The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014

Chapter 9
Week 9

Chapter Description: June manage to find a surrogate mother to take care of her, but there's a problem with that.


May 8, 2011

Boardwalk Stroll

What a nice day I had today. After the rain from yesterday, things started to clear up and now it is quiet. And it’s a good thing too. I had another date with James and we wanted to take a brisk walk along the pier. And believe me it worked out to a tee.

We enjoyed everything the pier had to offer. We looked at the view of the beach, shopped at a few novelty stores, and had a nice lunch at this little restaurant that served the best steaks. During our date, I noticed that there are a few people at the beach. Being that summer is just around the corner, there are those that want to start celebrating early this year. I’m hoping that next week, James and I will be at the beach to enjoy those festivities.

James himself was looking good too as the years rolled off him so quickly. Since both of us are thirty-two, we seem to be getting better and better day-by-day. He still looked the same as on Wednesday but a little more toner then before. He does have a bit of a round tummy, but at least it will go away soon. His face was actually kind of handsome. There’s nothing resembled his old age and his eyes look brighter then before. Even his hair didn’t show signs of baldness. It’s now just a full head of hair with a little shine to it. In short, he’s no longer the old man I first me in Kurtos’s meetings, but a handsome hunk.

As usual, we talked and eat. Nothing to do other then that. But looking at the pier, I noticed many things to do in the near future. Boardwalk games, the beach, the small carnival, anything we need to do in the coming weeks. And since I have a bucket list I’ve been keeping for weeks, I have to cross everything out, or most of it in some occasion. Once we were done with our date, we said our farewells yet again and we would see each other in the group meeting. I just hope we do this more some time soon.



May 9, 2011

Another Jog

Monday and nothing going on today. After my little boardwalk stroll with James, I don’t have much to do. So I decided to give off a little jog at the park again. Not like I am bored, sure there are other things for me to do. But I really feel like jogging around the park for a while. So I got my jogging gear and went to the park.

You know, after all my days with this virus, I never thought I would feel better and better. Before I could be sore and my legs would kill me. But now everything had changed for me in a good way. Now my legs are more flexible, my bones are stronger, and feel much more vibrant. And you know what, I’m beginning to like this. Shame this would be short lived, but it will be worth it.

I started to take a little break at the bench I usually go to and took a quick breather. While I was resting, I decided to look around to see the people at the park. One thing I saw was a young mother with a baby girl in the stroller. This is where I would be scared. See, I still don’t know who would be my surrogate mother and I don’t know how they would react to it. Still, it doesn’t matter. I still have time for the virus takes its toll on my body. I got a few weeks before it’s too late. Let’s hope I find a woman to be my surrogate mother in time.



May 10, 2011

The Scar

Okay, now I know this virus is regressing my body, I didn’t know it could do this. But perhaps I’m going a little ahead of myself. I’ll start from the beginning. So here I was in the morning, ready to take a warm shower after bed. But while I was lathering my body, I felt something different about my skin. You see, I had this scar on my back when I was thirty, which is my age today, and it happened when I had this car accident with a foolish driver. You know how they are, always drunk, incompetent, sickos who don’t know how to drive. As I was watching my back, I felt no scar on my back what so ever. I kept on checking again and again to see if I’m hallucinating but it was all too real. It was then that a realize something I never expect. For not only that this virus was regressing my body, but it also is healing any permanent wounds.

I was too shocked for words. Never thought this would happen to begin with. I talked to Dr. Kurtos on the phone after my shower and explained all of it to him. After much explanation, he told me that it was natural. He said that the AR Virus could heal up any wounds that are deep, whether it be of surgeries, accidents, or any other type of medical issue. Any scar or cut I had over the years would heal quickly when I reach to the age where I had it. It makes sense, I guess. So now I no longer have a scar on my back. That’s nice to hear.

Went to the gym today to tell the employees about my healing scar and they were surprised by this as much as I have. There were some people who said that they had friends that had their wounds heal, but nothing compared to my scar. So having them hear about that got them off guard. But at least I got come clarity for all of this. I can’t wait to talk to everyone at the group meeting tomorrow. They should be as surprised as the guys at the gym.



May 11, 2011

Eighth Meeting

Another meeting has come and gone. But now I’m feeling bored to death there. All they do most of the time is constantly talk about their problems with the virus. Not that it’s a bad thing let me remind you. Sure I want to know what is wrong with the others and see if I could follow any good advice. But it’s just the same types of conversation as before. ‘I feel full of energy.’ ‘I can’t keep this secret with my family and friends’ ‘I’m slowly loosing my adult mind.’ ‘Blah, blah, blah.’ The same old thing everyday. But it does give me the chance to see some type of progressions, or regression, and most of Kurtos’s patients.

Godfree seems the same since last week. His slow sixth month regression makes him feel better almost everyday. There are still signs of him regaining more youth by a bit. Being that he is forty-two and a half, he feels more like he wasn’t a businessman. Muscles continued to grow on him and looked more fit then weak. His face looked younger too, but not too young. A little less wrinkly, and the skin on his face looked a little smoother while he was less tired and his eyes are little baggy. And his hair was almost a full head and he didn’t look as bald as before while all the gray streaks on his hair were gone, leaving nothing but a dull head of hair. He still wore his business attire almost everyday. He always liked his job as a chairman. Some of the guys at work said that he felt much better then before. Guess his work would make him feel more confident about himself.

And then there’s James… Oh James…. You certainly are the perfect man for me. He’s 29 now and he looks like such a hunk. Broad muscles, tone body, hard looks, and lovely eyes, he is the right guy for me to date. He looked at me and he gave me a small smile. I smiled back and felt a little more flushed then before. Guess is has to do with fact that my younger body is causing my hormones to rise up some more. This might take some getting use to. I have to get through this one way or another.

Of course with both Elizabeth and Jessica are no longer with the group because their regressions stopped and they are in their young teenager years. So it was a little quiet for today. But it doesn’t matter anyways; since we got two new patience since last week it was little interesting.

Alison and Jefferson were the same old same old. With Alison regression one month a day and Jefferson regressing one week a day, it wasn’t too serious for them. And I believe that it was good for them as well. As I stated before, Allison was pregnant with her unborn child and in six months she will have her child. There is still worry about the baby in her stomach and since the regression will affect the baby. Let’s hope that it won’t happen in the near future. Jefferson wasn’t concerned about his regression either, since his is one week a day. But he never tells his kids about the regression yet, since it is slow going. He still looks the same and he doesn’t look any different. But he has to tell those kids sooner or later; they will notice it in a matter of months or years.

Still, it’s just the same type of conversation. I’m getting tired in talking about my life story for the past week. I did talk about the scar I had vanishing and everyone was amazed by it. Heck, the people told me about wounds they got recently too and they healed, but it was recent wounds and not deep ones. So I guess they were impressed by it all. When the meeting is over, I went to ask James if we could go on another date and head to the beach again. He smiled and said that he would love to. So I now got another date from James. Can’t this day get any better?



May 12, 2011

Belly Dancing

It’s Thursday and it’s another day at the gym. Since I told everyone about my virus, they were happy with me. They kept me comfortable and made me feel like I’m part of the family. As I was doing my twice a day workout regiment, there were a lesson in belly dancing. I didn’t know that belly dancing is part of working out, but I heard it was really good for your stomach. And that’s good for me too since I asked James on another date at the pier next Sunday. So I signed up and joined the group just to see how it works. My thoughts of it all, pretty interesting.

See what they do is use a variety of belly movements while playing some songs that let you do belly dancing. Some of it is belly-dancing movements, others are recent songs. All and all, I say it was quite enjoyable. I’ve toned my stomach pretty well, even though it was a bit sloppy. But all and all, it was quite entertaining if not healthy. I even took a good look at my stomach and realized that it was much toner then before. Don’t if it was the class or the virus. But whatever the case, it made me look so sexy. Can’t wait for James to see me, he would go gaga over me.



May 13, 2011

Next Door Neighbor

Okay, so here I was watching TV and cleaning up the house cause there’s a chance I have to move out of it in a week or two, when I got a knock on the door. At first, I thought that Grace was visiting earlier then normal since we usually do our frequent visits on Saturday. But when I opened the door it wasn’t my daughter that was at the door, but my next-door neighbor. I was surprised by this, but she wanted to know what’s been going on.

Now before I jump to anything, let me give you a bit of information about my neighbor. Her name is Samantha Wreight, no relations to the Wreight brothers let me remind you, and she is a thirty-two year old woman with a kind expression. Her height is a 5’3 and her body tone was average for a woman her age. C-cup breasts, curvy hourglass figure, tone arms and legs, and a smooth and delicate face. I was sort of jealous of her looks, but who am I to blame since this virus I have in my body making me look more beautiful. Anyways, she’s a typical housewife and is married to Jack Wright, who works as an IT specialist. They got married a few years ago and are hoping for a child. Unfortunately, they couldn’t produce a child due to Samantha’s biological disorder. Something about an infected uterus or some other infection in some other area. Whatever the case, the doctor’s said that they couldn’t produce a baby. They were still thinking about doing an adoption option but that’s a little bit of a reach. But they still need a baby so that way they would become a complete family.

As for Samantha, she used to take care of me when I was an elderly woman. I’m sure you remember all those entries about her giving me food and help cleaning and the like. Well that’s her, always the helpful Samaritan. But since I’ve gotten this AR virus, she was getting suspicious about my behavior. What with the change of my diet, the constant workouts I went to, and with my body growing younger she was asking a lot of questions about me. That’s why she came to my house today, to get some answers. I can’t blame her though, but I can’t keep this secret forever. So I brought her into my house and told her everything.

Started with the first signs of the AR virus, the appointment I had with Kurtos, the duration of my youthening body, the many meetings I had, the workout I took at the gym, the date with James, who same regression and duration, just about everything I’ve been through. But when I told her of when this regression would stop and that I had to find a surrogate mother, she was completely shocked for words. She never thought I would succumb to this disease and never expect me to stop regressing at a second after my conception. But I could imagine how painful it is if she looses her best neighbor. But then she asked me about this whole surrogate thing and wonder if I found any yet. I shook my head and told her I didn’t. I told her that trying to ask someone to be a surrogate mother for me isn’t and easy feat, being that I don’t know how they would react or if they would accept me. But as I said all that, I notice the wheels spinning in her head. Don’t know what she was thinking until she asked if she would become a surrogate mother for me.

I was quiet for a moment and didn’t know how to respond to that. I know she needed a child, but I never thought that she would want me. But I also know that she had an infection and I don’t know if this would infect me. But she was both eager and desperate to find a child and she couldn’t take no for an answer. So I had to call Kurtos about this and see what he says.

I called him up with Samantha next to me and told him the situation. Well, sort of a good news/bad news scenario. Told him about Samantha and she said she wanted to have a baby, but at the same time has this condition that won’t make one. Kurtos thought about this and said that she wants to meet up with her. He wanted to meet her and I at an appointed time and do a quick checkup on her. I told him I had free time on Monday next week and he signed us up on that day at three in the afternoon. Told her that when I was done talking with the doctor and she was happy about this. She then left my house and said that she would see me on Monday. But when she was leaving the house, I was worried to death. With the fact that she wants a child, yet she has a disease that couldn’t make any babies scares me. I just hope on Monday the doctor would see her and see if she can be the right surrogate mother for me. Until-then, I best start praying, cause would fear the worse in the near future.



May 14, 2011

Hello New Me

Well, looks like my dream has come true. Once I was an elderly woman in the eighties. Now I’m a 26-year-old woman fresh out of college. There’s not an once of my older self in any part of my body. Instead, all I see if a young woman with so much ambition and future. I have firm CC-cup breasts, a nice hourglass figure, feminine muscle tone on my arms and legs, and a beautiful face with long flowing black hair that goes down my back. I am as ever beautiful then before. But looking at myself, I know it would be short lived. In a matter of days I will go below my twenties, and that would mean that I would slowly loose my adult memories. And to make matters far worse, in a few weeks time I will become a fertilized egg that would just be conceived. It’s a complete nightmare.

There is some good news behind all of this at least. I did find a surrogate mother by the name of Samantha that wanted children. The problem with that is that she has some kind of infection in her lower region that involves the pregnancy and it would spell disastrous for me. We have already set up an appointment with Kurtos to take a good look at her, but I don’t know what he would say when we get there. I just hope that nothing bad would happen.

Back to my day, it’s just the same old thing. Spent most of the time in the house and there wasn’t anything out there to do. But I did get to spend some quality time with my daughter, Grace. When she got to the house, we talked about what happened during the week and all. I did however tell her about Samantha yesterday. The fact that she wanted to be the surrogate mother pleased my daughter. But when I told her about the Samantha’s condition, she started to get a little worried. She told me that everything is going to be okay and have Dr. Kurtos check on her. And indeed she is right on one thing. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that Kurtos needs to see her and see if she can be my surrogate mother. She is the only hope left for me right?

When I saw her leave, she gave me a bit of a comforting smile. But I could tell that she was worried about my life as much as me. I am physically twenty-six and tomorrow I could be twenty-five and in five days time, I would become a twenty-year-old woman. This is what I fear the most. Reaching twenty and ultimately loosing my memories slowly and surely. Pretty soon, I would forget about my old life and restart a new. Just hope I hold on to any bit of my previous self. If not, then I’m doomed as a forgetful regressing girl for the rest of my life. Only time would tell.

Well, better get going. Got another date with James at the beach tomorrow and I need to be prepared. Wish me luck!



End Chapter 9

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014


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