The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014

Chapter 11
Week 11

Chapter Description: It's the eleventh week for June Summers and she's regressing through her teens. What's going to happen to her?


May 22, 2011

Moving Out

Well, tiss a new week for me and there are a lot of changes that’s going to happen. And now that I’m entering teen hood, the changes are going to be really serious. I would grow younger and loose all of my womanly attributes. I could already feel the changes happening quickly then before. I think I must’ve shrunk a couple of more inches then yesterday. It was like I was reliving through a reversed growth spurt, or shrunk spurt as the patients would call it. My body still has my adultery attributes, but they looked like they were slowly declining. I swear I looked skinny then before. Other then that, it’s still the same. Though I feel less concern about my body, my mind would be at the worse state. My memories are slowly fading in and out like slideshow and I’m having a hard time trying to regain my senses. This is so bad for me. When I leave my teenage years behind, so too will my past memories. This is going to be a major drag…

Wait. Did I just write that down? Great… Now I’m starting to gain some personality of a teenager. Can this day get any worse? No! Wait! Scratch that! Don’t want to make it worse then ever.

Anyways, with my regression through my teen years, I decided to cut my loses and move out of my house. Sure it has a lot of good memories, but I can stay there at the current state I’m in. Since Saturday, I started to put all my personal stuff in the boxes while the rest will be taken to the Salvation Army. My daughter has taken the liberty to pay Public Storage in letting me move my stuff to one of their storage centers. I’m lucky there was one around town too, didn’t have to worry about traveling far away. She has even went to a few rental agents to see if she would put my house for sale, being that I won’t live there anymore once this AR virus finishes with me. Though I have to still think about what to do when I leave my home. Don’t want to go to my daughter’s house with her kids. If I stay there and the regression affects my mind, I would think my daughter would be my mother and not the other way around. That would be embarrassing for me. Perhaps I should speak to Samantha about this. Since she is my surrogate mother, I might need to stay at her house to get the feeling of being with a mother. I mean I have no choice in the matter right? Better talk to her about this tomorrow, still got a lot of work to do with packing the stuff in my house. Can’t leave anything behind. I also need to speak to the gym that I won’t go back to working out anytime soon since I’m now in my teens. Can’t workout there anymore since I have a hot teen body.

God damn it! I did it again! This is going to take a lot of adjusting too.



May 23, 2011

Three Calls

Well, this is an uneventful day. I finished with the house, I called Samantha and the gym, and I got another call. It was unexpected, even for me. But let me start with the first two calls.

The first one I made was for Samantha next door. Since I’m going to be leaving my home soon, I need a place to stay until this regression is finished. And what better place then the home of my surrogate mother. When I called her up, I asked how she was doing and if she took her medication Kurtos prescribed her. She said she did and is following the instructions, not to mention not mixing the prescription drugs so the end result wouldn’t be too tragic. She then started to ask me how I was doing. That’s when I talked to her about my condition. The fact that I’m now entering my teenage years and slowly loosing myself both physically and mentally is really hard to swallow. But she took it well and understands what I’m going through. Then I asked her the main question about me moving out and to see if she can let me into her house. Samantha thought about this for a second and wondered if she would want me to be in her place. She thought about it and told me that she would accept that offer. As a surrogate mother, it’s her responsibility to take good care of me. But before she could do that, she has to take care of a few things first. When she is done, I’ll come to her house first thing Sunday. What she’s going to do I have no idea. Well whatever the case, I bet it has something to do with me staying there, like a present or something. That would be cool!”

As for the gym, I called them soon after I talked to Samantha. I told them specifically that I have grown a little too young to workout and need to terminate my membership effective immediately. I was a little strict about it, but it was the only way. At least they understand my concern since my regression is taking its toll on me. So this is a good thing I decided to cancel my membership anyways. Now they did state that if there is anything they can do to make me happy, it would be more appreciated. I don’t know why they want to do it since I have this virus. But I accepted their offer being that they were really nice to me.

As I hung the phone, I went back to finish with packing all of my stuff. Grace would be here in a few days to make sure everything is at the ready and I would try to get this place cleaned before she gets here. She has to make sure what to take whether it be for storage or for the Salvation Army. As I was finishing up, I heard an unexpected ring from the phone. Got startled for a second but regained my composure and went to see who’s calling. But when I got to the phone I heard the voice of my boyfriend, James. At least it sounded like him, but his voice was a little high pitch. Guess he’s going through a reverse puberty as well. That really sucks. He said that if we want to go on another date of the pier. It was opened to the public now and there a lot of ruckus going on around there. But it’s not that bad since the kids are still in school. At least that’s a breath of fresh air. At least I had all the free time now, since I no longer have membership in the gym. So I agree and we set up an arrangement of the pier.

This is going to be interesting since we’re teens. Who knows, there are still things on my bucket list I want to do when I’m this age. James might have the same things I have on the list. This is going to be so fun! I need to wear something though. Something that would make James drool all over me! Wouldn’t that be so cool! Wait… Oh man, not this again! Why is it my teenage personality gets in the way with my judgment? Need to sleep through it. I might feel better tomorrow.



May 24, 2011

Fun and Games

Wow! That was awesome! All those dates are nothing compared to the one we had today. I was so fun! Funner then all the things I do in my life. But once again I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I should start talking about my day then how it went. Let’s start from the beginning shall we.

So we headed to our little rendezvous spot where we can head to the pier for our date. I’ve been waiting of a good twenty minutes and I didn’t see him anywhere. Thought it was going to be a drag since he might be suffering from the virus. Just as I was about to give up, I see him coming my way. He looks so different then I remembered last time. Not like the hunky man I saw at our grand date last week. He looked a little skinny and shorter then I last time. I say he was around five feet and has less of muscle definition. Don’t get me wrong, he still looked a little muscular, it’s just a little lanky. He was also wearing some shorts that go up to his mid calves, a nice button shirt he opened, and a pair of teen style sandals for walking on the beach. His face though looked a little childish and wasn’t easy to see home much that has changed. His chiseled good looks are no longer there; instead it looked soft and rounded. A little chubby actually. His hair looked a little longer too, almost shaggy like by the looks of it. But still he looks the same as I saw him, only in a teenage version. He looks SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!

But of course, he looked that cute for a teenager. He’s just like me you know. The two of us have entered our sweet sixteen and it is very groovy experience. Hell, I looked at my body myself and I got to say, I sure look like a teenage dream. I seem to be blew my five foot range and my body looks a little undeveloped. My breasts went from fully round C-cups, to small perky B-cups. My waist looked smaller then before as my hourglass shape looks less shapely. Same goes with my arms and legs as they look tone for a teen, they sure look skinny. But my face, well there had been some changes along the way. Drastic changes when I see it. The shape of my face looked a little more round then oval, my nose was looking smaller, my lips look less puffy, and my eyes were very shinny. My hair looked shorter then before as it went up to my upper back. But on the bright side of things, the clothes I wear look nice on my bod. Have myself on a bright blue bikini top over my roughly loose belly pink shirt, a short skirt that goes down to my upper knees, and a pair of 3 inch heel pink sandals to walk about. Got to admit, I looked cute as a button.

Anywho… We went around the pier and we had a blast! We checked out all the shops, ran around the beach, we’ve even had fast food! Never had food this good in my entire life! Another thing we did is gone to the pier amusement park. It was opened today cause well it’s May and it’s the early summer. With it opened, we can do whatever we want in there. We went on all the rides, by following height regulations of course, and had a real blast! Been on the roller coaster, bumper cars, tilt-a-whirl, the spinners, the dragon boat, almost anything that’s our age. I even got scared in that spook ride they have. I could imagine how many time I had to hold on close to James from one scare moment after another. They also have the bungee jump and slingshot ride for us to go on. They were truly terrifying!!! But it was in the good way mind you. Just the thought of going on those things can make you hurl on the inside. But other then that, they were so AWESOME!!!

You know to tell you the truth; this is the best date I ever had! I mean the dinner date last week was all right and all, but this one is a whole lot more better then that. Even James could agree with me that we had a great time. We both left our separate ways and headed back to our homes. But during this date, I couldn’t help but to feel different about him. Don’t know why, but I seem to have some kind of crush on him. It’s strange really being that I knew him for a few weeks. Could it be possible that my regression is changing my relationship with him? The same regression that’s causing me to slowly act and feel like a teenager? Aw who cares! At least I got to hang out with James anyways. He’s the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for.



May 25, 2011

Another Boring Meeting

Why is it that these group meetings have to be a major snoreville? Every week it gets more tiresome then the last. Getting bored out of my mind by all of this. Everyone keeps on talking about what they did this week and how they handle this AR virus. But to me, it’s the same thing over and over and over again. It’s very frustrating! Not to mention that everyone looked the same as last week.

Godfree’s six-month regression made him look like himself, well in a younger self thanks to the virus. At forty-one and a half, he certainly some guy. Muscles looked a little toned and his stomach is barely flat. I could see a few more strands of hair growing on his head and his face looked a little more youthful. His clothes also seem to be a little laid back as well. With his youthening body I say that he was dressing a little casual even though he works at a business. He’s wearing nothing but a polo shirt, kaki pants, and some loafers with high socks. Pretty casual of him to dress like that. Still, he’s a little bland for my taste. I still have my boyfriend with me so he is much better then Godfree.

Allison and Jefferson are still the same as always. Their slowest regression made them feel better then the others. I mean LOOK at them! Allison has a one-month regression. Jeff has a week of regression. And every week they are still the same old same old. I’m so freaking jealous! Wish I had their duration instead of this one-year one. I could feel my life slipping away slowly. I can’t stand them anymore since they got here. They haven’t even told their families and friends about this virus! It’s like they have no intension to say it. I just hope that choice they made will bite them in the ass that’s for sure.

But James is a real cutie! He and I already regressed a year already and we’re both fifteen. Already in the mid teens! He looks the same, but his frame was diminishing slowly. His clothes had a teenage look too, like he’s hanging out with the cool kids. An awesome T-shirt, ripped pants, and the most popular sneakers on the market. I swear who ever his surrogate family is, they must be stacked! Pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

When it was my turn, I talked to them about the most incredible week I had. Started with the big date between me and James. Then this week going back to the pier to have some real fun! I told them about the rides we went on and the memories we shared. Dr. Kurtos looked at me and thought I was acting a little strange. When the meeting was over, he came to me and asked me how I was feeling. I told him that I was fine, but he still thinks I’m acting strange. He then asked if I remembered anything in my past life. I started to think about it but I was having a hard time remembering. I looked at him and shook my head for a no.

Kurtos looked at me closely and could tell that my regression is worsening on me then ever. He said that my mind is catching up and forgetting half of everything I did as an adult. He then stated that in a matter of days, I would forget about my old life and move on to a more carefree one. Like I care about my livelihood? Being a teenager if fun. You don’t have to worry about getting a job, or getting married, or having too many responsibilities. I can do whatever you I want at this age. But can you imagine what it would be like as a child. It would be so much funner! Screw Kurtos’s worry, I want to be forever carefree!

Kurtos noticed that I’m getting too young to live in my house though. He said that the authorities would be suspicious about a young child living alone. I did tell him that my surrogate mother is already making arrangements in letting me stay at her place, but it won’t be until Sunday. So Kurtos decided to let me stay in the visiting area for patience that are a little younger then twenty. Sounds a little off being I stayed there since my teens, but it’s the best he can do for me. And since I’m still busy with moving some stuff, Grace can help finish all of my packing and moved them to their desired places. She is my daughter after all. Right? I mean it feels like she’s my daughter, but she looks so old. I’m fifteen for crying out loud! She might as well be my aunt for all I know!

Getting major headaches all of a sudden. Hard to think… The mental regression must be taking its toll on me. Better rest in the visiting wing before my head would explode. I’ll have Kurtos call Grace and tell her to get all my younger clothes in a luggage for a few days. I hope tomorrow I would feel better.



May 26, 2011


Well, I feel much better now. Guess a little sleep paid off. But I couldn’t help but to feel different. In face, I feel more energized. Strange, I know. But I think my youthening body is making me feel better. I got myself my own private room in the visiting wing and Kurtos got my suitcase from Grace last night. I have everything needed for a few more days until my surrogate mother finishes with this surprise she has fore me as the house. Even Kurtos would check in for a few more days and see how I’m progressing, or regressing for that matter. Looking at my body in the mirror, I noticed that a lot has changed throughout my teen years.

I looked to be less than four feet in height, preferably due to all of these shrunk spurts I’ve been through day after day. My body was less mature and a whole lot more childish. My breasts looks like the size of A-cups, or pointy cones judging by how they look. My hips were completely boyish and there were little curves left in them. They’re no muscles at all on my small arms and legs. They were really skinny and I could see my ribs above my diminishing breasts. My face looked so young as well. My face was rounded pretty well, my nose is small and buttoned like, my lips look incredibly thin, and my eyes are so innocent. And my hair looks above my shoulders and brighter then ever. I don’t I would even make a ponytail out of my short hair anymore. Maybe some pigtails would be a whole lot better. Though I would need my help with that though. My knowledge is slowly disappearing by the hour as my mind continues to catch up with my physical regression. My memories, knowledge, and fantasies are evaporating like smoke as my teenage memories remain intact until the next few days. I do remember some things in my adult life, but it bounces up and down like a basketball. This is truly a real bummer…

Any ways, as I regressing a strange thing happened. I don’t know what, but I felt a strange tingling in my vagina. At first, it’s part of the reversal puberty I’ve been experiencing, but it keeps on getting worse by the minute. I went Dr. Kurtos and told him my problem. Curious, he told me to head to the video X-ray room to see why my privates feel so strange. After a quick scan, he discovered what my problem was. Turns out my hymen were slowly repairing itself. I think I know what’s going on. If I remember correctly, I once lost my virginity when I was fourteen. I guess it has something to do with the fact I had my first make out with a young boy in a restroom. It was the most awkward moment I ever did. It was the most awkward moment of my life. And now that I’m 14-years-old, I’m going to relive my loss only in reverse. Now that’s totally weird…”

But as I watched, I could see my hymn rebuilding itself. It kept on healing and sealing up until finally it was good as new. So, I guess I’m a virgin again. That’s certainly one for the history books. But at least I won’t have to worry about having sex ever again. With a body like this, I don’t think I would want to make out with anyone I see. I’m mean, how stupid would that be to do that at a young age? You would have to be a complete dimwit to pull something like that off! That person has to be a real dumb-dumb. Oh well, tomorrow will be another day. Hope for the best!



May 27, 2011

Bye-Bye Puberty

Today was an amazing day for me. It is the day that my reverse puberty is finished. I know it’s a little weird, but it’s really exciting to see something like that happening. I spent most of the time looking at the mirror to see the last of my changes. Had to take off my clothes so I could see myself naked. I was amazed with the changes personally. My breasts flattened until there was nothing, my hips compressed and there were no curves or hourglass figure, and arms and legs shortened, what very little muscles I had were long gone, and my face was much cuter then before. My heart was beating faster and faster as the changes were about to finish. The moment the last of my hair on my privates sank into my skin, it was official. I’ve left my teen years behind and entered my child phase.


I can’t believe that I’m now a kid with no teen looks. This is incredible! No periods, no high school study, no looking for boyfriends, no driving, and no going to work! I can now do anything I want and won’t have to worry about growing up. Ever!!! I should be worried of what would happen to me then the regression is over. But why would I be worried about that when I can celebrate entering my childhood. Man, this is going to be a great day for me!



May 28, 2011

Grace’s Visit

Saturday was a great day. Ever since I lost my puberty yesterday, I was celebrating by having all the fun in my room. But unfortunately, Grace didn’t pack anything to do in the room. My Aunt is so lame! She needs to know that a girl my age should have something to do in the room. Oh well, it’s not a total loss. I still have a TV for me to watch some cartoons. They are really good. Even the nurses game me crayons and some paper for me to do some drawings. That kept me busy for hours on end.

Got a visit from my aunt today and it was sweet talking to her. Though there was something that was off on the whole conversation. She asked if I remembered her as a daughter and not as an aunt. I tried to remember about that, but was having a little difficulty in picture her as my daughter. It’s just that I only knew her for a years but couldn’t put my finger on it. I slowly shook my head and told her that I always knew her as an aunt. I swore I saw her shedding a tear after hearing me says that. Oh whatever! I’m sure it’s nothing. Just some form allergies or watery eyes.

When my Aunt left, I continued to watch some more cartoons and doing a little coloring. But I don’t want to get too comfortable around here. I appreciate that Kurtos gave me a place to crash for a bit, but I have to get ready to move to my surrogate mother’s house. Tomorrow is the day to move in with her and she promised that she has a surprise just for me. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m feeling all giddy just thinking about it! See you on moving day!



End Chapter 11

The Journal of June Summers

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 22, 2014


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