The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014

Chapter 13
Week 13

Chapter Description: It is the final week of the AR virus as June enters the final stage of her regression.


June 5, 2011

New Writer

My name is Samantha Wright and I’m taking over in writing my new daughter’s regression journal. This is going to be new to me since this is June’s journal. But during her regression, there had been some complications. See, on Friday she was writing about her time with her best friend James and was acting too childish. Then on Saturday, all she did on her next entry is drawing a picture of a cat. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with her regression. Being that she’s four now, mental regression caught up with her body. Meaning that the old life she use to have is now gone. All of her memories of her being an old woman or a teenager had disappeared in her mind and is now and actual child. Not only that, but her speech and grammar is childish as well, making it harder for her to form big words. Writing skill and pretty much slim as she didn’t want to write her last journal entry. That could explain why she was drawing a cat on the next page. She’s more into drawing then writing.

You know, it seems strange… Just months ago, June was once an elderly woman I’ve been taking care of. Now look at her. She’s now a young 4-year-old I’ve adopted to be my daughter. It seems so bizarre to me but the more I look at her, the more it was a blessing in disguise. When you think about it, I couldn’t bear a child because of my condition and now I have one that’s about to be a part of my life in a few days. It’s like a dream come true for me. I’ve been taking my prescription medication ever since Dr. Kurtos checked up on me. So far I’m doing okay with it. When the time comes, June will be one with me and we’ll be a complete family.

It’s too bad her own daughter was upset about this. Grace came to my house yesterday just to see her mother drawing on her journal. She was a little heart broken yes, but at least she understands the situation her mother is in. In fact, she getting use to Grace calling her an aunt instead of a daughter, or Auntie Sums as she calls her. I swear, that name always makes me laugh. Anyways, I’ve been keeping my eye on Grace for a while now. She’s already becoming a hands full at her age. I’ll fill you in on the remaining days at what will happen next.



June 6, 2011

Out of Control

Well this has been a productive day. Grace’s regression caused her metabolism and energy to accelerate unexpectedly. It’s hard to control her as she was running around like crazy. Going all over the hallways and making a mess of the kitchen, I had to give her a time out. Had to get the gate on her door to prevent her to cause any more problems. She’s certainly a troublemaker. But I can’t blame her since her regression is causing her to act that way.

Back to the situation at hand, June looked like she was getting close to toddlerhood as I could see her body fattening up in baby size. I could even see her looking a little shaky since her leg muscles are starting to fail her. She’s having a hard time remember words, let alone pronouncing them. She knows some words here and there, but she will slowly loose them in a matter of hours if not a day. It’s a shame that soon, she will be nothing more then an egg cell and sperm joined together. But at least she will survive the experience and be reborn anew. She one lucky girl. You can imagine the others who contracted this virus and regress to the point that they won’t exist anymore. I could imagine the family’s morning over their loss. At lease June gets a second chance in life. Just hope she won’t die in the end, being her regression would stop a second after conception. But we’ll see for tomorrow.



June 7, 2011


It’s two days until June gets regressed back to the very beginning. She’s not a toddler of two who can barely walk around. It’s just really so hard to except the fact that the old woman I took care of for years is now going to be my future daughter. It’s so much to take in. But you know what? Looking at her now, she seems to be very cure for her age.

Her chubby body, her tuft of black hair, her shining gleaming eyes, her nice warm smile, it all made her look oh so peaceful and innocent. I wonder how her mother treated her back in the day. Probably with love and care. I would do the same thing with June as with any other new mother.

So back to her condition, June’s regression is making her act less like an adult and more like a baby. She had forgotten how to write and her drawings look more messy then neat. She keeps on wobbling all day, making walking into quite the chore. I had to help her out time to time in standing, but I think she’s starting to fail on that. I’ve already taken to liberty in getting a crib for her since her bed was too big for her. Plus I had to get a high chair for she could eat her baby food, which is getting less and less easier being that most of her baby teeth is almost gone. She even speaks less then normal too and only knows a few words. Words like ‘ba ba’, ‘papa’, ‘teddy’, ‘napie’, and a few other baby words. But most of the time, she keeps on saying ‘mama’ whenever she sees me. I guess she’s really taking the liking to me. I’m pretty sure that it will be a matter of time before she forgets to speak. But at least it worth it hearing her say ‘mama’ again in the near future.

Anyways, I have to be at the hospital tomorrow. Dr. Kurtos told me on the phone today that June should be unbirthed as early as Thursday. Something about preparing myself for the unbirthing process. He even asked if I took my prescription drugs before that day. I told him that I took them and followed the instructions clearly. Can’t have my baby girl die due to my infection I had. Heh… Listen to me saying baby girl. I really am acting like her real mother. Anyways, I have to sleep early since will be heading to the hospital first thing in the morning for preparations and such. I’ll take this journal to the hospital just to experience what’s going on in there. I hope it’s like the birthing operation, only in reverse.



June 8, 2011

Last Day Alive

The final day for June to be alive. It’s so nervous for both me and her since this is going to be the first time of a reverse birth. Been in the hospital bed for hours on end while June next to me was sleeping peacefully in her crib. I spent most of the day looking at her; see how young she was getting by the second. She looked like she’s around one and was a pudgy little baby. I would count the seconds just to see her growing smaller and fatter, slowly reaching newborn state. Her hair was getting thin and wispy, making it barely noticeable. She had no teeth in her gums as she drinks nothing but milk every hour. She even tired to ask to be breast fed with her gurgles and trying to reach to my breasts every time I held her. But my breasts don’t produce milk yet since I’m not much of a mother until the next two days and then to the next nine months. Just hope that when she’s born again, I will be able to breast-feed her.

Anyways, Dr. Kurtos came to us and he explained to me what’s going to happen when June becomes a newborn baby. It would obvious starts out with her umbilical cord growing out of her belly button and worms into the surrogate mother, which is me. Once it’s connected birth canal, it will slowly pull her into my vagina. The nurses will do all they can to ease the pain with a lot of Vaseline and massaging, but he said that the process would be a whole lot painful. I have to be fully prepared for the inevitable in a few hours. Looking at June in the crib, I fear for her safety. The fact that in a matter of hours she’s going to be inside me and continuing to shrink into a stomach until she nothing by the merged egg and sperm sickens me. But she will survive the process and she will be reborn again so I’m thankful that she’ll live. Well, better get some rest. In a matter of hours the procedure will start soon. I hope the medication I’m taking is all worth it.



June 9, 2011


Well, Kurtos was right for once. The unbirthing process is painful as hell. I tell you, it wasn’t an easy feat to begin with. All that Vaseline and sedatives they gave me didn’t help relieve the pain either. I don’t know where to begin with the procedure.

Just a half an hour before June could be unborn, the nurses and Kurtos came in saying that it was time. I looked at the young baby who looked red and extremely pudgy; almost looking it she was a newborn. I knew that it would be time. They took the two of us to a special room that’s meant for unbirthing. It just looks like a room for delivering a baby, but in reverse. They had place me on the bed with my legs spread and my privates exposed while they lay June on a much smaller bed with a towel on it. The moment she hit her newborn age, the cord grew out of her belly button and grew longer, just as Kurtos predicted. It then got the closest woman that is exposed, me. The cord then went into my vagina and connected to my stomach. The dove in stings a little, but the connection made me cringed. Then the worst part came.

Once the cord connected to me, June was slowly being pulled into my vagina. The nurses helped out in carrying to baby to prevent her from falling. But when she got close to me, that’s when the real pain started. The moment June reached my privates, her legs dove in and then her mid section. And believe me when I say this, the pain was excruciating! They kept on giving me the sedatives and push Vaseline around my pussy to help ease the pain, but it kept on getting worse and worse by the second. It’s hard to even think happy thoughts since the pain is all I could think of. The moment June’s head was in and her world went dark, the pain lessened until it was over.

Now I’m in the recovery room with a small belly that looked 5-6 months pregnant. After all the pain I went through, at least I was lucky enough to survive through it as well as June. I wonder how she’s feeling since she’s in my body. I’m pretty sure she isn’t feeling anything at all being that she’s an embryo by now. Just need to wait tomorrow when the regression stops and Kurtos would clear me. Just hope June won’t die on me.



June 10, 2011

New Beginning

It’s over. It’s finally over. After weeks on end, June’s regression is finally over. I can’t believe that June, the elderly woman who I took care of all my life, is now going to be my future daughter. It’s so surreal in many ways. But I should finish with what happened first before I could end this entry.

See as days passed, my belly continued to grow smaller and smaller until it was flat was a washboard. I’ve been through a few things in recovery like the mood swings, the strange eating habits, and the occasional vomiting in the toilet. And all of this was in reverse order. I’m afraid of what will happen if I do all of that again. But then my thoughts are with June. I was a little concerned if she survived everything from the unbirthing through the reverse pregnancy. It’s something I’m scared of.

After all that waiting, Dr. Kurtos came in and wanted to do one more check up. He had a sonogram machine with him and placed the Vaseline on my stomach. He scanned my stomach to see the end results. What I saw was truly amazing Right on the screen was a single sperm and egg that’s connected and started to multiply. It’s strongly obvious that June survived the complete regression and is growing back up slowly. I was quite please with all of this, quite please. Guess all of those prescription medication really paid off and there was no infections within my soon to be womb. But the strange part is that Kurtos thanked me in becoming a new mother and then get to my stomach and wished June the best of luck. That part was very funny. But all and all, I think this is the start of a new beginning for my soon to be baby girl. A new beginning indeed…



End Chapter 13

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014


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