Demonic Woman

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 24, 2011

A college graduate got a hold of a book that can create any dreams he desired. But when he used a spell to turn his next door neighbors little girl into a sinful woman, the results could be very demonic. Contains sex, vore, and violence. Viewer discretion is advice.

Chapter 1
Demonic Woman

Chapter Description: A college graduate got a hold of a book that can create any dreams he desired. But when he used a spell to turn his next door neighbors little girl into a sinful woman, the results could be very demonic. Contains sex, vore, and violence. Viewer discretion is advice.

It was Halloween night and the neighborhood was really busy. There houses all decked out in Halloween décor, adults getting ready to go to parties, and those that were staying were taking their children door and door for some trick or treating. It was another scary day. But that would soon change in one night.


At a house between Curnock St. and Beve Ave. is a lone college graduate named Daniel Grey who was studying myths and legends. He was in his room reading a book he got from a strange store he never seen before just a few days ago. From what he could understand from the store clerk is that the book and filled anything your heart desire. It doesn’t matter if its riches, power, or immortality, the book will grant you whatever you want. After looking into the book, Daniel came up with a way to put it to good use.

Through out his time in college, he always studies for good grades and a future about mythological research. But during that time, there was one think he failed to master, finding a girlfriend. No matter where he goes, ladies seem to ignore him and walk away. Most of the time, he gets shy around women. Other times, when his friends in college hook him up with one, she sort of turned him down on the first date. He was the most unluckiest man in the world. But tonight, on Halloween, that luck is soon going to change.

While looking into this book, he found an interesting spell. From what he could understand, this spell can transform any woman, no matter what age she is in, into the most beautiful, sexy, and sinful woman in the known world. It was like a dream come true for him. All he needed was a woman of any age to make this work. And he knows just the woman for the job.

As he was thinking about it, he heard the sound of the doorbell. Alerted to it, he got out of his desk and hurried to the front door. The moment he reached it, he turned the knob and opened it. Greeting him was a woman who was in her mid thirties with long flowing black hair that goes down to her back and brown eyes while wearing a sexy witches outfit and next to her was a little five year old with black pigtails and blue eyes wearing a toddler Devilina costume complete with a frilly tutu, a pair of horns headband, and a pair of glovelettes. Looking at the two, he knows who he was waiting for as he bent down and opened his arms wide to the girl. “Hey there Angela!” Daniel said, “My little devil.” The little girl smiled and rushed to the young man, giving him a deep hug. “Hi Daniel,” said the girl known as Angela, “Trick or Treat!!”

The woman, who was the mother approached Daniel and said to him, “Hello Daniel, I see you are happy to see Angela. I would like to thank you for taking her out trick or treating under such short notice. Our babysitter caught a stomach virus yesterday and wouldn’t make it tonight. And with my husband and I going to the Halloween Part across town, we couldn’t take our daughter there since she would be bored to death. Thank goodness you called and said you can do it under your busy schedule.” Daniel looked up at the mother and told her, “What can I say? You know I love to play with your daughter. She is of course a hand full.” The mother nodded and said back, “Now you know mine and my husband’s cell phone number. Just call us if something’s wrong. And make sure you don’t let her stay out late at night. You know what happens when the older kids come and attack the houses with their eggs and toilet paper. Now are you sure you can take good care of my daughter?” Daniel let got of Angela’s hug and got up, looking at her mother. “Oh sure… Don’t worry about anything.” was Daniel’s response, “You’re daughter and I will have a real good time.” Angela’s mother smiled and knew that she could trust him. “Good to hear.” she said, “Now we’ll be back at 11:30 to come and pick our girl up. Make sure she doesn’t get to eat too much candy. Don’t want her to have too many cavities.” Daniel nodded, but was thinking of something else to do with Angela. The mother then bent down to Angela and said, “Bye Angela. Now you be a good girl and don’t get yourself into trouble.” Angela smiled at her mother and said, “Okay mommy. I’ll be a good girl.” The mother smiled back and could tell that Angela is in good hands. Standing up, she looked at Daniel and said to him, “All right, I’m heading off to the party. You two have fun now.” Angela waved wildly and screamed out loud, “Bye mommy!” Daniel then waved normally and said to her, “Bye Ms. Sanderson. Rest assure, your daughter is in safe hands.”

The moment the mother left, Daniel closed the door and was glad she left. He then turned to Angela and said to her, “Well Angela, are you ready to go out and trick or treat?” Angela smiled to him and said with a gleeful voice, “Oh yes Daniel. I’m ready to trick or treat. I bet I will get a million pounds of candy!” Daniel smiled and could tell she was ready. “Good.” he said to her, thinking about something else, “Why don’t you wait in the living room while I get my costume set up. Go ahead and watch TV while you wait Okay?” Angela nodded and rushed to the living room where the TV was located. Turning on the TV, she was watching Cartoon Network where they were having their Halloween Marathon. As she was watching it, Daniel left her there and headed upstairs. Turning around, he told her, “Just stay put for a few minutes while I get dressed. It won’t take too long. I promise.” Quickly, he rushed upstairs and into his room while Angela sat on the sofa watching cartoons.


In Daniel’s room, he was setting up all the stuff he needed for the spell. You see, since Daniel moved into the neighborhood, he got his eyes on Angela Sanderson next door to her place. She’s always a sweet little girl without a care in the world. Always fun and has a lot of energy in the body, she doesn’t know what to do with it. He knows that when this girl grows up, she’s going to be a beautiful woman. The problem he has with that is it will take years for her to grow. But that would change soon enough. With this spell he had in the book, he can turn Angela into a sexy beauty in second. And when he’s done with her, he could find a spell that could reverse the changes and pretend like nothing would ever happen.

The moment he set everything up for the spell, he took a good look at it to see if he was missing anything. He had the floor painted in a red pentagram, there were scented candles on each end, rose petals scattered all over the place, and the book was in the middle with a picture of Angela on it. Looking at all of it, he smiled to himself and said, “Looks like everything’s in place. Time I get started.”

He slowly walked to into the pentagram and sat there Indian style. Once he was ready he started to chant. “Oh Ashata, sacred demon of the underworld. I ask for your help in wish fulfillment. I have a noble vessel that would be suitable for you. Take her and turn her into the beauty of my heart’s desire. Make her into your own! I command thee!!!” Within an instant, a red smog covered the book and engulfed the picture in the middle. In a matter of seconds, a lightning bolt came down on the picture and electrocuted it. Daniel was started by it and jumped back away from the pentagram, thinking it might kill him. Once he got out of the way, he looked up and saw something he never expected. Standing right in front of him was a spirit of some kind of female demon with large wings, big horns, a long waving tail, and hooves for feet. Her face was beautiful with the exception of the razor sharp teeth and long for like tongue. Looking down at Daniel, she smiled and said to him, [color=#FF0000]“You wish has been granted… It is now time for the rebirth…”[/color] Flying high up into the air, she phased through the floor and disappeared through it. Daniel blinked a couple of times and wasn’t sure what has happened. “Well… That was strange…” he said every confused at what transpired.


Back downstairs at the living room, Angela was watching Halloween cartoons while waiting for Daniel to come downstairs. Fidgeting her foot, she was getting impatient. “What’s taking him so long?” she asked herself a little worried, “I hope he gets here soon. I’m going to miss out on all the good candy!” As she was waiting, she didn’t realize something strange was about to happen. Above her something was phasing through the ceiling and looking down at the little girl. This being was the spirit Daniel reawakened. Starring down at the innocent girl, the spirit smiled evilly and flew towards her. In moments, the spirit went into the girl and vanished in an instant. At the same time, Angela felt something warm in her body as her skin begins to tingle. “Whoa…” she said feeling strange, “What was that? I feel a little… ticklish…” The moment the feeling came, that feeling left. Thinking it was nothing but the heat in the place, she let that slide and continued watching her shows. What she didn’t know was that in her body, the spirit was making changes in her body, both physically and mentally.

The first changes that started were her height. She started to grow a couple of inches vertically, but not so much. At the same time, the remaining baby fat she had left disappeared, leaving a little skinny on her body and appendages. Even her face loss some puffiness on her cheeks and her hair grew a little bit. Still, no changes were too serious as of yet. But her costume has a few changes on her. It started to grow and expand, fitting Angela’s new body. Now the clothes looked like a Devilina costume only it’s for children between the ages of 7-9. Now Angela was an 8-year-old girl still watching cartoons and still waiting for Daniel to come downstairs. So far, nothing too drastic. But that would soon change in matter of seconds.

In seconds, another change occurred. Her height then soon rocketed as she went to her first growth spurt. Now instead of her 3’5, she went up to 4’1. Her body got skinnier as her arms and legs lengthen, making her feet dangle off the edge of the sofa. Her face flattened while going through other changes. Her button nose started to grow long as her ears grew smaller. Her hair then had gotten a little longer as her pigtails began to unravel itself. Now her hair flowed long as it goes down to below her neck. But the moment it went down, it came back up and tied itself around to make an appropriate ponytail for her age. Even her costume morphed into something more appropriate for her age. It stretched and form around while her pantyhose legs grew downwards, her dress changed styles and fake wings appeared on her back. Soon enough, sitting on the sofa was an 11-year-old girl wearing a Darling Devil costume with a red latex dress complete with straps on her shoulders, a different type of horns head band, black girl boots, and paper like wings with glitter lines in between. Still, she wasn’t unchanged by the transformation as her mind was altering to her body. In fact, she was still waiting for Daniel to come down so she could go trick or treating. Yet somehow, she still doesn’t grasp the fact that the unknown spirit that went into her body was changing every bit of her. As she sat back and watching TV, the next change took over her.

The moment the feeling came, she went to another growth spurt and sprout up to 4’5. The moment she grew, puberty began to over take her as her body was going through maturity. The first of the changes was her chest as it was beginning to swell up. What was happening were her breasts beginning to grow within her costume. They started to form into a pair of mounds then pointed cones. Immediately after that, they stop growing into a pair of A-cups. During that time, her hips began to widen as her waist curved in the middle, beginning to create an hourglass shape. Her arms and legs grew a couple of inches in length and muscle growth soon followed. Even her face changed as her skull structure shapen from circle to oval, her nose grew longer, her eyes less innocent, and her ears a little smaller. In her mouth, all of her baby teeth were gone only to be replaced by adult teeth and braces appeared soon after. Her hair remained in a ponytail as it grew longer and more stylish. Even her costume made some drastic changes to fit her preteen body. The red color on her dress got darker and belts were on her midsection, long leggings went down close to her boots, and her wings grew bigger and darken to a blackish color. Soon enough, Angela had become a 14-year-old preteen wearing a Night Wing Devil costume. Her mind was soon altered as she was waiting for Daniel to take her out Trick or Treating for the last time. She just hopes he dressed up quick before the night is up. She doesn’t want to miss out on all the candy in every house. As she was waiting patiently, she then grew up faster then normal.

For the third growth spurt, she was now 4’8 while her feet reached the floor. Her breasts grew more and became a pair of perky BBs. Her hips grew wider as her rear expanded, shaping into a round bubbly figure. The cause of that made her hourglass figure curvier. Even her arms and legs were toning up and making them look more athletic then before. Her hands then started to become dainty while her finger grew thin and her fingernails were getting long. Her face was loosing more of its childhood innocence with her nose thinning, mouth puffing up, teeth rearranging in her mouth, and eyes more elegant. Her hair unraveled again and lost her ponytail while it grew long on the middle of her back. Another change happened to her costume as the dress got bright red and change style, her boots shrank and become a pair of strap heel shoes, and the wings on her back gotten a little shorter and was bright red. Not only that, but her nails had red nail polish to match the outfit. Now Angela had become a 17-year-old teenager wearing a Teen Devil costume. This time instead of her waiting for Daniel to take her trick or treating, she was waiting for him to take her to a party at a friend’s house. While she was waiting, she was still watching cartoons and was getting annoyed. “Why am I watching a bunch of dumb cartoons?” Angela asked herself in a very low and teenage voice, “They are so boring!” She immediately flipped through the channel to look for something that was more appropriate for her. After a couple of switching up, she went to MTV where they were showing the Real World. Looking at it, she smiled and said, “Ah… That’s better.” She started to cross her legs and put her hands over her head, watching the show. As she was relaxing, she continued to grow by this unknown power.

The next growth spurt sprouted her like a weed and made her 5’3. Her breast grew some more and were the size of melons. Her lower half grew and widens to make her waist very shapely. Her arms and legs gained more muscle to give her the looks of an adult woman. Her face finished the transition from child to adult with her cheek bones high, eyes small, nose elegant, and mouth plushed. Inside her mouth, her braces disappeared; leaving nothing put pearly white and evenly straight teeth. Still, her hair remained the same, but changed into a style that matched her age. Same goes with her costume as her style shifted into something more appropriate and her shoes grew back up and turned into boots that go up to her thigh while her wings grew double in size. Her dress then had gotten more frilly and dark as it took on a more gothic attire while a V-neck grew on top, showing her C-cup breasts. Her face then adorn some dark make up onto her face like black lipstick and black eyeliner while the nail polish darkened to black. With the changes done, Angela was now 20-years-old with a Gothic Devil costume on her.

When the changes were done, Angela tapped her finger and couldn’t take it anymore. “This is ridiculous!” she said getting completely aggravated, “Daniel is taking too long. We’re suppose to go on our first date together on Halloween! I can’t believe he’s not even ready in dressing up.” Being that she couldn’t take it anymore, Angela got up off the sofa and said, “That’s it! I’m going upstairs and give him a piece of my mind!” So she left the living room and headed up the stairs. As she was walking up, she was going through another metamorphosis.

She went through one more growth spurt and she was now 5’7, taller then women below the 5’5 mark. Her boobs expand some more and were rounding to watermelons. Her body remained physically fit, as she was looking a little more muscular, especially on her mid section showing off barely noticeable abs. And her face resembles that of an absolute beauty. Her head was completely oval, her nose long and thin, her eyes gave her a sexy look, and her lips look like they were about to kiss someone. Her hair remained the same, but for some reason, it was starting to grow a little shorter. Her outfit then changed some more and was getting a little exotic. Her dress was changing texture from clothe to lace, her skirt got shorter and revealed a little cleavage on her panties, and her boots grew longer as it went past above her knee with red stockings above it that has the suspenders attached. Her makeup then changed into a more satulty look with red lipstick and blush on her cheeks as her fingernails went back to its red nail polish. In a matter of seconds, Angela has become a 23-year-old young woman sporting a sexy devil costume and show off her CC breasts. Her mind then started to alter again as she was thinking about something else. At the beginning, she thought that Daniel was just a next door neighbor that always help her family out back when she was a little girl. But now that she’s an older woman, she was thinking that Daniel has become her lover and she would do anything to make him happy. The moment she reached up the stairs, she headed to the door where Daniel was in. As she was heading to the door, she could feel another change coming, and she was liking it every second.


Back in Daniel’s room, he was still startled by what happened after he chanted his spell. Looking through his book, he wondered what that thing was. “Strange…” he said in confusion, “There was nothing about a demon like spirit in the book. Maybe it’s something to do with the spell. And what does that thing meant by ‘It is now time for the rebirth’?” Daniel pondered this and wondered about that question. Just as he was thinking about it, he heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was Angela waiting to get some candy, he turned to the door and said, “Yeah, just give me a second Angela. Just putting the finishing touches on my costume.” He then went back to his book to see if the spell had a drawback or something. Just then, he heard another knock, only this time; it was much harder then before. Feeling a little aggravated, he turned to the door and said, “All right fine! I’m coming!” He approached the door and turned the knob. The moment he opened the door, he was still fuming as he said, “What do you want that is so…” But the moment he opened the door, he was shocked to see who it was.

Standing right in front of him is a woman no older then twenty seven with huge D cup breasts, a slim and curvy hourglass figure, fairly sized fem muscles on her arms and legs, a face of an eternal goddess, and black hair that goes down to the middle of her back. She was wearing a devil costume that was too skimpy with a bikini like top that covers her huge bosom, a see through incredibly short skirt that shows off her red g-string panties, net stocking gloves, net stocking leggings, a pair of red 4 inch pump heels, and a red chocker on her neck. She also had a fake devil’s tail at the back end, huge silky red wings on her back, and a pair of horns resting on top of her headband.

Starring at this strange woman, Daniel wasn’t sure how to respond. In fact the only thing he would say was, “Whoa…” He was amazed by this woman and almost forgot about who this woman was. So he shook the thought and said, “Who are you and how did you get into my house? Where is Angela?” The woman tilted her head and told him in a sultry voice, “Why Daniel, I’m shocked. Don’t you remember your true lover?” Daniel took a closer look at the woman and wasn’t buying. He was going to tell her to leave until he noticed something that was very similar. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but the sparkly blue eyes look strangely familiar. After going through this, his eyes were completely wide and couldn’t believe it. “Wait a second!” he said in pure surprise, “Angela!? Is that you?” Angela placed her hand on her hip and rolled her eyes around. “Yes Daniel it’s me.” she said feeling a little angry, “Who else do you think it is? The kids waiting for some candy?” Daniel blinked a couple of times and didn’t know what to say. He then started to stutter saying, “Well I didn’t… I thought that… I was expecting… How did you grow up so fast?” Now Angela became confused as she cocked an eyebrow. “What are you talking about?” she asked him, “I’m always this age.”

Daniel scratched his head a bit and didn’t know what to think of it. In his head, he wondered how would Angela age that fast. Unless… Unless it had something to do with the book. If he remembers correctly, the spell he cast would make a nearby woman of any age into one that’s lust driven. Somehow the spell had worked. Angela had turned from a sweet little girl to a buxom of a babe. Soon realizing it, he shook his head and tried to play along. “Yeah, I know that.” He said lying to his teeth hoping not to alienate her, “I was just joking around. You know how I am. Always the jokester.” Angela shrugged her shoulders and responded back, “I guess you have a point.”

Daniel sighed and rubbed the back of his head. Just then, something occurred to his brain that Angela was at his room for a reason. “So… What brings you to my room Angela.” Daniel asked. Angela the smirked very sinfully and twirled her hair around with her finger. She then said in a seductive manner, “Oh… I was getting a little bored downstairs. So I was thinking that we have a little fun right now.” Daniel blinked a bit and wonders what she wants. But upon listening to her, he soon realized what she wants and panicked. “Wait a sec.” he said a little startled, “You want to have sex right now? But it’s a too early! Shouldn’t we wait until later on? You know, when all the trick or treaters are away.” Angela walked into the room while swaying her hips, making Daniel feel more aroused. “Why wait for trick or treater to come to the house for candy while we can do our own trick or treating right here.” she said very seductively. Daniel was slowly backing away, wondering what he’s going to do. He wanted to turn her into a woman so they could be together, not turn her into a sex driven woman. He was going to protest against this until something unthinkable happened.

The moment they were at the bed, Angela took him by the collar and pulled him towards her face, giving him and deep and seductive kiss. Daniel was shocked by this, but relaxed as he succumbs to the kiss. It felt warm and comforting while it hypnotizes him in pure bliss. Letting go of the kiss, Angela looked at him and could tell he enjoyed it. “Well looks like you like the kiss.” she said in a very sexy manner, “But let’s get on with the whole show. Shall we?” She placed her hand on his chest and gave him a quick push, causing him to fall on the bed with a loud thud. The moment he was on his bed, Angela jumped up and landed on top of him. Immediately the two kept on kissing while groping on each other’s clothes. Soon enough, the groping turned into removal of those clothes.

Angela started to go first by untying her bikini top, letting her boobs expose freely and wobbling around. She then slip down her skirt to expose her G-string panties, but didn’t take it off. She didn’t even remove her wings or horns headband. Daniel thought that maybe she wants to pretend to be a devil. So he let that slide and continued with the make out. He wanted to remove his shirt so he could get started on his own. But just as he was going to do that, Angela placed her finger on his lip and said, “Shh… Don’t do that. That would turn me off. Allow me to take it off for you.” Daniel looked on and wondered what she meant by that. But he nodded and let her undo his clothes. But she didn’t remove them; she was doing something else to them. As she placed her hands on his shirt, she began to tear them apart with her fingernails, which were growing longer and little sharper. Ripping his shirt fully, she went down to his pants and tore them apart as well, leaving nothing but a pair of boxers and sneakers with socks. Daniel looked on and found it strange that her nails would tear his clothes apart, but left that aside and thought it was kinky.

What he didn’t know was that the spell he cast had some bizarre side effects. For you see, the spirit that came out of the book was still in her body and was making some additional changes. For one, her spine was extending from below as a nub grew above her panties. Her feet started to grow as her pump heels began to feel snug. And her hair was growing a little shorter, making it go up to between the middle of her back and the top of her shoulders. There were also changes on her attire of the costume. For one, her fake wings sink into her skin and merged with her and her headband did the same. Yet Daniel didn’t notice any of this because the changes weren’t evident yet. But that will soon change.

Daniel continued to stare at this wonderful beauty and couldn’t help but to feel sexually aroused. This of course caused his little buddy to stand up on its own accord, tenting his underwear. Angela looked at the stiffness in his loins and placed her finger on her chin. “My, oh my…” she said with a smirk, “Looks like someone is excited to see me. Let me see if I can let it free.” With one finger, she used her sharp nail to cut the boxer at the side then let it go with one loud rip. Upon doing that she looked at Daniel’s dick and was pleased at how erect it is. She the said, “Boy, you certainly have a hard on Daniel. It looks like it needs to be pleasured. Let me see what I can do…” She bent down and positioned herself to do her first task, comforting Daniel’s penis. Once she reached to that level, she put her mouth into his dick and began sucking at it. Daniel could feel her sucking and closed his eyes, moaning in ecstasy. At the same time, Angela continued to suck at it constantly like it was a lollipop. But as she was sucking on it, more changes soon took place.

While she let her mouth in, her tongue swirled around it. But while licking it, her tongue lengthened and grew long. Daniel could feel it and thought that it was completely freaking in a good way. But with his eyes closed, he didn’t know the other changes taking place. Like for instance, the color of her skin was getting a little darker and was showing tints of red. The nub on her rear was longer and thicker as muscles caused it to flick back and forth. Her shoes were getting tighter on her changing feet as the surface began to tear bit by bit. At the same time, her fingernails grew longer and the black nail polish started to darken. Her hair continued to get shorter as it was now draped on her shoulders. The horns on her head went from being plushy to hard as they started to grow on her head. Meanwhile, her wings expand and at the appendages grew hard. Yet, Daniel didn’t see any of the changes taking place. His eyes were closed the whole time that he wasn’t fully aware of what’s happening to Angela.

Angela on the other hand was enjoying every second of it. Every suckle on his dick keeps giving her complete ecstasy. After a few minutes, She could feel the hot seaman coming out of his dick and into her mouth. When she felt that she let her mouth left his dick. But her tongue, which grew in length, remained on it, licking the remaining cum on it. With the tongue out of there, she licked the last remnants of cum and swallowed, tasting its saltiness. “Mmm, mmm… That tasted so good…” she said in a low and sultry voice, “But I think we should take it to the next level.” With one of her long fingernails, she used it to cut apart one of the strings of her panties. With her panties removed, she was fully naked with the exception of her stockings and high heel shoes, which were breaking apart at the scene. Looking down at Daniel, she smirked wickedly and said, “Mmm… Now it’s time for the real show. Get ready…” Daniel still had his eyes close, still unaware that Angela was changing right in front of him. Angela began to position herself for the next move and was smiling. As she smiled, there was evidence that all of her teeth look a little sharper. “Now the real fun begins.” She said, only this time much more sinister. The moment she was in position, and slid her pussy into Daniel’s shaft and started to bounce up and down. Daniel enjoyed this and was moaning louder and louder, enjoying the pleasure by the second. Angela was having a better time as she was screaming out in sexual pleasure. But the more she continues to make out, the more the changes spread.

Her skin got much darker as it was half peach and half red. The nub grew more and more, snaking around her body with major pleasure. Her pump shoes were completely bloated and were on the verge of exploding. After the next few seconds, her shoes exploded and left her feet exposed. But her feet weren’t the same. Her toes started to deform and slowly merged together to two toes while her nails grew long and darken. The nails on her fingers grew incredibly long and have gotten darker and sharper, forming into claws. Her hair continued to shrink up her head as it brushed up her shoulders. As her hair was shrinking, her horns were growing as they expand and curved on top of her head. Her ears then started to get pointed at the top and her eyes were glowing bright, giving off a yellowish tint. Her teeth grew sharper as her tongue grew longer while the end of it shaped into a two-pitched fork. Her wings continued to grow bigger and wider as the bones grew stronger, making her to flap her wings. The skin on her wings then began to tear up on parts, making it look a little raggedy. In minutes, Angela looked more devilish then human. But Daniel didn’t see the changes since his eyes were completely closed. But he would be in for a sudden surprise when he sees her.

As the changes continued, Angela kept on shoving her pussy into his dick. The sex grew more intense as they both moaned louder and louder. Angela’s moans were more demonic as her voice deepened and changed. “Oh yes!” she said in a very evil tone, “Harder! Faster! Don’t stop now! More! More!! I need MORE!!!” Daniel listens to her and fined it strange that her voice sounded different. In fact it almost sound a little demonic. Still with his eyes closed, he said to her, “Angela, is something wrong. You’re voice sounds a little different.” Angela gave a dark chuckle and said to him, “Oh nothing Daniel. I’m feeling better then ever. Oh, and my name isn’t Angela.” Now Daniel was more concerned being that Angela told him that that wasn’t her name. Opening his eyes, he said to her, “What are you talking…” But the moment he opened his eyes, his voice was cut off at what he was seeing.

For right on top of him was Angela, but her body has changed dramatically. Her skin was less peach and more red as the skin texture was shining through the light. He could see a tail moving around on her back at the pointed shaped into a spade. Her fingernails have become extensive black claws ready to cut someone up. Her feet took on a whole different metamorphosis as they deformed and distort into something more animal with all of her toes almost finished merging. Her ears grew longer and pointed with her hair shrinking up her neck. Her teeth were longer and sharper, almost demonic, and her tongue was incredibly long. Her horns grew longer and were curving round and around. Her wings looked more sinister with ripped skin and claws on the end of the wings. And to top is off, her eyes were completely yellow with very little blue left on her pupils.

Daniel just stares in shock and horror as he saw the woman before her transforming into a devil right before his eyes. “Angela…” he said in total confusion, “What happened to you?” Angela looked him down and said to him, “I told you, my name isn’t Angela! The girl you know was gone the moment you cast that spell. I am the demoness that reign terror throughout the world, devoured many innocent, I was the essence of all nightmares. I was trapped in the other world thanks to those holy warriors, preventing me to cause more chaos. But now thanks to you, I am free and with the possession of this child, I will continue with my campaign of evil. But first, I need to be whole. And you are going to help me.” Daniel listened in and couldn’t believe anything he was hearing. Apparently, the spell he found wasn’t the one that would turn Angela into a vixen of a woman but a resurrection spell to bring back a demon to take over someone’s body. Why didn’t he soon realize it? He immediately retorted back, “No way I’m going to help you be released! I want Angela back and I want you now!” The demon looked at him and had a very evil smile to boot. “Oh, I don’t think it’s going to happen boy.” she said in a very sinister voice, “You see, once this spell starts it will never be reversed. Besides, you don’t have a choice. Now release me!” Quickly, she dived her vagina into his penis and continued thrusting. Daniel tried to get out of it, but her strength was too intense that it would be impossible for him to escape. All he could do is watch as the final changes took place.

The demon formally known as Angela continued on having her sex drive as she feels the last of the changes. Her feet finished changing as the toes were done merging and the nails harden and become coal black. Her heel then lifted itself up and reformed into the back. Soon enough, her feet has transformed into a pair of hooves. Her black claws were completely sharp and ready to cut everything. On instinct, she bent down and tore off her pantyhose clean off her legs. Her tail was long as she waved it around, flicking it while doing her humping. Her wings extended outwards and looked nightmarishly real. Her head was the most noticeable of changes as it went from being completely beautiful to absolutely demonic. The remaining hair on her head shrank all the up into her head and left her completely bald. But her horns covered that up nicely as they grew and curve to the top of her head, making them looks like that of a ram. Her eyes finished changing, as it was completely yellow while her pupils dilated and turned into diamond like slits. She kept on bouncing on his dick and was liking every moment of it. Even her voice gets darker and darker by the second as she said, “Oh yeah… Yes! That’s it! That’s the stuff! Just a little more! Yes! [color=#FF0000]YES!!! I CAN FEEL IT!!!!”[/color] She was already at the peak of an orgasm until she screamed out loud in a demonic roar while seaman spewed into her neither regions. When that happened, the last of her changes took place on her face. The moment she screamed, her mouth was open and the sides of her face ripped from the lips. But yet she didn’t feel any pain from there, as if she was enjoying it. This also gave her sharp teeth to extend longer and make her look like that of a savage beast. This also gave her tongue the chance of growing long and coming out of her mouth, flicking around like a snake. Finally, her changes were complete. Gone was the sweet innocent girl of Angela. In her place was a sexy, yet evil demons with claws and razor sharp teeth.

Looking down at her body, she smiled and was pleased with the results. [color=#FF0000]“Mmmmmm…”[/color] she said all low and mighty, “It feels good to be reborn.” Daniel looked on and couldn’t believe what he had done. He needs to stop this and fast before it’s too late. Looking at the book on his desk, he knows that there should be a spell that could reverse it. He got up and was about to head to the desk. But the moment he was going to get off his dead, the demon placed a hand on his chest and pushed him down. Daniel was surprise at how strong she is. [color=#FF0000]“Uh ah ah. Where do you think your going?”[/color] she asked him very devilishly. Daniel struggled to get out but her strength was intense. Looking up at this woman, he told her, “Angela, I know you are in there somewhere. Listen to me. This isn’t you. This demon is controlling you. You need to fight back and let me out so I can reverse your condition. Can you hear me?”

The woman tilted her head and cocked an eyebrow, feeling a little confused by this. Chuckling in a dark tone, she told him, [color=#FF0000]“Aw… Isn’t that cute. He’s trying to talk to this Angela.”[/color] The demon then had the angry eyes and told him, [color=#FF0000]“Do you really think your Angela is going to help you. I’ve already told you, your precious Angela is no more. Now it’s only me. And now that I am reborn, I’ve been feeling a little hungry. Century’s trapped in an unknown place could really give you quite an appetite. And being that you are hear, I think you might be delicious enough to eat.”[/color] Upon hearing it, Daniel was completely terrified. Not only that he had awakened the demon, he’s also going to get eaten by one. Fearing the worse, Daniel pleaded, “Please Angela, don’t do this. I’m your friend. You can’t just eat your friend. Please…” The demon retorted back, [color=#FF0000]“Don’t call me Angela. She’s gone! I have my own name. The peasants from the past gave me it when they run with fear. You will know it before I devour you. I am Ashata, the demoness of destruction. Now if you excuse me, it’s dinner time!”[/color]

The demon known as Ashata licked her lips as her tongue came out of it. Daniel was afraid as he was going to get eaten alive by this beast. The only thing that came through his head was that if he would go back in time, he wouldn’t of casted the spell in the first place and Angela would’ve had her childhood and not be possessed by the demon. Staring right at the demon, she opened her mouth to show off her long sharp teeth. Daniel started to hyperventilate as he said his last words. “No… No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Immediately, the she-devil started to eat away on Daniel. She used her claws to him apart piece by piece and she devoured his insides with mouth. Blood and chunks of skin spewed all over the walls and ceiling of the room as the bed was draped in blood soaked sheets. She continued to eat away at Daniel through his intestines and organs while Daniel lay there slowly dying.


Half an hour later, Ashata stood in front of the mirror looking at her amazing. She continually posed herself in the mirror while her mouth was dripping in blood and chunks. Even all the way down to her boobs and between her legs, she was soaked with human blood as it dripped on the floor, staining it completely. On the bed is a now dead Daniel, who is nothing but a blood red skeleton with remaining chunks of human skin. Ashata looked at herself in the mirror and said to herself, [color=#FF0000]“Finally, I am free from that so called prison. And this vessel…”[/color] She then placed her hands on her blood soaked boobs and rubbed them completely hard. She then placed one of her hands on her pussy and massaged it gently. She moaned in ecstasy as her sexual pleasures went through the roof. She the collapsed on her knees and continually masturbates herself. After five minutes of completely pleasuring herself, she took a deep breath and enjoyed it. [color=#FF0000]“This human picked a good vessel for me.”[/color] Ashata then said, [color=#FF0000]“A sweet innocent girl. That was a wise choice he made. Nothing like a young girl to possess.”[/color]

She slowly got up and approached the window. What she saw was a neighborhood filled with children going door to door, looking for candy. Reaching her hand up, she used her nail to scratch the window surface and smiled so evilly. [color=#FF0000]“My, my, my…”[/color] she said, [color=#FF0000]“Looks like a lot of things changed while I was away. Just look at those children, running around minding their own business. It’s so quiet, so peaceful… It’s so sickening. Well, at least I’m here to bring back the terror the humans dread so much before.”[/color] The moment she said that, she heard the doorbell from downstairs and wondered who’s there. She slowly went downstairs and peeked through the peephole at the front door. What she saw were a group of kids wearing a variety of Halloween costume.

“Trick or Treat!!!”

Ashata looked at the group of kids and find them an easy target. With a devilish grin, she placed the door on the handle and said, [color=#FF0000]“Time to give this neighborhood a Halloween they will forget.”[/color] So she slowly opened the door and the Nightmare soon started.

The End?



End Chapter 1

Demonic Woman

by: LJM | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 24, 2011


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