The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014

Chapter 7
Week 7

Chapter Description: June continues with her now younger life. But suddenly she is feeling different with one of Kurtos's patients. Does she have a crush on him?


April 24, 2011

Meeting with James

Well, my day went off well then I previously thought. Headed to the lunch meeting with James and it was nice to talk to someone that shares the same problem as me. Judging by an age perspectives, we are both 46 and are both middle age adults. It feels so weird. I mean in our heads, we are still very old, yet our bodies look very young. Guess it’s something we have to get use with. I started to put on my yellow blouse with matching skirt that goes down below my knees and a pair of yellow heels to make me look a little more elegant and headed to this café that he wanted me to go.

When I got there, I saw him waiting for me outside the place. He was sitting at the table with a polo shits and dark pants with brown loafers. And even at a farther distance, I could see that he looked a little bit younger then before. I could see him gaining a little more muscles on his arms and he looked a little skinnier then I imagine. I could even see his beer gut looking less rounder too. His face continued to freshen up too as his wrinkles kept on getting fainter and his eyes looked a little less tired. I saw more hair on his head then before and it looks like he was looking half bald then fully and his the gray got darker, dominating most of his hairline. I could tell that he was reaching his youth just like me, but there’s no telling what the results are going to be. Guess I have to wait a week or two to see the end results.

Anyways, James waved at me to get my attention, but I already knew he was there. We sat down, talked, had lunch, the same other people do it. As we were talking, we discussed about this virus we had and how we’d got it. I told him what happened to me with the virus, how it all started, how long is the duration, and when will it stop. I’m pretty sure he knows most of it by now, but I thought it would be wise to let him know. But when I heard his story, I couldn’t help but to feel heart broken.

First he said that his parents died when he was young, like around five or seven I don’t know. He spent most of his time with his grandmother until he was ready to get a job. Started out with a malt shop when he was seventeen just so he can get enough money to go do college. Was able to get enough to go to law school to become a lawyer. Started working at the law offices, climbing the top of the ladder to become an attorney, retired with honors. The sad part is that he never has a wife or a girlfriend. Being that he is always busy, he never had the time to find a date and there were other people that tried to help him, but it never worked out. To make matters worse, he lost his grandmother back when he was in his thirties and was completely alone. I can’t blame him for all of that. Having to live a life like that makes him feel lonelier then ever.

James told me about when he got this AR Virus. I think it was around the time when he was in his original age, which he was 73. He started to feel a little bit woozy for some bizarre reason. He went to the doctor for a quick check up to see if there was anything wrong with him. After doing a few tests, it turns out that he is suffering from the AR virus as well as me. He was shocked by the news, as I was when I first heard of it. For weeks now, he visits Kurtos about this situation he’s in, the duration of the changes, and the meetings set every Wednesday. He then told me about when the changes will stop. Turns out, he’s regression would stop at six months old, a complete infant. I was jealous about that. I mean he’s going to be a baby while I’m going to be an egg and a sperm that connected? That’s really a stab in the back. But at least he was fortunate he’s not going to spend his time in a stranger’s belly for months. Who knows, maybe in the future, we could be the best of friends.

We said our goodbyes and hope to see each other again in the next meeting. I’ve got to admit, he was a real nice guy. Maybe we can do these get togethers some other time. I should talk to him about it some day.



April 25, 2011

Loosing Weight

Oh… My… God… You never going to believe this. I was putting on my clothes for another day of a normal life and something shocking happened. As I was putting on my pants, I noticed that it was a little looser then normal. Curious, I decided to get on my weight machine to see what happened. When I see the numbers, I was completely surprised. It turns out that I have lost some weight, like fifteen to twenty pounds I believe. I couldn’t believe it! But it’s true! I’m loosing actual weight!!!

This is almost like a dream come true. I knew the virus would regress my body, but never thought it would make me loose a lot of pounds. I can still feel my body getting skinnier by the second too. Heck, I was so excited that I talked to my daughter about it. She was surprised by this as much as I was. She told me that maybe I should get started getting some new clothes for myself since my old clothes won’t fit in a number of days. And you know what, she does have a point. I’ve been looking at the catalogs for some time and thought of some ideas. I even asked her if we could go shopping this Saturday in our next meeting. She agreed with me and thought it would be a great idea.

I hung up the phone and took a good look at the mirror. I could tell that my clothes won’t fit sooner then I thought. Better think about changing my look to so that way I won’t look too loose. At least I have gym to go to. Let’s just hope they don’t notice anything too suspicious.



April 26, 2011


Went to the gym and did my usual thing. The cardio and weight lifting was nice and after lunch did some stepper stuff they got at class. But there’s something that’s nagging me as of late.

See, my membership would expire soon and I have to do something about it. I want to have another go at the place but with the AR virus in my system, it would be really difficult. There will be people who will notice the changes and I can’t let them know about it. I have to think this through or I would be in real trouble.

As for the membership, still want to do this for another month. Better that then the other options to pay. Let’s see if I can do this one more time. Until then, I’ll think about it.



April 27, 2011

Sixth Meeting

Another meeting? Man, this is getting a little aggravating. I’ve already met the people and could tell what their conditions are. But it’s all under Dr. Kurtos’s orders so I can’t stop it. He’s always so demanding. Oh well, guess I have to live with it until the end. Let’s see what happened with the other patients.

As always, we should start with Godfree and his slower regression. Apparently he’s getting much comfortable with the virus in him. More so then the others. He’s around forty-three now and his back was really straight. Muscles continued to grow on him, but not like body building much. Just the regular type of build. His face also looked less ragged and more youthful as well. The wrinkles looked a little less noticeable and his hair is returning to what he once had. There is very little gray left and the test of his hair was looking a little dull. In his old age, his hair had to be a little dull. Maybe when he’s a little younger, he would have some perfect hair. His new clothes also looked good on him since he lost some weight. His buttoned shirt, cargo pants, and a pair of loafers made him mature. He even feels a little better then before. And to think this virus would make him scared for his life, but now he’s seems to enjoy it. He should’ve been worried sick about his condition. But the sixth month regression made him feel at ease. Too bad my regression lasts one year a day.

For Jessica though, her regression had stopped now. And that’s a good thing too. Being that she’s now a mid teen, it would be better for her to live a carefree life. Her breasts were perky B cups with thinning hips for a teenage hourglass. There was some tone on her muscles since she used to of been a cheerleader back in the day, but the rest of her looked a little more gawky then mature. Her face has some freckles on her forehead with a teenage look that fits her body. Even her hair was short and it looked like it was done in a ponytail. Personality wise, I say she was more bubbly then her old self. Not to mention she seems to be happier then ever. I feel glad that she didn’t grow younger then we thought. At least she now has a chance in having a better life. Too bad the husband has no choice but to raise her as a daughter. I can imagine what that would be like.

Elizabeth has already reached her teenage years since her regression has started. Her height was a little shorter and her body looked less mature. Her breasts seem to be getting smaller and her hips were shrinking on the sides. Her muscles were thinning, as her face was getting childish. She looked so awkward judging by how she looks. But just like Jessica, Elizabeth is suffering from the mentality as well. She’s slowly starting to forget her own life before the regression. She is still remembering some things, but it was getting harder to remember others. But you know what, something strange was beginning to happen. During the meeting, both Jessica and Elizabeth (who they call themselves Jess and Lizz as their nicknames) have already become best friends. I find that to be quite interesting actually. Two people who suffered this virus and were years apart immediate becoming best friends due to their teenage ages? I find that to be quite entertaining. It’s really nice that they would share the same type of issue, even if they don’t remember it.

The last one, James, looked the same. Since our last get together, he still looked the same. Though there are some slight differences by the looks of it. He was loosing a little more weight and his muscles are getting a little defined. His face is also youthening and his hair was looking less bald along with the less gray on his head. But it still looked the same. Then something strange happened. When he looked at me, he smiled and gave me a little wink. I was a little fluttered by this and caught off guard. Was he flirting with me?

Anyways, we went to talking about our problems and anything we can do. Same old song and dance. When we were done, we said our goodbyes until the next meeting. Before we could leave though, I met up with James again and said that I had a good time at the Café. I then asked if we could meet up again every Sunday, if not a few more days. James nodded and agreed that we should spend some quality time with each other. And it’s a good thing too. Since the two of us share the same problem, we do need to comfort each other. So we decided for next Sunday, probably go back to the café and then catch a movie. I’ve got to admit, James is always nice to me and he certainly cares for me. You know to tell you the truth, I care for him too. Still, I feel really different to him. Could it be… Could it be possible that I’m in love with James?



April 28, 2011


Well, did another workout at the gym. Did the same thing in the afternoon from cardio to lifting to sit ups and the like. But in the morning, I did something a little differently. After the whole aerobics mess I’ve been through, I decided to try another type of exercise, yoga. I’ve seen plenty of it in the commercials on TV. Seems easy… Though I got to admit, everyone seems to be flexible. Won’t be easy for me, but at least it’s better then the last thing I did. I swear, I’m still a little sore those aerobics I just did.

So I went to their private rooms and joined with other people that want to partake in the lesson. Once we got our mats in place, we were taught by this yoga teacher who the receptionist said is the best. And I got to say, the receptionist is right about it. She was really good. How she teaches you to stretch and bend was pretty informative and understood it well. Though some of it made it hard to bend, there were those who did a good job. I was somewhat in the middle of it. There were some positions I’ve executed gracefully, but then there were others that were completely difficult. Seriously, who would bend a leg to the back of the head with that much flexibility? Or standing on the floor with your head and position your legs to an uncomfortable position? I don’t know how those people on TV do it. At least that yoga made me feel more relaxed. Maybe it has something to do with the energy in me slowly building up. Don’t know… But at least it’s making me feel much better then before.

When I was done with my entire workout, the receptionist told me that I have to pay soon or my membership will expire. And you know what, she does have a strong point. I’ve started paying my membership on April 4th and held on to it since then. That means if I don’t pay on May 4th, then I might loose that membership. I do want to pay for it, really I do. But the problem is this virus I have in me. The AR Virus is making my body younger one year a day and it’s making me look younger by the minute.

There were even people at the gym that are noticing these on me as of late too. They saw my body loosing weight, my face looking youthful, and my energy is building up. They then started to ask questions about me. Like how did I loose my weight, did I take any creams, did I have plastic surgery, the usual types of questions. I don’t know how to put it to words. Can’t tell the truth because they will run away from me. Can’t lie because they will get more suspicious. I don’t really know what to do. I still have time to make a decision though. I just hope the people in the gym won’t get too suspicious.



April 29, 2011

Closet Cleaning

Well, it’s official. I’m really starting to loose weight. I must’ve lost thirty pounds in a matter of days. To make it more of a shocker, most of my clothes don’t fit anymore. This is completely insane! I spent most of my time trying to find clothes that would fit me. Some fit fine for me while others were thrown out. And the clothes that don’t fit will go to the Salvation Army for those that need clothes. Nothing like donating for a greater cause with this virus in my body.

As I was trying out my old clothes, I started to look myself in the mirror and noticed more changes with me. Other then the loss of weight, I do look slightly less young then I originally was. And at forty-one, I was quite a cougar at the time. My breasts are full and less saggy, but they’re soft and haven’t reached firmness yet. Muscle mass is continuing to grow on my and where was very little flab. I can see my stomach looking thinner and showed less fat then ever. Even my face looked younger too. The winkles looked more like faint lines and my eyes seem to look a little more vibrant. Even my hair had a bit of a salt and pepper look to it and it looked to be longer then I last remembered. I usually have my haircut every month to keep it short. But now, I decided to just let it grow long. I think it suits me better at a young age then my original age.

I’ve got to admit, I feel really better every time I get younger. Once I was in my eighties and now I’m around half that age. But as I said before, I’m still afraid about the fact that I would get younger until I’m an unborn egg and sperm. Who would’ve thought something this exciting would end this tragic? Listen to me. I don’t want to be negative about this, I just feel a little worried about it all. I should stop thinking about that. Tomorrow my daughter and I will go to the mall to find some new clothes for me. I don’t want to make her feel so bad about me.



April 30, 2011


What a busy Saturday I had. Spent most of the time with my daughter Grace shopping in the mall. And there’s a good reason for that too. Ever since I started to loose weight, I had to get rid of most of my clothes that won’t fit me. Now my closet of mostly empty and I can’t just wear the little clothes I have left. So Grace and I headed down to the mall and went on a little shopping spree. And by little I mean too much.

I swear, we spent most of our time there buying clothes in almost every store. We’ve bought pants, shirts, shoes, dresses, pantyhose, heels, bras, panties, just about everything we can gather. I even got myself a few bikinis just for my body for if I go to the beach. Even all the clothes I bought were from different types of ages in case I get any younger. You can imagine the excuses we have to put up with when we were buying all of these clothes. Stuff like birthday presents for the grandkids, special occasions, and going on surprise dates. I can’t even believe that they fell for it. They weren’t even suspicious about the AR virus in me. Not at all.

While shopping, we had lunch at the food court. As always, I got myself a chicken salad that way I would stay healthy, but for some strange reason, I was most interested in getting a burger or something. I don’t know why, but I wanted to get something juicy and good. Might have something to do with my mind getting younger. I started to eat healthy when I was in my thirties, yet I had some sold cravings I was trying to resist. Now they’re coming back and with a vengeance. Pretty sure it’s going to be a matter of time before I starting thinking about fast food again. I could imagine what it would be like when I’m a teenager.

Anyways, during lunch my daughter and I started talking about what’s bound to happen. Grace started to tell me that if I need any more clothes I could borrow my granddaughter’s stuff if necessary. It was sweet of her in doing that for me. I then started to tell her about my week, specifically about James, one of Kurtos’s patience that was in his meeting. Told her about he’s sharing the same virus problem as me, the duration, and that his regression will stop at about 6 months when he’s a baby. I then told her that I was able to meet up with him at a café on Sunday and we’re going to be doing this almost every Sunday. Grace was amazed about this and thought it was a good idea to get in touch with someone that shares the same problem like me. She then started to notice something different about me. Don’t know what, but she thinks I’m feeling a little radiant then before. Not that I am younger, but also I feel too flushed when I talk to James. If Grace would’ve guessed, she thinks that I’m in love with James. I was so flushed in the face when I heard her say that. I didn’t know what to say. Grace just chuckled and thought it was funny. She then told me to relax and said that it’s normal for someone like me to get a crush on someone, especially if that person has the AR virus. She then told me that it’s a good idea talking to someone since what happened to my husband. To tell you the truth, she is right. I seem to be lonely most of the time since what happened to my husband and it’s not easy finding another one. But with James, I feel comfortable around him.

Maybe she is right. Maybe I am starting to fall in love with a patient. But does he love me? It is a strange question yes, but I need to know. Maybe tomorrow I will go see James. We are going on another get together at the café and maybe do something else. Perhaps we should go check out a movie or something. From there I would ask about that. I just hope if things don’t end badly.



End Chapter 7

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014


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