Wisher's Moon: Family Modeling

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 7, 2021

In the dead of night, a famous fashion model wishes that she would restart with a family she never had. Course, what she didn't know is that she made her wish on the wishing moon.

Chapter 1
Wisher's Moon

Chapter Description: A famous model wishes to restart her life with a family to love. But she made her wish on the night a rare Wisher's Moon came and grants her wish.

If you ever wish for something you really want, will it come true? There are those that believe that wishes like that come true, but couldn’t grasp it. It is a need of a happier life, or a life that the wisher would want to be. But what if when you wish for whatever you want, it will really come true? That’s what the Wisher’s Moon is for. Every hundred years, the full moon is at its brightest. It’s that brightness is where the moon grants wishes to those who fall in its light. Sometimes, it’s small like money or love, other times, it’s life altering, like a life better then before, or reliving the simpler times of a person’s life. Whatever wish the person made, the Wisher’s Moon will make that wish come true. Today mark’s the hundred year cycle where one night, the Wisher’s Moon will grant anyone’s wish and it will come true. We follow a famous and sexy super model who has everything in her career except one, a family to love her. Will the Wisher’s Moon grant her wish on that night? Let us see.

Down in Los Angeles, it was fashion night down at the Stapler’s Center as the latest fashion companies were showing off their latest line of spring/summer dressed. One by one, each model strut down the lower pentagon runway, showing off not only their dresses, but also their sexiness. All around them, photographers were taking shots at each model while spectators watch in anticipation. But there was one model that they were all looking for. Someone so popular, that she is the most recognized model of the century. When the last model left, the lights have gone out and spotlights started to move around the crowd where an announcer gave an announcement everyone was waiting for.

“And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. From the lavish Beverly Hills, she is an eight time CFDA Fashion Award Female Model of the Yeah, multi-time cover girl for Vanity, and future Fashion Hall of Famer. Please welcome to our catwalk, the ravishing model of the decade, Victoria Yolanda!”

The crowd started to get up off their seats and have their cameras and cell phones ready. By then, the curtains parted on the left side and someone stepped out for finish the show. There stood a 30-year-old woman at the height of her life. She was a busy and sexy woman of both American and Japanese decent. She has gravity defying D cup breasts with a curvy hourglass figure on her tones stomach. Her legs were long and shapely while her arms were toned to hot tight physic. Her rear was bubbly to help accommodate her hips as she swayed them back and forth with each step. Even her face was just as beautiful as her body with an oval tight face, long petite nose, plushy lips, and almond shape green eyes. Her hair is solid black as it would go down her back, but it was styled into an elegant bun with a few strands sticking out to cover a part of her face. And the outfit she was wearing is skintight silver dress with a low dip to showcase her cleavage, her back exposed to the thin strings keeping it together, and the bottom hem diagonal to expose her right leg, but high enough to go up her upper thigh. She was also sporting five-inch heels that is the same color as her dress bracelets on her wrists, a 20-carrot necklace with a bright diamond gleaming, and earrings with ruby studs. No doubt this is Victoria, the greatest fashion model of all time.

She is strutting her stuff down the catwalk as flashbulbs sprinkled all across a sea of people while others applauded. By the time got to one corner after another, she stopped and pulled a few exotic and sexy poses to show off her outfit and body. By the time she got to the end, she turned to blow them a kiss to everyone before going into the curtain, finishing the show.

In the back, Victoria headed down to her private dressing room as her bodyguards were around her, looking out for her. Her agent was walking with her, feeling ecstatic about her performance. “Excellent work, Ms. Yolanda, excellent work!” he said with enthusiasm, “You got them in the palm of your hand and squeezed the life out of them. That was one of your best work yet.”

The model turned to her agent and waved it off. “It’s nothing special, I was born with such a body and showed it to the fullest. It’s what I do.”

“True… But look at the success you had since stepping into the fashion scene.” He continued, “You been on almost every magazine cover, won many great awards, you are even close to being part of the Fashion Hall of Fame. You have it all! What more do you want?”

Victoria heard that and turned away, thinking of what he said. Sure she has everything, but there was one thing that she never had. “Yeah… I have it all… Except one thing…”

The agent turned to her and was a little confused. “Huh? What ever do you mean?”

Victoria realized she said it out loud and tried to recover from it. “It’s nothing. I was in deep thought is all.”

Before things start to get awkward, they heard a voice from the distance.

“Excuse me! Ms. Victoria?”

The two soon turned and saw a young girl with a shirt of the model’s face, shorts, and worn sneakers. Her face was a mess with pimples and blemishes on her face, thick glasses to see better, braces on her crooked teeth, and frizzled red hair. She soon rushed to her and was holding something. Almost immediately, security came in and blocked her way, but Victoria waved them off and told them to back off.

“Easy there, you guys. It’s just a fan. Nothing too serious.” She said as she bent down to look at her. “Hello there little girl. What’s your name?”

The girl smiled with her braces shinning and said to her, “Tiffany… Tiffany Walker. I’m a big fan of yours. You have given women an opportunity to revolutionize the modeling industry. Can I have your autograph?” She soon showed her a recent Vanity magazine of Victoria posing on a car in a scantily clad bikini.

Seeing this, Victoria smiled and said to her, “Sure thing Tiffany. I would love to give you my autograph.” She soon took the magazine and got her pen out, writing her name on it.

Tiffany looked to her and marveled at her body. The size of her bust, the shape of her hourglass, the toness of her arms and legs, and the beauty of her face. It was oh so perfect in her eyes. “Wow, Victoria… You are far beautiful up close. Almost like an angel. I just wish that I was like you.”

The model stopped signing and look down to the young girl, seeing that she wanted to be like her. “Is that true…? You want to be like me?” She asked her. The girl nodded as Victoria said, “Well, I can see some enthusiasm in you. Just like me back at your age. But give it a few years, some exercise, and devotion, and I’m sure you would be just like me.” She soon gave her back her magazine and said, “Here.”

Tiffany took the magazine to look at the Autograph pm the front cover. Seeing this, she looked up to her and said, “Thank you, Ms. Victoria. I will go my best to be just like you.”

Victoria smiled and told her, “I know you do.”

The Agent looked at this moment and decided to make their leave now. “Ms. Yolanda. I think it’s now time for you to leave. Let us head to the dressing room so you can clean up.” He said to her.

Victoria heard him and gave a sigh. “Fine… I get the message.” She soon walked past the girl as security followed. But not before turning back to the girl and said, “Tiffany? It’s really nice to speak to you.” She gave a wave before walking back to her dressing room.

The moment she left, Tiffany smiled and said to herself. “OMG! She’s so cool! I really wish I was like her.”

She soon skipped away on the opposite end. Not realizing that tonight, her wish might come true.

Half an hour later. Paparazzi were gathered at the backstage door and waited for someone to come out. Just then, the door opened and security came out to survey the area, followed by Victoria as the came out of the door and walked down the red carpet. She is wearing a velvet red tube dress that shows the top part of her breasts and the bottom hem nearly showing her panties. Over her dress is her fur coat, which is fake since she doesn’t like to wear anything that came out of animals, and matching high heel red pumps. Her hair cascaded down to her back and shined brightly through the night sky and she has sunglasses over her eyes, even though it’s dark. The Paparazzi saw her and immediately crowd around her, with security pushing them back, snapping photos and asking questions.

“Ms. Victoria! Excellent show you did?”

“Are you expecting to be the best model in the world?”

“What’s the future for you after your modeling career?”

“Do you think you will be able to make it into the Fashion Hall of Fame?”

“Over here Ms. Victoria! We need to get a good look at you!”

Security keeps pushing on and told them to get back.

“Clear the path! Make way!”

The group managed to take it to Victoria’s limo as the chafer opened the door and let her in. She soon stepped inside the back as he closed the door to hurry to the driver’s seat. By the time he’s in, Victoria looked to the sea of people taking photos as the chafer asked where to go.

“Where to, Ma’am? You wish to go to your favorite restaurant, or the club to celebrate?”

Victoria heard him and decided that she would wish to retire early. “No, I think I’m tired after that show. Please take me home.”

“Right away, ma’am.”

Soon enough, the limo started drive and left the arena with the paparazzi following behind. By the time it was in the clear, the limo drove down the street, heading to the model’s home. Victoria looked at the street to see shops and restaurants. But as she was looking she noticed something pass by. It was a mother and father with a small infant in a stroller, looking as happy as they can be. Seeing this, she turned away and was a little depressed at the sight, and there’s a good reason why.

See, Victoria never had a family. In fact, she doesn’t have any known relatives at all. Ever since she was born, she was left at the doorsteps of the orphanage and during her time growing up, she was never adopted. She never knew why, but it feels like she wasn’t as special as the others. And by the time she was old enough to leave, she had to scratch and claw her way on her own. It was the reason she decided to be a fashion model, because strutting her stuff in the top of the line fashion is the easiest job out there. And it did bore fruit as she now has the body, the looks, and even the sultriness to obtained what she has to this day. Yet no matter what the successes, or achievements, she still feels an empty hole in her chest as there was now family to support her. With a deep sigh, she knew what it was going to be a pipe dream.

“This is terrible… Why is it that all that I have done, the one thing I never achieve is to have a family with me? No matter what happens, I will always be lonely till the day I die.”

As soon as she said that, the chafer overheard her and wanted to know what she said.

“What did you say ma’am. I don’t think I could hear you.”

Victoria realized what said those things out loud and try to cover it up. “Nothing!” she immediately said, “I was just in some deep thought is all”

Taking a breather, she looked back out of the window as they left the town and headed straight to Beverly Hills.
A full hour later, Victoria was home as the night sky was clear and the stars were shinning. Giving she’s a famous model, she lives in a wide mansion with three floors complete with twenty bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a ballroom, lounge, a long kitchen and dinning room, an outdoor pool, and a front yard garden. Who would’ve thought that being a famous model would bore some serious fruit. Unfortunately, a mansion is just empty without people. And while there are butlers and maids helping her out, there is no one else in this home of hers. Even if she arrange for parties and get together, it is only temporarily. She is the only one living in this huge mansion.

In her own bedroom, Victoria was sitting on the vanity combing her long hair before she would go to sleep. She was wearing a black and leopard sleeping vest with a split in the middle from the bottom to her lower chest and underneath is a bra and panty sleepwear with lacy bra and panties with the back of the panties a thin line that is within her ass crack. Looking to herself in the mirror, she thought back of the family she saw in the limo and look down to herself.

How come I’m the only one that never has a family to be loved? Those three were happy together, why can’t me?” she said to herself.

Getting up, she approached her queen size bed with curtains around it and looked to the night sky through the windows. Sitting on the bed, she sighed and said, “As much as my modeling career is grand, nothing is more important then family. I just wish that I would restart my life all over again, this time with a family that would love me so much. I don’t care of my achievements, or my future, or my career entirely. I would rather be an infant with a mom and dad, than a model with nothing at all.” she said in frustration. Sighing, she knew that it won’t happen as she laid back with the bed sheet and rested her head on the pillow, closing her eyes for restful sleep. By the time she was sleeping however, she didn’t know that the wish she mad just came true.

Outside, the Wisher’s Moon made its appearance after a hundred year wait and is ready to grant any wish from anyone that has said, versioned, or thought. With the glow of the moon, the light shown through the streets and neighborhoods, granting anyone’s wish. When that light touches the person that made the wish, it will change their bodies, minds, and reality to fit their wishes. And Victoria is going to be touched by that light soon. That said light bathed the mansion and peeked through the windows, one of those windows started to seep into her bedroom and spread up to her bed. By the time the light hit her, she squirmed around for a bit before going back to sleep. What was really happening were that the changes were about to happen.

Like magic, her body was slowly lifting up from his bed and was levitating in the air, with the sheets falling off her body. Victoria’s body was up straight like she was in a trance, yet she was still sleeping above her bed. Once she was floating in the air, her sleeping vest started to fade away in a translucent state until it disappeared entirely, leaving her shapely and sexy body completely naked. Despite the draft she felt, she was still sleeping peacefully, not fully aware of what the Wisher’s Moon was doing. It was then that the physical changes started to commence.

It started with her dainty and delicate feet, as her toes started to squirm a little. The nail polish on eat nail begins to fade away until they were all clean of any paint. Then one by one, each of the toe started to shrink little by little, until they were the size of that of an infants. That includes the bigger toes as they were now the size of a penny. By then, Victoria’s feet themselves begin to shrink along with as they got smaller and less adult. They soon gained some fat, but more of a baby fat then actual fat. Soon enough, her feet were that of an infant’s.

The changes soon progressed to her legs as they started to shorten in height. When they reached the teenage state, all the toneness on her calves and thighs started to melt away, slowly getting skinny. Passing the teenage state, they now resembled colt like appendages of a preteen. That soon changed as the legs shortened more and started to look childish. Baby fat soon started to appear on those legs and were getting smaller and smaller. That was then it stopped and Victory has legs and feet of that of an infant while the rest of the body is adult like.

The changes soon proceeded to her hands as the nails started to shorten while the polish was magically wiped away. One by one, her fingers start to grow smaller and stubbier until they were tiny and less dexterity. The hands were next to go as they grew smaller as well and less dainty and elegant. When it was finished, her hands were like her feet, small and babyish.

That changes soon spread up her arms and like the legs, shortened and shrinking in height. Her muscle tone started to deteriorate when they were in the teens and lost what she worked out for all her life. They were soon shin and gawky with the height half the size. They keep on getting smaller and shorter with her thin arms gaining baby fat like her legs. When it was over, Victoria’s arms and hands were just like her legs and feet, in the form of an infant. Only her head and body were the only things that are adult, but that will soon change.

In her sleeping state, she started to moan and her face started to feel flushed. Almost like she was in a mental orgasm in her sleep. What she didn’t know is that another change was taking place. That one place is her own vagina. It was tingling down there as the changes continued on. Her pubic hair, which she trimmed into a V shape, slowly sink into her skin until it was completely bare. After that, the pussy lips started to get smaller with the line at the top slowly zipping down. The colitis, which was sticking out in ecstasy, started to sink into the lips, getting younger and less sexualized. The lips started to grow smaller and smaller until there was a tiny line at the bottom, symbolizing its infant state with now sexual pleasure. It is proven as Victory doesn’t feel turned on and continued sleeping peacefully, not fully aware of the many changes that were happening to her.

That changes soon went to her bubbly and shapely butt as they tingle and giggle like gelatin. That soon started to decrease in mass and was deflating smaller. At the same time, her curves that she worked on to give her the gracious shape of her lower body compressing and loosing its hourglass shape while the toneness on her mid section faded away. The fat deposits on her rear soon left her and kept thinning, loosing its bubble shape. The curves flattened further and kept on looking less shapely. When both parts of it were finished, all that’s left is a flat ass and boyish hips of a kid with an adult body.

Now there was only one part of the body that is left, Victoria’s huge D cup breasts. They tingled and shook as the nipples poked out from pleasure. Of course, that changed as her breasts started to melt like ice cream on a hot summer day. They kept on downgrading from D cups, CC cups, C cups, BB cups, B cups, AA cups A cups, and so on. Soon her breasts were nothing but pointy combs then small mounds, until they became flat as a board. After that, her huge nipples started to shrink next. They went to half dollars, to quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies, until they are nothing more then tiny dots similar to that of a baby. So now Victoria’s body has no adult attributes what so ever.

Soon enough, the rest of her body begins to decrease in size and kept going smaller and childish. Just then, her stomach begins to get bloated as baby fat started to appear on her body. Pretty soon, Victoria now has a body and appendages of that of an infant. But the only thing adult she has left is her head. And yet, she was completely oblivious that the Wisher Moon changes her almost entirely. She’s just sleeping without any knowledge what so ever.

Just then, her head started to tingle and her head slowly shrinks into her youth. At the same time, all the features of her head begins to alter as well. First, her eyes, which were closed, grew smaller when they went to being sultry to completely tiny and innocent. Her petite and thin nose started to compact and grew smaller, starting to look button like and cute. Her lips started to loose her fat deposits and became thinner and smaller. In her mouth, all of her adult teeth slowly started to suck up into her gums one at a time and became toothless. Her neck got shorter as her vocal cords shortened, making her voice sound younger and younger until all she can do is make baby noises. Her ears soon got smaller as well until they were tiny and really fragile. Her cheekbones compressed and thinned until they bloated up and became chubby, having a cherub style to it. And last thing that happened is her hair as it did a completely different change. Firstly, her black follicles deep in the roots and turned blond, slowly spreading out of her head and all the way down to her tips, making her identity looks different then before. Next, all of her hair grew shorter and shorter until all of her head was nearly bald with her front, nothing but strands of a curly blonde lock. When the changes were finished, Victoria was nothing more then a baby, and a different kind of baby.

When the body was done changing, new article of clothing started to appear, but something to match her younger state. A white baby diaper appeared around her waist and was cozy to the touch. Then, a pink baby T-shirt appeared on her upper body with the title ‘Mommy’s Favorite’ on it. Yet she lacked the footwear and her feet were bare. So she was dressed and looked like a baby, yet she didn’t feel like it as she possessed the mind of an adult. However, that will soon change.

Inside her mind, she had adult dreams and memories, be that of shopping, modeling, dating, masturbation, and other adult thoughts. But she struggled and wailed as those memories were getting pushed aside, fading into the either. Soon enough, all of her adult thoughts, education, and dreams turned into that of a baby. All she can think about is playing around, getting breast feed, being cared for, and all things babies think about. In fact, she doesn’t remember that she was Victoria anymore, but under a different name.

When all the changes were finished, the former Victoria floated down to the bed, or was the bed as reality shifted around her. Now she was no longer in her grand bedroom in her rich mansion. Instead, she was in a small nursery within a small middle class home. The nursery was filled with a changing station, a rocking chair, baby toys that are scattered across the room, and a crib in the middle with a nursery winder above and a baby monitor on the side. The former Victoria floated down into the crib and slept peacefully the whole time. When it was all over, the Wisher Moon’s light moved away from the small window and vanished into the night sky, leaving Victoria with a completely different life.

By the time the changes were over, the baby squirmed a little and started to feel a strange urge. So much so that she started to cry out loud with tears coming down her face, wanting to be fed. After a minute, the door opened and a tired young woman in her thirties walked in with the same blonde hair as the former Victoria and bright green, yet tired, eyes. Approaching the crib, she could tell that her infant is hungry.

“What’s wrong, sweetie? Are you hungry?” she said to her.

The baby girl looked up to her now mother and squealed with delight, but crying about getting hungry. The mother looked to this and knew that was the answer.

“All right. I’ll give you your food. Here, let me carry you.” She said to her.

She soon went into the crib picked her baby daughter up, taking her to the rocking chair. Sitting back down, she placed the baby girl in the proper position. Removing a part of her robe, he breast was hanging out and was large and filled with milk. With that, she guided the former Victoria to her nipple and she soon started to suck it, filling her stomach with milk. The mother looked to this and was happy to have a precious baby daughter to raise.

“That’s it… Drink up… You deserve your fill. I’m so happy to have you, my precious Cathy.”

Turns out, the baby girl is no longer Victoria, but instead Cathy. Turns out, the mother, who’s name is Nancy, is married to a loving husband and wishes to have a baby girl as her own. Unfortunately, they both couldn’t have one because she doesn’t have some of the functions in creating one. Due to that, the husband thought of getting a baby girl for adoption. But the mother didn’t want to adopt a child. She wanted one by bloodline. Then one night, Nancy wished that she has a daughter to call her own. Of course, she made that wish on the night of the Wisher’s Moon. Now here she is, a wish that came true for her and now she has a daughter while at the same time, the former Victoria got her wish to restart her life as a family.


The following morning, Nancy was at the breakfast table, feeding Cathy mashed carrots. She was making faces to her as Cathy laughed with glee while much was all over her face. Meanwhile, the father, Tom, approached the kitchen with a cup of coffee and watched the scene, finding it entertaining.

“You know, you should stop making faces like that. You don’t know if you get stuck like that.” He said to his wife.

Nancy heard him and turned to see him with his dress a bit of a mess from the breakfast she was feeding her daughter. “Sorry sweetie. Making care of Cathy is a hand full. Trying to keep her still to feed isn’t an easy feat. Maybe you should give me a hand on that?” she said to him.

Tom gave a bit of a chuckle and said back, “Sorry, dear, but I already got my suit on for work and I don’t want to leave it a mess. You could imagine how my boss will feel if I walked on with carrots on my outfit.”

He soon approached her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, making sure he doesn’t mess up his suit. Nancy smirked to him after the kiss and was happy that she has a family, even if it was because of a wish that altered reality. Tom soon turned on the TV to see what’s new on the news. That’s when they were starting to show highlights from last night’s fashion show. The one Victoria took part of before she made her wish on the Wisher’s Moon. But now that she’s no longer a fashion model, but a baby girl, reality altered and Victoria doesn’t exist anymore. Instead, a new model was on the scene to took her spotlight.

She was a young star in her mid twenties with a smoking hot body and a face of a angel. Her breast size is a hefty CC cups and were bouncing at each step. Her hips were wide and curvy as she swayed them back and forth during each movement. Her rear is round and firm and help increase her hourglass. Her legs were long and tones and showed its sexiness, while her arms were that of female athlete and movie star. Her face was the emphasis of beauty with flat cheekbones, small emerald green eyes, plushy lips, and flowing red hair that goes down her back. Turns out this new model is Tiffany Walker, once a fan of Victoria, now a super hot super model herself.

Ever since meeting with Victoria the night before to get her autograph, she wishes that she was just like her. Of course, the Wisher Moon came out on that night and shined in her room while she was sleeping, causing her to grow older, sexier, and down right prettier. By the time she woke up, her mental state matched her body and reality altered to fit her new life. Now she is no longer Tiffany, the shy nerdy girl, but instead Tiffany, the hot, successful, and wealthy model, living the life Victoria had.

Tom looked to the TV and was surprised to see her. “Look at that, Tiffany has another successful runway. You think she can do something then a few poses.” He said with a bit of disgust.

Nancy turned to him and could agree with him on a few occasions. “Maybe…” she said, “But at least she donates her money to charity and is a role model for your girls. She’s is more then just a pretty face after all.”

Tom heard her and nodded, knowing that she’s not like a Kardashian or a Paris Hilton. She’s more of a respectable model with a heart of gold. He soon looked to young Cathy and asked, “I wonder if Cathy would grow up to be just like Tiffany.”

Cathy heard that and moved around with a babyish giggle. Course the two didn’t know that Cathy was once the famous super model Victoria before the Wisher Moon grant her wish and is living a new life as a baby for the young couple. Nancy looks to her baby daughter and was a little hesitant about it.

“I don’t know…” she said with a bit of worry, “She’s too young to handle something like that and I don’t want to be one of those dumb models that only due it for their looks. Besides, it’s too soon. I’m sure she would have a bright future ahead of her and there are many opportunities for her. But until then, let her have her own fun.”

Tom heard her and gave a sigh. “I guess you have a point. Our little daughter has a lot to learn when she grows up.” Tom looked back to the news while Nancy fed Cathy. On the TV, the model Tiffany turned to the TV screen and gave a cute wink. On that night, three people made their wish on the Wisher’s Moon. And all of their wishes came true.

The End



End Chapter 1

Wisher's Moon: Family Modeling

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 7, 2021


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Ambrose · Apr 7, 2021

Fun to read!

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