The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014

June Summers had contracted a virus that would regress her in age. Now she writes her experiences in her journal from beginning to end. And without a cure to save her, how will she survive? What will her family think about this? What will her future be like? (Chapters updated due to the unexpected removal.)

Chapter 1
Week 1

Chapter Description: The beginning of the nightmare


March 13, 2011

First Encounter

My name is June Summers. I’m 86-years-old, a mother of my daughter Grace Summers, and a grandmother of three grandkids. The oldest is my granddaughter Elis Summers, the middle child is my grandson Thomas Summers, and the youngest is my granddaughter Megan Summers. I’m writing this journal for one reason and one reason only. That I have contracted a virus. But this wasn’t no ordinary virus we’re walking about. It’s… Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

It all started with the trip to the doctor. I was starting to feel some tingling sensations as of late and thought it had something to do with my health. I did the usual check up; the doctor scanned my body, and did a RMA. When I was done, the doctor told me that I have contracted a virus, which came out of nowhere. Now I believe this is normal for me cause I fought through breast cancer and such, so I’m pretty sure I can fight this as well. But when the doctor told me about the virus, I was shocked at what it was.

You see, this virus is something called the AR Virus and purpose of this virus is to regress your body in an amount of time, hence the AR stands for age regression. Luckily the virus isn’t contagious. It’s not like it could be pass from one person to the next. But what it really is an organism that laid dormant in your body until it starts to develop over time. And there’s no telling on when it would strike. Mostly it happens when a certain person is older, whether it be on middle age, senior citizen, or me, and elderly. And there’s no telling when the virus will last. I’ve heard that sometimes the regression stops at a younger age. Sometimes its teenager, other times its childhood, most infant. But under many occasions, the changes would stop past birth or worse yet, people might unconceive, killing them instantly. That’s the one thing I fear the most. Not to mention that the duration of the change could be quick or slow, so there’s no telling how long my regression would take.

I was in a panic and didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, my doctor said to me that he could appoint me with one Dr. Kurtos. He’s a specialist on the AR virus and would answer me all the questions I need to know. He already taken the liberty in setting up an appointment with him and his clinic isn’t far from town. But what am I going to do? I can’t let my family know about this. Not yet at least. I will wait until I see the doctor, see if my virus is any worse. In the mean time, I’ve decided to write entries in the journal that way I will look back at the experience I have and hopefully this will be a life lesson for me. I just hope that tomorrow, Dr. Kurtos would give me the answers I need. I just hope that it’s not too late.



March 14, 2011

Dr. Kurtos

Day two and I still couldn’t believe that I contracted this AR virus. Almost feels like an eternity the moment I heard the news. I still have butterflies in my stomach from that day. Still, I have to see this doctor that can help me with this problem. Like I said before, Dr. Kurtos is a professional about the AR virus problem. Checked online before I went to bed and found some interesting things about him. For example, he had been working with AR virus victims for ten years and created a program for those who suffered from this disease. With weekly meetings and a variety of ways in handling their problems, he makes them feel like regular people. Guess this guy has experience in this problem.

Thankfully, his place wasn’t that far and I was able to drive down there without any worry of my family. When I head to his office, had to fill in the usual stuff, name, birth date, social security, the usual stuff. Of course, there were other questions too that were different from any of the doctors I’ve been too. Like when did I found out that I had the AR virus? Is there anyone in your family that had the virus? Any friends? People at work? What is your normal age? If you unborn, do you have someone who can help carry you? Of course that last question was optional. I mean I found out about the virus yesterday, so I think that was a little too soon. Once I got all the questions down, I head to wait for a while until the doctor shows up.

Once I got to the Kurtos, I told him when I contracted this virus and told about to doctor that appointed me to him. Kurtos heard everything but I want to know more about this virus. I mean I know the basics of it, I just don’t know and mental or physical stress of it. So I asked him all of about this. The doctor listened to my concern and tried to ease me. This is what he said to me.

He told me that this virus is rare and would only attack those who contracted the organism. It can only hit on those that were older and not younger. That there’s no telling when the regression would stop and the duration of the regression. It’s the usual stuff I already know about. But once he got to the important stuff I didn’t know about, I listened in. For one thing, the physical regression is like the same way as you grow up, except its in reverse. Meaning my old body will youthen and I will regain my beautiful body I once lost. But that also means that I might revert back to a teenager and probably go through a reversal puberty. And that’s one thing I don’t want. Another thing he told me about is the mental changes that might happen. Now when you regress, you still obtain your memories of your past life. But when you hit the twenty-year mark, your mind will grow smaller, making you forget about your adult life, let alone your teenage life. And if you get too young, you will forget everything. And when I mean everything, I mean everything. I’m talking about my family, friends, all of my memories will be gone the moment I reach a newborn age. I’m just hoping that it won’t be the end result.

Now that all of that was out of the way, I just want to know if there is a cure to stop this process. The doctor shook his head and said that it’s impossible to find out. There’s a lab in Washington that’s been working on a cure for this virus. But it’s hard to tell on when they are going to finish it or find a solution to it. I just hope it’s soon. The last thing I want is to regress straight to a newborn or worse. Ask for how long the changes are when will it stop, the doctor needed to check my blood. Most of the cells in my body are mostly in my blood, this is where the virus works. It hits the cells and make them regenerate themselves, dividing themselves till the point where there’s nothing left. So that’s why he needed a blood sample just to see the rate my regression is in.

We went to the lab and he gave me the usual procedure. Normally it’s just like giving blood. He used an elastic ban to see my vein, put some liquid on it, get a shot with an empty tube, stick it in my vein and after a minute or two they got it out. It’s the usual thing they have to take care of but it’s effective. Anyways, the doctor told me that he would look into this tonight to see how long I have and gave me another appointment tomorrow for an answer. I say this turned out well then expected and hope I get an answer soon enough.

On the way home though, I begin to feel worried about my daughter and grandkids. The moment I found out I got this AR virus, I don’t know how I’m going to say it to them. How they will react to it. Well, when I get the results from the blood sample, then I will tell them about it. Until then, I’ll wait.



March 15, 2011


Well, I came back from Dr. Kurtos and my diagnosis looks pretty bad. He was able to get the test results back form my blood yesterday and didn’t like it. Heading back to the office, he told me the bad news. Turns out my regression won’t be too fast, or too slow. From what I could understand, I would regress one year a day. That got me time to think. I mean, I’m 86 right? And I’ve contracted this AR virus on Friday of last week. Meaning I had this virus for five days. So that means I’m now 81 years old. That could only mean it would only be a matter of time before I regress who knows when.

I ask him when I’m going to stop regressing just to be sure. He said that he wasn’t sure. The regression rate is easy to figure out, but when it stops takes time. I say two to three weeks give or take. That would leave in the age of around the 50s or 40s. Either way, I’m more nervous then ever. Hearing that my regression would be a year each day is frightening. And not knowing when this will end would be more nightmarish! I hope they get a cure for this soon, cause I don’t want to regress to a baby or worse. As for telling my daughter about this, I think I should start tomorrow. I just need some time to think about what I’m going to say to her.



March 16, 2011

Telling My Daughter

Well, I promised myself I would tell my daughter about my virus and I did it. Though it took me time to figure out what I suppose to say. After I put all of my stuff together, I called my daughter on the phone and told her the bad news. Here’s what I have to say to her.

Is started to ask her how was her day, how my grandkids, how’s her job, the usual type of thing. But the moment I got to the big issue, I was a little hesitant. Still, I needed to let her know about that so I told her and simple as possible. All I said is that I contracted the AR virus and growing younger one year a day. The doctor I was appointed to told me of my condition and said that if I grow younger past twenty, I might loose my memory. And I have no idea when the regression would stop or when a cure would be distributed. After giving her all the information I know about, there was a bit of silence. Though I couldn’t tell, but I heard her crying for a little bit. So it’s obvious that she was upset about this.

After I gave her the bad news, she asked me why didn’t I tell her sooner. I tried to keep it cool and said that I need to be sure if I get all the information needed about the virus and how long that I have left. Plus I still have no idea how the regression will last until the next few weeks, so I have to wait for the results. Still, now that I told her about the virus, my daughter asked me if she should tell her family about this. I told her not to. The reason why is because that the most of the kids were too young to understand and it would hurt them if they find out about that. So it was wise I let her wait until she tells them about my condition. After a little bit of talking and the occasional good luck, I hung up the phone and began to think about this virus.

On the one side, it scares me that I would grow younger one year a day and there’s no telling when a cure is distributed. But on the other, I am happy that I won’t die of old age and I will return to my beautiful self back in the day. Still, I don’t know much more about the virus then I thought. I still don’t know when this virus will stop and I don’t know anyone else who has it. Plus I have to be fully prepared if I start to regress downward into my youth. I can’t be wearing oversize clothes when I get younger and I need to be careful when going out. I better see what I can do for the future and see if I could get myself ready. I just hope the changes won’t be too drastic.



March 17, 2011


It’s Thursday and that means I have regressed another year. So that means I might be 84-years-old at the moment. So I decided to remain home just to suck all of this up. Since I found out about this virus a few days ago, it gave me the time to think to myself. Since living in this house since my husband died I always have time to think alone. It makes me feel a little comfortable. This virus is becoming the death of me, a regressive death mind you. And now that I know how long I’m regressing, I’ve decided to go back to my past and recollect my memories. Being that I will lose all of it when I got past twenty, if I go past twenty, I need to look back at everything I cherished.

Looking through all the old photo albums, I see myself has happy as I ever be. All those old childhood photos and baby pictures brought me back to the times where I was so innocent and carefree. My old high school photos reminiscent of my high school years. All of those vacation photos with my family were memorable and fun. And the wedding pictures I had with my husband were completely unforgettable. If my husband were alive, he would feel worried about my condition. When I was looking at the pictures with colors, I was enjoying how I use to look.

I use to be a beauty back in the day with raven like hair that goes down to my back, tanned peach skin, a beautiful body, and an angelic face. My body was pretty much a looker if you can believe that. I mean my dimensions where studly with a sleek hourglass, a round rump, and breasts that were between the C and D cup ratings. My face was by far a beauty for every man, with a thin and elegant nose, a pair of beautiful blue eyes, and puffy lips that never had plastic surgery. I miss that look I always had. Now that I look into the mirror, I find myself feel a little more depressed at my old age.

I’m now a flabby old woman with wrinkles on my face, my hair is white with a few gray streaks and was short like a bob cut, my body weak and showing my bones in a few places, and breasts flabby and droopy. Not only that, I had this car after my car accident back when I was fifty-four. My face was extremely tired, my eyes are almost red around the irises, wrinkles were just about everywhere, and I now adorn dentures where my teeth use to be. I’ve been like this since I came of old age. But, thinking about this AR virus, this might give me a chance to bring back my youth. Sure it seems scary, but wouldn’t it be interesting to relive your youth again. Not worry about old age or weak bones, focusing about being sexy and not about vitamins or examinations in the doctor. To hang out in beaches rather then going to hospitals. It might feel like a dream come true rather then a nightmare. I just hope that this dream would turn into a nightmare if this virus lasts after I hit twenty. I hope is doesn’t.



March 18, 2011


So here I was, going through my normal routine at the house like nothing happened. Trying to forget the fact that I have the AR virus to begin with, though it would be hard to forget since it’s etched in my memory forever. Then suddenly I got a phone call. Curious, I picked it up to see who it is. Turns out, it was Dr. Kurtos calling me for something important. At first I thought that they have already found a cure for my infection, so I asked him about that. But was a bit of silence and he told me that it wasn’t that. I was a little depressed about this, but I know the scientists are still working on that cure. So I asked him what he wants. His response was that he would like the set up an appointment with me on some kind of group meeting.

See, every Wednesday, he always has these meetings where people who contracted the AR virus gather and discuss about their problems. He said it could help me with my problems and how I should move on with my life without fear that people will know about my condition. I don’t know if I want to do that. Taking part in group meetings would be time consuming and it could be expensive. Kurtos then told me that the group meetings are free since I’m one of his patience and it would only last an hour. Plus this give me a chance to interact with other’s that have the same virus I have and understand what it feels like for them. I was silent through most of it and wondered if I want to take part in this little meeting. Btu knowing that it’s free and it would take an hour, I kindly accepted his offer. Upon hearing that, the doctor told me to come back to his office Wednesday at 3:00 PM.

Hanging up the phone, I begin to wonder what the other patience are like and how long they have, let alone the ages they once were and what they are now. Those are the types of questions that are swirling in my head. But I have to wait next week to see what happens. I just pray that it isn’t as worse then expected.



March 19, 2011


Today, I started watching my shows, relaxing from what happened last week. Somehow, I was feeling a little better with the whole virus issue. I mean, my regression last one year a day and it’s a slow process. I even keep myself counting how old I am now, which is of course 82 right now. Still, I’m concerned about when will the changes stop. I hope it would be around my young adult age or maybe a teenager. That way I would still have a nice body and enjoy growing up all over again. Otherwise if I go below those ages, it would be a nightmare.

As I was watching my shows, there was a knock at the door. Wondering who it was, and left my chair and headed to the door. The moment I opened it, I couldn’t believe who it was. It was my own daughter coming here without warning. Apparently when I told her about the AR virus that was within me, she must feel a little depressed. That could explain why she would visit me. She then asked if she would come in. I told her that she would come, since I need to comfort in my life after that horrible news.

When Grace entered, we talked about many things. Stuff like how was the whether, how was work, how are the grandchildren, the news around the world, etc. But then, she asked about the virus and to see if I was all right. I lowered my head and sighed to myself, knowing that she needed more information about it. With a quick sigh, I told her that I don’t knowing nothing much about it yet. But I’m going have a group meeting with other patience that fell victim to this virus as well. See if I could get some advice from them just to know how to live with life with this disease. But do far nothing much to report.

As we were talking my daughter looked on and had that weird expression on her face. I asked her what she was looking at. Her response was that I look different. Indeed, I look different. I mean I am the same, but there are some slight changes in the wake. I seem to be getting a little less tired, but I am still old and I don’t have a lot of energy in my body. Plus my hair seems to be showing a little more gray then usual. So it’s obvious that the AR Virus is working on regressing my body. Still, it wasn’t enough. I’m still old in my age and it would take weeks until I’m young enough live with my life to the fullest. I told my daughter I still have time and once I know when the regression stop, I would let her know. Upon during our talk I ask Grace if she asked her children about my condition. She said that she didn’t tell them yet. They are still young and it would confuse them. She then asked me when she should tell her kids. I told her in a few weeks, when they start to notice something strange about me, like how young I look or how much I’ve change.

When we were down talking, we said our goodbyes as Grace left my house. But as she was leaving, I notice she was slowly shedding a few tears. I could tell that she was hurt and knew that she doesn’t want me to die like this. But she was jumping to conclusions. I still didn’t get the results from when my regression would stop so I still have time. But if it’s worse then the doctor though, then God help me.



End Chapter 1

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014


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