for him to call up. I hope he gives me the results soon. I just can’t wait any longer!



April 11, 2011

A Simple Jog

Today is Monday and I have nothing else to do for that day. Got to say, this AR virus makes things a whole lot boring. Got to do something to pass the time. Looking back at my bucket list, I found something that might keep me fit even if I don’t have to go to the gym to workout. Jogging! I always see people jogging in the park when I was there. And being that I’m a little younger then before, this gives me the chance to take part of jogging there. But before I could do that, I have to get some jogging gear.

Taking the bus to town, I went back to the sporting goods store to get some things for jogging. So far, I got a gray Trim Velour Jogging Suit and a pair of these gray Nike’s Downshifter 4 running shoes. They were a little snugged on me, but at least when I’m younger, they would fit me easily. After a nice lunch, I headed to the restroom and started to change into my new clothes. Once again, a little tight, but it will do. Once I put my own clothes in the bag and find a locker area within the park, I started to jog. To tell you the truth, this jogging was quite invigorating. The wind in the face, the sounds of nature, the pleasant atmosphere, it was completely relaxing, even when I’m jogging. Though I do have some problems with my joints. They seem to be a little sore while I was jogging. Guess my legs weren’t they fit after all. But at least I’m able to jog through this with my joints not breaking. Who knows? Maybe when I start jogging again, my legs will be a whole lot better then this. But all and all, was able to keep myself in shape. And tomorrow I’ll return to the gym to continue with my fit body.



April 12, 2011


Tuesday’s the day I headed to the gym for a good workout. But this time, I’m going to do something different. Last week, the receptionist told me about these workout programs they always have. This day was about something called aerobics. It’s some kind of extreme exercise with tough movements and energy filled fun. Now I saw those types of things in those infomercials on TV. Sure they look fun, but yet at the same time they might look tiresome. I could imagine how long they’ve been doing that. But at least on the brightside it could give me a chance to try something new and would let me get my regressing body back to tip top condition. So without a second thought, I joined in with aerobics class.

Now there are multiple groups of people in this class. Most of them were young adults; others were middle age, the rest were senior citizens like me. Well not like me. I mean I’m 86 in my head when my body is that of a 58-year-old. So yeah, that feels weird for me. But no one notices that, yet at least.

So when we did this aerobics class, I got to admit, that was really brutal. This is nothing compared to the commercials. Now they did start it off with some stepping, but then moved on to some aggressive stretching and flexing, which was hard for me for my body. Believe me, this wasn’t no normal exercising for me. I still have aches from those crouches. Very painful.

After that whole ordeal, got myself a healthy salad from the salad shop and decided to look at some stores. Being that my body was youthening at an alarming rate, I have to see what I should wear. It would only be a matter of time before I can’t into my old clothes and I have to be ready. Then I headed back to the gym for my usual things, twenty-minute cardio and a lot of lifting. Oddly enough, my body seems to be a whole lot better then before. Guess my metabolism is returning and kicking in. Another good thing about being younger. But at least it’s a good thing still. Anyways, I’ve been through too much already for one day. I’m going to take an early rest and be ready for tomorrow. Got my next group meeting tomorrow so I have to be freshening up and ready. Wonder if Kurtos would give me the results on when the regression will stop. I hope it’s tomorrow.



April 13, 2011

Fourth Meeting

So yet another meeting has come and gone. Basically nothing much in them. Just plain old talking. But what I’ve find entertaining is the regression of the other patience. Let’s see… Where should I begin?

Well for starters, there’s Godfree. His regression phase now makes him forty-four to forty-five. Still looks the same, only a little fresher and he was gaining a bit of muscle mass. And he had less gray then before and his back is straighter. Not to mention that he was wearing a polo shirt and cargo pants and not a regular suit. But he said it was Easter week and he gave his co-workers the week off. So I guess that makes some sense.

Jessica on the other hand was worse for ware as her regression caused her to travel back to her teen hood. Her body was slowly eroding away and was looking a little girlish. She had perky breasts, thinner hips, almost skinny legs, and of course a less mature face. Her fashions also change as she was wearing clothes that teens wear. I was completely appalled by this. I mean, a short skirt so short that you could see her panties and a provocative midriff that exposes her breasts, or lack there of? Honestly, where did she get that look? Only hookers and prostitutes wear those things. I swear, for someone who was once a 36-year-old waitress, she was definitely in the loop in styles. Pretty sure that she got that idea from watching MTV. God I hate that channel. Nothing on there but shows about Italian stereotypes and pregnant teens. Terrible. Anyways, her mind was already gone as her adult memories are nothing to her. Now the only thing she cares about is going to malls, watching movies, playing video games, and hanging out by the beach. As far as I know it, she’s already a lost cause.

Speaking of lost causes, Elizabeth’s six months regression is now down to twenty and a half. She still looked a little hung over after last week, being that she spent her last time at twenty-one drinking the night away. Probable guess is that she must’ve gone to a couple of more bars after the last meeting. How does she get into the bars in the first place? Probably she had older friends or some sort of fake ID. I wonder what can you get away with? Listen to me talking about that while I should be talking about her condition. Back to the task, she did say she was beginning to have a hard time remembering things. Sure she starts to remember quickly by pictures and stuff she do, but she said they were getting more frequent. The doctor knew this and told her that she was beginning to loose her adult memories, just like Jessica. Indeed it looks like it as she did try to remember things and succeeded. But I’m afraid that if this continues on, she would ultimately forget about her old life and move on to a life as a teen, or a child, or baby. Sure hope that I don’t end up like that.

Lastly James Carmen, who was introduced last week, is the same age I am. Being that we both share the same regression duration and being that we are the same age, we are now 57. He was starting to loose some weight and looking a little thinner. His gray head is starting to show signs of youth. Strands of hair are slowly growing on top of his head as his strands grew a little darker. I couldn’t tell what collar his hair was, but it did look a little brown. So far nothing much. But I’m sure that it would change for next week.

So far, nothing much to report. Told everyone about my week and that’s pretty much it. But after the meeting, I asked Kurtos if he has the results on when my changes will stop. He told me he didn’t get the results yet. But he told me that he would let me know on Friday via phone call. That’s gives me some relief. I’m just hoping on Friday I get my answer. I hope it’s good news. Don’t want to be young to the point of no return.



April 14, 2011

Still Waiting

Today is April the 14th, that means only one thing. Tomorrows the day I get my results. I’m so completely anxious about that news. I mean a few weeks ago, I had contracted the virus that regresses my age to who knows when. After all this waiting, the meetings, the bucket list I had to put together, going to the gym, the talks with my daughter, it has finally come to this. When the doctor calls, I will get the news. I’m hoping that it’s really good and not really bad. As a matter of fact, I never was this happy in my entire life ever since I got that virus.

I was at the gym today to do my usual routine and there are employees who looked at me different. I don’t think they noticed me having the virus or anything cause if they do they would’ve panicked or something. One of them told me about it and asked why I was happy. I couldn’t tell them truth or it’s going to get worse. So I looked at this employee, smiled at him, and said that I was having a splendid day. I know, a little overboard, but it’s the only way to make sure they don’t find anything suspicious with me. At least he brushed it off or there would’ve been problems.

Anyways, nothing much going on today except for exercising. Just the same old, same old. Just have to wait and see for tomorrow.



April 15, 2011

Worse News

I don’t believe this. I can’t believe this! I got the call from Dr. Kurtos this afternoon and I got the worse of news. Remember when I said that he would get the results from my blood on when the regression will stop? Well, the results are in and they are completely dreary. Normally, I thought my regression would stop in my twenties, or better yet in my teens. But that’s hardly the case. You see, instead of that age, my body will pass beyond that. And here’s the kicker, I’m not going to regress in my preteens, a kid, childhood, a toddler, baby, or even a newborn. No instead, I’m going to stop one second after I was conceived. Which means I’m going to be in someone’s stomach for a long time.

I was scared for my life! I never thought I would stop regressing to that point! But seriously, I’m going to be in someone’s stomach, let alone stop at a second after I was conceived. I couldn’t believe any of it! This isn’t what I wanted! This is ridiculous!!!

Anyways, Kurtos told me some of the details after I’ve calm down. Here’s what he said to me. For one, being that my regression last one year a day, I would have less then a month until its complete, that means I have to get started with doing my bucket list sooner then later. Also, I have to let my family know about this unexpected circumstance. Then there’s the issue of what happens when I reach baby status. See, I need someone to raise me if I grow younger then ten, and someone needs to be the segregate mother for me to be in the womb. That could be half the problem. See, the only person I think would take care of me if I grow younger then a teen would be my daughter. She always took care of me for years and she has kids of her own. So it would seem that I would be taken care of. But having someone carrying me in the womb would be a problem. When my daughter raises her kids, I don’t think she would want to have another one. Let alone me being in her womb. I need to find someone that would accept me to be the carrier. It’s going to be hard yes, but I’ll find a way.

As we finished talking, I had some time to think about the whole situation. I just cannot believe that this was happening. I never thought that this was bad. I mean I would stop regressing when I’m one second after conception. That’s terrible! Looking back at the mirror, I could see the changes happing faster then I could count. More weight was lost around my hips, arms, legs and even my butt. I could even see muscle tone growing in places and my skin looks a little healthier. Guess the past two weeks in the gym is finally boring fruit since my regression is regaining my strength. My chest seems to be going up higher and looked more plump then saggy. The veins on my arms and legs looked very faint. My joints are no longer stiff, but they do feel sore every time I bend and stretch. Every time I look at my toenails, they are looking less yellowish and clearer. And my face continued to regain more of its youth. My eyes was healthy, my skin is clear, there were a few wrinkles on my face and more faint lines, all of my teeth are in my mouth and they look strong to chew solid foods, and more black strands adorn my hair. I could even see my hair going down as it brushed past my shoulders. I always watch in amazement, as my hair grew longer. I should go to the hair salon soon and do more then cut it short.

But I’m getting a little too ahead of myself when I have bigger problems to worry about. You see, when I look at the mirror, I see a 55-year-old woman that looked like she’s ready to think about retirement. I’m glad I’m going to be back to my youth. But then at the same time I’m scared on the way it will end. In a matter of weeks, I would be a teenager and loose my old memories. When I hit the single digits, I would be a carefree child not realizing the dangers I have. And then when I reach to new born… Oh god… I don’t want to think about it.

Well, I need some time to think about this news so I’m going to end my entry. I still need to think of a way about explaining this to my daughter. Let’s hope for the best.



April 16, 2011

Sharing the News

Well, this was it. Today was the say I had to tell my daughter on when the virus will stop. I was really scared at the moment. When I got news from Dr. Kurtos about when my regression was going to stop, I was devastated. I’m still thinking about the outcome since yesterday. Let me ask you this. How would you feel when you find out that you would stop regression one second after being conceived? It’s really hard to process. At least I am glad that it wasn’t before conception or my life would’ve been gone entirely. But I’m so scared about this. I really don’t know who would be my substitute mother. Hell, I don’t think that anyone would want me as the next child. I just hope I find someone that can help me with this situation.

When I heard the doorbell ring, I approached and open the door, knowing who was in there. When Grace came in, she noticed the worry look on my face. I can tell why. She knows that I got the results from when my regression will stop. So I let her in and told her what happened. After explaining everything to her, Grace was in pure shock and began to cry about it. I can’t blame her. Having the listen to me telling her that I would be in someone’s stomach and my regression would stop at a second before conception would make her feel distraught. And in the coming days, she would have to let it sink in.

After letting her gather that information to her head, Grace asked me what’s about to happen next. I told her a few things that might happen. I have to put together my final will, give money to people, sale my house, donate stuff to charity, just about anything before I hit my teenage years. One other thing I have to take care of that’s real important is finding someone to be my new mother. I did tell her not to be the mother because she already got a few kids of her own and it would be hard for her to raise another, even if its me. Grace nodded and could agree with me on one thing. There’s no way that she wants another child in the family, or to make things much worse, raising her own mother. But I did tell her that I would be finding someone that would raise me.

Before she left, I ask her for a favor. I told her that now that I know when my duration will end, she could bring the kids next week so that way I will tell them about my condition. Grace always asked that if she would take the kids to my house ever since the virus started. So she did nod in approval and would love to take the kids. Though she didn’t know what they would think since she kept that secret for so long. Perhaps its wise I tell them my condition. Easier to tell them that then Grace.

As she was leaving, I could have sworn that I heard Grace crying silently. My guess is that she was an emotional wreck after hearing the news. I feel the same way too. When you found out that this virus would stop one second after conception, you too will feel upset about it too. It’s something I didn’t want to begin with. But it’s something I have no choice but to accept. Going to loose myself in a matter of weeks yes. But I’ll try to move with my life as long as I could. Still have my bucket list so I’ll do whatever I can to make the best of it. I’ll see you next week. God help me.



End Chapter 5

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014


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